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Opus Dei - 2212825700

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Opus Dei Penguin

Literatura faktu

Opus Dei is the most controversial - and unknown - force in the Catholic Church.  Here, John L. Allen uncovers its real nature.  Accused of promoting a right-wing political agenda, of cult-like practices, and immortalized forever in the pages of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, Opus Dei is the most notorious, most talked about - but least known - religious organization of our time.  Granted unlimited access to those within its ranks, and with an investigative eye intent on uncovering closely guarded secrets, John L. Allen finally separates the myths from the facts:  the actual use of the cilice; the reason men and women remain separate; the true extent of Opus Dei's funds.  Built around a wealth of interviews with the heads of Opus Dei in the Vatican and in centres around the world, comparing the attitudes of current members with those of highly critical members and outsiders, Opus Dei is a portrait of a remarkably powerful organization, both inside and outside the Church. One of the most mysterious and controversial religious forces today, and immortalized in Dan Brown


Churrasco - 2846572079

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Churrasco Pickwick Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Description: Just as a churrasco is a Brazilian barbecue of a variety of meats, Churrasco skewers together an ebullient and eclectic assortment of theological texts from around the world to honor and celebrate one of Brazil's most eclectic and creative theologians, Vítor Westhelle. Churrasco brings together different fields and disciplines, transgressing boundaries and allowing them to seep into each other. Though predominantly Lutheran, the authors hail from various denominations and contexts. Poised between in-depth doctrinal and practically reflective essays are poetically creative pieces. The contributions are exemplars of how to develop and foster language for God-talk and how to appropriate our God-talk in relationships with fellow human beings and with the environment. The topical range is wide and spans from the theology of the cross, to eschatology, postcolonialism, ecumenism, science and religion, the erotic, otherness, experience, literature, poetry, and the reformer Martin Luther. Unfettered by a common theme, the essays nevertheless connect and weave a tapestry; they raise key questions and they challenge theologians not only to rethink traditional concepts and contemporary views but also to reevaluate the task of theology itself. Endorsements: ""These essays embody a many-limbed and luscious theology. It vibrates, stretches, sings, provokes, and caresses. I recommend it to thinkers concerned with space--postcolonial or ecological; with theopoetics in literature, Scripture, or doctrine; with grace under torment or in love; and even with Luther."" --Catherine Keller, Drew University ""Westhelle's writing, wisdom, and theological influence reverberate around the globe. This collection is a fitting invitation to join in the spirit of accompaniment that marks Westhelle's work. I commend this feast of essays to anyone who wants . . . to enter the conversation on the ways God is working in the world."" --Robin Steinke, Lutheran Seminary at Gettysburg ""The nineteen contributions offered here . . . echo Westhelle's vigilance to give voice to the voiceless and fearlessly shake the indifference of empires and the idols by which such powers seek legitimization. These essays expand on Westhelle's paradoxical approach to faith and thus engage culture, science, and theology by means of a profound critique informed by Martin Luther's theology."" --Mark Mattes, Grand View University ""How do we celebrate a theologian who continually draws our gaze to the incarnate God who is constantly, unexpectedly revealed in the margins, fissures, and cracks? Quite simply: you invite together a spectrum of voices spanning context and theological disciplines, and watch as in concert they produce what no single voice can--namely, a witness to the good news that there is one Cross. And that it is plural."" --Neal J. Anthony, Lead Pastor, United Lutheran Church ""These essays honoring Westhelle's work arrest, trouble, and delight. They also point a way forward in uncharted terrain. From around the world and across the disciplines, these authors converge to offer new ways of visioning divine things (theoria), new patterns for living in a world marked by the scandal of the cross (praxis), and new language for witnessing to the ecstatic reality in a world where 'my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are my ways your ways' (Isaiah 55:8)."" --Martha E. Stortz, Augsburg College About the Contributor(s): Mary Philip currently is staff at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and is adjunct faculty at Lewis University, but will soon move to take up the position of Assistant Professor for Lutheran Global Theology and Mission at Waterloo Seminary/Wilfrid Laurier University at Waterl


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