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Trends in Phonetics and Phonology - 2854475292

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Trends in Phonetics and Phonology Peter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der...

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Inspired by the 9th edition of the Phonetik & Phonologie conference, held in Zurich in October 2013, this title is structured into the following eight sections: segmentals, suprasegmentals, articulation in spoken and sign language, perception, phonology, crowdsourcing phonetic data, second language speech, and arts.


University of Basrah Studies in English - 2854474473

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University of Basrah Studies in English Verlag Peter Lang

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These papers represent a cross-section of the research work conducted in the Department of English of the College of Education at the University of Basrah, Basra, Iraq. It is anticipated that their publication will encourage future studies by placing work in English Studies from the University of Basrah in an international perspective for the first time in decades. During the last couple of years, research work at the University of Basrah has been increasing and developing. The rehabilitation and reactivation of local journals has facilitated publication which for a long time had been halted. The present volume comprises research embodying different strands of the work of the Department of English, and showing recent trends in the study of linguistics and literature at the University of Basrah. Papers contributed represent work in various fields of study including phonetics and phonology, linguistics, ELT, pragmatics, discourse analysis, and literary stylistics.


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