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Wetlands For Water Pollution Control - 2841498982

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Wetlands For Water Pollution Control

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Functional Assessment of Wetlands - 2826756874

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Functional Assessment of Wetlands Woodhead Publishing Ltd

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Wetlands perform functions that deliver benefits to society, often referred to as ecosystem services. These ecosystem services include water supply, flood regulation, water purification, climate regulation, biodiversity, agriculture (e.g. grazing land), and amenity. A functional approach to wetland assessment enables a holistic view to be taken of the wide range of services wetlands can provide. The functional assessment procedures (FAPs) in this volume translate best available scientific knowledge into reasonable predictions of how component parts of wetlands function in different landscape contexts. They can be used to indicate the potential and priorities for management options in such areas as flood control, pollution reduction and biodiversity conservation. Functional assessment enables the user to predict the functioning of a wetland area without the need for comprehensive and expensive empirical research The FAPs therefore provide a methodology that can be used by both experts and non-experts to assess wetland functioning relatively rapidly. The volume includes an electronic version of the FAPs on CD which automates aspects of the assessment once the initial recording stage is completed. It is anticipated that the FAPs will be used by a range of individuals or organisations concerned with wetland management who wish to gain a better understanding of the processes, functions, services or benefits and potential of the wetlands for which they have responsibility. * Provides a systematic methodology to evaluate how wetlands function* Allows non-experts to assess wetland functioning rapidly and cost-effectively* Automates aspects of the functional assessment through the accompanying CD-ROM


Water Quality Control Handbook - 2212836919

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Water Quality Control Handbook McGraw-Hill

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Capitalize on the Latest Design and Operating Innovations for Achieving Peak Performance in Any Wastewater Treatment Plant Wastewater treatment professionals can turn to the updated Second Edition of Water Quality Control Handbook for cutting-edge information on designing and operating systems used to treat wastewater from industrial and domestic sources. This state-of-the-art guide explores design innovations, equipment selection, treatment processes, new regulations, and operating methods for achieving peak performance in all kinds of wastewater treatment facilities. Noted pollution control expert E. Roberts Alley examines breakthroughs that are improving current wastewater treatment practice. He covers the optimization of activated sludge wastewater treatment through cation control 'pH control for quickly varying pH levels'and the use of separate activated sludge treatment units in series to efficiently treat a mixture of biodegradable and refractory organics. The author also discusses the design of activated sludge wetlands'new pollutant precipitation techniques'total nitrogen removal design'recommendations for reducing effluent toxicity to aquatic life'and much more. Filled with 650 illustrations, charts, and tables, the Second Edition of Water Quality Control Handbook features: Expanded coverage of treatment systems for specific pollutants The latest water quality regulations New sections on wastewater treatment operations, new material on membrane treatment processes, and new developments in cost-saving treatment design methods Inside This Landmark Water Quality Control Guide ' Sources of Water Pollution ' Pollutant Classification ' Water Quality ' Environmental Management ' Regulatory Standards ' Wastewater Treatment Plant Design ' Physical Treatment ' Chemical Treatment ' Biological Treatment ' Residuals Treatment ' Schematics and Flow Diagrams ' Pollutant Information New to this edition: two major sections on wastewater treatment options, material on treatment systems for specific pollutants, the latest developments in cost-saving treatment design methods, and the latest regulations SI units appear throughout for international usage Two new major sections added on wastewater treatment operationsMore on treatment systems for specific pollutantsNew material on membrane treatment processesNew developments in cost saving treatment design methodsLatest regulations included


Wetland Biodiversity Threats and their Root Causes - 2834696413

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Wetland Biodiversity Threats and their Root Causes LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

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Wetlands are transitional ecosystems between terrestrial and aquatic systems. Wetlands provide natural resources products and services for humanity and their products which are play an important role for food security. Dembia wetland is situated on a basaltic plateau in the north-western range of the Lake Tana in the Amhara National Regional State. These wetlands have benefits through supplying many goods and services to people. These goods and services include food, fibre, clean water, pollution control, organic matter or sediment export flood and storm control, ground water recharge and discharge, habitat for animal and plant migration, landscape and waterscape connectivity. The role of wetlands in climate regulation, adaptation and mitigation are also high, because wetlands play an important role in carbon and nitrogen storage, and they are also natural sources of greenhouse gases (GHG. Major threats in the Dembia wetlands were agricultural encroachments, heavy cattle grazing, urbanization, and invasive species/weed infestation, and land degradation, risk of eutrophication and climate change.


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