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And When The Music Stops - 2871212812

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And When The Music Stops

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Horror & ghost storiesKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Humanities>History

What Is The Strange Incessant Music That Keeps Wilhelm And His People, The Hundeiss, In Slavery? Living And Working Underground All Their Lives, None Of Them Has Ever Seen Daylight. So When A Chance Rock Fall Enables Wilhelm To Escape Into The World Above


Living with Joy2: How to Dance with Life When the Music Stops! - 2862551549

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Living with Joy2: How to Dance with Life When the Music Stops!



When The Screaming Stops - 2875082267

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When The Screaming Stops

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>The arts>Music>Composers & musicians, specific bands & groupsKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>The art...

Their Story Is One Of Worldwide Pop Hysteria Coupled With An Almost Unrelenting Behind The Scenes Darkness.


Glorious Old Time Music Hall / Różni Wykonawcy (Uk) - 2839730360

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Glorious Old Time Music Hall / Różni Wykonawcy (Uk) IMPORTS


1. The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo 2. I Belong To Glasgow 3. It's The First Time I've Ever Done That 4. Don't Have Any More, Missus Moore 5. Keep Right On To The End Of The Road 6. She Was Poor But She Was Honest 7. The Laughing Policeman 8. Down At The Old Bull And Bush 9. Any Old Iron? 10. When Father Papered The Parlour 11. Jolly Good Luck To The Girl Who Loves A Soldier 12. Lily Of Laguna 13. The Whistling Bowery Boy 14. The Grandfather's Clock 15. Joshua 16. A Little Of What You Fancy 17. Burlington Bertie From Bow 18. Hello Hello Who's Your Lady Friend 19. Silver Bell 20. On The Margate Boat 21. If It Wasn't For The 'Ouses In Between 22. Wait 'Til I'm His Father 23. Our Little Nipper 101. The Bee Song 102. The Lion And Albert 103. Joe Ramsbottom Buys A Piano 104. Mary From The Dairy 105. A Surrealist Alphabet 106. Walter, Walter (Lead Me To The Altar) 107. When I'm Cleaning Windows 108. Ain't It Grand To Be Bloomin' Well Dead! 109. Shirts 110. Cheeky Chappie 111. Leaning On A Lamp Post 112. Convict 99 113. Nobody Loves A Fairy When She's Forty 114. (We're Gonna Hang Out) The Washing On The Siegfried Line 115. I Don't Do Things Like That 116. Little Betty Bouncer 117. The Coronation Girls 118. Play The Game, You Cads 119. Underneath The Arches 120. With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm 121. Everything Stops For Tea 122. Little Dolly Daydream 123. The Biggest Aspidistra In The World 201. We're In The Army Now 202. When You're In Love 203. The Home Guard (The Day War Broke Out) 204. Confidentially 205. Der Fuehrer's Face 206. Sid Plays Golf 207. Bless 'Em All 208. Me An' Old Charlie 209. Let Bygones Be Bygones 210. Fdr Jones 211. In The Deepest Shelter In Town 212. Blackout Bella 213. In A Shady Nook (By A Babbling Brook) 214. So Deep Is The Night 215. Who Is That Man...(who Looks Like Charlie Chaplin)? 216. Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant Major 217. Sam Goes To It 218. Tells A Couple 219. The Sound Of Silence 220. I Fell In Love With An Airman 221. Three Little Fishes


Music Hall - The.. - 2867808033

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Music Hall - The..


1. Lloyd, Marie - A Little Of What You Fancy Does You 2. Champion, Harry - Any Old Iron? 3. Penrose, Charles - The Laughing Policeman 4. Williams, Billy - When Father Papered The Parlour 5. Forde, Florrie - Down At The Old Bull & Bush 6. Robey, George - Quite Alright! 7. Chevalier, Albert - My Old Dutch 8. Morris, Lily - Only A Working Man 9. O'shea, Tessie - Nobody Loves A Fairy When She's F 10. Elen, Gus - If It Wasn't For The 'Ouses In Between 11. Formby, George - Why Don't Women Like Me? 12. Lauder, Sir Harry - I Love A Lassie 13. Flanagan & Allen - (We're Gonna Hang Out) The Wash 14. Coborn, Charles - Two Lovely Black Eyes 15. Merson, Billy - The Spaniard That Blighted My Life 16. Bennett, Billy - She Was Poor, But She Was Honest 17. Elen, Gus - A Nice Quiet Day 18. Robey, George - I Stopped! I Looked! I Listened! 19. Lillie, Beatrice - The Yodelling Goldfish 20. Formby, George - With My Little Stick Of Blackpool 101. Coborn, Charles - The Man Who Broke The Bank At Mo 102. Shields, Ella - Burlington Bertie From Bow 103. Formby, George - Leaning On A Lamp Post 104. Champion, Harry - I'm Henery The Eighth, I Am 105. Fields, Gracie - The Biggest Aspidistra In The Wor 106. Askey, Arthur - The Bee Song 107. Morris, Lily - Don't Have Any More, Missus Moore 108. Blaney, Norah - Oh!, Mr. Porter! 109. Stratton, Eugenie - The Lily Of Laguna 110. Forde, Florrie - Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly? 111. Formby, George - Chinese Laundry Blues 112. Fyffe, Will - I Belong To Glasgow 113. Miller, Max - Cheeky Chappie 114. Elen, Gus - 'Arl A Pint Of Ale 115. Flanagan & Allen - Down Forget-me-not-lane 116. Holloway, Stanley - The Lion & Albert 117. Lauder, Sir Harry - Keep Right On To The End Of Th 118. Robey, George - What Was There Was Good 119. Lloyd, Marie - The Coster Girl In Paris 120. Bennett, Billy - The League Of Nations 201. Formby, George - When I'm Cleaning Windows (The Wi 202. Lloyd, Marie - When I Take My Morning Promenade 203. Vesta Victoria - Waiting At The Church 204. Champion, Harry - Boiled Beef & Carrots 205. Robey, George - It's The First Time I've Ever Done 206. Flanagan & Allen - Run, Rabbit, Run 207. Buchanan, Jack - Everything Stops For Tea 208. Morris, Lily - The Wives Of Commercial Travellers 209. Elen, Gus - It's A Great Big Shame 210. Morris, Lily - Because He Loves Me 211. Fyffe, Will - I'm 94 Today 212. Sarony, Leslie - Ain't It Grand To Be Blooming Wel 213. King, Hetty - Fill 'Em Up 214. Lauder, Sir Harry - A Wee Deoch & Doris 215. Bennett, Billy - Daddy 216. Elen, Gus - Wait Till The Work Comes Round 217. Western Brothers, The - The Old School Tie 218. Tilley, Vesta - Jolly Good Luck To The Girl Who Lo 219. Whelan, Albert - The Preacher & The Bear 220. Formby, George Senior - Grandfather's Clock


Break (music) - 2862373739

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Break (music) Alphascript Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In popular music, a break is an instrumental or percussion section or interlude during a song derived from or related to stop-time being a "break" from the main parts of the song or piece. A solo break in jazz occurs when the rhythm section stops playing behind a soloist for a brief period, usually two or four bars leading into the soloist's first chorus. A notable recorded example is Charlie Parker's solo break at the beginning of his solo on "A Night in Tunisia". In DJ parlance, a break is where all elements of a song (e.g., pads, basslines, vocals), except for percussion, disappear for a time. This is distinguished from a breakdown, a section where the composition is deliberately deconstructed to minimal elements (usually the percussion or rhythm section with the vocal re-introduced over the minimal backing), all other parts having been gradually or suddenly cut out. (Brewster and Broughton 2003, p. 79) The distinction between breaks and breakdowns may be described as, "Breaks are for the drummer; breakdowns are for hands in the air" (ibid).


Anger Management Tour, The - 2868664719

32,99 zł

Anger Management Tour, The Universal Music

Muzyka>Hip-hop / Rap

1. Square Dance 2. Business 3. White America 4. Kill You 5. When The Music Stops 6. Pimp Like Me 7. Fight Music 8. Purple Pills 9. Stan (Live) 10. The Way I Am 11. Soldier (Live) 12. Cleaning Out My Closet 13. Forgot About Dre 14. Drips 15. Superman 16. Drug Ballad 17. Just Don't Give A F (Live) 18. Sing For The Moment 19. Without Me 20. My Dad's Gone Crazy 21. Square Dance 22. Business 23. White America 24. Kill You 25. When The Music Stops 26. Pimp Like Me 27. Fight Music 28. Purple Pills 29. Stan (Live) 30. The Way I Am 31. Soldier (Live) 32. Cleaning Out My Closet 33. Forgot About Dre 34. Drips 35. Superman 36. Drug Ballad 37. Just Don't Give A F (Live) 38. Sing For The Moment 39. Without Me 40. My Dad's Gone Crazy 41. On The Road


Anthology - 2840232220

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1. The Show Must Go On - Leo Sayer 2. Long Tall Glasses -leo Sayer 3. I Survived -adam Faith (Feat. Ritchie Blackmore) 4. Change - Adam Faith 5. It's A Hard Life - Roger Daltrey 6. Giving It All Away - Roger Daltrey 7. Midnight Child - Roger Chapman 8. In My Life - Maggie Bell 9. The Prisoner - Roger Daltrey 10. The Dancer - Smokie 11. Stuck In The Middle - Adam Faith & Roger Daltrey 12. Rag And Bone - Steve Ellis 13. Innocent Bystander - Leo Sayer 14. One Man Band - Leo Sayer 15. Shooting Star - Dollar 16. Magic Touch - Odyssey 17. The Easy Way Out - Marina Kapura 18. You Are Yourself - Roger Daltrey 19. Train - Leo Sayer 101. Back On The Road - Joe Egan 102. Blackmail - Steve Ellis (Feat. Brian Robertson) 103. Work - Leo Sayer (Feat. Steve Cropper) 104. One Man Band - Roger Daltrey 105. When Your Life Is Your Own David Courtney (Feat. 106. Say It Ai'nt So Joe - Roger Daltrey 107. Never Tell You Why - Geisha 108. Squeeze Box - Adam Faith & Roger Daltrey 109. Giving It All Away - Leo Sayer 110. Who Were You With In The Moonlight - Dollar 111. World Radio - Leo Sayer 112. Avenging Annie - Roger Daltrey (Feat. Rod Argent 113. You Put Some Thing Better - Roger Daltrey (Feat. 114. Star Song - Adam Faith (Feat. Paul & Linda Mccar 115. When The Money Runs Out - Leo Sayer (Feat. Ray P 116. When The Music Stops - Roger Daltrey 117. Heroes - Leo Sayer 118. Why Is Everybody Going Home - Leo Sayer


The Burial Hour - 2866359495

24,79 zł


Literatura obcojęzyczna

Number one bestselling author and master of suspense Jeffery Deaver returns with the thirteenth Lincoln Rhyme thriller, which sees a crime go global... 'One of the most consistent writers of clever, entertaining and often thought-provoking thrillers in the world' Simon Kernick When a man is snatched from a New York street in broad daylight, the only clue is a miniature noose left on the pavement. By the time criminal forensic scientist Lincoln Rhyme is involved, a video of the missing man is already online, his dying breaths set to a grisly music by someone calling himself The Composer. Rhyme and fellow investigator Amelia Sachs must follow The Composer across the globe as he continues his horrifying creation, kidnapping further victims to add their last breaths to his piece. But with Rhyme and Sachs in a whole new world with its own rules, how can they possibly guess what danger they're in when the music finally stops?


The Burial Hour - 2871923811

34,99 zł

The Burial Hour

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Thriller / suspenseKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>C...

Number One Bestselling Author And Master Of Suspense Jeffery Deaver Returns With The Thirteenth Lincoln Rhyme Thriller, Which Sees A Crime Go Global... 'One Of The Most Consistent Writers Of Clever, Entertaining And Often Thought-provoking Thrillers In The World' Simon Kernick When A Man Is Snatched From A New York Street In Broad Daylight, The Only Clue Is A Miniature Noose Left On The Pavement. By The Time Criminal Forensic Scientist Lincoln Rhyme Is Involved, A Video Of The Missing Man Is Already Online, His Dying Breaths Set To A Grisly Music By Someone Calling Himself The Composer. Rhyme And Fellow Investigator Amelia Sachs Must Follow The Composer Across The Globe As He Continues His Horrifying Creation, Kidnapping Further Victims To Add Their Last Breaths To His Piece. But With Rhyme And Sachs In A Whole New World With Its Own Rules, How Can They Possibly Guess What Danger They're In When The Music Finally Stops?


Kniha Piano - 2862088416

195,69 zł

Kniha Piano Betascript Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The piano is a musical instrument which is played by means of a keyboard. Widely used in Western music for solo performances, ensemble use, chamber music, and accompaniment, the piano is also very popular as an aid to composing and rehearsal. Although not portable and often expensive, the piano's versatility and ubiquity have made it one of the world's most familiar musical instruments. Pressing a key on the piano's keyboard causes a felt covered hammer to strike steel strings. The hammers rebound, allowing the strings to continue vibrating at their resonant frequency. These vibrations are transmitted through a bridge to a sounding board that couples the acoustic energy to the air so that it can be heard as sound. When the key is released, a damper stops the string's vibration. Pianos are percussive. According to the Hornbostel-Sachs method of music classification, they are grouped with chordophones.


Slayer Player - 2869428994

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Slayer Player Daniel T Sonnentag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Rap, rap, rap, the sound of a gun going off and the background theme for the novel. Slayer Player is a novel of suspense about a black, rap music producer who takes revenge into his own hands and assassinates five men who are abusers of children. Chase takes place from a middle aged female agent and her new, young, male partner. The book takes place in a world of rap music and rap music production. Slayer Player is a sly guy, fly guy, takin' down the bad guys. Life on the street made his meanness neat. He vowed to avenge the little guy. He slips and slides and gets by to carry out his deeds. Justice comes at the end of his gun, but troubles all surround him. It stops being fun when it becomes to real, and the cops are coming down on him, but he still has a friend, and a player is a player until the end.


The Voodoo Live Mixtape - 2870072903

87,49 zł

The Voodoo Live Mixtape Sonic Records / Wagram

Muzyka>ElectronicaMuzyka>Hip-hop / Rap

1. 3 Am 2. Square Dance 3. Business 4. Hello 5. Kill You 6. Cleaning Out My Closet 7. The Way I Am 8. When The Music Stops 9. Under The Influence 10. Fight Music 11. Purple Pills 12. My Band 13. Stan 14. Sing For The Moment 15. Like Toy Soldiers 16. Forever 17. Superman 18. Drug Ballad 19. Beautiful 20. Crack A Bottle 21. We Made You 22. The Real Slim Shady 23. Without Me 24. Lose Yourself


Sigur Ros's - 2869370080

64,28 zł

Sigur Ros's Bloomsbury Academic

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Words like "inspiring," "expansive," and "moving" are regularly used to describe Sigur Ros's ( ), and yet the only words heard on the record itself are a handful of meaningless nonsense syllables. The album has no title-or rather, its title is no title: just an empty pair of parentheses. The intention being that listeners will fill in the parentheses with their own title, their own interpretation of the sounds on the record. The CD sleeve consists of twelve pages that are essentially blank, lacking song titles, liner notes or production credits. Instead, it contains only semi-translucent frosted images of abstract natural scenes (tree branches, clouds, etc.), on which the listener is free to inscribe their own notes-or no notes at all. And then there are the lyrics, sung in a deliberately unintelligible tongue called "Hopelandic" which the band invites listeners to interpret freely. Ethan Hayden's book doesn't try to fill in the gaps between the album's parentheses, but instead explores the ways in which listeners might attempt to do so. Examining the communicative powers of asemantic language, the book asks whether music can bring sense to nonsense. What happens to the voice when it stops singing conventional language: does it simply become another musical instrument, or is it somehow more "human"? What role does space play on ( )? And how do we interpret music that we cannot possibly understand, but feel very deeply that we do?


The Eminem Show - Ltd - 2849479852

22,99 zł

The Eminem Show - Ltd Universal Music / Interscope


1. Curtains Up (Skit) 2. White America 3. Business 4. Cleanin Out My Closet 5. Square Dance 6. The Kiss (Skit) 7. Soldier 8. Say Goodbye Hollywood 9. Drips 10. Without Me 11. Paul Rosenberg (Skit) 12. Sing For The Moment 13. Superman 14. Hailie's Song 15. Steve Berman (Skit) 16. When The Music Stops 17. Say What You Say 18. 'Till I Collapse 19. My Dad's Gone Crazy 20. Curtains Close (Skit) 101. Bonus Dvd


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