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Financing Economic Development in the 1980s - 2826997414

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Financing Economic Development in the 1980s Greenwood Press

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While it is relatively easy to construct industrial development strategies and concessions to entice industrial clients, some incentives are not based on sound economic principles and may ultimately cost a local government more than the benefits derived from attracting the industry. Financing Economic Development in the 1980s provides a broad base of information on business trends, factors underlying location decisions, cost-effectiveness of public incentives, and the outlook for local government in declining areas, particularly the Midwest.


Financing Human Development in India - 2827028139

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Financing Human Development in India GRIN Verlag

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Scholarly Research Paper from the year 2011 in the subject Economics - Other, printed single-sided, grade: -, Aligarh Muslim University, course: Economics, language: English, abstract: Human development, which is about expanding people s choices, builds on shared natural resources. Promoting human development requires addressing sustainability locally, nationally and globally and this can and should be done in ways that are equitable and empowering. On the need for financing the human development, we observe that even the best macroeconomic policies may fail unless they are complemented by effective policies -policies that link the macro and the micro level and that bear directly on people live. Chief among these are the level and structure of government social expenditures and the design of the policy measures and programmes they support. The present paper tries to make a study on the financing of human development in India. The entire paper is divided into four parts. The first part is introductory which gives a brief account of the basic concept of human development and the various measures through which financing of human development could be observed. The second part of the paper talks about the trends in HDI in India vis-


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