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Georgia Gould - Wasted Little, Brown

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Young people growing up in Britain today face a narrowing job market, high housing costs and the prospect of a lifetime of hard work with less reward. The welfare state and ideas of social responsibility that arose after the Second World War are now straining under the demands of a changing, globalised society. With public debate too often dividing Britain's youth into the 'feral rats' of the London riots and the 'posh boys' of Eton, we could be forgiven for thinking that we are a nation with a youth problem. Georgia Gould sets out across the UK to meet job hunters in Bradford, student protesters in Brighton, public schoolboys in Somerset, young entrepreneurs in London and working class mums in Glasgow as she explores divided communities where conversations have broken down. This book uncovers the values, aspirations and challenges of young people in 21st-century Britain. Wasted - How misunderstanding young Britain threatens our future shows that far from being the apathetic, materialistic, drunken problem they are often portrayed as, young people in Britain have the aspirations, the creativity and the will to answer the many challenges we face. Gould looks towards the possibility of a new social contract and gives voice to young people who want to bridge social divides and determine the tenets of a new agreement led by increasingly empowered citizens, rather than stand by one designed for yesterday's problems.


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