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WALT WHITMAN: AN ADDRESS 1890 - 2836342784

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna


The Cambridge Companion to Walt Whitman - 2826932922

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The Cambridge Companion to Walt Whitman Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The essays collected here, written for this volume by an international team of distinguished Whitman scholars, examine a variety of issues in Whitman's life and art. Their varying approaches mirror the diversity of contemporary scholarship and the breadth of target that Whitman affords for such examination. The authors of these essays address a wide range of issues befitting a poet of his stature and ambiguity: Whitman and photography, Whitman and feminist scholarship, Whitman and modernism, Whitman and the poetics of address, Whitman and the poetics of present participles, Whitman and Borges, Whitman and Isadora Duncan, Whitman and the Civil War, Whitman and the politics of his era, and Whitman and the changing nature of his style in his later years. Addressed to an audience of students and general readers and written in a nontechnical prose designed to promote accessibility to the study of Whitman, this volume includes a chronology of Whitman's life and suggestions for further reading.


Oxford Encyclopedia of the Civil War - 2847571085

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Oxford Encyclopedia of the Civil War Oxford University Press Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A gold mine for the historian as well as the Civil War buff, The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Civil War offers a concise, comprehensive overview of the major personalities and pivotal events of the war that redefined the American nation. Drawing upon recent research that has moved beyond battles and military campaigns to address the significant roles played by civilians, women, and African Americans, the 250 entries explore the era in all its complexity and unmistakable human drama. Here of course are the major battles and campaigns, ranging from Gettysburg and Shiloh to Sherman's March to the Sea, as well as biographical entries on everyone from Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee to Frederick Douglass, Clara Barton, and Walt Whitman. But the book also features entries on a wealth of other matters--music, photography, religion, economics, foreign affairs, medicine, prisons, legislative landmarks, military terms and weaponry, political events, social reform, women in the war, and much more. In addition, charts, newly commissioned maps, chronologies, and period photographs provide an appealing visual context. Suggestions for further reading at the end of most entries and a guide to more general sources in an appendix introduce the reader to the literature on a specific topic. A list of Civil War museums and historic sites and a representative sampling of Civil War websites also point to resources that can be tailored to individual interests. A quick, convenient, user-friendly guide to all facets of the Civil War, this new updated edition also serves as an invaluable gateway to the rich historical record now available, perfect for virtually anyone who wants to learn more about this tumultuous period in our history.


Abraham Lincoln Portraits - 2839267823

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Abraham Lincoln Portraits Naxos Classical


1. Leonard Slatkin - Lincoln, The Great Commoner 2. Leonard Slatkin - A Lincoln Address, Op. 124 3. Mary Kathryn Van Osdale - Abraham Lincoln Walks At 4. Leonard Slatkin - Ford's Theater: I. Preamble 5. Leonard Slatkin - Ford's Theater: Ii. Walt Whitman 6. Leonard Slatkin - Ford's Theater: Iii. Passing Tro 7. Leonard Slatkin - Ford's Theater: Iv. The Telegrap 8. Leonard Slatkin - Ford's Theater: V. Moonlight On 9. Nashville Symphony Orchestra - Ford's Theater: Vi. 10. Leonard Slatkin - Ford's Theater: Vii. The River Q 11. Leonard Slatkin - Ford's Theater: Viii. Premonitio 12. Nashville Symphony Orchestra - Ford's Theater: Ix. 13. Leonard Slatkin - Ford's Theater: X. Good Friday, 14. Leonard Slatkin - Ford's Theater: Xi. The Long Rai 15. Leonard Slatkin - Ford's Theater: Xii. Conclusion 101. Leonard Slatkin - Lincoln Legend 102. Leonard Slatkin - To A Liberator: I. Evocation 103. Nashville Symphony Orchestra - To A Liberator: Ii. 104. Leonard Slatkin - To A Liberator: Iii. March 105. Leonard Slatkin - To A Liberator: Iv. Declaration 106. Leonard Slatkin - To A Liberator: V. Epilogue 107. Leonard Slatkin - Variations On An American Song: 108. Leonard Slatkin - Lincoln Portrait


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