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Two Lockets Forgotten Books

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Excerpt from The Two Lockets: A Romantic Drama, in Three Acts Scene. - Exterior of Mr. Sander's house, R, with steps leading into garden: railing fence in back with door in C.: wood drop back of fence, table with rustic chairs and bench in garden, R. C.; large vase containing flowers, L. C. Lively music at rise of curtain, eight bars. Kate Briggs discovered arranging flowers in vase. Kate. Now I am sure this lovely boquet will suit the refined tastes of my young mistress and her new chaperon, Miss Martha Coats. I do love to pass away my time among the roses. (coming down to bench, L.) Oh! dear how tired I am this morning. (sits) I do wish those nasty robbers had not paid us that visit during the night, and Mr. Sanders would have allowed us to take our usual rest, and not have us up and running around the house like wild rabbets, long before it was daylight. (bell rings) Dear me, who can that be, at this time in the morning? (rises and looks off L.) Bless me if it ain't my old sweetheart, Jerry Scribbler. (Enter Scribbler, L. 2. E. with roll of paper and pencil.) Scrib. Jeremiah Scribbler, Esq., city editor of the "Morning News." Well, Kitty, my dear, you're an early bird I see. Kate. (R. C.) "The early bird catches the worm," you know Scrib. Scrib. Hush! don't call me Scrib, rather ill-sounding my dear, especially for a gentleman of my profession. But I say, Kitty - Kate, My name is not Kitty, its Catharine; and I prefer to be called that, since it sounds much better for a lady of my standing. Scrib. Hal ha! ha! come, thats good, but don't be angry with me, Kitty, haven't you promised that, one of these fine days, you will become Mrs. Jeremiah Scribbler? Kate. Yes, but I'm likely to change my mind, unless you give up those high toned airs which you have assumed ever since you quit the tailoring business, to become a third rate ink slinger, in a fourth class paper office. Jeremiah Scribbler, indeed! with an E. S. Q. tacked on; wonder it wasn't an L. L. D., that would be the proper title, then I could naturally guess it to be - Scrib. What? Kate. Long legged donkey. Scrib. Catharine - Miss Briggs - you astonish me. What would my friends think if they heard such language addressed to me? Me, Jeremiah Scribbler, special correspondent for "De Functs Weekly" and leading editor of the "Morning News." I tell you Catharine, I will not tamely submit to such an insult, especially from the lips of her whom I had hoped to make my wife. I know what's the matter, you're in love with some other fellow, I suppose, and have taken this opportunity to get rid of me - well I'm going. (sits on bench L. and turns from her. Kate down R) There now, don't ask me to stay. I am sure you don't love me any longer, so I'll leave you at once; farewell Kate, (looks around) didn't you hear me Catharine? I said I was going. Kate. You don't seem to be in a hurry to get away. Scrib. Won't you say farewell to your old love? Kate. (bowing) Farewell Mr. Jeremiah Scribbler, E. S .Q. and L. L. D. Scrib. (rises) Confound it, I do believe the woman is without a heart (goes to her) tell me, Kitty, why do you speak to me in such a cool manner as that? About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at


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