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Current Transformations and Their Potential Role in Realizing Change in the Arab World - 2826759725

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Current Transformations and Their Potential Role in Realizing Change in the Arab World Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies & Research,...

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Since the start of the new millennium, Arab countries have been affected by the US-led 'war on terror' and the pressures exerted by the US administration, which calls for political reforms and the spreading of democracy in the Middle East as part of its counter-terrorism campaign. In addition, Arab nations are experiencing the repercussions arising from the invasion of Iraq and the rebuilding of its political system. Along with these external effects, these countries are concurrently witnessing internal developments represented by the growing power of political Islam and the rise of popular movements and civil society organizations demanding democracy, freedom and human rights. In the context of these sociopolitical changes underway in the Arab world, it is vital to have an understanding of the dynamics, complexities and obstacles involved in spreading democracy in the region. This book examines the role of Arab political institutions, the influence of non-governmental organizations in furthering change and progress and the role played by the forces of political Islam in the process of transformation. Other matters closely related to the issue of modernization in Arab countries are also discussed, such as the importance of education as a basis for change and the potential role of Arab women in the field of development. Thus, the book contributes to the growing internal discussion on the issues of change, reform and modernization, which will shape the form and future of communities in the Arab world.


From Diplomacy to War - British Foreign Policy in China 1793 - 1860 - 2826852279

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From Diplomacy to War - British Foreign Policy in China 1793 - 1860 GRIN Verlag

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Seminar paper from the year 2013 in the subject History - World History - Modern History, printed single-sided, grade: 6.0, University of Basel, course: The British Empire, language: English, comment: 6 = Highest Achievable Grade in Switzerland. Supervisor: Deputy Director German Historical Institute of London , abstract: From the beginning, British trade with China was restricted to confinements in Canton, as the Qing Emperors saw the foreign intruders as a potential threat and were keen on keeping the foreigners beyond their borders and under tight control. This relationship between the two Empires only changed at the beginning of the 19th century when the British decided to renew their trade interests in the Far East. The following time was then characterized by an increase of diplomatic efforts between the expansionist British and the reluctant Qing Emperors, which was eventually disrupted by war. In this paper, I want to analyse the development of the British political and economic relations to China, during the period of time in 1793 1860. This period was chosen as it marked a turning point in the Anglo-Chinese relations, causing events that immensely affected the histories of both Empires to come, and leading to the rise of one, and the downfall of the other. The year 1793 witnessed the journey of the Macartney Embassy to the court of the Qing Emperor, which was the first renewed attempt to secure trade concessions for the unsatisfied East India Company. This first diplomatic act was bound to failure due to the fundamental differences in cultural self-conception. The subsequent events demonstrate the continuation of failed awareness from two Empires each seeing themselves as the centre of the world. In this way, the tensions during this time between the powers were also influenced by the change from a cultural to an economic clash, exposing the interests of both nations in the conflict. The failure of diplomatic measurements is of particular interest in this case, as they gave rise to the catastrophic events of the two Opium Wars. In order to understand this process, I will focus on the employed strategies and policies by the British to reach their goals of opening China to trade. Further, the aim is to provide an evaluation of both countries motivations during the Opium Wars, so as to understand why the British employed different and increasingly pushing tactics, or why the Qing Emperors goals were dissimilar to such an extent. The year 1860 was chosen as the end of this period, as it saw the destruction of the Imperial summer palace by the British as retaliation for their tortured ambassadors, and can be seen as a symbol for the disastrous consequences the conflict had on both sides.


Keeping Watch - 2826882794

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Keeping Watch United Nations University

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Knowledge is power. In the hands of the UN peacekeepers it can be a power for peace. Lacking knowledge, peacekeepers often fi nd themselves powerless in the field, unable to protect themselves and others. The United Nations owes it to its peacekeepers and the "peacekept" to utilize all available tools to make its monitoring and surveillance effective. Keeping Watch explains how technologies can increase the range, effectiveness and accuracy of UN observation. Satellites, aircraft and ground sensors enable wider coverage of areas, over longer periods of time, while decreasing intrusiveness. These devices can transmit and record imagery for wider dissemination, further analysis, and as evidence in human rights cases and tribunals. They also allow observation at a safe distance from dangerous areas, especially in advance of UN patrols, humanitarian convoys or robust forces. Sensor technologies have been increasing exponentially in performance while decreasing rapidly in price but the United Nations continues to use technologies from the 1980s. The few cases of technologies effectively harnessed in the field are identified. This book identifies potential problems and pitfalls with modern technologies and the challenges of incorporating them into the UN system. It offers creative recommendations on how to overcome institutional inertia and the widespread misunderstanding of the ways in which technology can improve security in war-torn regions. Above all, it shows how technological innovation can serve as a complement to human initiative in the quest for peace.


American Jihadists. The New Wave of Terror - 2834684695

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American Jihadists. The New Wave of Terror GRIN Verlag

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Academic Paper from the year 2014 in the subject Sociology - War and Peace, Military, grade: 100.00, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Metropolitan Campus, course: Assessing Internal and External Threats, language: English, abstract: The events of September 11, 2001 changed the way the United States viewed terrorism forever. In a matter of hours, al Qaeda transformed from a foreign and incapable threat to a force to be reckoned with. This group had succeeded where many others had failed: bringing terror to our homeland.§Unfortunately, 9/11 was not an isolated event. Since then, there have been numerous groups aspiring to invade the US and bring terrorism to American soil. Al Qaeda was but an example of how a network of seemingly primitive individuals can quickly become organized and sophisticated. Despite being viewed as unbelievably ruthless and violent, dealing with al Qaeda did nothing to prepare the US and the rest of the world for the rise of what has become arguably the most bloodthirsty terrorist organization to date the Islamic State (ISIS).§Despite their continuous atrocities, they have successfully increased their numbers to over 31,000. One would immediately wonder who these individuals are that seek to join a group of bloodthirsty terrorists, however, the answer to that question is even more shocking than the question itself. Of the estimated 31,000 members roughly 15,000 are foreign born some of which are from Western nations. It is difficult to believe that so many Westerners would be willing to commit whole-heartedly to this life of violence against their own people, however, former terrorists indicate that once recruited, any semblance of morality is often replaced with a sense of duty to further the terrorist movement.§Due to the potential consequences of American membership in groups like ISIS, it is imperative to determine what causes these individuals to abandon all allegiance to their home nations and carryout attacks against their fellow countrymen. This paper shall identify and analyze the common character traits and environmental elements that push Western citizens towards terrorism and use these qualities to identify those with the highest likelihood of joining ISIS.


Estimating Impact - 2826712958

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Estimating Impact Springer, Berlin

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Virtually all human endeavors can be analyzed and modeled and understood through computer-aided study, and that is very much at the core of operations research, game theory, and decision science. Careful analysis helps organizations operate more effectively, whether they re manufacturing products, providing health care, or running a fleet of delivery trucks, and this is done day in and day out. Yet nations will go to war, or launch a major humanitarian relief effort, or intervene in the existence of some neighboring state without any comparable quantitative analysis, and often pay dearly for it, whether in actual monetary costs, loss of life, failure to save lives, damaged international relationships, or any combination of these. U.S. involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq are but two glaring examples of interventions that lacked careful quantitative analysis, and both are widely viewed as badly flawed, if not outright failures.§Understanding the potential impact of any action is critical to the success of that action, and in ESTIMATING IMPACT: A Handbook of Computational Methods and Models for Anticipating Economic, Social, Political and Security Effects in International Interventions Alexander Kott and Gary Citrenbaum, with a stellar group of contributors, demonstrate how military or humanitarian interventions (or the decision not to intervene) can be rigorously analyzed beforehand and their likely impacts and ramifications predicted at levels appropriate to their scope. A wide range of modeling programs are available that support plan assessment and impact forecast, and they allow accurate prediction within an interdependent set of political, military, economic, social, information, and infrastructure systems, and experts involved in the use and development of these tools demonstrate how, when, and why they should be used.§Additionally, visualization tools, data mining tools, and manipulation tools are discussed that support model population and operations monitoring, along with considerations of what is still needed to help this stunningly practical use of decision science technologies advance even further. This is essential reading for the entire OR/MS and Computer Science community involved in researching and developing these tools; the entire government, military, and policy community involved in making the decisions behind intervention; and the entire business community looking for strong analytical tools that can be applied to their own domains of activity.


Homeward Bound - 2842742047

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Homeward Bound Hodder Paperback

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The brilliant conclusion to Turtledove's epic alternate history of the second half of the twentieth century, which began with the Worldwar trilogy and continued with the Colonisation trilogy. Halfway through World War II aliens invaded Earth. They were repelled - but not for long. For the aliens known as the Race, the conflict with Earth has yielded dire consequences. Mankind has developed nuclear technology, years ahead of schedule, forcing the invaders to accept an uneasy truce with nations who can defend themselves. But it is the Americans, with their primitive inventiveness, who discover a way to launch themselves through distant space - and reach the Race's home planet itself. As the twentieth century ends, a daring few men and women embark upon a journey no human has made before and arrive at the place called Home, at the centre of a flashpoint with terrifying potential. For their arrival on the alien homeworld may drive the enemy to make the ultimate decision - to annihilate an entire planet, rather than allow the human contagion to spread.


Cradle of Humanity - 2826878871

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Cradle of Humanity Zone Books

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The Cradle of Humanity: Prehistoric Art and Culture collects essays and lectures by Georges Bataille spanning 30 years of research in anthropology, comparative religion, aesthetics, and philosophy. These were neither idle nor idyllic years; the discovery of Lascaux in 1940 coincides with the bloodiest war in history -- with new machines of death, Auschwitz, and Hiroshima. Bataille's reflections on the possible origins of humanity coincide with the intensified threat of its possible extinction.For Bataille, prehistory is universal history; it is the history of a human community prior to its fall into separation, into nations and races. The art of prehistory offers the earliest traces of nascent yet fully human consciousness -- of consciousness not yet fully separated from natural flora and fauna, or from the energetic forces of the universe. A play of identities, the art of prehistory is the art of a consciousness struggling against itself, of a human spirit struggling against brute animal physicality. Prehistory is the cradle of humanity, the birth of tragedy.Bataille reaches beyond disciplinary specializations to imagine a moment when thought was universal. Bataille's work provides a model for interdisciplinary inquiry in our own day, a universal imagination and thought for our own potential community. The Cradle of Humanity: Prehistoric Art and Culture speaks to philosophers and historians of thought, to anthropologists interested in the history of their discipline and in new methodologies, to theologians and religious comparatists interested in the origins and nature of man's encounter with the sacred, and to art historians and aestheticians grappling with the place of prehistory in the canons of art.


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