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OECD Economics & the World Today 2003 - 2212825899

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OECD Economics & the World Today 2003 Kogan Page


The core aim of the OECD is to promote worldwide economic growth and sustainable development and to forge policies to support this aim. To measure progress and assess the development of the modern world, the organization has compiled, from its thirty Member states and from across the world, a unique and formidable database.The OECD database of economic, environmental, and social statistics is one of the richest and most respected available, and is unrivalled as a guide to global development.This new publication, OECD Economies and the World Today, is aimed at business leaders and policy makers. Its purpose is to present some of the headline statistics in a clear and accessible way and then draw out trends from the statistics and look at future prospects through a series of authoritative commentaries. The book is comprised of 20 sections designed to reflect the most pressing challenges in public policy today, from ongoing causes of concern such as economic performance and education to questions demanding immediate attention such as corporate governance and money laundering.In essence, the book aims to give non-specialists, particularly from the commercial sector, a picture of performance and prospects in the worlds leading economies.


Financial Management for Local Government  4 vols - 2212828474

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Financial Management for Local Government 4 vols Earthscan

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This series is designed to cover all aspects of sound financial management for local governments in developed and developing countries and economies in transition. Concepts of good governance, transparency and accountability are woven into the text of every chapter, and the needs and potential obstacles to greater decentralization and democracy are highlighted. Each volume is self-contained with its own Trainer's Guide, exercises and web resources. Chapters are divided into basic and advanced concepts and the detailed relationship of each topic to the others covered in the series is explained. VOLUME 1: CREATING A FINANCIAL FOUNDATION Financial policies, planning and citizen participation are cross-cutting topics that impact all aspects of local government decision-making. This volume provides decision makers with a basic financial foundation and will be especially useful for policy makers and chief executive officers. Sections: Financial Policy Making * Financial Planning * Citizen Participation * Evaluating Financial Condition VOLUME 2: MANAGING THE OPERATING BUDGET The short-term operating budget and long-term capital investment plans are the engines that drive local government. The operating budget is the primary mechanism for providing public services and demonstrating accountability for decisions made during the budget process. More technical in nature than volume 1, many of the more basic ideas will be of use to policy makers, while the advanced concepts are written principally for chief executive officers, finance managers and department heads. Sections: Operating Budget * Financing the Operating Budget VOLUME 3: MANAGING THE CAPITAL INVESTMENT PLAN


Empire of Mind - 2212828050

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Empire of Mind University of Toronto Press

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Where many critics see the Internet as an instrument of corporate hegemony, Michael Strangelove sees something else: an alternative space inhabited by communities dedicated to anarchic freedom, culture jamming, alternative journalism, and resistance to authoritarian forms of consumer capitalism and globalization. In The Empire of Mind, "Dr. Strangelove," the scholar Canadian Business referred to as the "acknowledged dean of Internet entrepreneurs" and Wired called "the Canadian guru of Internet advertising," presents the compelling argument that the Internet and new digital communication technology actually undermine the power of capital, producing an alternative symbolic economy. Strangelove contends that the Internet breaks with the capitalist logic of commodification and that, while television produces a passive consumer audience, Internet audiences are more active, creative, and subversive. Writers, activists, and artists on the Internet undermine commercial media and its management of consumer behaviour, a behaviour that is challenged by the Web's tendency toward the disintegration of intellectual property rights. Case studies describe the invention of new meaning given to cultural and consumer icons like Barbie and McDonald's and explore how novel modes of online news production alter the representation of the world as it is produced by the mainstream, corporate press. In the course of exploring new media, The Empire of Mind also makes apparent that digital piracy will not be eliminated. The Internet community effectively converts private property into public, thereby presenting serious obstacles for the management of consumer behaviour and significantly eroding brand value. Much to the dismay of the corporate sector, online communities are disinterested in the ethics of private property. In fact, the entire philosophical framework on which capitalism is based is threatened by these alternative means of cultural production.


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