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Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 105. Chapters: Acorn Community, African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, Alcott House, Amy's Kitchen, Animal product, Animal Rights Hall of Fame, Beauty Without Cruelty, China-Cornell-Oxford Project, Cruelty-free, Diet for a New America, Food Not Bombs, Forks over Knives, Fruitarianism, Fruitlands (transcendental center), Hardline (subculture), History of veganism, Juice fasting, Orthopathy, Post Punk Kitchen, Raw veganism, Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days, Spiral Diner, Stock-free agriculture, VBites, Veganarchism, Vegan Bodybuilding, Vegan Festival, Vegan nutrition, Vegan Treats Bakery, Vegfest (UK), VeggieBoards, Veggie Pride, Vegucated, World Vegan Day. Excerpt: 365 article summaries including: Making Culture: Social Movements, Culture, and Food Not Bombs . An ungovernable force Food Not Bombs, homeless activism and politics in San Francisco, 1988--1995; Food Not Bombs, homeless activism and politics in San Francisco, 1988--1995 . Cooking up Non-violent Civil-disobedient Direct Action for the Hungry: 'Food Not Bombs' and the Resurgence of Radical Democracy in the US . Animal product consumption . A scientific review of the reported effects of vegan nutrition on the occurrence and prevalence of cancer and cardiovascular disease . Regional characteristics of animal product consumption . Animal product consumption trends in China . Chinese animal product consumption in the 1990s . The Global Market of Organik Animal Product - Chances and Risks . Recombinant collagen for animal product-free dextran microcarriers . How much animal product do the Chinese consume Empirical evidence from household surveys . Disease-related trade restrictions shaped animal product markets in 2004 and stamp imprints on 2005 forecasts . ANIMAL PRODUCT CONSUMPTION AND SUBSEQUENT FATAL BREAST CANCER RISK AMONG SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS . Vegaphobia: derogatory discourses of veganism and the reproduction of speciesism in UK national newspapers1 . Normalizing ideological food choice and eating practices: identity work in online discussions on veganism . Moral logic and logical morality': attributions of responsibility and blame in online discourse on veganism . Towards an ethical relation to the nonhuman other : deconstruction, veganism and the law . Feeder layer- and animal product-free culture of neonatal foreskin keratinocytes: improved performance, usability, quality and safety . WE AND THE OTHER ANIMALS: SPECIESISM, VEGANISM AND ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION; Nós e os outros animais: Especismo, Veganismo e Educaçăo Ambiental . Interview: Ben Ammi Ben-Israel discusses the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem. Diet for a New America. Veganism. Definition. On Veganism and Pregnancy. 'Vegan' popularity headed up(Note from the Coordinators)(Veganism)(Brief article). Cheeseless and loving it: going Vegan has never been easier(veganism). Veganism does not reduce the risk of the metabolic syndrome in a Taiwanese cohort. How to Build Alternative Institutions: Organizing a Food Not Bombs Chapter. Food Not Bombs: fighting poverty one meal at a time(new movement to fight hunger). Food Not Bombs: How to Feed the Hungry and Build Community. Orlando Arrests Food Not Bombs. The people shall rule; ACORN, community organizing, and the struggle for economic justice(Brief article)(Book review). Food Not Bombs--part of the international struggle for economic human rights. Orlando Drops Charges, Food Not Bombs St...


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