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L In Romance - Ltd / Hq - - 2839555467

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L In Romance - Ltd / Hq - Domestic


1. Change Partners 2. Watch What Happens 3. Fever 4. That Old Black Magic 5. The Nearness Of You 6. You Go To My Head 7. I Just Want To Make Love To You 101. My Foolish Heart 102. What Am I Gonna Do With A Bad Boy Like You? 103. Losing My Mind 104. One For My Baby 105. Sugar On The Floor 106. Too Close For Comfort 107. Something 108. The Last Dance


I Won't Forgive What You Did - 2838459837

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I Won't Forgive What You Did POCKET BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Born the third of eight children into a life of rural squalor in a farming community in the south of England, Faith Scott's infant world is already more challenging than most. Bewildered by the bizarre and cruel behaviour of her mother and terrified by the violent outbursts of her perpetually angry father, the only certainty in life is that there is none. So when Granddad 'Pop' gives her sweets and does the horrid things he does to her, how is she to know that isn't what all Granddads do? And if it isn't, why does her mother find it funny? Told with honesty and courage, this is the story of a little girl who never stood a chance - who was regularly abused in the most shocking ways by her family and preyed upon by the worst kind of men. Faith went on to have two children in her teens and endured appalling domestic violence but now, after all the suffering, she has turned her life around. Her decades-long journey out of the darkness tells the truth about what happens to abused children when they grow up, in a story that's horrifying and compelling in equal measure.


Pochodne instrumenty kredytowe - Izabela Pruchnicka-Grabias - 2837037748

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Pochodne instrumenty kredytowe - Izabela Pruchnicka-Grabias

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Książka, posiadająca istotne walory praktyczne, jest pierwszą pozycją polskiej autorki w tak kompleksowy sposób analizującą nie tylko istotę funkcjonowania kredytowych instrumentów pochodnych, ale również modele ich wyceny, doskonalenie których autorka słusznie uznaje za kluczowe dla rozwoju tego rynku. Niewątpliwą zaletą opracowania jest mnogość przykładów, przeprowadzających Czytelnika przez kolejne etapy szacowania wartości omawianych struktur i tworzących idealną bazę dla zrozumienia konstrukcji tych złożonych produktów. Prof. zw. dr hab. Janusz Soboń Publikacja stanowi cenne kompendium wiedzy zarówno dla praktyków rynku finansowego, jak i studentów oraz słuchaczy studiów podyplomowych i doktoranckich, jak również dla pracowników nauki zainteresowanych wdrażaniem metod kwantyfikacji ryzyka kredytowego w praktykę. Prof. nadzw. SGH dr hab. Paweł Niedziółka Nazwa - Pochodne instrumenty kredytowe Autor - Izabela Pruchnicka-Grabias Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - CeDeWu Kod ISBN - 9788375563733 Kod EAN - 9788375563733 Wydanie - 1 Rok wydania - 2011 Język - polski Format - 16.5x23.0cm Ilość stron - 280 Podatek VAT - 5%


Detroit Special - 2839439119

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Detroit Special JASMINE

Muzyka>Jazz>Acid Jazz

1. Money - Barrett Strong 2. Way Over There - The Miracles 3. Shop Around - The Miracles 4. Bye Bye Baby - Mary Wells 5. Oh Lover - Singin' Sammy Ward & Sherri Taylor 6. (You Can) Depend On Me - The Miracles 7. Please Forgive Me - Mary Wells 8. Who's Lovin' You - The Miracles 9. Oh I Apologize - Barrett Strong 10. That's Why I Love You So Much - Singin' S 11. Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide - Marvin Gaye 12. Buttered Popcorn - The Supremes 13. Who's Lovin' You - The Supremes 14. Oh Mother Mine - The Temptations 15. Romance Without Finance - The Temptations 16. Do You Love Me - The Contours 17. Check Yourself - The Temptations 18. Your Wonderful Love - The Temptations 19. I'll Have To Let Him Go - Martha & The Vandellas 20. My Baby Won't Come Back - Martha & The Vandellas 21. Mind Over Matter (I'm Gonna Make You Mine) - The 22. I'll Love You Till I Die - The Pirates (The Temp 23. Little Water Boy - Little Stevie Wonder 24. La La La La La - Little Stevie Wonder 25. Let Me Go The Right Way - The Supremes 26. Time Changes Things - The Supremes 27. Shake Sherrie - The Contours 28. Hitch Hike - Marvin Gaye 101. The One Who Really Loves You - Mary Wells 102. Take A Chance On Me - Eddie Holland 103. I've Been Good To You - The Miracles 104. I Want A Guy - The Marvelettes 105. Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam) - The Valadiers 106. Jamie - Eddie Holland 107. Twistin' Postman - The Marvelettes 108. I'm Gonna Stay - Mary Wells 109. What's So Good About Good Bye - The Miracles 110. Take A Chance - The Valadiers 111. Whole Lotta Woman - The Contours 112. I Want A Guy - The Supremes 113. Never Again - The Supremes 114. (You're My) Dream Come True - The Temptations 115. Isn't She Pretty - The Temptations 116. All The Love I've Got - The Marvelettes 117. Your Heart Belongs To Me - The Supremes 118. (He's) Seventeen - The Supremes 119. I Call It Pretty Music (Pt.1) - Little Stevie Wo 120. I Call It Pretty Music (Pt.2) - Little Stevie Wo 121. Stubborn Kind Of Fellow - Marvin Gaye 122. Strange I Know - The Marvelettes 123. Too Strong To Be Strung Along - The Marvelettes 124. Paradise - The Temptations 125. Slow Down Heart - The Temptations 126. You Really Got A Hold On Me - The Miracles 127. Contract On Love - Little Stevie Wonder 128. Sunset - Little Stevie Wonder


Bluegrass Early Cuts 1931 - 1953 / Różni Wykonawcy (Box) - 2839679015

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Bluegrass Early Cuts 1931 - 1953 / Różni Wykonawcy (Box) JSP Records


1. Orange Blossom Special 2. The Old Grey Goose 3. Kentucky Is Only A Dream 4. Holston Valley Breakdown 5. Somebody Touched Me 6. Jesse James 7. Tragic Romance 8. Lint Head Stomp 9. Jesse James 10. Radio Boogie 11. Bluebonnet Lane 12. Mother, Sweet Mother 13. Helen 14. Home Sweet Home 15. Let Me Rest (At The End Of My Journey) 16. This World Can't Stand Long 17. Wicked Path Of Sin 18. Hallelujah, We Shall Rise 19. They Sleep Together Now At Rest 20. What Are They Doing In Heaven Today 21. Pain In My Heart 22. Lonesome, Sad And Blue 23. Don't Forget Me 24. Will I Meet Mother In Heaven? 101. You Broke Your Promise 102. I'm Left Alone 103. Nobody Cares (Not Even You) 104. Twenty One Years 105. Lonesome Pine Breakdown 106. New Campdown Races 107. You're The One (I See In My Dreams) 108. Leave Well Enough Alone 109. Long Time, No See 110. Weary Hobo 111. Just A Memory 112. Going Back To Old Kentucky 113. Rattlesnake Daddy 114. I'm On My Way To The Old Home 115. I've Never Been So Lonesome 116. Roll On Blues 117. How Will The Flowers Bloom 118. The Last Love Letter 119. The Lonely Waltz 120. Better Late Than Never 121. The Bright Crystal Sea 122. Where Will You Spend Eternity 123. He Saved My Soul 124. You Have Left Me Memories 201. Married Life Blues 202. Up Jumped The Devil 203. We Shall Rise 204. C & N W Railroad 205. Carroll County Blues 206. Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar 207. Concord Rag 208. Don't Get Trouble In Your Mind 209. Drunkard's Hiccoughs 210. Blue Ridge Mountain Blue 211. Johnson's Old Grey Mule 212. Maple On The Hill 213. Seven And A Half 214. Short Life & It's Trouble 215. Wild Bill Jones 216. Lonely Tombs 217. Poor Drunkard's Dreams 218. I Won't Be Worried 219. Ramshackle Shack 220. Old Reuben 221. Don't Leave Me Alone 222. You May Forsake Me 223. Rambling Boy 224. I'll Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms 301. Florida Blues 302. Blue Yodel #1 303. Missing In Action 304. Curtains Of Sorrow 305. Little Brown Hand 306. Down Among The Budded Roses 307. Tomorrow May Be Different 308. Come Back My Little Pal 309. Wabash Cannon Ball 310. Lonesome Dove 311. Where The Roses Never Fade 312. Natural Bridge Blues 313. The Best Of Friends Must Part Sometime 314. Polecat Blues 315. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight 316. Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die 317. Can You Forgive 318. Loving You Too Well 319. 'Neath The Bridge At The Foot Of The Hill 320. Little Sweetheart Come And Kiss Me 321. Little Mohee 322. The Wrong Road 323. Orange Blossom Special 324. Let Me Be Your Salty Dog


A Portrait - 2839358652

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A Portrait Documents


1. You're Laughing At Me 2. I Can't Break The Habit Of You 3. Did Anyone Ever Tell You? 4. When Love Is Young 5. The Meanest Thing You Ever Did Was Kiss Me 6. Cryin' Mood 7. Where Is The Sun? 8. You've Been Reading My Mail 9. To A Sweet Pretty Thing 10. Old Plantation 11. Honeysuckle Rose 12. Blues 13. Spring Cleaning 14. You Showed Me The Way(vocal) 15. You Showed Me The Way (Instr.) 16. Boo-hoo 17. The Love Bug Will Bite You (Tomlin) 18. San Anton' (Vocal) 19. San Anton' (Instr.) 20. I've Got A New Lease On Love (Vocal) 21. I've Got A New Lease On Love (Instr.) 101. Sweet Heartache (Vocal) 102. Sweet Heartache (Instr.) 103. Honeysuckle Rose (Instr.) 104. You Know It All Smarty 105. Don't You Know Or Don't You Care? 106. Lost Love 107. I'm Gonna Put You In You Place 108. Blue, Turning Grey Over You 109. Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now 110. Stardust 111. Basin Street Blues 112. Tea For Two 113. I Ain't Got Nobody 114. You've Got Me Under You Thumb 115. Beat I Tou 116. Our Love Was Meant To Be 117. I'd Rather Call You Baby 118. I'm Always In The Mood For You 119. She's Tall, She's Thin, She's Terrific 120. You're My Dish 121. More Power To You 201. How Can I? 202. The Joint Is Jumpin' 203. A Hopeless Love Affair 204. What Will I Do In The Morning? 205. How Ya Baby? 206. Jealous Of Me 207. Every Day's A Holiday 208. Neglected 209. My Window Faces To South 210. Am I In Another World? 211. Why Do Havaiians Sing Aloa? 212. My First Impression Of You 213. Something Tells Me 214. I Love To Whistle 215. You Went To My Head 216. Florida Fl 217. Lost And Found 218. Don't Try To Cry You Way Back To Me 219. In The Gloaming 220. You Had An Evening To Spare 221. Let's Break The Good News 301. Skrontch 302. I Simply Adore You 303. The Sheik Of Araby 304. Hold My Hand 305. Inside (This Heart Of Mine 306. There's Honey On The Moon Tonight 307. If I Were You 308. (Take Me Back) To The Wide Open Place 309. On The Bumpy Road To Love 310. Fair And Square 311. We, The People 312. Don't Try You Jive On Me 313. Ain't Misbehavin' 314. The Flat Foot Floogie 315. Pent Up In A Penthouse 316. Music, Maestro, Please 317. A-tisket, A-tasket 318. Sing Low, Seet Chariot 319. All God's Chillun Got Wings 320. Go Down, Moses 321. Deep River 401. Water Boy 402. Lonesome Road 403. That Old Feeling 404. I Can't Give You Anything But Love 405. Two Sleepy People 406. Shame! Shame! 407. I'll Never Forgive Myself 408. You Look Good To Me 409. Tell Me With Your Kisses 410. Yacht Club Swing 411. Love, I'd Give My Life For You 412. I Wish I Had You 413. I'll Dance At Your Wedding 414. Imagine My Surprise 415. I Won't Believe It 416. The Spider & The Fly 417. Patty Cake, Patty Cake 418. A Good Man Is Hard To Find 419. You Out - Smarted Yourself 420. Last Night A Miracle Happended 421. Good For Nothin' But Love 501. Hold Tight 502. Kiss Me With Your Eyes 503. Sweet Sue 504. I Can't Give You Anything But Love 505. You Asked For It -you Got It 506. Some Rainy Day 507. Tain't What You Doe 508. Got No Time 509. Step Up And Shake My Hand 510. Undecided 511. Remember Who You're Promised To 512. London Suite - Piccadilly 513. London Suite - Chelsea 514. London Suite - Soho 515. London Suite - Bond Street 516. London Suite - Limehouse 517. London Suite - Whitechapel 518. Smoke Dreams Of You 519. You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It 520. Honey Hush 521. I Used To Love You 601. Wait & See 602. You Meet The Nicest People In Your Dreams 603. Anita 604. What A Pretty Miss 605. Squeeze Me 606. Bless You 607. It's The Tune That Counts 608. Abdullah 609. Who'll Take My Place? 610. Bond Street 611. It's You Who Taught It To Me 612. Suitcase Susie 613. Your Feet's Too Big(benson- Fisher) 614. You're Lettin' The Grass Grow Under Your Feet 615. The Darktown Strutters Ball 616. I Can't Give You Anything But Love Baby 617. Swing Dilla Street 618. At Twilight 619. Oh! Frenchy 620. Cheatin' On Me 701. Black Maria 702. Mighty Fine 703. The Moon Is Low 704. The Moon Is Low Part 2 705. Old Grand Dad 706. Fat And Greasy 707. Little Curly Hair In A High Chair 708. Square From Delaware 709. You Run You Mouth, I'll Run My Business 710. Too Tired 711. ''send Me'' Jackson 712. Eep, Ipe, Wanna Piece Of Pie 713. Stop Pretending 714. I'll Never Smile Again 715. My Mommie Sent Me To The Store 716. Dry Bones 717. Georgia On My Mind 718. Rockin'chair 719. Carolina Shout 720. Honeysuckle Rose 801. Ring Dem Bells 802. Twenty Four Robbers 803. I Understand 804. Sad Sap Sucker Am I 805. Headlines In The News 806. Chant Of The Groove 807. Come And Get It 808. Rump Steak Serenade 809. Ain't Nothing To It 810. Oh Baby Sweet Baby 811. Buck Jumpin' 812. That Gets It, Mr. Joe 813. The Bells Of San Raquel 814. Bessie, Bessie, Bessie 815. Clarinet Marmalade 816. Winter Weahter 817. Cash For You Trash 818. Don't Give Me That Jive 819. Your Socks Don't Match 901. Your Must Be Losing Your Mind 902. The Jitterbur Waltz 903. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon 904. Swing Out To Victory 905. Up Jumped You With Love 906. Romance A La Mode 907. That's What The Well-dressed Man In Harlem Will 908. That Ain't Right 909. Moppin' And Boppin' 910. Ain't ,misbehavin' 911. Ain't Misbehavin' - Two Sleepy People 912. Slightly Less Than Wonderful/there's A Gal In My 913. This Is So Nice It Must Be Illegal/martinique 914. Waller Jive 915. Hallelujah 916. That's What The Bird Said To Me 917. Reefer Man 918. Solitude 919. Bouncin' On A V-disc 920. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child 921. Really Fine


One Dance With A Duke - 2826776972

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One Dance With A Duke EBURY PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A handsome and reclusive horse breeder, Spencer Dumarque, the fourth Duke of Morland, has a reputation as the dashing "Duke of Midnight." Each evening he selects one lady for a breathtaking midnight waltz. But none of the ladies of the ton catch his interest for long, until Lady Amelia d'Orsay tries her luck. In an effort to get the Duke to forgive her brother's debts, Amelia claims the duke's dance. But she is playing a dangerous game with a notorious rake...The first novel in Tessa Dare's delightful Stud Club trilogy. Other titles in this series are Twice Tempted by a Rogue and Three Nights with a Scoundrel. Rouge Romance - your first stop for romance books


Shawn Mendes - ILLUMINATE (DELUXE) LTD. - 2842305160

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Książki & Multimedia > Muzyka

Opis - Autor hitu


Zakreślacz Grand GR-225 różowy - 2843228248

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Zakreślacz Grand GR-225 różowy

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - - wysokiej jakości zakreślacz- ścięta końcówka o grubości 4 mm- pakowany po 12 szt. lub w zestawie 4 kol.- grubość linii 1-3,8 mm- długość pisania: 300 m- tusz wodoodporny- końcówka ścięta Nazwa - Zakreślacz Grand GR-225 różowy Kod EAN - 5903364240516 Wydawca - KAMAX Podatek VAT - 23%


Casio AEQ-200W-1AVEF - 2843434450

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Casio AEQ-200W-1AVEF

Prezenty & Akcesoria > Zegarki

Nazwa - AEQ-200W-1AVEF Marka - Casio Kolekcja - Casio Collection Płeć - Dla mężczyzny Mechanizm - Kwarcowy Bransoleta / Pasek - Pasek z tworzywa sztucznego Koperta - Z tworzywa sztucznego Datownik - Cyfrowy - wieczny kalendarz Szkiełko - Plastikowe Alarm dźwiękowy - Pięć w trybie dziennym Stoper - Cyfrowy Timer - Tak Podświetlenie tarczy - LED Light Klasa wodoszczelności - WR 100 Czas światowy - Tak Szerokość koperty - 51 Grubość koperty - 16,4 Gwarancja - 3 lata Podatek VAT - 23% Sugerowana cena detaliczna - 299.00 zł



39,99 zł


Muzyka > Płyty kompaktowe > Składanki > Zagraniczne

TELEFON: +48 665 659 086 E-MAIL: W razie wszelkich pytań zapraszamy do kontaktu. Jesteśmy do Państwa dyspozycji. Przez PayU lub zwykły przelew bankowy na konto NORDEA BANK POLSKA S.A. 32 1440 1387 0000 0000 1304 6457 PRZESYŁKI WYSYŁAMY CODZIENNIE OD PONIEDZIALKU DO PIĄTKU POCZTĄ POLSKĄ ZAMÓW WIĘCEJ - ZA PRZESYŁKĘ PŁACISZ TYLKO 1 RAZ BEZPIECZNE OPAKOWANIA - 100% OCHRONY Bardzo prosimy o podawanie w tytule wpłaty swojego nicka i nr aukcji co przyspieszy wysyłkę towaru. Sprzedając wystawiam komentarz jako drugi i bardzo proszę po otrzymaniu zakupionych u mnie przedmiotów o wystawienie komentarza, będzie to dla mnie informacja, że przesyłka dotarła do Państwa. W związku z faktem uruchomienia przez Allegro nowego systemu naliczania kosztów dostawy oraz faktem, iż nie jest możliwe wyliczenie właściwych kosztów przesłania poprzez automatyczny system, w przypadku zakupu więcej niż jednego przedmiotu proszę o kontakt w sprawie ustalenia wspólnego kosztu wysyłki. SONGS WRITTEN BY LOVE.10 X CD.   NOWE  FOLIA CD 1   (Peggy Lee) A Woman Alone With The Blues  (Frank Sinatra) None But The Lonely Heart  (Ben Webster ) lt's Like Being In Love  (Art Tatum) Body And Soul  (Frank Sinatra) All This And Heaven Too  (The Ames Brothers) Sentimental Me  (Frank Sinatra) You Are Too Beautiful  (Kenny Dorham) Be My Love  (Frank Sinatra) Tell Me At Midnight  (Bing Crosby & Maurice Chevalier) Medley: You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me/ My Love Parade/ Hello, Beautiful/ My Ideal/ Learn To Groon/ Louise/ Mimi  (Gerry Mulligan) A Ballad  (Frank Sinatra) Everybody Loves Somebody  (Jo Stafford) How Sweet You Are  (Frank Sinatra) Two In Love  (Johnnie Ray) Here Am I, Broken Hearted  (Frank Sinatra) Kiss Me Again CD 2   (Perry Como) I Concentrate On You  (Dean Martin) When You're Smiling  (Ray Anthony) Broken Hearted  (Doris Day) Oh Yes There's Good Blues Tonight  (Judy Garland) Our Love Affair  (Jo Stafford) I Never Loved Anyone  (Frank Sinatra) Last Call For Love  (Dinah Washington) Cold Cold Heart  (Jo Stafford) Serenade Of The Bells  (Nat King Cole) Destination Moon  (Herbie Mann) Cuban Love Song  (Frank Sinatra) Close To You  (Johnny Hodges) Day Dream  (Frank Sinatra) Everything Happens To Me  (Perry Como) I'm Confession, That I Love You  (Bing Crosby) My Melancholy Baby CD 3  (Frank Sinatra) Amor  (Peggy Lee) Forgive Me  (Frank Sinatra) Moments In The Moonlight  (Oscar Peterson) Gipsy In My Soul  (Frank Sinatra) Falling In Love With You  (Art Farmer) Evening In Paris  (Frank Sinatra) When Your Lover Has Gone  (Sarah Vaughan) Goodnight, My Love  (Frank Sinatra) Shake Down The Stars  (Perry Como) A Dreamer's Holiday  (Stan Kenton And His Orchestra) Francesca  (Frank Sinatra) The Girl That I Marry  (Doris Day) My Number One Dream Come True  (Dinah Washington) Feel Like I Wanna Cry  (Dean Martin) Vieni Su, Say You Love Me Too  (Frank Sinatra) You Go To My Head CD 4 (Dean Martin) Walking' My Baby Back Home  (Lester Young) How High The Moon  (Mel Tormé) You're Driving Me Crazy  (Coleman Hawkins) Honeysuckle Rose  (Stan Getz) How Deep Is The Ocean, How High Is The Sky  (Frank Sinatra) The Nearness Of You  (Lester Young) I Can't Give You Anything But Love  (Kenny Dorham) Hornin' In  (The Four Freshmen) Mood Indigo  (Bing Crosby) Dear Hearts And Gentle People  (Perry Como) Song Of Songs  (Frank Sinatra) Where Do You Keep Your Heart?  (Dean Martin) I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine  (Fred Astaire) A Fine Romance  (The Red Norvo Trio With Tal Farlow And Charles Mingus) I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me  (Dick Haymes) Love Letters   CD 5  (Art Tatum) I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You  (Dizzy Gillespie) I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart  (Billie Holiday) I Cried For You  (Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band) I Found A New Baby  (Frank Sinatra) Where Is My Bess  (Perry Como) You're Just In Love, I Wonder Why  (Frank Sinatra) And Then You Kissed Me  (Bing Crosby) Deep In The Heart Of Texas  (Doris Day) In The Moon Mist  (Frank Sinatra) My Romance  (Chet Baker) I Fall In Love Too Easily  (Frank Sinatra) The Night Is Young And You Are So Beautiful  (Judy Garland) I'm Nobodys Baby  (Frank Sinatra) Porgy And Bess Medley  (Perry Como) A Garden In The Rain  (Frank Sinatra) Stardust  CD 6  (Charlie Parker) I'll Remember April  (Perry Como) I Wanna Go Home, With You  (Horace Silver) I Remember You  (Mel Tormé) A Little Kiss Each Morning  (Kenny Dorham) I Love You  (The Ames Brothers) Auf Wiederseh'n, Sweetheart  (Bud Powell) I Want To Be Happy  (Dinah Washington) I Wanna Be Loved  (Perry Como) Did You Ever Get That Feeling In The Moonlight?  (Jo Stafford) Haunted Heart  (Dean Martin) We Never Talk Much  (Mel Tormé) My Rosemarie  (Perry Como) I Dream Of You  (Bing Crosby) Where The Blue Of The Night, Meets The Gold Of The Day  (Frank Sinatra) You're Lonely And I'm Lonely  (Chet Baker) I Married An Angel  CD 7  (Mel Tormé) Recipe For Romance  (Perry Como) With A Song In My Heart  (Mel Tormé) What Is This Thing Called Love  (Frank Sinatra) The Sunshine Of Your Smile  (The Four Knights) I Get So Lonely, Oh Baby Mine  (The Hilltoppers) Love Walked In  (Frank Sinatra) A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening  (Art Tatum) I'll See You In My Dreams  (Frankie Laine) Your Cheatin' Heart  (Slim Whitman) Indian Love Call  (Frank Sinatra) I've Had This Feeling Before  (June Christy) My Heart Belongs To Only You  (Bing Crosby & Fred Astaire) Never Been Kissed  (Art Tatum) I'll See You Again  (Frank Sinatra) Sweet Lorraine  (Art Farmer) I'll Take Romance  CD 8  (Oscar Peterson) I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles  (Dean Martin) I Got The Sun In The Morning  (Billy Eckstine) I'm A Fool To Want You  (Bing Crosby) I'll Capture Your Heart  (Perry Como) Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes  (Frank Sinatra) The Things We Did Last Summer  (Doris Day) A Red Kiss On A Blue Letter  (Vaughn Monroe) Red Roses For A Blue Lady  (Mel Tormé) Blue Moon  (Frank Sinatra) If I Loved You  (Al Martino) Here In My Heart  (Art Tatum) I'm Comin' Virginia  (Perry Como) It's A Lovely Day Today  (Guy Mitchell) My Heart Cries For You  (Art Farmer) I'll Walk Alone  (Hutch) Yesterday's Dreams CD 9  (Frank Sinatra) AnSinner Kissed An Angel  (Bing Crosby) When My Dreamboat Comes Home  (Frank Sinatra) I'll Follow My Secret Heart  (Chet Baker) I'm Through With Love  (Frank Sinatra) Swinging On A Star  (The Red Norvo Trio With Tal Farlow And Charles Mingus) I'm Yours  (Frank Sinatra) Blue Skies  (Flanagan & Allen) Down Forget-Me-Not Lane  (Frank Sinatra) Just Close Your Eyes  (Rosemary Clooney) I'm Only Ambitious For You  (Bing Crosby) You Are My Sunshine  (Frank Sinatra) No Love, No.Nothin'  (Spade Cooley) Hillbilly Fever  (Art Tatum) I'm In The Mood For Love  (Frank Sinatra) Lover Come Back To Me  (Art Tatum) I'm In A Sentimental Mood CD 10  (Dean Martin) Luna Mezzo Mare  (Lester Young) It All Depends On You  (Perry Como) If Wishes Were Kisses  (Doris Day) Sentimental Journey  (Perry Como) No Other Love  (Four Knights) When The Moon Goes Down In The Valley Of Time  (Victor Sylvester) You're Dancing On My Heart  (Art Farmer) I've Never Been In Love Before  (Perry Como) To Know You, Is To Love You  (Four Knights) I'm Falling For You  (Perry Como) Hush Little Darling  (Al Martino) Take My Heart  (Frank Sinatra) Dream When You're Feeling Blue  (Perry Como) You Are Never Far Away From Me  (Stan Kenton And His Orchestra) I've Got You Under My Skin  (Georgia Gibbs) Kiss Of Fire              Strona "o mnie"Wszystkie aukcje


Globalization & its Discontents - 2212824606

36,60 zł

Globalization & its Discontents Penguin


Our world is changing. Globalization is not working. It is hurting those it was meant to help. And now, the tide is turning


Romances - Complete Collection - 2840294446

459,99 zł

Romances - Complete Collection


1. Bakhchiyev, A. - Mein Schutzgeist, Mein Engel, Mei 2. Milashkina, T. - Zemfira's Song (Nach A. Pushkins 3. Milashkina, T. - Mezza Notte (Midnight) (Lied) 4. Milashkina, T. - Lieder Op. 6 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und 5. Nr. 1 Do Not Believe, My Friend (Nach A. Tolstoy) 6. Lisovsky, K. - Lieder Op. 6 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und Ro 7. Nr. 2 Not A Word, Oh My Friend (A. Pleshcheyev Nac 8. Kolukhanova, Z. - Lieder Op. 6 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und 9. Nr. 3 Bitterly & Sweetly (Nach E. Rostopchina) 10. Afanasieva, A. - Lieder Op. 6 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und 11. Nr. 4 A Tear Trembles (Nach A. Tolstoy) 12. Lemeshev, S. - Lieder Op. 6 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und Ro 13. Nr. 5 Why? (L. Mey Nach H. Heine) 14. Chachava, V. - Lieder Op. 6 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und Ro 15. Nr. 6 None But The Lonely Heart (L. Mey Nach J. W. 16. Milashkina, T. - To Forget So Soon Op. Of 1870 (Na 17. Milashkina, T. - Lieder Op. 16 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und 18. Nr. 1 Cradle Song (Nach A. Maykov) 19. Fomina, N. - Lieder Op. 16 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und Rom 20. Nr. 2 Wait! (Nach N. Grekov) 21. Afanasieva, A. - Lieder Op. 16 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und 22. Nr. 3 Accept Just Once (Nach A. Fet) 23. Korolkov, N. - Lieder Op. 16 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und R 24. Nr. 4 Oh, Sing That Song (A. Pleshcheyev Nach F. G 25. Lisovsky, K. - Lieder Op. 16 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und R 26. Nr. 5 So What? 27. Afanasieva, A. - Lieder Op. 16 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und 28. Nr. 6 Modern Greek Song (Ueber Ein Thema Von Dies 29. Fedorovtsev, V. - Take My Heart Away (Romanze) (Na 30. Lisovsky, K. - Blue Eyes Of Spring (M. Mikhailov N 101. Chachava, V. - Lieder Op. 25 Nr. 1-6 (Romanzen) (A 102. Nr. 1 Reconciliation (Nach N. Shcherbina) 103. Petrov, I. - Lieder Op. 25 Nr. 1-6 (Romanzen) (Aus 104. Nr. 2 As Over The Burning Ashes (Nach F. Tyutchev) 105. Korolkov, N. - Lieder Op. 25 Nr. 1-6 (Romanzen) (A 106. Nr. 3 Mignon's Song (F.tuytchev Nach J. W. Von Goe 107. Ivari, I. - Lieder Op. 25 Nr. 1-6 (Romanzen) (Ausz 108. Nr. 4 The Canary (Nach L. Mey) 109. Afanasieva, A. - Lieder Op. 25 Nr. 1-6 (Romanzen) 110. Nr. 5 I Never Spoke To Her (Nach L. Mey) 111. Nr. 6 As They Kept Saying: Fool (Nach L. Mey) 112. Afanasieva, A. - I Should Like In A Single Word (L 113. Bruk, E. - We Have Not Far To Walk (Nach N. Grekov 114. Bruk, E. - Lieder Op. 27 Nr. 1-6 (Auszug) 115. Nr. 1 At Bedtime (Nach N. Ogaryov) 116. Bakhchiyev, A. - Lieder Op. 27 Nr. 1-6 (Auszug) 117. Nr. 2 Look, Yonder Cloud (Nach N. Grekov) 118. Bruk, E. - Lieder Op. 27 Nr. 1-6 (Auszug) 119. Nr. 3 Do Not Leave Me (Nach A. Fet) 120. Nr. 4 Evening (L. Mey Nach T. Shevchenko) 121. Fomina, N. - Lieder Op. 27 Nr. 1-6 (Auszug) 122. Nr. 5 Was It The Mother Who Bore Me (L. Mey Nach A 123. Afanasieva, A. - Lieder Op. 27 Nr. 1-6 (Auszug) 124. Nr. 6 My Spoiled Darling (L. Mey Nach A. Mickievic 201. Lisovsky, K. - Lieder Op. 28 Nr. 1-6 (Auszug) 202. Nr. 1 No, I Shall Never Tell (N. Grekov Nach A. De 203. Lisovsky, K. - Lieder Op. 28 Nr. 1-6 (Auszug) 204. Nr. 2 The Corals (L. Mey Nach W. Syrokomla) 205. Kozel, B. - Lieder Op. 28 Nr. 1-6 (Auszug) 206. Nr. 3 Why? (Nach L. Mey) 207. Fomina, N. - Lieder Op. 28 Nr. 1-6 (Auszug) 208. Nr. 4 He Loved Me So Much (A. Apukhtin) 209. Afanasieva, A. - Lieder Op. 28 Nr. 1-6 (Auszug) 210. Nr. 5 No Response, Or Word, Or Greeting (A. Apukht 211. Lisovsky, K. - Lieder Op. 28 Nr. 1-6 (Auszug) 212. Nr. 6 The Terrible Moment 213. Abramovich, B. - Lieder Op. 38 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und 214. Nr. 1 Don Juan's Seranade (Nach A. Tolstoys Gedich 215. Nr. 2 It Was In The Early Spring (Nach A. Tolstoy) 216. Nr. 3 Amid The Din Of The Ball (Nach A. Tolstoy) 217. Petrov, I. - Lieder Op. 38 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und Rom 218. Nr. 4 Oh, If Only You Could (Nach A. Tolstoy) 219. Afanasieva, A. - Lieder Op. 38 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und 220. Nr. 5 The Love Of A Dead Man (Nach M. Lermontov) 221. Lemeshev, S. - Lieder Op. 38 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und R 222. Nr. 6 Pimpinella: Florentine Song 223. Korolkov, N. - Lieder Op. 47 Nr. 1-7 (Auszug) 224. Nr. 1 If Only I Had Known (Nach A. Tolstoy) 225. Lisovsky, K. - Lieder Op. 47 Nr. 1-7 (Auszug) 226. Nr. 2 Softly The Spirit Flew Up To Heaven (Nach A. 227. Lisovsky, K. - Lieder Op. 47 Nr. 1-7 (Auszug) 228. Nr. 3 Dusk Fell On The Earth (N. Berg Nach A. Mick 229. Bruk, E. - Lieder Op. 47 Nr. 1-7 (Auszug) 230. Nr. 4 Sleep, Poor Friend (Nach A. Tolstoy) 231. Petrov, I. - Lieder Op. 47 Nr. 1-7 (Auszug) 232. Nr. 5 I Bless You, Forests (Nach A. Tolstoys Gedic 233. Abramovich, B. - Lieder Op. 47 Nr. 1-7 (Auszug) 234. Nr. 6 Does The Day Reign? (Nach A. Apukhtin) 235. Chachava, V. - Lieder Op. 47 Nr. 1-7 (Auszug) 236. Nr. 7 Was I Not A Little Blade Of Grass In The Mea 301. Bakhchiyev, A. - Lieder Op. 54 Nr. 1-16 (Kinderlie 302. Nr. 1 Granny & Grandson (Nach A. Pleshcheyev) 303. Nr. 2 Little Bird (Nach A. Pleshcheyev) 304. Nr. 3 Spring (Nach A. Pleshcheyev) 305. Nr. 4 My Little Garden (Nach A. Pleshcheyev) 306. Arkhipova, I. - Lieder Op. 54 Nr. 1-16 (Kinderlied 307. Nr. 5 Legend (Nach A. Pleshcheyev) 308. Bakhchiyev, A. - Lieder Op. 54 Nr. 1-16 (Kinderlie 309. Nr. 6 On The Bank (Nach A. Pleshcheyev) 310. Nr. 7 Winter Evening (Nach A. Pleshcheyev) 311. Arkhipova, I. - Lieder Op. 54 Nr. 1-16 (Kinderlied 312. Nr. 8 The Cuckoo (A. Pleshcheyev Nach C. Gellert) 313. Bakhchiyev, A. - Lieder Op. 54 Nr. 1-16 (Kinderlie 314. Nr. 9 Spring (Nach A. Pleshcheyev) 315. Kozel, B. - Lieder Op. 54 Nr. 1-16 (Kinderlieder) 316. Nr. 10 Lullaby In A Storm (Nach A. Pleshcheyev) 317. Bakhchiyev, A. - Lieder Op. 54 Nr. 1-16 (Kinderlie 318. Nr. 11 The Little Flower (A. Pleshcheyev Nach L. R 319. Nr. 12 Winter (Nach A. Pleshcheyev) 320. Nr. 13 Spring Song (Nach A. Pleshcheyev) 321. Nr. 14 Autumn (Nach A. Pleshcheyev) 322. Nr. 15 The Swallow (I. Surikov Nach T. Lenartowicz 323. Nr. 16 Child's Song (Nach K. Aksakov) 401. Korolkov, N. - Lieder Op. 57 Nr. 1-6 (Auszug) 402. Nr. 1 Tell Me What In The Shade Of The Branches (N 403. Serkebayev, E. - Lieder Op. 57 Nr. 1-6 (Auszug) 404. Nr. 2 On The Golden Cornfields (Nach A. Tolstoy) 405. Chachava, V. - Lieder Op. 57 Nr. 1-6 (Auszug) 406. Nr. 3 Do Not Ask (A. Strugovshchikov Nach J. W. Vo 407. Korolkov, N. - Lieder Op. 57 Nr. 1-6 (Auszug) 408. Nr. 4 Sleep! (Nach D. Merezhkovsky) 409. Lisovsky, K. - Lieder Op. 57 Nr. 1-6 (Auszug) 410. Nr. 5 Death (Nach D. Merezhkovsky) 411. Bakhchiyev, A. - Lieder Op. 57 Nr. 1-6 (Auszug) 412. Nr. 6 Only You Alone (A. Pleshcheyev Nach A. Chris 413. Lisovsky, K. - Lieder Op. 60 Nr. 1-12 (Auszug) 414. Nr. 1 Last Night (Nach A. Khomyakov) 415. Lemeshev, S. - Lieder Op. 60 Nr. 1-12 (Auszug) 416. Nr. 2 I'll Tell You Nothing (Nach A. Fet) 417. Nr. 3 Oh, If Only You Knew (Nach A. Pleshcheyev) 418. Lisovsky, K. - Lieder Op. 60 Nr. 1-12 (Auszug) 419. Nr. 4 The Nightingale (A. Pushkin Nach V. Karadzic 420. Lisovsky, K. - Lieder Op. 60 Nr. 1-12 (Auszug) 421. Nr. 5 Simple Words 422. Lemeshev, S. - Lieder Op. 60 Nr. 1-12 (Auszug) 423. Nr. 6 Sleepless Nights (Nach A. Apukhtin) 424. Chachava, V. - Lieder Op. 60 Nr. 1-12 (Auszug) 425. Nr. 7 Song Of A Gypsy Girl (Nach Y. Polonsky) 426. Milashkina, T. - Lieder Op. 60 Nr. 1-12 (Auszug) 427. Nr. 8 Forgive! (Nach N. Nekrasov) 428. Lisovsky, K. - Lieder Op. 60 Nr. 1-12 (Auszug) 429. Nr. 9 Night (Nach Y. Polonsky) 430. Nr. 10 Beyond The Window, In The Shadows (Nach Y. 431. Afanasieva, A. - Lieder Op. 60 Nr. 1-12 (Auszug) 432. Nr. 11 Exploit (Monolog Fuer Bariton) (Nach A. Kho 433. Chachava, V. - Lieder Op. 60 Nr. 1-12 (Auszug) 434. Nr. 12 The Gentle Stars Shone For Us (Nach A. Ples 501. Bruk, E. - Lieder Op. 63 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und Roman 502. Nr. 1 I Did Not Love You At First 503. Afanasieva, A. - Lieder Op. 63 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und 504. Nr. 2 I Opened The Window 505. Bruk, E. - Lieder Op. 63 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und Roman 506. Nr. 3 I Do Not Please You 507. Milashkina, T. - Lieder Op. 63 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und 508. Nr. 4 The First Meeting 509. Chachava, V. - Lieder Op. 63 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und R 510. Nr. 5 The Fires In The Rooms Were Already Out 511. Lisovsky, K. - Lieder Op. 63 Nr. 1-6 (Lieder Und R 512. Nr. 6 Serenade (Fuer Tenor) 513. Lisovsky, K. - Lieder Op. 65 Nr. 1-6 (An Desiree A 514. Nr. 1 Serenade (Nache. Turquety) 515. Arkhipova, I. - Lieder Op. 65 Nr. 1-6 (An Desiree 516. Nr. 2 Deception (Nach P. Collin) 517. Lisovsky, K. - Lieder Op. 65 Nr. 1-6 (An Desiree A 518. Nr. 3 Serenade (Nach P. Collin) 519. Afanasieva, A. - Lieder Op. 65 Nr. 1-6 (An Desiree 520. Nr. 4 Qu'importe Que L'hiver (Nach P. Collin) 521. Bakhchiyev, A. - Lieder Op. 65 Nr. 1-6 (An Desiree 522. Nr. 5 Les Larmes (Nach A. M. Blanchecotte) 523. Afanasieva, A. - Lieder Op. 65 Nr. 1-6 (An Desiree 524. Nr. 6 Rondel (Nach P. Collin) 525. Lisovsky, K. - Lieder Op. 73 Nr. 1-6 (Romanzen) (N 526. Nr. 1 We Sat Together 527. Atlantov, V. - Lieder Op. 73 Nr. 1-6 (Romanzen) (N 528. Nr. 2 Night 529. Arkhipova, I. - Lieder Op. 73 Nr. 1-6 (Romanzen) ( 530. Nr. 3 In This Moonlit Night 531. Lisovsky, K. - Lieder Op. 73 Nr. 1-6 (Romanzen) (N 532. Nr. 4 The Sun Has Set 533. Arkhipova, I. - Lieder Op. 73 Nr. 1-6 (Romanzen) ( 534. Nr. 5 Amid Sombre Days 535. Atlantov, V. - Lieder Op. 73 Nr. 1-6 (Romanzen) (N 536. Nr. 6 Again, As Before, Alone



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JAZZ CAFE.9 X CD.180 TRACK. NOWE  ORYGINALNE  FOLIA   PLYTA 1 Art Tatum - I Would Do Anything For You  Art Tatum - Moonglow  Coleman Hawkins - Make Believe  Django Reinhardt - Blues  Thelonious Monk - Round Midnight  Wody Herman And His Orchestra - Early Autumn  Peggy Le - Goody Goody  Art Tatum - Somebody Loves Me  Oscar Peterson - (I Don't Stand A) Ghost Of A Chance With You  Erroll Garner - I Don't Know Why  Oscar Preterson - For You  Coleman Hawkins - If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)  Billie Holiday - Stormy Weather  Dinah Washington - My Song  Art Tatum - Louise Ben Webster - Danny Boy  Dinah Washington - Am I Blue?  Herbie Mann - Autumn Nocturne  Dinah Washington - Our Love Is Here To Stay  PLYTA 2 Coleman Hawkins - Blues Evermore  Count Basie Orchestra - Harvard Blues  Billie Holiday - That Old Devil Called Love  Art Tatum - Dark Eyes  Coleman Hawkins - Someone To Watch Over Me  Billie Holiday - I'll Look Around  Dexter Gordon - I Can't Escape From You  Coleman Hawkins - Angel Face  Peggy Lee - Imagination  Art Blakey and James Moody - Out Of Nowhere  Charlie Parker - East Of The Sun (West Of The Moon)  Stan Kenton - Street Of Dreams  Les Brown - Azure  Dinah Washington - Make Believe Dreams  Peggy Lee - Forgive Me  Stan Getz - Moonlight In Vermont  Barney Kessel - Just Squeeze Me  Stan Getz - Love And The Weather  Coleman Hawkins - Ruby  Art Tatum - I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You  PLYTA 3   Art Tatum - Cocktails For Two  Don Byas  - Annie Laurie  Coleman Hawkins - Indian Summer  Peggy Lee - Keep In My Mind  Dinah Shore - Dear Hearts And Gentle People  The Red Norvo Trio With Tal Farlow And Charles Mingus - I'll Remember April  Coleman Hawkins - My Blue Heaven  Charlie Parker - Easy To Love  Oscar Peterson - Night And Day  Art Pepper - Over The Rainbow  Oscar Peterson - Body And Soul  Nat King Cole - Funny (Not Much)  Billie Holiday - I Can't Face The Music  Nat King Cole - Summer Is A Comin'in  Billie Holiday - Love For Sale  Art Tatum - Have You Met Miss Jones  Gerry Muligan Quartet with Chet Baker - Makin' Whoopee  Coleman Hawkins - Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart?)  Herbie Mann - A Spring Morning  Chet Baker - I Get Along Without You    PLYTA 4 Anita O'day - Deep In The Blues  Billie Holiday 0 Gloomy Sunday  Ben Webster - Memories Of You  Oscar Peterson - I Got Rhytmm  Coleman Hawkins - April In Paris  Ella Fitzgerald - Sentinental Journey  Charlie Parker - Embraceable Yo  Pearl Bailey - Here You Come With Love  Peggy Lee - But Beatiful  Oscar Peterson - Sweet Georgia Brown  Modern Jazz Quartet - Love Me Pretty Baby  Dinah Washington - Cold Cold Heart  Coleman Hawkins - I Can't Get Started With You  Art Tatum - Indiana  Dinah Washington - My Devotion  Gerry Muligan Quartet with Chet Baker - Nights At The Tuntable  Peggy Lee - A Woman Alone With The Blues  Gerry Mulligan - Speak Low  Art Tatum - I'll See You In My Dreams  Billie Holiday - P.S. I Love You  PLYTA 5 Art Tatum - I Know That You Know  Nat King Cole - After You Get What You Want, You Don't Want It  Billie Holiday - Lover Man  Art Tatum - Deep Purple  Don Byas - Laura  Billie Holiday - No Good Man  Erroll Garner - I Can't Give You Anything But Love  Gene Ammons - My Foolish Heart  The Red Norvo Trio With Tal Farlow And Charles Mingus - September Song  Dizzy Gillespie - Birk's Works  Coleman Hawkins - Midnight Sun  Billy Eckstine - Coquette  Coleman Hawkins - Spellbound  Gerry Mulligan Quartet with Chet Baker - Aren't You Glad You're You  Stan Kenton - How High The Moon  Gerry Mulligan - Taking A Chance Of Love  Art Farmer - I'll Take Romance  Art Farmer - Evening In Paris  PLYTA 6 Art Tatum - Tea For Two  Benny Goodman And His Orchestra - Please Be Kind  Fats Waller 0 Ain't Misbevavin'  Art Tatum - Corinne, Corinna  Peggy Lee - I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart  Coleman Hawkins - How Strange  Claude Thornhill - Let's Call It A Day  Peggy Lee - As Long As I'm Dreaming  Coleman Hawkins - Sih-Sah  Joe Williams and Count Basie - Detour Ahead  Erroll Garner - I Cover The Waterfront  Stan Getz - It Might As Well Be Spring  Dizzy Gillespie - On The Sunny Side Of The Street  Stan Getz - Spring Is Here  Erroll Garner - Misty  Ben Webster - My Funny Valentine  Art Farmer - I'll Walk Alone  Art Tatum - Tea For Two  Benny Goodman And His Orchestra - Please Be Kind  Fats Waller 0 Ain't Misbevavin'  Art Tatum - Corinne, Corinna  Peggy Lee - I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart  Coleman Hawkins - How Strange  Claude Thornhill - Let's Call It A Day  Peggy Lee - As Long As I'm Dreaming  Coleman Hawkins - Sih-Sah  Joe Williams and Count Basie - Detour Ahead  Erroll Garner - I Cover The Waterfront  Stan Getz - It Might As Well Be Spring  Dizzy Gillespie - On The Sunny Side Of The Street  Stan Getz - Spring Is Here  Erroll Garner - Misty  Ben Webster - My Funny Valentine  Art Farmer - I'll Walk Alone      PLYTA 7 Ella Fitzgerald - Once Is Enough For Me     Dinah Shore - Mood Indigo     Coleman Hawkins - My Ideal     Duke Ellington - Creole Love     Art Tatum - Poor Butterfly     Eddie Heywood - I Didn't Know About You     Helen Humes - Blue And Sentimental     Don Byas - Humoresque     Dinah Washington - Since I Fell For You     Coleman Hawkins - It's Only A Paper Moon     Modern Jazz Quartet - Autumn Breeze     Stan Getz - Gone With The Wind     Zoot Sims - Don't Worry 'Bout Me     Modern Jazz Quartet - All The Things You Are     Gerry Mulligan Quartet With Chet Baker - Lullaby Of The Leaves     Coleman Hawkins - Carioca     Gene Ammons - Stairway To The Stars     Dinah Washington - Feel Like I Wanna Cry     Art Tatum - I'm In The Mood For Love     Benny Goodman And His Orchestra - Let's Dance  PLYTA 8 Ella Fitzgerald - My Last Affair     Artie Shaw And His Orchestra - Chantez Les Bas (Sing Em Low)     Count Basie Orchestra - Draftin' Blues     Ink Spots, The - Ring Telephone, Ring     Billie Holiday - Jim     Coleman Hawkins - I'm Through With Love     Coleman Hawkins - Stardust     Peggy Lee - Linger In My Arms A Little Longer     Art Tatum - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes     Coleman Hawkins - I Surrender Dear     Nat King Cole - Lush Life     Art Blakey And James Moody - Moody And Soul     George Shearing - I Didn't Know What Time It Was     Gene Ammons - Good-Bye     Zoot Sims - Crystals (Linger Awhile)     Nat King Cole - Orange Colored Sky     Billie Holiday - Autumn In New York     Dinah Washington - I Ain't Goin' To Cry No More     Art Tatum - Fine And Dandy    


Complete Motown Singles 1 - 2842386245

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Complete Motown Singles 1 Motown


1. Marvin Johnson - Come To Me 2. Marvin Johnson - Whisper 3. Holland, Eddie - Merry-go-round 4. Holland, Eddie - It Moves Me 5. Strong, Barrett - Let's Rock 6. Strong, Barrett - Do The Very Best You Can 7. Chico Leverett - Solid Sender 8. Chico Leverett - I'll Never Love Again 9. The Swinging Tigers - Snake Walk (Part 1) 10. The Swinging Tigers - Snake Walk (Part 2) 11. Ron & Bill - It 12. Ron & Bill - Don't Say Bye-bye 13. The Satintones - Going To The Hop 14. The Satintones - Motor City 15. Gordy Jr., Berry - Money (That's What I Want) 16. Strong, Barrett - Oh I Apologize 17. Nick & The Jaguars - Ich-i-bon No.1 18. Nick & The Jaguars - Cool & Crazy 19. Robinson & The Miracles, Smokey - Bad Girl 20. Miracles, The - I Love Your Baby 21. Miracles, The - The Feeling Is So Fine 22. Robinson & The Miracles, Smokey - (You Can) Depend 23. The Satintones - My Beloved 24. The Satintones - Sugar Daddy 25. Eugene Remus - You Never Miss A Good Thing 26. Eugene Remus - Hold Me Tight 27. Eugene Remus - Gotta Have Your Lovin' 101. Miracles, The - Way Over There 102. Miracles, The - (You Can) Depend On Me 103. Miracles, The - Way Over There 104. The Satintones - My Beloved 105. Eugene Remus - You Never Miss A Good Thing 106. Strong, Barrett - Yes, No, Maybe So 107. Strong, Barrett - You Knows What To Do 108. Popcorn & The Mohawks - Custer's Last Man 109. Popcorn & The Mohawks - Shimmy Gully 110. Mable John - Who Wouldn't Love A Man Like That 111. Mable John - You Made A Fool Out Of Me 112. Strong, Barrett - Whirlwind 113. Strong, Barrett - I'm Gonna Cry (If You Quit Me) 114. Wells, Mary - Bye Bye Baby 115. Wells, Mary - Please Forgive Me 116. Singin' Sammy Ward - What Makes You Love Him 117. Singin' Sammy Ward - That Child Is Really Wild 118. Singin' Sammy Ward - Who's The Fool 119. Miracles, The - Shop Around 120. Robinson & The Miracles, Smokey - Who's Lovin' You 121. Herman Griffin - True Love 122. Herman Griffin - It's You 123. Robinson & The Miracles, Smokey - Shop Around 124. Singin' Sammy Ward - Oh Lover 125. Singin' Sammy Ward - That's Why I Love You So Much 126. Henry Lumpkin - I've Got A Notion 127. Henry Lumpkin - We Really Love Each Other 201. Ruffin, Jimmy - Don't Feel Sorry For Me 202. Ruffin, Jimmy - Heart 203. Debbie Dean - Don't Let Him Shop Around 204. Debbie Dean - A New Girl 205. Gordy Jr., Berry - Ain't It Baby 206. Miracles, The - The Only One I Love 207. Strong, Barrett - Money & Me 208. Strong, Barrett - You've Got What It Takes 209. Little Iva & Her Band - When I Needed You 210. Little Iva & Her Band - Continental Strut 211. Contours, The - Whole Lotta Woman 212. Contours, The - Come On & Be Mine 213. Supremes, The - I Want A Guy 214. Supremes, The - Never Again 215. The Gospel Stars - He Lifted Me 216. The Gospel Stars - Behold The Saints Of God 217. Mickey Woods - Poor Sam Jones 218. Mickey Woods - They Rode Through The Valley 219. Richard Wylie & His Band - Money (That's What I Wa 220. Richard Wylie & His Band - I'll Still Be Around 221. The Satintones - Tomorrow & Always 222. The Satintones - A Love That Can Never Be 223. The Satintones - Tomorrow & Always 224. Contours, The - Whole Lotta Woman 225. Gino Parks - Blibberin' Blabbin' Blues 226. Gino Parks - Don't Say Bye-bye 301. The Satintones - Angel 302. Gaye, Marvin - (I'm Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over 303. Gaye, Marvin - Witchcraft 304. Gaye, Marvin - Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide 305. Gaye, Marvin - Never Let You Go (Sha Lu Bop) 306. Wells, Mary - I Don't Want To Take A Chance 307. Wells, Mary - I'm So Sorry 308. Williams, Andre - Rosa Lee (Stay Off The Bell) 309. Williams, Andre - Shoo-doo 310. Strong, Barrett - Misery 311. Strong, Barrett - Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right 312. Miracles, The - Broken Hearted 313. Gordy Jr., Berry - Mighty Good Lovin' 314. Mable John - No Love 315. Mable John - Looking For A Man 316. Gino Parks - Same Thing 317. Gino Parks - That's No Lie 318. The Satintones - I Know How It Feels 319. The Satintones - My Kind Of Love 320. Mable John - No Love 321. Supremes, Diana Ross & The - Buttered Popcorn 322. Supremes, The - Who's Lovin' You 323. Supremes, Diana Ross & The - Buttered Popcorn 324. Temptations, The - Oh, Mother Of Mine 325. Temptations, The - Romance Without Finance 326. The Golden Harmoneers - I Am Bound 327. The Golden Harmoneers - Precious Memories 401. Marvelettes, The - Please Mr Postman 402. Marvelettes, The - So Long Baby 403. Contours, The - The Stretch 404. Contours, The - Funny 405. Debbie Dean - Itsy Bity Pity Love 406. Debbie Dean - But I'm Afraid 407. Columbus Mann - They Shall Be Mine 408. Columbus Mann - Jesus Loves 409. The Equadors - Someone To Call My Own 410. The Equadors - You're My Desire 411. Pete Hartfield - Love Me 412. Pete Hartfield - Darling Tonight 413. Gordy Jr., Berry - Everybody's Gotta Pay Some Dues 414. Miracles, The - I Can't Believe 415. Joel Sebastian - Angel In Blue 416. Joel Sebastian - Blue Cinderella 417. Wells, Mary - Strange Love 418. Wells, Mary - Come To Me 419. Gorman, Freddie - The Day Will Come 420. Gorman, Freddie - Just For You 421. Popcorn & The Mohawks - Have I The Right 422. Popcorn & The Mohawks - Real Good Lovin' 423. The Satintones - Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart 424. The Satintones - Faded Letter 501. Holland, Eddie - Jamie 502. Holland, Eddie - Take A Chance On Me 503. The Valadiers - Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam) 504. The Valadiers - Take A Chance 505. Mable John - Actions Speak Louder Than Words 506. Mable John - Take Me 507. Sammy Ward - What Makes You Love Him 508. Sammy Ward - Don't Take It Away 509. Temptations, The - Check Yourself 510. Temptations, The - Your Wonderful Love 511. Bob Kayli - Small Sad Sam 512. Bob Kayli - Tie Me Tight 513. Don Mckenzie - Whose Heart (Are You Gonna Break No 514. Don Mckenzie - I'll Call You 515. The Twistin' Kings - Xmas Twist 516. The Twistin' Kings - White House Twist 517. Mickey Woods - Please Mr. Kennedy 518. Mickey Woods - (They Call Me) Cupid 519. Marvelettes, The - Twistin' Postman 520. Marvelettes, The - I Want A Guy 521. Robinson & The Miracles, Smokey - What's So Good A 522. Gordy Jr., Berry - I've Been Good To You 523. The Twistin' Kings - Congo (Part 1) 524. The Twistin' Kings - Congo (Part 2)


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