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What a Hoot! Owls of the Forest Coloring Book - 2851442437

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What a Hoot! Owls of the Forest Coloring Book



Adult Coloring Book - 2834136730

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Adult Coloring Book Mobplay Tomasz Kalowski

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

*** 30 UNIQUE ILLUSTRATIONS DESIGNED BY 9 TALENTED ARTISTS *** Preview of what's inside => FREE GIFTS INSIDE Additional 20+ Unique Illustrations ($27 Value) Report Revealing Top 10 Tools Every Coloring Enthusiast Should Have Exclusive Discounts for New Book Releases and More Free Designs Relax and step away from everyday life stress! Coloring books aren't just for kids anymore. Nowadays our lives become busier and more complicated. Technology escalation moves us through waves of emails and social networks' notifications. This constant stimulation of expectations, obligations and stress has left us burnt out and distanced from the joys of the present. Finding a moment of calm can be a challenge. Recently, coloring has been discovered a wonderful activity for anyone who wants to relax, de-stress and release mind from overwhelming thoughts. The growing popularity of adult coloring books proves its positive simplicity and being a trendy way to find yourself focused and unwind from the hectic pace of modern life! Channel stress and anxiety into artistic fulfillment. Escape to the world of inspiration suitable for both, beginners and advanced colorists, anyone who loves coloring joy. There are no instructions, no rights or wrongs, and there is no need for expensive art supplies. Color in any way you wish to create unique and exquisite pieces. Coloring can benefit those who find it difficult to discover their inner artist when faced with a blank page. Switch off and lose yourself in the flow of coloring. The book features SpringTime themed illustrations, full of blooming flowers, bees, birds and other animals. Features: 30 beautiful, stress-relieving patterns, designed to engage and spark imagination to unleash your inner creativity. Different levels of detail, from easy to difficult (for different eyes). Pick a picture depending on your mood and start your de-stressing journey. Print it on large 8.5x11 high quality paper and you'll have plenty of space to be creative and work on the details. When you are done, you will have unique piece of art, worth framing and displaying. Perfect for decorating with colored pencils, gel pens, markers, porous point pens or crayons. Share your coloring passion. Give your friend a gift of relaxation or sit and enjoy it together. You don't need creative experience. If you find it difficult to discover your inner artist - you will still benefit. Coloring alone is calming, just add color! Check out what others are saying


Autumn Splendor Grayscale Coloring Book - 2846353335

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Autumn Splendor Grayscale Coloring Book Dylanna Publishing, Inc.

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Autumn grayscale coloring book. Contains 26 carefully curated fall season images that have each been hand-selected and processed to create beautiful and detailed grayscale images to color. Each image is printed on one side of 60lb, acid-free paper. Professionally designed on bright white, 8/12 x 11 pages with decorative frame. Autumn coloring book contains falling leaves, pumpkins, apples, animals, and more. What is grayscale coloring? You may or may not already be familiar with grayscale or greyscale coloring. It is a coloring technique that uses the existing shading in a grayscale image to create more realistic, three-dimensional, and lifelike works of art. When coloring, you color directly over a grayscale photo, as opposed to line art coloring, where you color the white spaces between the lines. It is a perfect way for both beginning colorists and more advanced artists to create truly stunning coloring pieces. Grayscale coloring for adults is one of the newest and most exciting trends in adult coloring and is gaining popularity fast, and with good reason. People are drawn to grayscale coloring because it is fun! It also results in very realistic pictures that can rival gallery-quality art. Grayscale images are created from specially selected photographs, paintings, and drawings. They are then converted to images for coloring using specialized graphic design software and hand-tuned to create the perfect shading and highlights for coloring. Categories: autumn coloring book, grayscale coloring book, fall grayscale coloring, autumn adult coloring book


Coloring Book for Kids - 2856496248

43,03 zł

Coloring Book for Kids Speedy Kids

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Having an ABC coloring book will help a child remember their alphabet for a variety of reasons. The first reason is because it is fun! If your child likes to color and is not so much into formal instruction, a coloring book is a great way to get them engaged. They will not feel like they are bored or 'learning', but instead that they are enjoying themselves. However, even though they are just coloring, they are still visualizing the letters, which will be ingrained in their memories after spending so much time coloring in a letter. Coloring books serve as great visual aids to help children learn kinesthetically. For example, if they were coloring the letter 'B', (and there was an adult present to tell them that it is the letter B), the next time they see the letter outside of the coloring book, they should instantly recognize it. By connecting what they colored to a real letter, they will soon be identifying letters, which will soon lead to phonological and phonemic awareness.


What Lifts Your Heart - 2854515395

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What Lifts Your Heart Harlequin (UK)

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From globe-trotting artist Kelsey Montague, whose uplifting murals have dotted Sydney's shores, Manhattan's sultry streets, California's coastline and everywhere in between, comes a beautiful new interactive adult coloring book.


Back to the 80s - 2854581129

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Back to the 80s Lightburst Media

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Relax, Unwind, De-Stress, and Color In Your Dreams With These 35 Radical 80s Fashion Illustrations. Imagine putting on some 80s tunes and sitting down to relax and color your way through the fad and fashions of the 1980s. These detailed illustrations will teleport you back to the 1980s where leotards, leggings, side ponytails, jean jackets, jelly shoes, high-tops, hair bands, track suits, boom boxes, hip hop, crimped hair, and shoulder pads reigned! Pick a page that jumps out to you and let the fun begin! LightBurst Media is committed to bringing you fun and unique adult coloring books for you to relax and enjoy! We are quickly becoming a favorite adult coloring book brand and hope you enjoy our coloring books! What you can expect from Back to the 80s: FUN hand-drawn fashion pages, no computer generated or stock images here! Clothing, hair styles, accessories and fads from 1980-1989 Images printed single sided Detailed stress relieving designs perfect for both Adults and Teens A great gift for people that like 80s stuff, grew up in the 80s or like retro fashion Bonus: A 80s playlist(both printed and on spotify) of radical iconic 80s tunes Pick up your copy of Back to the 80s today for a fun way to relax and unwind!


Just Add Color: Botanicals - 2854202585

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Just Add Color: Botanicals Rockport

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Who doesn't love to color? As an adult, now that you can stay in the lines, you only need to think about what color to use! Rockport Books presents a series of grown-up coloring books for art and design lovers. Just Add Color: Botanicals includes 30 original designs from artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon. Each book contains 64 perforated pages to make it easy to share, frame and hang your artwork. You'll be inspired by the sumptuous artwork in this book, and the use of color is endless. Relax, have fun, and Just Add Color.


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