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This is Disciplinary Literacy - 2854373267

139,64 zł

This is Disciplinary Literacy Corwin Press Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Disciplinary Literacy is about to go from theory to game plan--taking students from superficial understanding to deep content expertise. And guess what? ReLeah Lent's big secret lies in highlighting each content area's differences--advancing a discipline-specific model in which literacy is used as a tool for strategic thinking, reading, writing, and doing within each field. That's right--no more reading strategies used uniformly across the curriculum. Instead, This Is Disciplinary Literacy helps content-area teachers put into action the key literacies of their specialties. Teaching science? Students must evaluate evidence and question as they read. History? Comparing and contrasting sources and interpreting the import of events are key. Writing in Math? Accuracy is favored over elaboration and craft. Reading fiction in ELA? Synthesizing and attuning to voice and figurative language reign supreme. Students fully own knowledge because your instruction zeroes in on the academic habits that matter most. Content area by content area, ReLeah shows how to immediately incorporate these literacies into lessons, units, and project-based learning. Inside you'll find: "Spotlights" on all major disciplines that highlight how implementation looks in real classrooms Extend and Adapt sections with ideas for augmenting activities for students who need different challenges or support, tips for companion activities, and digital sources for short texts and video Q&A sections bringing both reassurance and get-it-done advice New ways to re-boot essential research-based practices that work in any field--reading, writing, inquiry, and collaboration And best of all, students not only engage in the genuine intellectual challenges of the disciplines--they are eager to do so! This Is Disciplinary Literacy gives students entrance to the global communities of practice, and provides schools, districts, and teachers with a proven approach that makes college-and-career-readiness a reality.


Understanding Terrorism - 2854303302

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Understanding Terrorism Emerald Group Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The recent proliferation of studies on terrorism has brought scholars from different fields and approaches to converge on this phenomenon. As a result, economists, social and political scientists have developed theories, evidence and, in a sense, even a peculiar jargon of their own. Starting from this assumption, the book aims to bring scholars with different expertise and background around the same table, showing how their individual perspectives can contribute to a broader understanding of the issue at stake. In other words, the aim that inspires the book is that the multi-disciplinary nature of terrorism requires a concerted effort by social sciences - in particular, economics and political science. The book deals with a number of issues - from the definition and forms of terrorism, to its economic determinants, from the distribution and forecast of terror attacks to the measurement of their impact on societies.


Understanding Oral Literature - 2859243898

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Understanding Oral Literature University of Nairobi Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This latest contribution of the Kenya Oral Literature Association to explorations in oral literature is multi-disciplinary in approach. It includes a wide-ranging selection of papers from twelve Kenyan literary scholars, linguists, educationists, material culture specialists, and historians. The central questions addressed are why oral literature should be taught, what should be included, and how it should be taught. Amongst the topics covered are translation problems, understanding proverbs, oral narrative as discourse, the use of audio visual aids in teaching, general and the politics of control, images of women in African oral literature, the relationship with material culture, and oral literature as part of oral traditions.


Neuroendocrine Tumor Pathology and Molecular Diagnosis - 2854479837

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Neuroendocrine Tumor Pathology and Molecular Diagnosis Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A Case Based Review brings together the diagnostic and clinical expertise of an outstanding team of practicing neuroendocrine pathologists and oncologists. The case-based review format provides a practical diagnostic and therapeutic approach to illustrate real-life examples of a diverse range of neuroendocrine tumors that were diagnosed and worked-up in the multi-disciplinary setting of one of the leading academic cancer centers in the United States. In addition to the clinic-pathologic and molecular advances in the field of neuroendocrine oncology, this book focuses on the newer histological grading schemes by the North American NeuroEndocrine Tumor Society (NANETS), European NeuroEndocrine Tumor Society (ENETS) and the World Health Organization (WHO) and the recently proposed pathologic staging systems by the AJCC, WHO and ENETS. Individual case discussions are integrated with pertinent progress in molecular characterization of these unusual neoplasms. The balanced case content will allow the reader to develop a comprehensive and practical understanding of the current trends in the pathology and molecular diagnosis of neuroendocrine neoplasms.§§Neuroendocrine Tumor Pathology and Molecular Diagnosis: A Case Based Review will be of great value to anatomic pathology (histopathology) residents, fellows, surgical pathologists, oncologists and surgeons in academia and community settings.§


Managing Services People & Technology - 2212824387

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Managing Services People & Technology McGraw-Hill

Inne 1

Managing Services is an alternative to the growing service management market in that it is more managerial and procedural, placing less emphasis on quantitative tools and more on strategic concerns. The benefit of this approach is that it views services from the perspective of the general manager rather than the operations specialist. This is important, especially considering most students taking this course aspire to and are preparing for managerial positions.Unique Thematic Framework: Unique, thematic framework ties services to all functional areas of a business providing a thorough understanding to students of the importance of quality service throughout an organization.|Strategic Approach: Offers a strategic approach to service management, emphasizing managerial problem solving and dealing with technical issues within a managerial context. This approach will better equip students to be better managers.|Multi-disciplinary, multi-functional perspective: Focuses on the management of services from a multidisciplinary, multifunctional perspective, giving students a broader understanding of service-related issues.|Pedagogy: Abundance of pedagogical aids enrich the text, including the following thematic boxed inserts: "Brick or Click" comparisons of traditional and internet service operations; "View from the Top" boxes which emphasize strategic concerns. Opening "managerial focus" vignettes; and Service Plant Tours that provide students with a vast understanding of how service management is applied in real companies.


Growth Disorders - 2212829880

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Growth Disorders Hodder Education

Zdrowie, medycyna

MARKET Growth and its disorders is the major area of interest and practice within the field of paediatric endocrinology, and is also a topic of considerable research activity. When the first edition of Growth Disorders appeared in 1998, it was the first comprehensive update to appear in 26 years, covering all aspects of the subject, as acknowledged in the published reviews. Unfortunately, however, publication of the book coincided with the latter stages of the sale of the Chapman and Hall medical list first to Wolters Kluwer and finally to Arnold in August 1998. Thus, it received absolutely none of the pre-publication promotion key to all our professional and reference publications and no exposure at relevant conferences and exhibitions world-wide. While we did our best to catch up once the books were with Arnold, this was never going to make up for the above, and sales have undoubtedly suffered considerably reaching a life total of only 485. Revenue was, however, boosted by a Chapter offprint sale, and Julian has already had interest in the new edition from the pharmaceutical industry. By producing a second edition we therefore have the opportunity to promote the book properly to an audience of both paediatricians and endocrinologists as the definitive reference in the field, and secure the success that the content deserves. DESCRIPTION Linear growth is a biological process of fundamental importance to the physical and psychological make-up of a child and adolescent but which can be subject to a number of interruptions and disorders. The management and treatment of patients with growth disorders constitues a major, and important, part of practice in clinical paediatrics, while in public health terms growth assessment remains one of the most useful indices of health and economic well being in both developed and the developing world. This book approaches growth and its disorders from both a physiological and pathophysiological standpoint. The book outlines in detail the fundamental biological mechanisms of normal and abnormal linear growth, how to assess growth accurately fundamental to the early detection of abnormality and, importantly, how to manage disorders leading to short and tall stature, and disorders of the timing of puberty. Throughout, emphasis is given on achieving a satisfactory outcome for the child and parent by keeping them fully informed as to what is possible from a particular treatment strategy. The result is a wide-ranging and balanced account of this challenging field drawing on the expertise of a team of international specialists from a variety of backgrounds. Key Features: * The only comprehensive reference available devoted to this important topic within the fields of both paediatrics and endocrinology * Gives a detailed description of the biological basis of linear growth, key to research in the field, but also important to inform the practising clinician * Provides detailed guidance on accurate growth assessment - fundamental in the early and correct diagnosis of abnormal growth * Considers all therapies currently available - from growth hormone administration to novel pharmacological therapies and surgical options * Reviews all paediatric disorders that may be associated with abnormal growth, including endocrine disease and chronic disorders such as diabetes, renal disease, recommending appropriate management strategies * Draws on the expertise of a highly-respected editorial team, with authors from around the world to achieve a truly international and multi-disciplinary approach Readership: Practising paediatricians, paediatric endocrinologists and endocrinologists


Early Childhood Studies, 3rd Edition - 2854241464

144,28 zł

Early Childhood Studies, 3rd Edition Hodder & Stoughton

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A new edition of the ground-breaking, popular and well-respected textbook that supports the study of early childhood from an holistic and multi-disciplinary perspective. The book uniquely balances the need for professionals and students to understand theory, research and policy in relation to young children's lives, giving you the ability to take an in-depth and analytical approach to understanding key early childhood issues and concepts based on children's rights. - Takes a multi-disciplinary approach to Early Childhood Studies, including sociology, health, psychology, genetics and social work - Fully up-to-date with legislation, policy and research development. - Includes guidance on the skills required to successfully study early childhood at degree level - Provides suggestions for further reading to extend the reader's knowledge and understanding of key topics. The book draws on practical examples to promote a deeper and critical discussion about working with young children and their families and particularly the ways in which early years professionals must embrace partnership working and collaboration.


New Developments in the Bioarchaeology of Care - 2854481906

407,13 zł

New Developments in the Bioarchaeology of Care Springer International Publishing AG

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The goal of this volume is to report on, evaluate, refine and expand existing concept and practice in the developing field of bioarchaeological research into health-related care provision in the past.§§Most bioarchaeological analysis and health has been inferred from physical evidence in human remains indicating survival with or recovery from a disabling pathology. But the bones can also give a perspective on caregiving - a topic that many archaeologists have overlooked. In any community, who is 'healthy' and who is not is shaped by cultural norms, values and belief systems. It follows that where health-related care can be identified, it can offer unique insights into aspects of past life and social behavior.§§Between an introduction to the existing 'bioarchaeology of care' approach and the Conclusion are 14 chapters with content raving from reports on primary research into instances of caregiving through to cases for new theoretical perspectives on this emerging cross-disciplinary area of scholarship.§§These chapters are the work of an international, diverse and cross-disciplinary group of contributors, each of whom brings their own particular focus, style and expertise to analyzing part health-related provision. Together, these chapters create a synergy that challenges and extends our thinking around past health-related care behavior and about the implications of this behavior for understanding the wider social environment in which it took place.§


35. Urodziny (2 DVD + 4 CD) - Dżem (Płyta CD) - 2836952986

82,04 zł

35. Urodziny (2 DVD + 4 CD) - Dżem (Płyta CD)

Książki & Multimedia > Muzyka

Opis - Dotąd Dżem fetował koncertowo głównie najbardziej okrągłe jubileusze. 10-lecie w 1989 roku w Spodku, 20-lecie w 2000 (czyli z lekkim przesunięciem) na festiwalu w Opolu (a dzięki transmisji telewizyjnej przed całą Polską), wreszcie 30-lecie w 2009 ponownie w "swoim" Spodku. Nie było obchodów 5-lecia, 15-lecia, ani nawet ćwierćwiecza. Ale im więcej świeczek na torcie, tym jubileusz bardziej szacowny i mocniej domaga się celebracji, więc zespół postanowił uczcić swe tym razem 35-lecie na Polach Marsowych w Chorzowie. I to uczcić z przytupem. W każdym sensie - długości, repertuaru, osób na scenie i przed sceną. Oraz oczywiście rejestracji na DVD. Długość koncertu znowu - patrz 30-lecie - ociera się o księgę rekordów Guinnessa. Dżem niczym przodownicy pracy kapitalistycznej! Ale jubilaci nie grają tu sami. Nawet podczas sesji "Akustycznie" przed dwiema dekadami nie zaprosili do współpracy aż tylu muzyków. W tym zagranicznych. Chrisa Duarte rekomenduje współpraca z Claptonem i BB Kingiem, Coco Montoyę współpraca z Mayallem (jako następne wielkie odkrycie po Claptonie i Stonesie Taylorze), a także admiracja... Ryszarda Riedla, bo był jednym z gitarowych faworytów wokalisty. Oprócz gitarzystów mamy skrzypka Jana Gałacha, z którym współpraca Dżemu jest świeżej daty, oraz tych, którzy współpracowali z zespołem w różnych latach - Andrzeja Marko z big bandem, aranżera i dyrygenta operowo-symfonicznego, oraz Partyzanta. A jego fanom zespołu przedstawiać wręcz nie wypada, bo wystarczą hasła "akordeon" i "Autsajder". Ale przecież "Autsajder" ma dwa oblicza. To z radia, teledysku i setek koncertów, oraz drugie, żartobliwe i ludyczne, dotąd znane tylko z płyty "Akustycznie - suplement". Właśnie ono wykonane w Chorzowie z Partyzantem tudzież orkiestrą górniczą - dla podkreślenia, z jakiej to ziemi Dżem się wywodzi - może uchodzić za symbol wyjątkowości programu koncertu urodzinowego. A program stoi na dwóch płytach. Na "Muzie" - bo to przecież ostatni album z premierowym materiałem, a taki zawsze ma u Dżemu specjalne prawa, i na "Autsajderze" - bo spośród albumów z Riedlem jest najmniej ograny. To dlatego z obu płyt muzycy sięgają głównie po mniej wizytówkowe utwory, jak "Bujam się" czy "To wszystko co mam" oraz "Noc i rytm" czy "Płyń mój bluesie, płyń". W ogóle koncert 35-lecia jest nafaszerowany rarytasami. Najprawdziwszy rarytas to "Uwierz Mirando" - porzucony utwór z czasów pierwszego wokalisty. Zwraca uwagę obecność dotąd mającego słabe odbicie w fonografii, a teraz niekrótkiego rozdziału pod tytułem "Maciek śpiewa Jacka". Jego jedna trzecia pt. "Zapal świeczkę" stwarza ze "Skazanym na bluesa" możliwość nostalgicznego przypomnienia osób przez trzydzieści pięć lat związanych z Dżemem, które odeszły - oprócz Riedla i Bergera ("Skazany") także wielu innych ("Zapal"). No i oczywiście mamy evergreeny w postaci "Whisky", "Cegły", "Wehikułu", "Snu o Victorii" i "Do kołyski". Musimy mieć, bo one nigdy się nie nudzą. Co zespół jeszcze wymyśli na 40-lecie?! Sto lat, Dżemie! Jan Skaradziński Nazwa - 35. Urodziny (2 DVD + 4 CD) Autor - Dżem Wydawca - Warner Music Kod EAN - 0825646127269 Rok wydania - 2015 Nośnik - Płyta CD Ilość elementów - 6 Podatek VAT - 23% Premiera - 2015-06-08


Mountain Weather Research and Forecasting - 2854192750

951,30 zł

Mountain Weather Research and Forecasting Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book provides readers with a broad understanding of the fundamental principles driving atmospheric flow over complex terrain and provides historical context for recent developments and future direction for researchers and forecasters. The topics in this book are expanded from those presented at the Mountain Weather Workshop, which took place in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, August 5-8, 2008. The inspiration for the workshop came from the American Meteorological Society (AMS) Mountain Meteorology Committee and was designed to bridge the gap between the research and forecasting communities by providing a forum for extended discussion and joint education. For academic researchers, this book provides some insight into issues important to the forecasting community. For the forecasting community, this book provides training on fundamentals of atmospheric processes over mountainous regions, which are notoriously difficult to predict. The book also helps to provide a better understanding of current research and forecast challenges, including the latest contributions and advancements to the field.§The book begins with an overview of mountain weather and forecasting challenges specific to complex terrain, followed by chapters that focus on diurnal mountain/valley flows that develop under calm conditions and dynamically-driven winds under strong forcing. The focus then shifts to other phenomena specific to mountain regions: Alpine foehn, boundary layer and air quality issues, orographic precipitation processes, and microphysics parameterizations. Having covered the major physical processes, the book shifts to observation and modelling techniques used in mountain regions, including model configuration and parameterizations such as turbulence, and model applications in operational forecasting. The book concludes with a discussion of the current state of research and forecasting in complex terrain, including a vision of how to bridge the gap in the future.§Fotini (Tina) Katopodes Chow is an associate professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. Her current research interests are in performing large-eddy simulations of atmospheric boundary layer flows, with a focus on flow over complex terrain and development and testing of new turbulence models and boundary conditions. She and her students have worked on applications to mountain meteorology, urban dispersion, wind energy, and land-atmosphere coupling, among others. She received an NSF CAREER award in 2007 and the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) in 2011. §Stephan F. J. De Wekker is an associate professor in Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia. His research focuses on the investigation of atmospheric boundary layer processes over complex terrain using a combination of field studies, data analysis, and numerical modeling techniques. He seeks to apply his expertise to problems in a multi-disciplinary context such as found at the interface with ecology, air quality, and hydrology. He received an NSF CAREER award in 2012.§Bradley J. Snyder is currently Head of Science Transfer and Training at the Pacific Storm Prediction Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is responsible for coordinating forecaster training and acts as liaison between operations and research groups. His focus is on mountain and marine meteorology. He worked as an operational forecaster for 15 years at various locations across Canada and has undertaken research in radar, lightning, and air quality meteorology. He has also been involved in field studies, including forecasting during the Mesoscale Alpine Programme.


Disciplines of Vocal Pedagogy - 2854499615

502,90 zł

Disciplines of Vocal Pedagogy Ashgate Publishing Limited

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

If classical singers and vocal pedagogues are to be prepared adequately for performance, teaching and cooperation in inter-professional relations, then an holistic education entailing multi-disciplinary study is essential. In this important new book, Karen Sell examines the disciplines pertinent to vocal pedagogy, tracing the lineage of views from the ancient world to the present day. In the process important diverse roots are exposed, yielding differing and even conflicting tonal ideals which have a bearing on the consideration of different singing methods and the interpretation of songs and arias. Ethics and psychology are identified as central to the entire pedagogical process along with the scientific basis of singing: encompassing acoustics, anatomy and physiology, with special reference to the bearing of the latter two upon vocal health and hygiene. A detailed consideration of singing technique is the centrepiece of the book, and an understanding between good technique and scientific awareness is shown to be fundamental to good vocal pedagogical practice. This leads to a discussion on performance and aesthetics, contributing to the education of the fully-equipped singer. No study to date has demonstrated the inter-relationships between all these individual disciplines and the ways in which they influence singing pedagogy. The adoption of Sell's holistic, multi-disciplinary approach will be of particular benefit to singers and voice teachers, and will also appeal to lecturers in music education.


Engineering Project Management 3E - 2854240976

286,40 zł

Engineering Project Management 3E BLACKWELL PUBLISHERS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Engineering Project Management provides a clear description of the aims of project management, based on best practice, and discusses the theory and practice in relation to multi-disciplinary engineering projects, both large and small, in the UK and overseas. The Third Edition takes account of the increase in joint ventures, project partnering, special project vehicles and other forms of collaborative working. The text has been extended to give more information on procurement, stakeholders and collaborative provision. For the first time this book now contains a chapter on the UK PRINCE2(r) project management methodology providing a unique insight into this increasingly popular approach. The expertise of the authors gained from their promotion of effective project management through a combination of professional experience, research, consultancy, education and training should be beneficial to both students of project management and recently appointed or practising project managers. The material is appropriate to support Masters level teaching, MSc, MBA and MEng, either by universities or others, action or distance learning courses and self learning programmes. Also of interest Managing Risk in Construction Projects Second Edition Nigel J Smith, Tony Merna & Paul Jobling 978 14051 3012 7 Strategic Issues in Public-Private Partnerships Mirjam Bult-Spiering & Geert Dewulf 978 14051 3475 0 Cover illustrations courtesy of Getty Images Cover design by Andy Meaden


New Families, Old Scripts - 2854252241

102,04 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Most adopted children and their families will, sooner or later, encounter the challenges of dealing with unresolved attachment issues or early traumatic experiences. "New Families, Old Scripts" is an accessible introduction to understanding these challenges and helping children and their families to develop a shared language and understanding of one another. Steeped in the experience of the authors, the book offers a wealth of practical guidance and intervention in a no-nonsense style that will be readily understandable to both families and the professionals who work with them. Case examples bring the issues to life, while sample letters addressed to the parent offer sensitive, jargon-free advice on the issues they are likely to encounter - whether it be dealing with anger and aggression, understanding sibling issues or how to react to sexualised behaviour. The authors also explain some of the theoretical background to trauma to encourage a better understanding of the relationship between trauma, attachment and development. The accessible combination of theoretical approaches and practical advice makes "New Families, Old Scripts" an ideal resource for social workers and adoptive or foster parents. Family Futures Consortium provides services for parents and professionals working with adopted and fostered children, including training and consultation for statutory and voluntary agencies nationwide. In their therapeutic work with families, they have evolved a unique intensive, multi-disciplinary approach to supporting children with attachment and trauma-related difficulties.


Primary Care Oncology - 2212825776

265,50 zł

Primary Care Oncology W.B. Saunders Company

Zdrowie, medycyna

This is the first book to explain what all members of the primary care team need to know about cancer. In clear, accessible terms, it discusses how to diagnose patients with cancer symptoms; recognise when to refer a patient to a specialist; instruct patients about the treatments that they will receive; discuss patient evaluation with the referring physician; implement programs for early cancer detection and post-treatment evaluation, and more.* Contributions from 38 nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians offer a multi-disciplinary perspective on the subject. Since many of these contributors are from the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, readers will benefit from the expertise and cohesive approach presented by the staff of this facility.* Algorithms provide a detailed, step-by-step "recipe" for the diagnostic workup, helping readers to proceed systematically and avoid diagnostic pitfalls.* An organization by body site and a clear, concise format make information easy to find and apply.* Over 110 illustrations demonstrate key nuances of presentation, patient evaluation, and diagnostic technique.


Oxford Case Histories in Sleep Medicine - 2854350771

228,59 zł

Oxford Case Histories in Sleep Medicine Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book provides a case-based illustrative approach to the understanding and management of common and important sleep disorders, including snoring and sleep disordered breathing, insomnia and circadian-rhythm disorders, as well as primary neurological sleep disorders. Case histories are written by well-established experts from University College London Hospitals who have long-standing experience of providing a multi-disciplinary approach to the management of sleep disorders. Cases focus on the recognition of presenting features of sleep disorders and their clinical importance, using real life patients from sleep clinic. Each case report provides a detailed clinical description followed by a clear explanation of the salient points. The text is supported by photographs, diagrams and line drawing and concludes with a list of key learning points. Each case history reads as stand-alone, although a common theme of presenting features, clinical features, investigation and treatment is adhered to. Cases are written in an easy-flowing prose style in an attempt to simulate the experience of seeing and discussing a real life patient case in clinical practice. The book is of interest to all clinicians who are likely to come across patients with sleep disorders in their clinical practice and wish to improve their understanding and knowledge of sleep disorders.


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