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Child Language - 2826689050

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Child Language Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The way children learn their native language has been the subject of intense and widespread investigation in the last decades, stimulated by advances in theoretical linguistics and the behavioural sciences. For the student, this has meant a bewildering number of research reports, often differing in their theoretical viewpoint and the methodological approach they advocate, and apparently conflicting in their conclusions. Child Language provides the student with a cool, clear and concise survey of the most important recent research work, and puts into perspective the contributions made by Chomsky, Piaget and others. The research surveyed, though primarily of English-speaking children, includes studies of children whose first language is not English and bilingual children. Dr Elliot believes that the study of child language necessarily raises questions about the nature of language - is human language something only humans can learn? - and about learning itself - how does our ability to learn language depend on biological factors, such as our age, and how important is our social and linguistic environment? Little justification is found for the view that language has an independent existence for the young child, and their linguistic achievements are studied within the context of their development in general.


A matter of time and space - 2826855864

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A matter of time and space GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Seminar paper from the year 2012 in the subject Communications - Multimedia, Internet, New Technologies, printed single-sided, grade: A, Stockholm University (JMK), course: Global Media Studies I, language: English, abstract: [...]Whether something is a myth or not, is hard to define as the perception of a myth the evaluation if a certain situation is exaggerated or not (Hafez 2007: 1) is always something very subjective and depending on the judge s viewpoint. So it is not surprising that in his book Kai Hafez comes to the conclusion that media globalization is a myth. He links strict requirements1 to the state of globalization and seems to be analyzing mainly German media products under this perspective. He is also largely focusing on the receiving end of media content the spectator (Hafez 2007: 14) and emphasizing the role of the medium television within the globalization debate. Although the comparatively minor role the internet plays in this work could be due to the fact that this medium first started its unprecedented exponential grow around 20072. Nevertheless he is neither emphasizing qualitative data to confirm his assumptions of a non-globalized media audience, nor is he presenting a broad range of quantitative figures to support his conclusion of a lack of globalization in the structure of media industry, policy and distribution. Although Hafez is referring to globalization as a process (Hafez 2007: 23), his high expectations of system change (Hafez 2007: 2) are leading to the rather utopian idea of the final state of a entirely globalized world a situation which he describes has already happened in other sectors, such as economy of industrial goods (Hafez 2007: 4). Especially when dealing with such an all-encompassing question as globalization, it is crucial to dare a glimpse out of the box, not letting one-self be deluded by the West-European media culture one was born into and the wishful thinking of an ideal state of globalism, where all media content is accepted equally among the world s public (Hafez 2007: 12). In order to challenge such a human terminology like myth I consider it appropriate to look at the phenomenon of globalization and media at eye level with the human part of media its users3. By doing this, the following text will clearly reveal that Hafez s myth isn t actually reality.[...]


Contact Languages - 2827031375

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Contact Languages De Gruyter

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This volume deals with several types of contact languages: pidgins, creoles, mixed languages, and multi-ethnolects. It also approaches contact languages from two perspectives: an historical linguistic perspective, more specifically from a viewpoint of genealogical linguistics, language descent and linguistic family tree models; and a sociolinguistic perspective, identifying specific social contexts in which contact languages emerge.


An analysis of class development in Papua New Guinea - 2826787299

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An analysis of class development in Papua New Guinea GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Seminar paper from the year 2011 in the subject Ethnology / Cultural Anthropology, grade: 1,25, Massey University, New Zealand, language: English, abstract: This essay will outline the process of class formation within Papua New Guinea (PNG) and show that, although its developments are unique to the region, they are in line with the general capitalist trend of class development. This will be done by outlining a general definition of class in relation to Marxist ideology and then applying this viewpoint to the historical development of PNG in relation to capitalism and class formation. It will show the major influence that the middle class had in the promotion of class identity, particularly normalising class differences. The essay ends with a reflection on middle class values in PNG and how they influence, but are nevertheless, part of the adaptive nature of capitalism. It is concluded that from a Marxist perspective, understanding class formation in PNG is tantamount to understanding class theory in general.


Physical Methods on Biological Membranes and Their Model Systems, 1 - 2827017570

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Physical Methods on Biological Membranes and Their Model Systems, 1 Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book examines in depth the theory, instrumental innova tions, potential applications and limitations of the different techniques -- NMR, EPR, DSC, spectrofluorimetry, and electron microscopy -- that are being used to investigate the function and structure of biological membranes and their model systems. Pro viding an overview of the present status of research, this book gives evidence of the complementary nature of information generated by different techniques, reminding one of the necessity to create a common language and viewpoint of membranes. F. Conti W. E. Blumberg J. De Gier F. Pocchiari v CONTENTS Physical methods on biological membranes and their model system: A perspective . . . 1 F. Conti, J. de Gier and W. E. Blumberg High resolution NMR spectroQcopy in liquids and solids 5 T. Axenrod Basic principles of deuterium and phosphorus-31-magnetic resonance 27 J. Seelig Use of electron spin resonance to study complex biological membranes . . . . . 39 H. M. Swartz Freeze-etching electron microscopy: recent developments and application to the study of biological membranes and their components. . . . 55 T. Gu1ik-Krzywicki The nature of intramembraneous particles . 73 A. J. Verk1eij Lateral and polymorphic phase transitions in relation to the barrier function of a lipid membrane. . 81 J. de Gier, C. J. A. van Echte1d, J. A.


Natural Evolutionism of Russian Economic Analysis - 2827035792

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Natural Evolutionism of Russian Economic Analysis GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Scholarly Research Paper from the year 2014 in the subject Sociology - Economy and Industry, grade: PhD student 4th year, , course: Economic theory, language: English, abstract: The article introduces an analysis of economic research method in Russian thought. The analysis made on the basis of a concise historical overview seeks to identify particular features of economic research method in Russia, trace their origin, put them into a wider context of economic theory progress, to assume a possible direction of further development of Russian indigenous approaches to economic research. The following conclusions have been drawn. Economic methodology in Russia does have particular traits grounded in its Weltanschauung and a singular path of historical development. This methodology had been developing over decades, in pre-revolutionary Russia and then in USSR till Russia s transition to market economy, when ideas of mainstream economic theory started to be thoroughly scrutinized and assimilated. It is apparent to some observers, though, that this assimilation in many respects remains the official rhetoric, while the indigenous approaches remain to exist and be used somehow implicitly. At the same time these approaches show some similarity with Western alternative to economic orthodoxy, the evolutionary economic theory, which has been developing for the last 30 years. Thus, in regard to perspective of Russian economic analysis development it is suggested a comparative study of the evolutionary economic theory methodology and the Russian approaches to economic analysis with its characteristic viewpoint and conceptual apparatus undertaken as part of a more general reassessment of core concepts and methods of mainstream theory.


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