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A Treatise of the Holy Trinity in Unity Clearly Proving Jesus Christ the Son to Be the Almighty or Most High God. and in Like Manner Vindicating the D - 2846677895

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A Treatise of the Holy Trinity in Unity Clearly Proving Jesus Christ the Son to Be the Almighty or Most High God. and in Like Manner Vindicating the D



Birth of the Trinity - 2826834668

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Birth of the Trinity Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

How and when did Jesus and the Spirit come to be regarded as fully God? The Birth of the Trinity explores the way in which first- and second-century Christians read the Old Testament in order to differentiate the one God as multiple persons. The earliest Christians felt they could metaphorically 'overhear' divine conversations between the Father, Son, and Spirit when reading the Old Testament. When these snatches of dialogue are connected and joined, they form a narrative about the unfolding interior divine life as understood by the nascent church. What emerges is not a static portrait of the triune God, but a developing story of divine persons enacting mutual esteem, voiced praise, collaborative strategy, and self-sacrificial love. This conversational divine story is explored as it ebbs and flows across the cosmos and through time. The result is a Trinitarian biblical and early Christian theology. While tracing this story, it is simultaneously argued that a new historical model is required by the New Testament and other early sources to explain how the doctrine of the Trinity first emerged-a model rooted in a little-known ancient reading technique called prosopological exegesis. It is shown that prosopological exegesis is present throughout the earliest strata of Christian literature, calling into question the proposals of James Dunn and Bart Ehrman (among others), who have contended that Christology developed over time in the earliest church from low, Jesus as merely a messianic claimant, to high, Jesus as the preexistent Son of God. To the contrary, it is argued that the earliest Christology was the highest Christology, as Jesus was identified as a divine person through Old Testament interpretation.


Creator gods - 2845103128

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Creator gods Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 111. Chapters: Yahweh, Prometheus, Tezcatlipoca, Q'uq'umatz, Enki, Obatala, Ptah, Anansi, Viracocha, Baiame, Hoenir, Altjira, Huracan, Rangi and Papa, Bagadjimbiri, Damballa, Khnum, Tonacatecuhtli, Quaoar, Bunjil, El, Jah, Pundjel, Kaang, Banaitja, Mangar-kunjer-kunja, Tzacol, Daksha, Ixpiyacoc, Chirakan-Ixmucane, Heryshaf, Xumucane, Karora, Pariacaca, Chiconahuiehecatl, Ahura Mazda, Numakulla, Prajapati, Kuk, Nogomain, Tagaloa, Cocijo, Ta'aroa, Jesus, God, Quetzalcoatl, Brahma, God the Father, Elohim, Amun, Vishvakarman, Tengri, Pangu, Kukulkan, Bathala, Lóđurr, Nanabozho, Gitche Manitou, Cagn, Vili and Vé, Qat, Great Spirit, Raven in Creation, Mandé creation myth, Mbombo, Kuterastan, Bai-Ulgan, Yuanshi Tianzun, Melek Taus, Makemake, Izanagi, Tupă, Baiame sky father, Ngai, Olelbis, Fon creation myth, Unkulunkulu, Rod, Itherther, Pacha Kamaq, Tabaldak, Earth-maker myth, Aramazd, Abassi, Kneph, Ngenechen, Chaotroquin, Alatangana, Khonvoum, Adroa, Puluga, Imra, Ahone, Aiomun-Kondi, Cghene, Batara Kala, Awonawilona, Zamba, Noncomala, Muluku, Mbere, Anulap, Abira, Ataguju, Unumbotte, Xamaba, Elkunirsa, Eskeri. Excerpt: Jesus of Nazareth, (7-2 BC/BCE - 30-36 AD/CE), commonly referred to as Jesus Christ or simply as Jesus or Christ, is the central figure of Christianity. Most Christian denominations venerate him as God the Son incarnated and believe that he rose from the dead after being crucified. The principal sources of information regarding Jesus are the four canonical gospels, and most biblical scholars find them useful for reconstructing Jesus' life and teachings. Some scholars believe apocryphal texts such as the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of the Hebrews are also relevant. Most critical historians agree that Jesus was a Jew who was regarded as a teacher and healer, that he was baptized by John the Baptist, and was crucified in Jerusalem on the orders of the Roman Prefect of Judaea, Pontius Pilate, on the charge of sedition against the Roman Empire. Critical Biblical scholars and historians have offered competing descriptions of Jesus as a self-described Messiah, as the leader of an apocalyptic movement, as an itinerant sage, as a charismatic healer, and as the founder of an independent religious movement. Most contemporary scholars of the historical Jesus consider him to have been an independent, charismatic founder of a Jewish restoration movement, anticipating a future apocalypse. Other prominent scholars, however, contend that Jesus' "Kingdom of God" meant radical personal and social transformation instead of a future apocalypse. Christians traditionally believe that Jesus was born of a virgin, performed miracles, founded the Church, rose from the dead, and ascended into heaven, from which he will return. The majority of Christians worship Jesus as the incarnation of God the Son, and "the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity". A few Christian groups, however, reject Trinitarianism, wholly or partly, believing it to be non-scriptural. Most Christian scholars today present Jesus as the awaited Messiah promised in the Old Testament and as God, arguing that he fulfilled m


Say a Little Prayer - 2826806318

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Say a Little Prayer Taschen GmbH

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Say a Little Prayer (SALP) provides a fresh, modern means of relating to the spiritual. In our ever more frenetic age, this original and exciting project does not intend to replace or compete with pre-existing religious practices and imagery, but instead to reinterpret the moments of calm offered by religious iconography and text in a contemporary, multicultural way. Uniting spiritual schools of thought from across history and geography, the project presents ten colorful card sets connected with Brazilian Candomble, Buddhism, Catholicism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Judaism, Kabbalah, Islam, Protestantism, and Shinto. Each set contains eleven beautifully designed cards, including one card introducing the religion, and 10 individual icon and prayer cards, which combine an image with a corresponding text. Whether illustrating the exquisite, intricate design of Islamic patterns; the beauty of Hindu goddess Durga; or the detailed figurative symbolism of Kabbalistic imagery, each card is a delicate artwork, as well as an inspiring insight into spiritual thought around the world. SALP is the work of acclaimed creative director Giovanni Bianco and his New York-based Studio65. Brazilian Candomble - Candomble originated in Nigeria, and was brought to Brazil by Africans who had been illegally captured and then sold as slaves. This religion is based on beliefs, practices, and rituals, and above all, on the energy that comes from nature as well as all of nature's elements. Candomble has existed for over 200 years, and today is practiced by believers across the globe. Buddhism - The religion and philosophy that is derived from the teachings of the Buddha, or "enlightened one," who lived in the northern region of India between the 6th and 4th centuries BCE. Approximately 350 million people worldwide adhere to Buddhist teachings, primarily in Asia. Meditation and the observance of moral precepts are central to the practice of Buddhism. Catholicism - There are approximately 1.1 billion Catholics in the world, more than any other Christian group. It is the dominant Christian tradition in many European countries, a major religious tradition in much of Africa, and the religion of most of the population in Central and South America. Catholics believe in the ancient Christian doctrines of The Trinity (God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), the Incarnation of God in Jesus Christ, and the saving work of Jesus in his death and resurrection. Confucianism - The scholarly tradition and way of life that adhere to the teachings of Confucius (K'ung Fu-tzu), who lived in the 6th to 5th centuries BCE. Confucianism, although more a philosophy than a religion, is practiced by more than 300 million people worldwide, primarily in China and Korea. Confucius taught the value of living in peace and harmony as well as consideration and respect for ancestors. Hinduism - The world's third-largest religion with an estimated 850 million practitioners, Hinduism is practiced primarily in India but has followers all over the world. It is considered to be the oldest of the world's major religions. In Hinduism, the whole of creation is seen as the dynamic game of the Trinity of Gods: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Brahma is the creator of the universe and of all beings. One of the world's major religions with over 1 billion practitioners, Islam (literally "surrender" to Allah) was founded in the 7th century CE by the prophet Muhammad. Although believers in Islam live throughout the globe, it is widely practiced in the Middle East and Africa. Islam is a monotheistic religion, believing Allah to be the one God, with Muhammad as His greatest messenger. Judaism - One of the world's major monotheistic religions, Judaism started as the faith of the ancient Hebrews, and is now practiced throughout the world. Its sacred text is the Torah, consisting of the teachings revealed to Moses by God on Mount Sinai. Additionally, the Talmud, teachings and thoughts of hundreds of rabbis gathered over 15 centuries, remains an essential sacred text in the Jewish faith. Kabbalah - Although primarily associated with Jewish mysticism, Kabbalah is not specifically a Judaic practice; people of many faiths practice Kabbalah. The teachings of Kabbalah include the belief that each person is a work in progress and has the potential for greatness; the goal of Kabbalistic practice is to free oneself from the human ego and create an affinity with the essence of God. Protestantism - Protestant Christianity traces its roots to the Reformation of the Catholic Church begun by Martin Luther in the 16th century. Protestants emphasize the Bible as the only rule of life and faith, and believe that salvation comes by "believing in your heart and confessing with your lips" that Jesus Christ is Lord. They teach that each believer approaches God on his own, without need of priests, saints, or other intermediaries, and that every believer is given grace to interpret the Scriptures. There are about 500 million Protestant Christians in the world. Shinto - Shinto (literally "the way of the gods") is the native religion of Japan. Its origins date to over 1,500 years ago, and Shinto is currently practiced by approximately 100 million people. Shinto worship is rarely congregational, more often done in private.


Seabrook's Bible Dictionary of Traditional and Mystical Christian Doctrines - 2843909249

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Seabrook's Bible Dictionary of Traditional and Mystical Christian Doctrines Sea Raven Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Why are there scores of confusing, mysterious, and even seemingly contradictory scriptures in the Bible? Why does Jesus appear so differently in each of the four Gospels? Why does he continually insist that our focus should be on God, not on him? Why do Mark and John gloss over the Nativity, the world-altering event that justifies all that comes afterward? Why does Paul make no mention of the empty tomb, the very cornerstone of the mainstream Christian Faith? Why does Jesus never use the word "atonement"? Why is he said to have been born in a town called the "House of Bread," and why is he shown growing up in Nazareth, a city that did not exist in the 1st Century A.D.? If there is only one Christ why did Paul say "Christ is in all," and if there is only one God why did Jesus say that we are all gods? What do the mystical Essenes and Gnostics have to do with the original Christian Church, and why were their names purposefully left out of the Bible? Why did Paul declare that he preached "the hidden wisdom of God in a mystery"? Why did Jesus acknowledge that he taught "the mysteries of the Kingdom of God" openly to an inner secret circle of initiates, but parabolically to the general public? What do the Cana Wedding, the Eucharist, the Logos, the Tree of Life, the Serpent, the Virgin Birth, the Resurrection, the Holy Trinity, the Exodus, original sin, Golgotha, the Devil, Noah's ark, Melchizedek, the Son of Man, and the Upper Room, all have in common? Why are such Bible stories and elements as the Fall of Man, the Great Flood, the Virgin-Mother, walking on water, the Three Wise Men, and the crucifixion and resurrection of the Son of God found in countless pre-Christian religions and myths all around the world? You are not likely to get the answers to these questions from any mainstream Church, but you will find them in "Seabrook's Bible Dictionary of Traditional and Mystical Christian Doctrines," by Bible authority, spiritual teacher, and award-winning historian Lochlainn Seabrook. This one-of-a-kind, easy to use, 300,000 word reference provides a detailed yet clear examination of the Bible as seen through the eyes of Christian mysticism. By comparing both the outer (exoteric) meanings and the inner (esoteric) meanings of the many sometimes strange and bewildering figures, stories, themes, symbols, words, and allegories in the Good Book, the author provides the missing key to understanding its most cryptic teachings. This illustrated introductory work, steeped in intriguing historical references, seldom-discussed scriptures, and forgotten arcane doctrines, will appeal to anyone - Christian or non-Christian, believer or non-believer - with an open inquiring mind, and a desire to gain a deeper more complete understanding of the Bible; one that goes far beyond what is typically taught by the mainline established Church. The result of decades of study and research, and with nearly 5,000 endnotes and a 1,200 book bibliography, "Seabrook's Bible Dictionary" is sure to enlighten, educate, and fascinate. Whether you are a Liberal Christian or a Conservative Christian, this landmark volume is a must-have for both serious Bible students and casual readers, as well as for preachers, theologians, scholars, and the clergy. Available in paperback and hardcover. "An uplifting and highly informative celebration of all that it means to be Christian, based on the long suppressed mystical teachings of Jesus and his first followers." - The Publisher.


Adoptionism - 2841433337

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Adoptionism Alphascript Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Adoptionism, also called dynamic monarchianism, was a minority Christian belief that Jesus was born merely human and that he became divine later in his life. By these accounts, Jesus earned the title Christ through his sinless devotion to the will of God, thereby becoming the perfect sacrifice to redeem humanity. Adoptionists typically portray two key points in Jesus' life as stages in Jesus' theosis: his baptism and his resurrection. They consider God to have given Jesus his miraculous power and divine authority after Jesus proved his holiness. Adoptionism arose among early Christians seeking to reconcile the claims that Jesus was the son of God with the monotheism of Judaism. Adoptionism was common before it was first declared heresy at the end of the 2nd century. Some scholars see adoptionist concepts in the Gospel of Mark and in the Pauline epistles (Mark 1:11 and Romans 1:4). Adoptionism was condemned by the church as heresy at various times. The belief contradicts the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity, defined at the First Council of Nicaea, which identifies Jesus as eternally God.


Perfect Roots & Blues.. - 2840088160

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Perfect Roots & Blues..


1. Poole, Charlie & The North Carolina Ramblers / - W 2. Various / Various / Aiken County String Band - Hig 3. Hutchinson, Frank / Various / Various - The Last S 4. Thomas, Hersal - Suitcase Blues 5. Gates, Reverend J.m. - Death's Black Train Is Comi 6. Carr, Dora / Carr, Dora - Cow-cow Blues 7. Vance's Tennessee Breakdowners - Washington County 8. Carson, Fiddlin John / Various - I'm Going To Take 9. Barbecue Bob / Stoneman, Ernest - Untitled - Album 10. Whistler & His Jug Band / Various - Low Down Blues 11. Phillips, Washington / Various - Paul & Silas In J 12. Barbecue Bob / Various - Blind Pig Blues - Album V 13. Allen, Austin / Allen, Austin & Lee - Chattanooga 14. Tedder, Sherman - Untitled - Album Version 15. Jones, Coley - Hokum Blues - Album Version 16. Bentley, Gladys / Various / Various - Worried Blue 17. Johnson, Elizabeth / Various / Various - Empty Bed 18. Johnson, Elizabeth / Johnson, Elizabeth - Empty Be 19. Vander, Roberto - Blue Grass Twist - Album Version 20. Wilson, Frank - Moonshiner & His Money - Album Ver 21. Green, Clarence - Johnson City Blues - Album Versi 22. Sanctuary House Band, The / Johnson, Bessie / V - 23. Papa Too Sweet / Jones, Harry / Papa Too Sweet - ( 24. Hurt, Mississippi John / Hurt, Mississippi John - 25. Various / Deason Sacred Harp, Daniels - Hallelujah 101. Various / Brown, Herschel - Liberty - Album Versio 102. Falcon, Billy / Smith, Mamie / Smith, Mamie - My S 103. Blues Birdhead - Mean Low Blues - Album Version 104. Dooley, Simmie / Dooley, Simmie / Anderson, Pin - 105. Various / Okay Chorale, The - Ortonville - Album V 106. Hazlett, Chester - Dear Black Eyes - Album Version 107. Sykes, Roosevelt / Sykes, Roosevelt - Roosevelt Bl 108. Banjo Buddy / Bailey, Jimmy / Hokum Boys, The - Gi 109. Falcon, Joe / Falcon, Joe - Osson - Album Version 110. Ward, William Thomas - Sweet Milk & Peaches (Break 111. Puckett, Riley / Tanner, Gid & His Skillet Lick - 112. Moore, Whistlin' Alex / Moore, Whistlin' Alex - Th 113. Unknown - The Jazz Fiddler - Album Version 114. Johnson, Lonnie / Johnson, Lonnie - I Have To Do M 115. Darby, Tom / Tarlton, Jimmie / Various - Lonesome 116. Harvey, Roy - Back To The Blue Ridge - Album Versi 117. Young, Preston - Darn Good Girl - Album Version 118. Unknown - West Jackson Blues - Album Version 119. Johnson, Lonnie / Smith, Clara / Johnson, Lonni - 120. Silver Leaf Quartet / Thatch, William / Silver - O 121. Cannon, Fonzie - Don't You Remember The Time - Alb 122. Various / Pelican Wildcats - Walkin' Georgia Rose 123. Wheatstraw, Peetie / Wheatstraw, Peetie - Police S 124. Wright, D.c. - Hallelujah Side - Album Version 125. Batts, Will / Batts, Will / Sing, Dan - Highway No 201. Various / O'daniel, W. Lee - Doughboys Theme Song 202. Various / Various / O'daniel, W. Lee - Ida (Sweet 203. O'daniel, W. Lee - Doughboys Theme Song No.2 - Alb 204. Mctell, Blind Willie / Mc Tell, Blind Willie - Bel 205. Patton, Charlie / Patton, Charlie - Jersey Bull Bl 206. Roland, Walter / Roland, Walter - Every Morning Bl 207. Unknown - D Blues - Album Version 208. Breaux, Clifford / Breaux, Ophy / Breaux, Amede - 209. Unknown - Skin Game Blues - Album Version 210. Unknown - Good Woman Blues 211. White, Joshua / White, Joshua - Sissy Man - Album 212. White / Rhythm Wreckers, The - Blue Yodel No. 2 (M 213. Andrews, Jack / Anton, Jim / Anglin Twins, The - J 214. Easton, Amos / Slim, Bumble Bee - Hard Rocks In My 215. Jones, Charlie / Marchino, Charlie / Two Charli - 216. Carney, Harry / Baker, Eldon - One Eyed Sam - Albu 217. Harper, A'nt Idy & The Coon Creek Girls / Harpe - 218. Prince Moore / Prince Moore - South Bound Blues - 219. Broonzy, Big Bill / Broonzy, Big Bill - C & A Blue 220. Curry, George / Curry, George - My Last Five Dolla 221. Luke / Nite Owls, The - Memphis Blues 222. Mailhes, Frank / Alley Boys Of Abbeville, The - Po 223. Various / Reverend Horton Heat, The - Have Mercy O 224. Ammons, Albert - Shout For Joy - Album Version 225. Kelly, Jack / Kelly, Jack - Flower Blues - Album V 226. Carlisle, Cliff / Carlisle, Cliff - Onion Eating M 227. Clay, Homer / Clay, Homer / Various - Brown's Ferr 228. Doyle, Little Buddy / Doyle, Little Buddy - Slick 229. Mcguffie, Bill / Various - Poor Boy Blues - Album 301. Edwards, Frank / Edwards, Frank - We Got To Get To 302. Robinson, Gale / Sweet Violet Boys - You Got To Se 303. Humbard, Rex / Humbard, Ruth / Humbard, Clement - 304. Hollins, Tony / Hollins, Tony - Cross Cut Saw Blue 305. Cleighton, Peter / Cleighton, Peter - Black Snake 306. Valda Music / Various - Step It Up & Go - Album Ve 307. Atcher, Bob / Atcher, Randall / Various - Papa's G 308. Hofner, Adolf - Cotton-eyed Joe - Album Version 309. Burke, Poor Boy / Burke, Poor Boy - Old Vets Blues 310. Little Son Joe / Little Son Joe - Black Rat Swing 311. ., Tyrell - Macy Special - Album Version 312. Light Crust Doughboys / Light Crust Doughboys W - 313. Penny, Hank / Penny, Hank & His Radio Cowboys - Ar 314. Clark, James / Clark, James - Who But You 315. Harris, Homer / Harris, Homer - Tomorrow May Be To 316. Waters, Muddy / Waters, Muddy - Burying Ground Blu 317. Monroe, Bill & His Blue Grass Boys / Monroe, Bi - 318. Autry, Gene / Autry, Gene - Dixie Cannonball - Alb 319. Landford, Bill / Landford, Bill - Run On For A Lon 320. Williams, Joe / Williams, Joe - Baby, Please Don't 321. Fields, Sister Myrtle / Fields, Sister Myrtle / - 322. Right, Willie / Right, Willie - Two By Four Blues 323. Bailes, John / Bailes, Walter / Bailes Brothers - 324. O'day, Molly / Davis, Lynn / O'day, Molly & The - 325. Rosetta Howard / Rosetta Howard - Plow Hand Blues 326. Eggleston, Cozy / Memphis Seven - Grunt Meat Blues 327. Robinson, Claude / Matthews, Harold / Derricott - 328. Porter, Brother / Cook, Brother / Various / Var - 401. Handy, W.c. - The St. Louis Blues 402. Cohn, Lawrence - Matchbox Blues - 78rpm Version 403. Cohn, Lawrence - Ain't No Tellin' 404. Cohn, Lawrence - Lord, I Just Can't Keep From Cryi 405. Cohn, Lawrence - Pigmeat Is What I Crave - Album V 406. Cohn, Lawrence - Southern Can Is Mine - Album Vers 407. Cohn, Lawrence - Low Down St. Louis Blues - Album 408. Patton, Charley - Revenue Man Blues 409. Cohn, Lawrence - Stormy Night Blues - Album Versio 410. Cohn, Lawrence - I Believe I'll Make A Change - Al 411. Cohn, Lawrence - Fort Worth & Dallas Blues - Album 412. Cohn, Lawrence - Sweet Home Blues - Album Version 413. Cohn, Lawrence - Stop Breakin' Down Blues - Album 414. Cohn, Lawrence - Truckin' My Blues Away, No.2 - Al 415. Cohn, Lawrence - Spreadin' Snakes Blues - Album Ve 416. Cohn, Lawrence - Nothing In Ramblin' - Album Versi 417. White, Bukka - Fixin' To Die Blues - Album Version 418. Waters, Muddy / Waters, Muddy - Hard Day Blues - A 419. Cohn, Lawrence - Don't You Leave Me Here - Album V 420. Cohn, Lawrence - Death Letter - Album Version 501. Sykes, Roosevelt - Henry Ford Blues 502. Texas Alexander - Ninety-eight Degree Blues 503. Walker, T-bone - Trinity River Blues 504. Hicks, Robert - She Shook Her Gin 505. Tampa Red - Turpentine Blues - 78rpm Version 506. Weaver, Curly - No No Blues 507. Jackson, Bessie - Bo-easy Blues 508. Roland, Walter - School-boy Blues 509. Easton, Amos - Cold Blooded Murder - No. 2 510. Unknown - My Baby Won't Pay Me No Mind 511. Wilkins, T. - Old Jim Canan's 512. Lil Johnson - Take It Easy Greasy 513. Weldon, Casey Bill - Two-timin' Woman 514. Spivey, Victoria - Down Hill Pull 515. Jones, Curtis - Down In The Slums 516. Johnson, Merline - Separation Blues - 78rpm Versio 517. Spand, Charlie - Soon This Morning No. 2 518. Mckinley, B. - Is That A Monkey You Got? 519. C. J. Dupree - Hurry Down Sunshine - Album Version 520. Mcghee, Brownie - Goodbye Now - 78rpm Version 601. Unknown - Hot Fingers - 78 Rpm Version 602. Johnson, Lonnie - A Handful Of Riffs - Album Versi 603. Unknown - Work Ox Blues - 78 Rpm Version 604. Weaver, Sylvester - I'm Busy & You Can't Come In - 605. Unknown - Georgia Rag - Album Version 606. Unknown - Warm It Up To Me - Album Version 607. Unknown - Untitled - Album Version 608. Weaver, Sylvester - Untitled - Album Version 609. Unknown - When The War Was On - Album Version 610. Unknown - It's Nobody's Fault But Mine - Album Ver 611. Unknown - How You Want It Done? - Album Version 612. Unknown - Getting Older Every Day - Album Version 613. Unknown - Guitar Swing - Album Version 614. Johnson, Lonnie - Bull Frog Moan - 78 Rpm Version 615. Unknown - Black Snake Moan - Album Version 616. Unknown - Little Brother Blues - Album Version 617. Unknown - Prodigal Son - Album Version 618. Tampa Red - Denver Blues - Album Version 619. Johnson, Lonnie - Away Down In The Alley Blues - A 620. Unknown - I Love You, Mary Lou - Album Version 701. Weaver, Sylvester - Bottleneck Blues - Album Versi 702. Unknown - Untitled - Album Version 703. Unknown - God Don't Never Change - 78rpm Version 704. Unknown - Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground 705. Weaver, Sylvester - St. Louis Blues - Album Versio 706. Unknown - Experience Blues - Album Version 707. Weaver, Sylvester - Guitar Rag - Album Version 708. Tampa Red / Tampa Red / Tom, Georgia - You Can't G 709. Unknown - High Sheriff Blues - Album Version 710. Unknown - Homesick & Lonesome Blues - Album Versio 711. Unknown - Packin' Trunk Blues - Album Version 712. Unknown - I Believe I'll Make A Change - Album Ver 713. Buddy Woods With The Wampus Cats / Woods, Buddy - 714. Buddy Woods With The Wampus Cats / Woods, Buddy - 715. Unknown - Traveling Riverside Blues - Album Versio 716. White, B. - Bukka's Jitterbug Swing - Album Versio 717. White, B. - Special Stream Line - Album Version 718. Unknown - Swing Low, Chariot - Album Version 719. Unknown - Pearline - Album Version 801. Unknown - Moanin' The Blues - Album Version 802. Collins, Sam - Slow Mama Slow - Album Version 803. Mcmullen, Fred - Decatur St. 81 - Album Version 804. Unknown - Where The Sweet Old Oranges Grow - Album 805. Galaway - Low In Mind Blues - Album Version 806. Unknown - Midnight Weeping Blues - Album Version 807. Unknown - Dead Cats On The Line - Album Version 808. Whittaker, Hudson - Things 'Bout Coming My Way - A 809. Unknown - Caught Us Doing It - Album Version 810. Humes, Helen / Humes, Helen - Cross-eyed Blues - A 811. Humes, Helen / Humes, Helen - Alligator Blues - Al 812. Unknown - Jealous Hearted Man - Album Version 813. Unknown - Hard Times Blues - Album Version 814. Williams, V. - Things 'Bout Coming My Way No. 2 - 815. Whittaker, H. - No Matter How She Done It - Album 816. Beasley, Walter - Toad Frog Blues - Album Version 817. Unknown - Hard Road Blues - Album Version 818. Papa Too Sweet - Big Fat Mama - Album Version 819. Williams - Western Bound Blues - Album Version 820. Unknown - Sugar Mama Blues No. 1 - Album Version 901. Johnson, Lonnie / Johnson, Lonnie - Mr. Johnson Bl 902. Johnson, Lonnie / Johnson, Lonnie - Sweet Potato B 903. Erby, John - Steppin' On The Blues - Album Version 904. Johnson, James - I Done Told You - Album Version 905. Johnson, Lonnie - Mean Old Bedbug Blues - Album Ve 906. Spivey, Victoria / Johnson, Lonnie / Johnson, L - 907. Spivey, Victoria / Johnson, Lonnie / Johnson, L - 908. Johnson, Lonnie - Have To Change Keys (To Play The 909. Johnson, Lonnie - Guitar Blues - Album Version 910. Johnson, Lonnie / Johnson, Lonnie - She's Making W 911. Johnson, Lonnie - Playing With The Strings - Album 912. Alexander, Texas / Johnson, Lonnie - No More Women 913. Alexander, Texas / Johnson, Lonnie - Deep Blue Sea 914. Johnson, Lonnie / Johnson, Lonnie - No More Troubl 915. Johnson, Lonnie - Got The Blues For Murder Only - 916. Johnson, Lonnie - Untitled - Album Version 917. Erby, John - 6/88 Glide - Album Version 918. Johnson, Lonnie / Johnson, Lonnie - Racketeer's Bl 919. Johnson, Lonnie / Johnson, Lonnie - I'm Nuts About 1001. Johnson, Blind Willie - Mother's Children Have A H 1002. Johnson, Angeline / Johnson, Blind Willie - I'm Go 1003. Phillips, Washington - Denomination Blues - Part 1 1004. Phillips, Washington - Denomination Blues - Part 2 1005. Dranes, Arizona / Dranes, Arizona - God's Got A Cr 1006. Dranes, Arizona / Dranes, Arizona - He Is My Story 1007. White, Joshua - Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dying Bed - 1008. White, Joshua - While The Blood Runs Warm In Your 1009. Beck, Elder Charlie - Drinking Shine - 78rpm Versi 1010. Davis, Blind Gary - Lord, I Wish I Could See - 78r 1011. Unknown - Untitled - 78rpm Version 1012. Unknown - Sunshine In The Shadows - 78rpm Version 1013. Phillips, Washington - You Can't Stop A Tattler - 1014. Phillips, Washington - You Can't Stop A Tattler - 1015. Johnson, Bessie / Blakey, Rev. Johnny - King Of Ki 1016. Johnson, Bessie / Blakey, Rev. Johnny - Jesus Was 1017. Unknown - Crying Holy Unto The Lord - 78rpm Versio 1018. Unknown - Stay On The Right Side Of The Road - 78r 1019. Terrell, Sister O.m. - The Bible's Right - 78rpm V 1020. Terrell, Sister O.m. - I'm Going To That City (To 1101. Graves, Roosevelt - Hittin' The Bottle 1102. Graves, Roosevelt - Skippy Whippy 1103. Shade, W. - Mary Anna Cut Off - 78rpm Version 1104. Burse, Charlie - Gator Wobble - 78rpm Version 1105. Becky, Son / Becky, Son - Mistreated Washboard Blu 1106. Burse, Charlie / Burse, Charlie - Baby You Win - 7 1107. Burse, Charlie / Burse, Charlie - Oil It Up & Go - 1108. Mcmullen, Fred / Georgia Browns, The - Tampa Strut 1109. Cohn, Lawrence - Diddle-da-diddle - 78rpm Version 1110. Weaver, Curley / Hicks, Robert / Georgia Cotton - 1111. Mccoy, Joe / Big Joe - If You Take Me Back - 78rpm 1112. Mccoy, Joe / Sortier, Amanda / Big Joe - I'm Throu 1113. Mccoy, Joe / Big Joe - When You Said Goodbye - 78r 1114. Mccoy, J. - I Love You Baby - 78rpm Version 1115. Moss, Buddy / Moss, Buddy - Struggle Buggie - 78rp 1116. Moss, Buddy / Moss, Buddy - I'm Sittin' Here Tonig 1117. Graves, Roosevelt - Dangerous Woman 1118. Graves, Roosevelt - Barbecue Bust 1119. E. Lawlers - Diggin' My Potatoes No. 2 - 78rpm Ver 1120. Terry, Sonny / Terry, Sonny / Webb, Jordan - Touch 1121. H. Holliday - Ninth Street Stomp - 78rpm Version 1201. Johnson, James P. - Backwater Blues 1202. Johnson, Lonnie - Dope Head Blues - 78rpm Version 1203. Johnson, Blind Willie - If I Had My Way I'd Tear T 1204. Hurt, Mississippi John - Frankie - 78rpm Version 1205. Johnson, Blind Willie - God Moves On The Water - 7 1206. Unknown - Groceries On The Shelf - 78rpm Version 1207. Patton, Charlie - '34 Blues - 78rpm Version 1208. Weldon, Casey Bill - W.p.a. Blues - 78rpm Version 1209. Broonzy, Big Bill - Unemployment Stomp - 78rpm Ver 1210. Broonzy, Big Bill - '29 Blues - 78rpm Version 1211. Kelly, Jack - Joe Louis Special - 78rpm Version 1212. Blind Boy Fuller - Three Ball Blues - 78rpm Versio 1213. White, Bukka - Parchman Farm Blues - 78rpm Version 1214. Unknown - Life Of Leroy Carr - 78rpm Version 1215. Memphis Minnie - Ma Rainey 1216. Davis, Blind John - Moonshine Man Blues - 78rpm Ve 1217. Broonzy, Big Bill - In The Army Now - 78rpm Versio 1218. Terrell, Sister O.m. - The Gambling Man - 78rpm Ve 1219. Morganfield, Mckinley - Atomic Bomb Blues - 78rpm 1220. Lacey, Willie - Homeless Blues - 78rpm Version 1301. Unknown - You Drink Too Much 1302. Unknown - Cherry Wine Woman 1303. Memphis Minnie / Memphis Minnie - Drunken Barrel H 1304. Unknown - Bootleggers' Blues 1305. Unknown - Me & My Whiskey - Album Version 1306. Unknown - Bug Juice Blues - Album Version 1307. Unknown - Rock & Rye - Album Version 1308. Unknown - Rukus Juice & Chittlin' - Album Version 1309. Unknown - Bad Whiskey Blues - Album Version 1310. Unknown - I Keep On Drinking (To Drive My Blues Aw 1311. Unknown - I Keep On Drinking (To Drive My Blues Aw 1312. Unknown - Moonshine By The Keg - Album Version 1313. Unknown - Drinking Blues - Album Version 1314. Unknown - More Good Whiskey Blues - Album Version 1315. Unknown - Pigmeat & Whiskey Blues - Album Version 1316. Unknown - Give Me Another Shot - Album Version 1317. Cohn, Lawrence - When I Been Drinking - Album Vers 1318. Unknown - Corn Liquor Blues - Album Version 1319. Unknown - Canned Heat Blues 1320. Unknown - When I Been Drinking 1321. Unknown - Blackberry Wine - Album Version 1322. Unknown - Drinking Shine - Album Version 1401. Barbecue Bob - Beggin' For Love 1402. B. Moss - Love Me, Baby, Love Me 1403. Cohn, Lawrence - Lovesick Blues - Album Version 1404. Smith, Bessie - It Makes My Love Come Down 1405. Carter, Bo - I Love That Thing 1406. Johnson, Lonnie - Careless Love 1407. Smith, Mamie - 'U' Need Some Lovin' Blues 1408. Mctell, Blind Willie - Love Makin' Mama No.1 1409. Broonzy, Big Bill - Messed Up In Love 1410. Cleighton, Peter - Love Is Gone 1411. Jones, Curtis - Moonlight Lover Blues 1412. Johnson, Merline - Love Shows Weakness 1413. Mccoy, J. - I Love You Baby - 78rpm Version 1414. Gaither, Bill - Love Trifling Blues 1415. Memphis Minnie / Memphis Minnie - When You Love Me 1416. Blind Boy Fuller - Lost Lover Blues 1501. Cohn, Lawrence - Sam-the Hot Dog Man - Album Versi 1502. Cohn, Lawrence - My Stove's In Good Condition - Al 1503. Cohn, Lawrence - Wipe It Off 1504. Cohn, Lawrence - The Best Jockey In Town - Album V 1505. Cohn, Lawrence - Shave 'Em Dry I - Album Version 1506. Bogan, Lucille / Bogan, Lucille - Shave 'Em Dry II 1507. Cohn, Lawrence - He's Just My Size - Album Version 1508. Cohn, Lawrence - If It Don't Fit (Don't Force It) 1509. Spivey, Victoria / Jackson, Lonnie - Furniture Man 1510. Spivey, Victoria / Jackson, Lonnie - Furniture Man 1511. Cohn, Lawrence - My Pencil Won't Write No More - A 1512. Cohn, Lawrence - Banana In Your Fruit Basket - Alb 1513. Cohn, Lawrence - Get 'Em From The Peanut Man (Hot 1514. Cohn, Lawrence - Get 'Em From The Peanut Man (The 1515. Mississippi Sheiks / Vincson, Walter / Chatman, - 1516. Mississippi Sheiks / Vincson, Walter / Chatman, - 1517. Cohn, Lawrence - Lollypop - Album Version 1518. Cohn, Lawrence - Meat Cuttin' Blues - Album Versio 1519. Cohn, Lawrence - You Got To Give Me Some Of It - A 1520. Cohn, Lawrence - Butcher Shop Blues - Album Versio 1601. Breaux, Cleoma - Vas Y Carrement (Step It Fast) - 1602. Breaux, Cleoma - Pochie-town - Album Version 1603. Breaux, Cleoma / Breaux, Cleoma With Joe Falcon - 1604. Breaux, Cleoma / Breaux, Cleoma With Joe Falcon - 1605. Falcon, Joe - Aimer Et Perdre (To Love & Lose) - A 1606. Clifford / Breaux, Ophy / Breaux, Amedee / Frer - 1607. Cohn, Lawrence - T'as Vol Mon Chapeau (You Have St 1608. Clifford / Breaux, Ophy / Breaux, Amedee / Frer - 1609. Clifford / Breaux, Ophy / Breaux, Amedee / Frer - 1610. Clifford / Breaux, Ophy / Breaux, Amedee / Frer - 1611. Guidry, Sidney / Alley Boys Of Abbeville, The - Ab 1612. Unknown - Te A Pas Raison - Album Version 1613. Unknown - Se Toute Sain Comme Moi Ma Saine - Album 1614. Alley Boys Of Abbeville, The / Mailhes, Frank - Jo 1615. Unknown - Quel Espoire (What's The Use) - Album Ve 1616. Unknown - Moi Et Ma Belle (Me & My Pretty One) - A 1617. Unknown - Je Vous T'aime Lessair Pleurer (I'll Nev 1618. Unknown - Es Ce Que Tu Pense Jamais A Moi (Do You 1619. Unknown - Tu Ma Quite Seul (Prisoner's Song) - Alb 1620. Cohn, Lawrence - Home Sweet Home - Album Version 1621. Cohn, Lawrence - Apres Jengles A Toi (Thinking Of 1622. Cohn, Lawrence - Te Bonne Pour Moi Estere (I Don't 1701. Breaux, Amedee - Ma Blonde Est Partie - Album Vers 1702. Cohn, Lawrence - Les Tracas Du Hobo - Album Versio 1703. Cohn, Lawrence - Two Step De Mama - 78rpm Version 1704. Cohn, Lawrence - La Valse Ah Abe - 78rpm Version 1705. Cohn, Lawrence - Two Step De Eunice - 78rpm Versio 1706. Cohn, Lawrence - Two Step De Prairie Soileau - 78r 1707. Cohn, Lawrence - Rosalia - Album Version 1708. Cohn, Lawrence - You're Small & Sweet - Album Vers 1709. Cohn, Lawrence - Far Away From Home Blues - Album 1710. Breaux, Amedee - Fais Do-do Negre - Album Version 1711. Breaux, Amedee - Tiger Rag Blues - Album Version 1712. Breaux, Amedee - One Step A Marie - Album Version 1713. Breaux, Amedee - Mazurka De La Louisiane - Album V 1714. Cohn, Lawrence - Le Vieux Soulard Et Sa Femme 1715. Cohn, Lawrence - Marie Buller - Album Version 1716. Cohn, Lawrence - Mon Coeur T'appelle - Album Versi 1717. Cohn, Lawrence - C'est Si Triste Sans Lui - 78rpm 1718. Cohn, Lawrence - Madam Atchen - Album Version 1719. Cohn, Lawrence - Taunt Aline - 78rpm Version 1720. Breaux, Amedee - Le Blues Du Petit Chien - Album V 1721. Breaux, Amedee - La Valse Du Vieux Temps - Album V 1722. Breaux, Amedee - La Valse D'auguste - Album Versio 1723. Breaux, Amedee - La Valse D'utah - Album Version 1801. Cohn, Lawrence - K.c. Blues - Album Version 1802. Cohn, Lawrence - Cannon Balls Blues - Album Versio 1803. Poole, Charlie With The North Carolina Ramblers - 1804. Poole, Charlie / Poole, Charlie With The North - I 1805. Cohn, Lawrence - Duplin County Blues - Album Versi 1806. Cohn, Lawrence - Sweet Sarah Blues - Album Version 1807. Cohn, Lawrence - Frankie Dean - Album Version 1808. Puckett, Riley - A Darkey's Wail - Album Version 1809. Cohn, Lawrence - Johnson City Blues - Album Versio 1810. Cohn, Lawrence - Mistreated Blues - Album Version 1811. Cohn, Lawrence - Haunted Road Blues - Album Versio 1812. Acuff, Roy - Steel Guitar Blues - Album Version 1813. Cohn, Lawrence - Guitar Blues - Album Version 1814. Cohn, Lawrence - I Want A Good Woman - Album Versi 1815. Cohn, Lawrence - Ash Can Blues - Album Version 1816. Martinez, Pete - Yodel Blues (Part I) 1817. Cohn, Lawrence - Yodel Blues (Part Ii) - Album Ver 1818. Cohn, Lawrence - Adam & Eve (Part 2) - Album Versi 1819. Cohn, Lawrence - Carroll County Blues - Album Vers 1820. Poole, Charlie / Poole, Charlie With The North - R 1821. Cohn, Lawrence - Worried Blues - Album Version 1822. Hutchison, Frank - Train That Carried The Girl Fro 1823. Cohn, Lawrence - Lonesome Weary Blues - Album Vers 1824. Cohn, Lawrence - Bear Cat Mama - Album Version 1901. Cohn, Lawrence - Jug Rag - Album Version 1902. Cohn, Lawrence - Deep Elem Blues - Album Version 1903. Mcmichen, Clayton - Prohibition Blues - Album Vers 1904. Cohn, Lawrence - Match Box Blues - Album Version 1905. Cohn, Lawrence - Somebody's Been Using That Thing 1906. Cohn, Lawrence - Rattle Snake Daddy - Album Versio 1907. Cohn, Lawrence - My Good Gal Has Thrown Me Down - 1908. Cohn, Lawrence - Dirty Hangover Blues - Album Vers 1909. Cohn, Lawrence - Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues - Alb 1910. Cohn, Lawrence - Lonesome, Broke & Weary - Album V 1911. Cohn, Lawrence - Chicken Roost Blues - Album Versi 1912. Cohn, Lawrence - Tom Cat Blues - Album Version 1913. Cohn, Lawrence - Oozlin' Daddy Blues - Album Versi 1914. Cohn, Lawrence - Kansas City Blues - Album Version 1915. Cohn, Lawrence - Ramblin' Red's Memphis Yodel No. 1916. Cohn, Lawrence - Southern Whoopee Song - Album Ver 1917. Cohn, Lawrence - Drunk & Nutty Blues - Album Versi 1918. Cohn, Lawrence - Chattanooga Mama - Album Version 1919. Cohn, Lawrence - String Bean Mama - Album Version 1920. Cohn, Lawrence - Copper Head Mama - Album Version 1921. Cohn, Lawrence - Long Chain Charlie Blues - Album 1922. Cohn, Lawrence - Georgia Brown Blues - Album Versi 1923. Cohn, Lawrence - New Jelly Roll Blues - Album Vers 1924. Cohn, Lawrence - Never No Mo' Blues - Album Versio


Notes on the Book of the Revelation (Classic Reprint) - 2826645061

46,80 zł

Notes on the Book of the Revelation (Classic Reprint) Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt from Notes on the Book of the Revelation The Revelation of Jesus Christ, not which God gave concerning Him, but which God gave unto Him; thus removing the veil which hung over the future, both as to time and to eternity. In the Divine actings there is order, harmony, and unity. The three persons in the adorable Trinity ever act in unison, but each in their own order; everything originates with the Father, is accomplished through the Son, and by the Holy Ghost When Jesus was on earth, He could say, "I have not spoken of [or from] Myself; but the Father which sent Me, he gave Me commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak" (John xii. 49). After His resurrection it was through the Holy Ghost that He gave commandments unto the apostles whom He had chosen. Even so it is here. The Lord Jesus received the revelation from the Father, and by angelic ministry communicated it to His servant John, who wrote it under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit "To show unto His servants [bond-servants] things which must shortly come to pass." It is as bond or bought servants, the entire property of Him who has redeemed us to God by His blood, that we are prepared to enter spiritually into these things - things beginning to have their accomplishment in the symbolic history of the Church - chapters ii. and iii, and going on to the end. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.


Gospel of Philip - 2826759241

70,36 zł

Gospel of Philip Inner Traditions Bear & Comp

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The mainstream position of the Christian church on sexuality was perhaps best summed up by Pope Innocent III (1160-1216) when he stated that the sexual act is so shameful that it is intrinsically evil. Another Christian theologian maintained that the holy Ghost is absent from the room shared by a wedded couple. What Philip records in his gospel is that Christ said exactly the opposite: the nuptial chamber is in fact the holy of holies. For Philip the Holy Trinity includes the feminine presence. God is the father, the Holy Ghost is the Mother and Jesus is the son. Neither man nor woman alone is created in the image of God. It is only in their relationship with one another - the sacred embrace in which they share divine breath - that they resemble God. The Gospel of Philip is best known for its portrayal of the physical relationship shared by Jesus and his most beloved disciple Mary of Magdala. Because it ran counter to the direction of the Church which condemned the works of the flesh, Philip's gospel was suppressed and lost until rediscovered at Nag Hammadi in 1947. Orthodox theologian Jean-Yves Leloup's translation from the Coptic and his analysis of this gospel are presented here for the first time in English. What emerges from this important source text is a restoration of the sacred initiatic union between the male and female principles that was once at the heart of Christianity's sacred mystery.


Eben - Organ Music - 4 - 2839252201

56,99 zł

Eben - Organ Music - 4 Hyperion


1. Schiager, Halgeir - A Festive Voluntary (Variation 2. Schiager, Halgeir - Choral-fantasie: Amen, Es Werd 3. Schiager, Halgeir - 2 Choral-fantasien 4. Choral-fantasie Nr. 1: O Great Lord 5. Choral-fantasie Nr. 2: Saint Wenceslas 6. Schiager, Halgeir - Protestantische Choraele (Chor 7. 1. Sing The Praise Of Our Lord 8. 2. O Light, O Holy Trinity 9. 3. O Come To Us, Longed-for Christ 10. 4. God's Son Has Come 11. 5. Rejoice In Christ The King 12. 6. Rejoice, O Earth & Starry Firmament, Halleluj 13. 7. Christ, Lord, Eternal Son Of God 14. 8. The Holy Christ Has Risen 15. 9. Alas, Truly Penitent People 16. 10. How Dear To Me Are The Heavenly Dwellings 17. 11. Most Gracious Lord Jesus 18. 12. Awake, All Ye Christians 19. Schiager, Halgeir - Sunday Music 20. Fantasie 1 21. Fantasie 2 22. Moto Ostinato 23. Finale


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