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Opus Dei - 2212825700

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Opus Dei Penguin

Literatura faktu

Opus Dei is the most controversial - and unknown - force in the Catholic Church.  Here, John L. Allen uncovers its real nature.  Accused of promoting a right-wing political agenda, of cult-like practices, and immortalized forever in the pages of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, Opus Dei is the most notorious, most talked about - but least known - religious organization of our time.  Granted unlimited access to those within its ranks, and with an investigative eye intent on uncovering closely guarded secrets, John L. Allen finally separates the myths from the facts:  the actual use of the cilice; the reason men and women remain separate; the true extent of Opus Dei's funds.  Built around a wealth of interviews with the heads of Opus Dei in the Vatican and in centres around the world, comparing the attitudes of current members with those of highly critical members and outsiders, Opus Dei is a portrait of a remarkably powerful organization, both inside and outside the Church. One of the most mysterious and controversial religious forces today, and immortalized in Dan Brown


Pastor Johann Christoph Blumhardt - 2826823292

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Pastor Johann Christoph Blumhardt Wipf & Stock Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Description: Though relatively unknown in America, Johann Christoph Blumhardt (1805-1880) is widely recognized in his native Germany, in part because of Friedrich Zündel's landmark biography, now available in English for the first time. The terrifying battle between the spiritual forces of good and evil described here, and the awakening that followed, catapulted Blumhardt's parish into the public eye and still draws seekers to it. Zündel's account is fascinating on a historical level, but it is also infused with enduring pastoral insights and spiritual wisdom. Here is an almost unbelievable account of one person's faith in the inbreaking of God's kingdom and its victory over powers that bind and divide humanity. Endorsements: ""Still relevant for our time, Christoph Blumhardt was and is my spiritual father. I am extremely pleased that this series is coming to fruition. I congratulate the editors."" --Jürgen Moltmann "". . . An impressive effort of considerable value."" --Bernard McGinn ""Today's church is dying for examples for what it means to be faithful. It is, therefore, a great and good thing that the collected works of the Blumhardts will now be made available. The Blumhardts not only saw what a faithful church might look like, they exemplified it in their wide-ranging writings and work. This series is a boon to the church."" --Stanly Hauerwas ""This project is an important venture . . . It is hard to imagine a more influential team upon Barth than the Blumhardts. They gave Barth a great vision of a lively, intruding God. . . Jesus is Victor!"" --William Willimon ""In plain and profound language, and rooted in their pastoral experience, the Blumhardts wrote with startling, deep conviction about the kingdom's social as well as its personal reality. Their words are all the more pertinent for us today. The Blumhardt Series is a major event for the witness and work of the church in the twenty-first century."" --Rodney Clapp ""Karl Barth once noted that German systematic theology missed out on the Blumhardts in a sleepy daze. One can only wonder how much was lost, including the vibrant spirituality, the progressive politics, and the strong sense of the reality of the work of God for which these men were known. Once again we need to be awakened from our slumbers, and the Blumhardts could be catalysts in this process, reminding us that theology and the church must be squarely located in the pressures and struggles of this world."" --Joerg Rieger About the Contributor(s): Christian T. Collins Winn (PhD, Drew University) is Assistant Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology at Bethel University, St. Paul, Minnesota, and a licensed minister in the American Baptist Church (USA). He is author of Jesus is Victor! The Significance of the Blumhardts for the Theology of Karl Barth (Pickwick Publications, 2008). Charles E. Moore is a member of Church Communities International, an intentional community movement based on Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. He is an editor and author for Plough Publishing. His works include Provocations: Spiritual Writings of Kierkegaard, Action in Waiting: Sermons by Christoph Blumhardt, and Leo Tolstoy: Spiritual Writings.


Way Out There - 2839407005

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Way Out There Bear Family Records


1. Way Out There 2. Tumbling Tumbleweeds 3. Moonlight On The Prairie 4. Ridin' Home 5. I Follow The Stream 6. There's A Roundup In The Sky 7. Roving Cowboy 8. Will You Love Me When My Hair Has Turned To Silver 9. When Our Old Age Pension Check Comes To Our Door 10. When I Leave This World Behind 11. Over The Santa Fe Trail 12. Song Of The Pioneers 13. Echoes From The Hills 14. Kilocycle Stomp 15. Cajon Stomp 16. Westward Ho 17. The Hills Of Old Wyomin' 18. A Melody From The Sky 19. We'll Rest At The End Of The Trail 20. Texas Star 21. Blue Bonnet Girl 22. Ride, Ranger, Ride 23. Empty Saddles 24. Blue Prairie 25. I'm An Old Cowhand (From The Rio Grande) 26. Way Out There 27. Will You Love Me When My Hair Has Turned To Silver 28. Song Of The Pioneers 29. Blue Prairie 101. One More Ride 102. Way Out There 103. Tumbling Tumbleweeds 104. My Saddle Pals & I 105. I Love You Nelly 106. I Wonder If She Waits For Me Tonight 107. When The Roses Bloom Again 108. Heavenly Airplane 109. Billie The Kid 110. Power In The Blood 111. Let's Pretend 112. Love Song Of The Waterfall 113. Song Of The Bandit 114. Down Along The Sleepy Rio Grande 115. Just A-wearyin' For You 116. Smilin' Through 117. Kelly Waltz 118. Open Range Ahead 119. Cajon Stomp 120. Blue Juniata 121. Send Him Home To Me 122. Cowboy Night-herd Song 123. One More Ride 124. I Wonder If She Waits For Me Tonight 125. When The Roses Bloom Again 126. Billie The Kid 127. Power In The Blood 128. Open Range Ahead 129. Send Him Home To Me 130. Cowboy Night-herd Song 201. Black Sheep Blues 202. That Pioneer Mother Of Mine 203. Hadie Brown (My Little Lady) 204. Hear Dem Bells 205. One More River To Cross 206. You Must Come In At The Door 207. Lead Me Gently Home, Father 208. The Devil's Great Grandson 209. Dwelling In Beulah Land 210. When The Golden Train Comes Down 211. The Hangin' Blues 212. Hold That Critter Down 213. Leaning On The Everlasting Arm 214. What You Gonna Say To Peter 215. At The Rainbow's End 216. The Touch Of God's Hand 217. Lord, You Made The Cowboy Happy 218. That Pioneer Mother Of Mine 219. Dust 220. When A Cowboy Sings A Song 221. Listen To The Rhythm Of The Range 222. Hi-yo, Silver! 223. A Lonely Ranger Am I 224. Old Pioneer 225. Ridin' Ropin' 226. Black Sheep Blues 227. One More River To Cross 228. You Must Come In At The Door 229. Hold That Critter Down 230. Leaning On The Everlasting Arm 231. The Touch Of God's Hand 301. I've Sold My Saddle For An Old Guitar 302. Colorado Sunset 303. There's A Ranch In The Rockies 304. When The Sun Is Setting On The Prairie 305. When I Camped Under The Stars 306. Born To The Saddle 307. When Mother Nature Sings Her Lullaby 308. Somebody's Smile 309. I've Learned A Lot About Women 310. The Man In The Moon Is A Cowhand 311. She's All Wet Now 312. I Hope I'm Not Dreaming Again 313. The Mail Must Go Through 314. Ridin' Down The Trail 315. Here On The Range 316. Let Me Build A Cabin 317. Headin' For Texas & Home 318. Rusty Spurs 319. Chapel In The Valley 320. You Waited Too Long 321. Nobody's Fault But My Own 322. No Matter What Happens, My Darling 323. Silent Night, Holy Night 324. O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles) 325. Wondering Why 326. I Hope I'm Not Dreaming Again 327. Chapel In The Valley 328. You Waited Too Long 329. Nobody's Fault But My Own 330. Silent Night, Holy Night 331. O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles) 401. Wondering Why 402. (Without You Darling) Life Won't Be The Same 403. New Worried Mind 404. Time Changes Everything 405. Yesterday 406. Melody Of The Plains 407. So Long To The Red River Valley 408. My Love Went Without Water (Three Days) 409. (Goodbye My Darlin') They Drew My Number 410. He's Gone Up The Trail 411. A Love That Ended Too Soon 412. Cielito Lindo 413. Cool Water 414. You Don't Love Me But I'll Always Care 415. There's A Long, Long, Trail 416. Kelly Waltz 417. Lonely Rose Of Mexico 418. Rye Whiskey 419. Wagner Hoedown 420. Boggy Road To Texas 421. Don't Be Blue, Little Pal, Don't Be Blue 422. You Were Right & I Was Wrong 423. I'm Trusting In You 424. I'll Be Honest With You (Answer To Be Honest With 425. (Without You Darling) Life Won't Be The Same 426. New Worried Mind 427. Time Changes Everything 428. Melody Of The Plains 429. My Love Went Without Water (Three Days) 430. (Goodbye My Darlin') They Drew My Number 431. He's Gone Up The Trail 501. I Knew It All The Time 502. You Broke My Heart, Little Darlin' 503. How Was I To Know 504. When The Moon Comes Over Sun Valley 505. Down By The Old Alamo 506. I Know I Shouldn't Worry (But I Do) 507. A Gay Ranchero (Las Altenitas) 508. Blue Bonnet Lane 509. Don't Waste Your Love On Me 510. It's Just The Same 511. A Man & His Song 512. I've Sold My Saddle For An Old Guitar 513. Pay Me No Mind 514. Salt River Valley 515. Tumbleweed Trails 516. Plain Old Plains 517. You're The Answer To My Prayer 518. Little Old Church On The Hilltop 519. She Gave Her Heart To A Soldier Boy 520. Think Of Me 521. Private Buckaroo 522. O-o-oh, Wonderful World 523. I'll Be Around Somewhere 524. I'm Crying My Heart Out Over You 525. I Hang My Head & Cry 526. Home In San Antone 527. Let Me Keep My Memories 528. There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder 529. Pay Me No Mind 530. Salt River Valley


Folk Songs From Wales - 2839407176

43,99 zł

Folk Songs From Wales NET FX-GER

Muzyka>Muzyka świata>Folk / Ludowa / Etno

1. Ar Log - Y March Glas - Nos Fercher, (The Grey Sta 2. Dafydd Iwan - Si Hei Lwli, (Lullaby) 3. Arfon Gwilym - Rhowch Broc I R Tan, (Poke The Fire 4. Gwenan Gibbard - Dod Dy Law, (Place Your Hand) 5. Carreg Lafar - Profiad, (Experience) 6. Plethyn - Mil Harddach Wyt, (You Are Fairer) 7. Meibion Llywarch - Ffarwel I Blwy Llangywer, (Fare 8. Ar Log - Mynwent Eglwys, (The Church Graveyard) 9. Arfon Gwilym - Y Sguthan 10. Plethyn - Hon Yw Fy Olwen I, (This Is My Olwen) 11. Meredydd Evans - Can Y Cwcwallt 12. Sian James - Ei Di R Deryn Du?, (Blackbird, Will Y 13. Gwenan Gibbard - Hen Benillion, (Old Verses) 14. Meibion Llywarch - Cainc Yr Aradwr 15. Sian James - Broga Bach, (Little Frog) 16. Plethyn - Cysga Di Gy Mhlentyn Tlws, (Sleep My Pre 101. Triawd Foeldrehaearn - Wedi Mynd, (They Have Gone) 102. Gwenan Gibbard - Tros Y Mor, (Over The Sea) 103. Ar Log - Swydd Amwythig, (Shrewsbury) 104. Tudur Morgan & Linda Griffiths - Mae Inghariad I 105. Sian James - Merch Ei Mam, (Her Mothers Daughter) 106. Pigyn Clust - Beth Yw R Haf I Mi?, (What Is Summer 107. Linda Griffiths - Tra Bo Dau, (While There Are Two 108. Gwenan Gibbard - Y Sgwner Tri Mast, (The Three Mas 109. Carreg Lafar - Aberhonddu 110. Sian James - Ffarwel I Langyfelach Lon, (Farewell 111. Gwenan Gibbard - Trafaeliais Y Byd, (I Travelled T 112. Plethyn - Myn Mair 113. Parti R Efail - Ceinion Conwy 114. Linda Griffiths - Merched Becy, (Rebbecca S Daught 115. Calan - Y Gog Lwydlas, (The Cuckoo)


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