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True Love Never Dies - 2839356375

104,99 zł

True Love Never Dies Century Media

Muzyka>Rock>Alternatywna>Punk / New Wave


Tomasz Gudzowaty: True Love Never Dies - 2840259913

299,99 zł

Tomasz Gudzowaty: True Love Never Dies

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>The arts>Photography & photographs>Individual photographersKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>The arts&...


Love Never Dies - 2836096431

127,84 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Famed relationship therapist, author and media personality Dr Jamie Turndorf shares the amazing true story of her spiritual reconnection with her beloved deceased husband, internationally renowned former Jesuit priest Emile Jean Pin. Discovering for herself that relationships don't end in death, Dr Turndorf has created a groundbreaking new grief therapy method that combines her acclaimed conflict-resolution techniques with after-death communication. The result: an unprecedented method that enables the bereaved to reconnect, heal unfinished business and make peace with the deceased.


Rock N Roll Never Dies - 2839375704

28,99 zł

Rock N Roll Never Dies Mausoleum Records

Muzyka>Rock>Heavy / Hard

1. High Heels 2. Long Legs 3. Love's Not 4. A Part Of The Show 5. Straight Cats In A Mad Dog City 6. Break Out From The Cage 7. Nobody Rides For Free 8. Lonely 9. Hard Times 10. Rock 'N' Roll Never Dies 11. It's True


We Never Got to Cornwall - 2835645627

52,00 zł

We Never Got to Cornwall Grosvenor House Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

What do you do when a loved one suddenly dies? I guess you have no idea - see a solicitor? It's not easy; you're in a vulnerable situation. This is not only a true story of LOVE, lots of LUCK and ending in SADNESS, but a lesson for all those in a similar traumatic situation. A story that describes a cancer journey and all the trials and tribulations that follow - the type of information that is difficult to establish. It was written with the sole purpose to inform anyone confronted with sudden death. It is concluded with lessons learnt in my lifetime. If it helps one person it has been well worth the effort.


Forever Love - 2827054298

94,72 zł

Forever Love New Generation Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

As I journeyed along my life-path encountering many hurdles, some I cleared easily while others were much harder. My days were filled with sunshine and storms but thankfully I was never alone. I met many characters along the way; those who were with me for a lifetime, a while or a fleeting moment, the time frame irrelevant. What was important was the effect they had on me and me on them. One such companion became so adored that losing them left me heartbroken and fearful of continuing my journey without him but my belief that true love never dies gave me hope. Adam wasn't lost to me; only traveling a new path, on the other side of the veil. Our deep feelings for one another made it possible to stay connected, to communicate the best we could until the day we were reunited. He truly was my forever love.


Classic Irish Love Songs - 2839450576

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Classic Irish Love Songs DOLPHIN REC.-IRL

Muzyka>Muzyka świata>Folk / Ludowa / Etno

1. Sweet Forget Me Not 2. Those Brown Eyes 3. Anne Devlin 4. Noreen Bawn 5. Matt Hyland 6. Rose Of Tralee 7. Flower Of Sweet Strabane 8. My Lagan Love 9. The Old Rustic Bridge 10. My Lovely Rose Of Clare 11. Rose Of Mooncoin 12. The Fields Of Athenry 13. Roisin 14. Rosaleen, Sweet Rosaleen 15. Mary From Dunloe 16. Raglan Road 17. Grace 18. True Love Never Dies 19. Rose Of Affendale 20. Ploughboy Lads


The Wondering Boy - 2839413692

209,99 zł

The Wondering Boy Bear Family Records


1. Drifting Texas Sand 2. If Crying Would Make You Care 3. California Blues (Blue Yodel, No. 4) 4. You Scared The Love Right Out Of Me 5. New Silver Bells 6. Wondering 7. You Know I'm Still In Love With You 8. I'm Gonna See My Baby 9. That Heart Belongs To Me 10. I Just Can't Be True 11. So Used To Loving You 12. I Haven't Got The Heart 13. Slowly 14. The Last Waltz 15. Bow The Head 16. Country Church 17. I Haven't Got The Heart 18. I'll Always Take Care Of You 19. Back Street Affair 20. I'm Only Wishin' 21. I'll Go On Alone 22. That's Me Without You 23. Broken Engagement 24. We'll Find A Way 25. It's Been So Long 26. Don't Throw Your Life Away 27. Too Late To Worry Now 28. There Stands The Glass 101. There's A Better Home 102. Mother Call My Name In Prayer 103. I'm Walking The Dog 104. You Just Can't Be True 105. Slowly 106. Broken Engagement 107. Slowly 108. Even Tho' 109. Sparkling Brown Eyes (& Wilburn Bros) 110. Bugle Call From Heaven 111. Thank You, Dear Lord 112. Kneel At The Cross 113. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms 114. You're Not Mine Anymore 115. I'm Gonna Fall Out Of Love With You 116. Your Good For Nothing Heart 117. Just Imagination/i Love Your Dear 118. More & More/i Found Someone That's True 119. The Waltz You Saved For Me (& Teddy Wilburn) 120. One Day Later (& Teddy Wilburn) 121. In The Jailhouse Now 122. Sneakin' All Around 123. I Don't Care 124. Just How Long 125. Yes I Know Why 126. Little Rosa (& Red Sovine) 201. Call Me Your Sweetheart 202. If You Were Me 203. Love, Love, Love 204. Why Baby Why (& Red Sovine) 205. Yes I Know Why 206. I Found A True Love 207. Cause I Love You 208. Little Rosa (& Red Sovine) 209. Let Forgiveness In 210. Any Old Time 211. You Make Love To Everyone 212. We'll Find A Way 213. Teenage Boogie 214. I'm Really Glad You Hurt Me 215. Teenage Boogie 216. Oh, So Many Years (& Kitty Wells) 217. One Week Later (& Kitty Wells) 218. When I'm With You (& Kitty Wells) 219. Can I Find It In Your Heart (& Kitty Wells) 220. Crying Over You 221. I'm Tired 222. It's My Way 223. Someday 224. Honky Tonk Song 225. I Care No More/don't Be The One 226. Bye Bye Love 227. Missing You 228. Let Forgiveness In 229. Who Wouldn't Love You 301. New Panhandle Rag 302. I Know It Was You 303. Don't Do It Darling 304. Holiday For Love 305. How Long 306. The New Raunchy 307. I'll Get By Somehow 308. English Sweetheart 309. Down Panama Way 310. Foreign Love 311. You'll Come Back 312. A New Love Affair 313. Falling Back To You 314. Sittin' Alone 315. I'm Letting You Go 316. Tupelo County Jail 317. Waiting A Lifetime 318. True Love Never Dies 319. I Think Of You 320. I Won't Be Crying Anymore 321. I Owe It To My Heart 322. The Violet & The Rose 323. After The Boy Gets The Girl 324. You Make Me Live Again 325. Crazy Arms 326. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down 327. Life To Go 328. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You


Appalachian Angel - 2839413402

519,99 zł

Appalachian Angel Bear Family Records


1. Somebody's Crying 2. Johnnie's Got A Sweetheart 3. Someone Else, Not Me 4. Freight Train Blues 5. Just You & I 6. Careless Love 7. Down The Trail Of Achin' Hearts (& Hank Snow) 8. Bluebird Island (& Hank Snow) 9. Right Way, Wrong Way 10. When I Lost You 11. (Go Away) I Want To Be Blue 12. I'm Crying 13. I Can't Help It (& Hank Williams) 14. Keep It A Secret 15. Cool, Cold Shoulder 16. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight 17. Heartless Romance 18. Don Juan 19. Faithless Johnny Lee 20. Making Believe 21. I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven 22. Keep Your Promise, Willie Thomas (& Snow) 23. It's You, Only You, That I Love (& Hank Snow) 24. That's What Makes The Juke Box Play 25. Here We Are Again 26. I'm Sorry If That's The Way You Feel 27. The Mask On Your Heart 28. I Wore Dark Glasses (At Your Wedding) 29. False Hearted 101. A Tear Fell 102. One Heartache At A Time 103. He's A Real Gone Guy 104. Believe It Or Not 105. Maybe 106. Do You Remember 107. If I Had A Needle & Thread 108. Blue Doll 109. Go Away, Johnnie 110. Mama Don't Cry At My Wedding 111. Tryin' To Forget About You 112. That's All I Want From You 113. Moon Girl 114. If Today Were Yesterday (& Hank Snow) 115. For Sale (& Hank Snow) 116. Rose Of Old Monterey (& Hank Snow) 117. My Adobe Hacienda (& Hank Snow) 118. I Never Will Marry (& Hank Snow) 119. Mockin' Bird Hill (& Hank Snow) 120. No Letter Today (& Hank Snow) 121. I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair(& Hank Snow) 122. If It's Wrong To Love You (& Hank Snow) 123. When My Blue Moon Turn To Gold Again (& Snow) 124. Promised To John (& Hank Snow) 125. Let's Pretend (& Hank Snow) 126. A Pair Of Broken Hearts (& Hank Snow) 127. Another Man Done Gone (& Johnny Cash) 201. All My Trials 202. Voice Of The Bayou 203. Sour Grapes 204. Johnny, I Hardly Knew You 205. My Love 206. (Love's) Ring Of Fire 207. Fair & Tender Ladies 208. Satan's Child 209. Fly Pretty Swallow 210. At The Sparrow Goes 211. Running Back 212. The Kentucky Song 213. Brian 214. A Few Short Years Ago 215. Take Me Home 216. Farewell 217. I Never Will Marry 218. No, My Love, No 219. Wildwood Flower 220. This Life I'm Living 221. John Hardy Was A Desperate Little Man 222. My Love Loves Me 223. Bury Me Beneath The Willow 224. Beautiful Isle O'er The Sea 225. John, John, John 226. In The Highways (I'll Be Somewhere Working 227. For My Lord) 228. Little Things Mean A Lot 229. Stop Being Mean To Your Baby 230. You Weren't Ashamed To Kiss Me 301. That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome 302. Twelve O'clock High 303. Carmel By The Sea 304. Is It For Me 305. I'm Counting On You 306. I've Heard The Wind Blow Before 307. I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) 308. Hang A Little Sign 309. You Couldn't Get My Love Back (If You Tried) 310. I'm Gonna Leave You 311. I Won't Change For You 312. The Trains Don't Go There Anymore 313. Love Me Now (While I Am Living) 314. I Don't Need You Anymore 315. You Weren't Ashamed To Kiss Me(last Night) 316. It's My Life (And I'll Live It) 317. All Of Me Belongs To You (& Waylon Jennings) 318. No One's Gonna Miss Me (& Waylon Jennings) 319. Rings Of Gold (& Waylon Jennings) 320. I Got You (& Waylon Jennings) 321. Twelve O'clock High (Original) 322. Twelve O'clock High (1st Overdub) 323. Love Me Now (While I Am Living)(w/o Trumpets) 324. You Weren't Ashamed To Kiss Me (Take 7) 325. So Afraid 326. To Be A Child Again 327. Too Many Rivers 328. Baby For You 329. The Other Side Of The Coin 330. A Couple Like Us 331. Coming Off The Roads 401. Morning Sun 402. Sound Of Different Drums 403. Cry Softly 404. Us 405. Where Is The Start Of Lonely 406. Tulsa Country 407. Angel's Heaven 408. Loving Him Was Easier 409. I'd Rather Be Sorry 410. Until It's Time For You To Go 411. Loving Him Was Easier 412. Summer Sand 413. A Whole Lotta Lovin' 414. Make Up The Difference 415. Angel's Heaven 416. When Love Dies 417. He Taught Me All The Right Ways 418. Once Around The Briar Patch 419. How To Be A Woman 420. Too Much Of A Man (To Be Tied Down) 421. Walk On Out Of My Mind 422. Love Is On The Way 423. There's So Much Love Left Over 501. Where Is The Start Of Lonely 502. Tulsa Country 503. Angel's Heaven 504. Loving Him Was Easier 505. I'd Rather Be Sorry 506. Until It's Time For You To Go 507. Loving Him Was Easier 508. Summer Sand 509. A Whole Lotta Lovin' 510. I Ain't Goin' To Work Tomorrow (& H. Carter) 511. I Never Will Marry (& Helen Carter) 512. Once Around The Briar Patch (& H. Carter) 513. Gold Watch & Chain (& Jerry Hensley) 514. It's All Over Now Baby Blue (& Hensley) 515. God Is 601. Rock Love 602. Pledging My Love 603. But I Love You Just The Same 604. Lovey Lips 605. Give Me Love 606. Whose Baby Are You 607. Borrowed Diamonds 608. Hi De Ank Tum 609. At The Old Town Hall 610. Jimmy Unknown 611. Last Night In My Dreams 612. Leroy 613. Not Any More 614. Losin' My Baby Again 615. My Man True To Me 616. I Just Won't Care Anymore 617. (He Said Yeah) Baby You're The One 618. My Sweet Love Ain't Around 619. You Came To The Prom Alone


Just A Box - 2839461325

249,99 zł

Just A Box Edsel


1. Innocent Bystander 2. Goodnight Old Friend 3. Drop Back 4. Silverbird 5. The Show Must Go On 6. The Dancer 7. Tomorrow 8. Don't Say It's Over 9. Slow Motion 10. Oh Wot A Life 11. Why Is Everybody Going Home 101. Telepath 102. Train 103. The Bells Of St. Mary's 104. One Man Band 105. In My Life 106. When I Came Home This Morning 107. Long Tall Glasses 108. Another Time 109. Solo 110. Giving It All Away 201. Bedsitter Land 202. Unlucky In Love 203. The Last Gig Of Johnny B. Goode 204. On The Old Dirt Road 205. I Will Not Stop Fighting 206. Moonlighing 207. Streets Of Your Town 208. The Kid's Grown Up 209. Only Dreaming 210. Another Year 301. Hold On To My Love 302. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing 303. Reflections 304. When I Need You 305. No Business Like Love Business 306. I Hear The Laughter 307. Magdalena 308. How Much Love 309. I Think We Fell In Love Too Fast 310. Endless Flight 401. Thunder In My Heart 402. Easy To Love 403. Leave Well Enough Alone 404. I Want You Back 405. It's Over 406. Fool For Your Love 407. World Keeps On Turning 408. There Isn't Anything I Wouldn't Do 409. Everything I've Got 410. We Can Start All Over Again 501. Stormy Weather 502. Dancing The Night Away 503. I Can't Stop Loving You (Though I Try) 504. La Booga Rooga 505. Raining In My Heart 506. Something Fine 507. Running To My Freedom 508. Frankie Lee 509. Don't Look Away 510. No Looking Back 601. The World Has Changed 602. When The Money Runs Out 603. The End 604. Lost Control 605. An Englishman In The Usa 606. Who Will The Next Fool Be 607. Work 608. Oh Girl 609. Ghosts 610. Takin' The Easy Way Out 701. Time Ran Out On You 702. Where Did We Go Wrong 703. You Win, I Lose 704. More Than I Can Say 705. Millionaire 706. Once In A While 707. Living In A Fantasy 708. She's Not Coming Back 709. Let Me Know 710. Only Foolin' 801. Heart (Stop Beating In Time) 802. Paris Dies In The Morning 803. Have You Ever Been In Love 804. Rumours 805. Heroes 806. 'Til You Let Your Heart Win 807. The End Of The Game 808. Wondering Where The Lions Are 809. We've Got Ourselves In Love 810. World Radio 901. 'Til You Come Back To Me 902. Sea Of Heartbreak 903. More Than I Can Say 904. Darlin' 905. Don't Wait Until Tomorrow 906. How Beautiful You Are 907. Orchard Road 908. Aviation 909. Heart (Stop Beating In Time) 910. Your Love Still Brings Me To My Knees 911. Have You Ever Been In Love 912. Wounded Heart 913. Love Games 914. Never Had A Dream Come True 1001. Cool Touch 1002. Rely On Me 1003. Young And In Love 1004. Paper Back Town 1005. Going Home 1006. My Favourite 1007. I Can't Stop 1008. Heaven Knows 1009. Agents Of The Heart 1010. Suki's Missing 1101. Everyone 1102. Pop Life 1103. Saturday Girl 1104. You Thrill Me 1105. We Got Away With It 1106. I Never Knew 1107. Please Don't Walk Away 1108. Don't Look Back 1109. Voice In My Head 1110. Candygram 1111. Almost Blue 1112. Running Man 1113. There And Back Again 1114. Becalmed 1115. Maybe 1201. Living In America 1202. Praise The Land (1971 Session Recording) 1203. Reasons (1971 Session Outtake) 1204. Quicksand 1205. The Show Must Go On (7 Single) 1206. Let It Be 1207. Standing In The Rain (1975 Session Recording) 1208. Tears Of A Clown (Session Recording) 1209. Milky White Way (Session Recording) 1210. King's Avenue (1977 Studio Out-take) 1211. Tell Me Just One More Time (Session Recording) 1212. Thunder In My Heart (Disco Version) 1213. I've Been Lonely For So Long (1978 Session Recording) 1214. New Orleans (1978 Session Recording) 1215. When The Money Runs Out 1216. Work Work Work 1217. Train 1218. I Don't Need Dreaming Anymore 1301. Bye Bye Now My Sweet Love 1302. Unchained Melody 1303. Gone Solo 1304. The Girl Is With Me 1305. Easy To Love (1984 Recording) 1306. Passion 1307. Real Life 1308. Solo 1309. Unchained Melody 1310. Love Hurts 1311. Heart For Sale 1312. Haunting Me 1313. The Moth And The Flame 1314. The Only One 1315. Too Many Hearts 1316. Blame It On The Night 1317. Gun 1318. The Loading Zone


Classic Field. . - 2839350923

129,99 zł

Classic Field. . JSP

Muzyka>Muzyka świata>Folk / Ludowa / Etno

1. Slim Girl 2. One Year Ago Today 3. Long Tongued Woman 4. Rock City Blues 5. Lonesome Life Of Worry 6. No Deep True Love 7. Maggie 8. Ain't I Right? 9. Burning Of The Cleveland School 10. Desert Lullaby 11. Coupon Song 12. Soap Box Blue 13. Heartaches And Tears 14. Rabbit Blues 15. My Sweetheart Has Gone And Left Me 16. Bury Me Out On The Prairie 17. Girls That Worries My Mind 18. Disappointed In Love 19. Don't Take My Memories 20. Big Fat Gal 21. Rocking Alone In An Old Rocking Chair 22. Mollie Married A Travelin' Man 23. Knocking On The Hen House Door 24. Love Me Only 25. Howell's Railroad 101. Boogie Woogie 102. Minor Blues 103. The Answer To 'Disappointed In Love' 104. Lost John 105. Married Life Blues 106. Everybody's Tryin' To Be My Baby 107. Cowboy Jack 108. My Poodle Doodle Dog 109. When I Was A Baby 110. Back In My Home Town 111. Fox Hunter's Luck 112. Bungalow Big Enough For Two 113. That Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me 114. Home With Mother And Dad In The West 115. Fox Hunter's Luck 116. I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers 117. He Turned Around And Went The Other Way 118. How Many Biscuits Can You Eat? 119. It Ain't No Good 120. The New Boogie Woogie 121. I'm Not Angry With You Darling 122. Side-line Blues 123. Long And Bony 124. Don't Put A Tax On Beautiful Girls 125. Farmer Grey 201. The Story Of Love Divine 202. With My Banjo On My Knee 203. I'll Keep On Loving You 204. Gamblin' On The Sabbath 205. A Package Of Love Letters 206. Whoa, Mule, Whoa 207. Four Or Five Times 208. My Little Mountain Lady, Queen Of Alabama 209. The Export Gal 210. There Are No Disappointments In Heaven 211. Your Soul Never Dies 212. Sinful To Flirt 213. Heaven Bound Gold 214. All My Natural Life 215. You Are My Sunshine 216. Free As I Can Be 217. Go 'Long Mule 218. T.b. Killed My Daddy 219. Red Roses, Sweet Violets So Blue 220. If You See My Savior 221. Little Paper Boy 222. Farther Along 223. Homecoming Time In Happy Valley 224. Keep Your Love Letters, I'll Keep Mine 225. Precious Thoughts Of Mother 301. Tribulation Days 302. I'll Never Leave Old Dixieland Again 303. Down In Baltimore 304. Goodbye Baby, Goodbye 305. Shattered Love 306. Little Blue Eyed Blonde 307. What A Change One Day Can Make 308. Wind The Little Ball Of Yarn 309. Love Hunting Blues 310. There's A Grave In The Wilderness 311. Forbidden Love 312. Sweet Locust Blossoms 313. It's So Hard To Be Just A Pal To You 314. I Am On My Way To Heaven (Feat. Willie Simmons) 315. The Great Final Agreement 316. Fourteen Days In Georgia 317. I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers 318. Just Over In The Gloryland 319. Blue Moon 320. Chesapeake Bay 321. My Family Circle 322. I Want My Black Baby Back 323. I'm Glad I Counted The Cost (Feat. Willie Simmons) 324. Back Water Blues 325. Orange Blossom Special


Dancing Las Vegas - 2839320844

89,99 zł

Dancing Las Vegas YES MUSIC


1. Viva Las Vegas 2. I Love My Radio 3. Everybody's Gonna Dance 4. Let The Good Times Roll 5. Welcome To My History 6. Somebody Dance With Me 7. Take Control 8. Let The Dream Come True 9. What A Feeling 10. Hero Of The Night 11. Around The World 12. Respect Yourself 13. Amazing Life 14. Freedom 15. Love Never Dies 16. Love Is The Price 17. You Drive Me Crazy 18. Vampires Are Alive 19. La Vida Es 20. I'm Calling You 21. Acapella Hitmedley 22. Everybody 23. It's My Life 24. Chihuahua 25. Pray 26. Love Is All Around 27. From Berlin To The World 28. There Is A Party 29. Viva Las Vegas 30. Hello From... To The World 101. I Love My Radio 102. Everybody's Gonna Dance 103. Let The Good Times Roll 104. Somebody Dance With Me 105. Medley 106. Hero Of The Night 107. Around The World 108. Respect Yourself 109. Amazing Life / Freedom 110. Love Never Dies 111. La Vida Es 112. Chihuahua 113. Pray 114. Love Is All Around 115. Viva Las Vegas


Dancing Las Vegas - The - 2839320845

114,99 zł

Dancing Las Vegas - The YES MUSIC


1. Viva Las Vegas 2. I Love My Radio 3. Everybody's Gonna Dance 4. Let The Good Times Roll 5. Welcome To My History 6. Somebody Dance With Me 7. Take Control 8. Let The Dream Come True 9. What A Feeling 10. Hero Of The Night 11. Around The World 12. Respect Yourself 13. Amazing Life 14. Freedom 15. Love Never Dies 16. Love Is The Price 17. You Drive Me Crazy 18. Vampires Are Alive 19. La Vida Es 20. I'm Calling You 21. Acapella Hitmedley 22. Everybody 23. It's My Life 24. Chihuahua 25. Pray 26. Love Is All Around 27. From Berlin To The World 28. There Is A Party 29. Viva Las Vegas 30. Hell From... To The World 101. I Love My Radio 102. Everybody's Gonna Dance 103. Let The Good Times Roll 104. Somebody Dance With Me 105. Medley 106. Hero Of The Night 107. Around The World 108. Respect Yourself 109. Amazing Life / Freedom 110. Love Never Dies 111. La Vida Es 112. Chihuahua 113. Pray 114. Love Is All Around 115. Viva Las Vegas


The Sweethearts Of The Bl - 2839420472

259,99 zł

The Sweethearts Of The Bl Bear Family Records

Muzyka>Rock>Rock & Roll

1. Sweethearts 2. I'm Gone 3. The Real Thing 4. Korea 5. Baby 6. Shirley, Come Back To Me 7. Shirley's Back=old 8. Shirley's Back 9. Why Did I 10. So In Love-old 11. So In Love 12. Teh Reason Why 13. The Time Has Come 14. I Love You So 15. The Proposal 16. Two Happy People 17. Lee Goofed 18. Every Fool Has His Day 19. Down On My Heart 20. Keep On 21. Confessin' 22. Whin The Sun Goes Down 23. Tryin' To Fool Me 24. Rumors Blue 25. Comen' Over 26. Takes Money 27. I Didn't Want You 28. You'd Be Thinking Of Me 29. I'll Thrill You 30. Cd2 Feel So Good 31. Lee's Dream 32. I'll Do It 33. Tell Me So 34. That's What I'll Do 35. A Little Word 36. Let The Good Times Roll 37. Do Youmean To Hurt Me So 38. Everything 39. Wo Will Bi Forever Happy 40. I Feel Good 41. That's What I Wanna Do 42. Now That's Over 43. Everything 44. I Want To Dance 45. Marry Me 46. Before I Go 47. Don't You Know I Love You 48. Rock All Night 49. Rockin' With The Clock 50. The Flirt 51. Love No One But You 52. Live On The Farm 53. Wvertbody's Rockin' 54. Don't Leave Me Here To Cry 55. True Love Never Dies 56. When Day Is Done 57. So Tired 58. Cd3 Let The Good Times Roll 59. Shirley Come Back To Me 60. Like You Used To Do 61. Bewildered 62. Who Are We Fooling 63. Keep Loving Me 64. You Moves Me 65. Let's Live It Up 66. I've Been Lived Before 67. I'll Never Be Free 68. After Last Night 69. I Love The Way You Love 70. Your Love Makes The Different 71. I Was Lucky 72. Lover's Mistake 73. Everybody Needs Somebody 74. Your Day Is Coming 75. Two Peas In A Pod 76. Good For Nothing 77. Well-a, Well-a 78. Our Kids 79. They've Got To Understand 80. Call Me A Fool 81. Hard To Believe 82. Hard To Believe-take 8 83. Behind The Make-up 84. Keep Teh Magic Working 85. Girl You're Married Now 86. It's Been So Long 87. Cd4 The Joker 88. Together We Stand 89. My Last Letter 90. I'm Old Enough 91. You Wouldn't 92. A Little Thing 93. The Engagement 94. Don't Stop Now 95. Hey Little Boy 96. The Golden Rule 97. Honky Tonk Music 98. Dancing World


Being So Gentle - 2826930336

159,36 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The forty-year love affair between Rachel and Andrew Jackson parallels a tumultuous period in American history. During this time, the fledgling United States more than doubled in size, and political power moved closer to true democracy for white men. Andrew Jackson was at the forefront of that revolution - but he never could have made it without the support of his wife. Beautiful, charismatic and generous, Rachel Jackson had the courage to go against the mores of her times in the name of love. As the wife of a great general in wartime, she often found herself running their plantation alone and, a true Revolutionary War-era heroine, she took in and raised the orphaned children her husband brought home from the front. Like all great love stories, this one also ends tragically when Rachel dies, only a few weeks after Andrew is elected president. He moved into the White House alone and never remarried. Andrew and Rachel Jackson's devotion to one another is inspiring, and here, for the first time, their story of love and loss comes to life in Patricia Brady's vivid prose.


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