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Nina Raine - Rabbit - 2854271986

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Nina Raine - Rabbit NICK HERN BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In a trendy wine bar - Bella, 29, is celebrating her birthday with her best friend, Emily, two of her exes, and another, rather loud friend, Sandy. Intercut with their bantering conversation about jobs, sex and men versus women are edgy scenes between Bella and her father, with whom she has a classically difficult relationship, not helped by his having an inoperable brain tumour - which has, however, not stopped him conducting extra-marital affairs...Premiered at the Old Red Lion in north London, the launch pad for many subsequently successful writers, "Small Girls Big Wigs" is chock full of potential.


Mamet Plays - 2854288229

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Duck Variations: "A brilliant little play...about two old men sitting on a park bench discussing ducks" (Guardian); Sexual Perversity in Chicago, bar-room banter and sexual exploits in Mamet's home town "sweet sad understanding and utterly believable" (Chicago Daily News); Squirrels is a sequence of philosophising between a younger writer, an older writer and a cleaning lady which "memorably captures the agony of the creative process" (Daily Telegraph); American Buffalo, one of Mamet's most famous plays, is set in a junk shop where Three small-time crooks plot to carry out the midnight robbery of a coin collection - in the hours leading up to the heist, friendship becomes the victim in a conflict between loyalty and business. The Water Engine is "a propulsive, kaleidoscopic nightmare" and Mr Happiness is a short ironic monologue by a Radio DJ commenting on the letters from his listeners.


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