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Jonas Kaufmann - It's Me, 4 Audio-CDs - 2826664588

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Jonas Kaufmann - It's Me, 4 Audio-CDs Universal Music

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Kaufmann It's Me - Opera Arias präsentiert auf 4 CDs Jonas Kaufmanns von Kritik und Publikum umjubelte Interpretationen berühmter Opernarien.§Pünktlich zum 45. Geburtstag des größten Tenors unserer Zeit erscheint diese exklusive Edition. Jonas Kaufmann singt darauf 50 große Opernarien von Verdi, Puccini, Bizet, Mozart, Wagner, Berlioz,Massenet, Leoncavallo, Gounod, Beethoven u.v.m. Nicht nur the most sexy tenor alive, auch stimmlich und darstellerisch ist er der überragende Opernstar der Gegenwart. Von dramatisch bis einfühlsam: so muss Oper klingen! Erleben Sie die Kunst von Jonas Kaufmann hautnah auf Its me.§Jonas Kaufmann - Its Me versammelt die Alben "Romantic Arias", "Sehnsucht", "Verismo Arias" und "Wagner" in einer Edition zu einem einmaligen Preis. Diese Box wird sowohl Kaufmanns zahlreiche Fans als auch Neueinsteiger begeistern. Denn ganz nebenbei ist diese Edition auch eine Sammlung der schönsten romantischen Opernarien überhaupt. Kaufmanns kongeniale Partner sind dabei u.a. Claudio Abbado und Antonio Pappano.


Complete Organ Music, 4 Audio-CDs. Vol.1 - 2826674904

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Complete Organ Music, 4 Audio-CDs. Vol.1 Edel Germany CD / DVD

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Stefano Molardi is shaping his recorded survey of Bach's complete organ music as self-sufficient and musically satisfying recitals which, disc by disc, explore the diverse styles at the composer's disposal, the flexible usage to which he, the ultimate 'compleat musician', puts 'his' instrument through its paces, and the different liturgical demands which he was required to meet during the course of his career as he moved from church to court and back again. Grand Weimar- and Leipzig-composed preludes and fugues rub shoulders with intricate trio sonatas which he had initially conceived as chamber music, and between them nestle intimate chorales from his Cöthen days. Accordingly, Molardi makes full use of the potential flexibility of his chosen Trost organ in the Stadtkirche 'Zur Gotteshilfe' in Waltershausen, deep in the provincial heart of Thuringia. This is Bach country, and although the organ has been periodically restored since it was finally inaugurated in 1755, almost 30 years after the work was begun, it retains the classic characteristics of its age and situation: a thorough restoration in 1998 returned the instrument to its original glory. Born in Cremona, Molardi has undertaken a Renaissance career as not only organist but harpsichordist, conductor and scholar, not only at home in the rarified confines of early music but a virtuoso who has performed the complete organ works of Liszt and Franck and made an extraordinary recording of Verdi arranged for organ. These Bach discs are, perhaps appropriately, less overtly spectacular but no less imaginative in their rhythmic and coloristic response. Other information: - A new recording (2013) of Bach's complete organ works is, even in these overfed and crisis-stricken days, an event of the first order. First of all because the music is of such overwhelming beauty and power, one of the greatest creations of humanity, and secondly because there is still so much to discover and illuminate in these works. - These recordings are based on the choice of instruments: organist Stefano Molardi chose German instruments from Bach's time, lending an authentic character to the project. This first set features the wonderful Trost Organ of the Stadtkirche Zur Gotteshilfe in Waltershausen, Thuringia, built in 1725 and gloriously restored in 1998. - Stefano Molardi is a "renaissance man", organist, harpsichordist, scholar, historian and writer. He recorded extensively for Divox, DGG and other labels. His playing is clear, crisp, free and rhythmically vibrant. - The CD's are programmed like concerto programmes, a fine diversity of genres and styles, to avoid monotony and uniformity. - All information on the organ, liner notes and artist biography are included in the booklet.


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