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Wetlands for Water Pollution Control - 2854440131

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Wetlands for Water Pollution Control ELSEVIER SCIENCE

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Wetlands for Water Pollution Control, Second Edition, covers the fundamental science and engineering principles relevant to the drainage and treatment of both storm and wastewater. Standard and novel design recommendations for predominantly constructed wetlands and related sustainable drainage systems are also provided to account for the interests of professional engineers and environmental scientists. This revised edition deals with the design, operation, maintenance, and water quality monitoring of traditional and novel wetland systems, but also provides information on the analysis of asset performance and modeling of treatment processes, along with performances of existing infrastructures in predominantly developed, but also developing countries, and the sustainability and economic issues involved. This new edition contains 10 new chapters, along with multidisciplinary, experimental, and modeling-orientated case study topics that include natural wetlands, constructed treatment wetlands for pollution control, sustainable drainage systems, and specific applications, such as wetlands treating hydrocarbon and ammonia, as well as ecological sanitation systems recycling treated. Contains a broad overview of water and environmental engineering aspects relevant for the drainage and treatment of storm water and wastewater, respectivelyIncludes standard and novel design, operation, monitoring and maintenance recommendations for predominantly constructed wetlands and related sustainable drainage systemsProvides detailed solutions to pressing water quality challenges associated with constructed treatment wetlands, integrated constructed wetlands, sustainable flood retention basins, farm constructed wetlands and storm water ponds, and other sustainable biological filtration and treatment technologies linked to public health engineering


Wetlands For Water Pollution Control - 2841498982

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Wetlands For Water Pollution Control

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Water Quality Control Handbook - 2212836919

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Water Quality Control Handbook McGraw-Hill

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Capitalize on the Latest Design and Operating Innovations for Achieving Peak Performance in Any Wastewater Treatment Plant Wastewater treatment professionals can turn to the updated Second Edition of Water Quality Control Handbook for cutting-edge information on designing and operating systems used to treat wastewater from industrial and domestic sources. This state-of-the-art guide explores design innovations, equipment selection, treatment processes, new regulations, and operating methods for achieving peak performance in all kinds of wastewater treatment facilities. Noted pollution control expert E. Roberts Alley examines breakthroughs that are improving current wastewater treatment practice. He covers the optimization of activated sludge wastewater treatment through cation control 'pH control for quickly varying pH levels'and the use of separate activated sludge treatment units in series to efficiently treat a mixture of biodegradable and refractory organics. The author also discusses the design of activated sludge wetlands'new pollutant precipitation techniques'total nitrogen removal design'recommendations for reducing effluent toxicity to aquatic life'and much more. Filled with 650 illustrations, charts, and tables, the Second Edition of Water Quality Control Handbook features: Expanded coverage of treatment systems for specific pollutants The latest water quality regulations New sections on wastewater treatment operations, new material on membrane treatment processes, and new developments in cost-saving treatment design methods Inside This Landmark Water Quality Control Guide ' Sources of Water Pollution ' Pollutant Classification ' Water Quality ' Environmental Management ' Regulatory Standards ' Wastewater Treatment Plant Design ' Physical Treatment ' Chemical Treatment ' Biological Treatment ' Residuals Treatment ' Schematics and Flow Diagrams ' Pollutant Information New to this edition: two major sections on wastewater treatment options, material on treatment systems for specific pollutants, the latest developments in cost-saving treatment design methods, and the latest regulations SI units appear throughout for international usage Two new major sections added on wastewater treatment operationsMore on treatment systems for specific pollutantsNew material on membrane treatment processesNew developments in cost saving treatment design methodsLatest regulations included


Skinny Streets and Green Neighborhoods - 2854327640

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Skinny Streets and Green Neighborhoods Island Press

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Includes farsighted and practical advice to create successful green neighborhoods. Cities are growing at unprecedented rates. Most continue to sprawl into the countryside. Some are only now adopting policies that attempt to control air pollution from vehicles, reduce water pollution from urban runoff, and repair fragmented urban ecosystems. Can good urban design and sound environmental design coincide at a neighborhood level to create healthy communities? Absolutely, and the strategies presented by Cynthia Girling and Ronald Kellett in "Skinny Streets and Green Neighborhoods" illustrate how to weave together contemporary thinking in urban planning with open space planning and urban ecology. Drawing from eighteen case studies, these green neighborhoods are the best examples of how the natural environment can play integral roles in neighborhoods. Green neighborhoods offer a mix of housing types in order to serve a broad cross-section of people with a finely-grained variety of land uses and services, all close to home. In ecologically sound communities, the urban landscape is a functioning part of the whole ecosystem. Wooded areas, meandering streams, wetlands, and open spaces are planned and engineered to clean the air and the water. Skinnier streets and practical pathways weave into a functional, economical network to provide a range of equally good transportation choices, from walking to mass transit, that move people efficiently and economically. This book moves beyond identifying problems to demonstrate proven methods and models that solve multiple, complex problems in concert. With innovative ideas and practical advice, "Skinny Streets and Green Neighborhoods" is a guide for today's planners, architects, engineers, and developers to better neighborhoods and a more natural metropolis.


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