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Who Was Michael Jackson? - 2826699533

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A superstar with The Jackson 5 before he was eight years old, he became the King of Pop as a solo artist. Michael was a creative - yet deeply troubled - genius who always remained devoted to his art right up until his death is 2009 before a much anticipated tour. He had a pitch-perfect voice and footwork that his idol Fred Astaire admired.


Michael Jackson, as Seen Through the Eye's of a Stranger: Who Sees Into the Hearts of Others Monique Jordon - 2826048502

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Michael Jackson, as Seen Through the Eye's of a Stranger: Who Sees Into the Hearts of Others Monique Jordon

Książki / Książki biograficzne

Michael Jackson, as Seen Through the Eye's of a Stranger: Who Sees Into the Hearts of Others Monique Jordon Publisher: Xlibris Corporation Published: 26 April 2010 Format: Paperback 142 pages ISBN 13: 9781450083713 ISBN 10: 1450083714...


Be Careful Who You Love: Inside the Michael Jackson Case Diane Dimond - 2826050027

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Be Careful Who You Love: Inside the Michael Jackson Case Diane Dimond

Książki / Książki biograficzne

Be Careful Who You Love: Inside the Michael Jackson Case Diane Dimond Wydawca: ATRIA Oprawa: miękka Język: Angielski Rok wydania: 2009 Liczba stron: 352 ISBN-13: 9780743270922 ISBN-10: 0743270924...


Who Was Michael Jackson? - 2849938508

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Who Was Michael Jackson?

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children



Michael Jackson The Experience Kinect Xbox - 2824913084

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Michael Jackson The Experience Kinect Xbox Cenega

Oprogramowanie i Gry > Gry > Xbox 360

Opis: nośnik: 1 DVD wymagania wiekowe: 12+ Gra zręcznościowa, w której śpiewamy oraz tańczymy do rytmu największych hitów Michaela Jacksona. Michael Jackson: The Game to zręcznościowa gra taneczno-muzyczna, która pozwala wcielić się w sławnego piosenkarza i odtworzyć jego najbardziej znane występy śpiewając oraz tańcząc przed telewizorem. Możemy nauczyć się zarówno wybranych ruchów, jak i całych choreografii znanych z koncertów oraz teledysków Króla Popu, a także zaśpiewać takie hity jak: Beat It, Billie Jean, Earth Song, Bad, The Girl Is Mine, Who Is It i Thriller. Gra została podzielona na kilka trybów rozgrywki. Jednym z nich jest Michael


Michael Jackson Conspiracy - 2826687492

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Michael Jackson Conspiracy Aphroditejonesbooks

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Michael Jackson Conspiracy (New Edition) is the only full account of the phenomenon that was "the Michael Jackson trial." Providing vivid details that people never saw in the news, Jones describes the accuser and his family as a band of grifters, a group of gold-diggers, who were looking for a payday in Hollywood . An intense account of what really happened in the Santa Maria courtroom, the author reveals the sham behind the allegations of accuser Gavin Arvizo, who had also "targeted" other celebrities like Chris Tucker, Jay Leno, and George Lopez, before landing the biggest fish of all: Michael Jackson. The book exposes, undeniably, why the jury found Michael Jackson NOT GUILTY on all counts, and how a media frenzy ignored the actual evidence, opting instead for ratings and sensationalism, at the expense Jackson's reputation.


Michael Jackson - 2854325777

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Michael Jackson Ashgate Publishing Limited

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Throughout his 40-year career, Michael Jackson intrigued and captivated public imagination through musical ingenuity, sexual and racial spectacle, savvy publicity stunts, odd behaviours, and a seemingly apolitical (yet always political) offering of popular art. A consistent player on the public stage from the age of eight, his consciousness was no doubt shaped by his countless public appearances, both designed and serendipitous. The artefacts he left behind - music, interviews, books written by and about him, and commercial products including dolls, buttons, posters, and photographs, videos, movies - will all become data in our cultural conversation about who Michael Jackson was, who he wanted to be, who we made him to be, and why. Grasping the Spectacle includes essays that aim to understand Jackson from multiple perspectives: critical cultural theory, musicology, art history, media studies, cultural anthropology, sociology, philosophy, religious studies, literary theory, gender studies, performance studies, disability studies, film studies, and African-American studies. Intended for classroom use as well as research and general interest, Grasping the Spectacle expands our understanding both of this fascinating figure himself and of gender, sexuality, celebrity, and popular culture.


Resistible Demise of Michael Jackson - 2841669541

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Resistible Demise of Michael Jackson John Hunt O Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The essays in "The Resistible Demise of Michael Jackson" consummately demonstrate that writing on popular culture can be both thoughtful and heartfelt. The contributors, who include accomplished music critics as well as renowned theorists, are some of the most astute and eloquent writers on pop today. The collection is made up of new essays written in the wake of Jackson's death, and includes Barney Hoskyns' classic "NME" piece written at the time of "Thriller", and contributions from Ian Penman, David Stubbs, Paul Lester, and Chris Roberts.


Michael Jackson's Dangerous - 2826899172

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Michael Jackson's Dangerous Continuum Publishing Corporation

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Dangerous is Michael Jackson's coming of age album. Granted, that's a bold claim to make given that many think his best work lay behind him by the time this record was made. It offers Jackson on a threshold, at long last embracing adulthood-politically questioning, sexually charged-yet unable to convince a skeptical public who had, by this time, been wholly indoctrinated by a vicious media. Even though the record sold well, few understood or were willing to accept the depth and breadth of Jackson's vision; and then before it could be fully grasped, it was eclipsed by a shifting pop music landscape and personal scandal-the latter perhaps linked to his assertive new politics. This book tries to cut through the din of dominant narratives about Jackson, taking up the mature, nuanced artistic statement he offered on Dangerous in all its complexity. It is read here as a concept album, one that offers a compelling narrative arc of postmodern angst, love, lust, seduction, betrayal, damnation, and above all else racial politics, in ways heretofore unseen in his music. This record offered a Michael Jackson that was mystifying for a world that had accepted him as a child and as childlike and, hence, as safe; this Michael Jackson was, indeed, dangerous.


In the Studio with Michael Jackson - 2845100730

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In the Studio with Michael Jackson Hal Leonard Corporation

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

No one was closer to Michael Jackson at the height of his creative powers than Bruce Swedien, the five-time Grammy winner who, with Jackson and producer Quincy Jones, formed the trio responsible for the sound of Jackson's records.


Michael Jackson: The Making of Thriller - 2826749618

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Michael Jackson: The Making of Thriller Glitterati Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' made music history as MTV's first world premiere video when the 13-minute epic was released on December 2, 1983. Directed by John Landis, who co-wrote the screenplay with Michael Jackson, 'Thriller' was budgeted at half a million dollars in production. It has sold 9 million units to date. In 2009, this landmark video was inducted into the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress, the first music video ever to receive this honour. With exclusive access to the set of 'Thriller', photographer Douglas Kirkland documented Jackson in all his glory. Michael Jackson: The Making of "Thriller": 4 Days/1983 is an exquisite tribute to the King of Pop. With a hologram cover of Jackson's remarkable transformation from pop star into dark zombie, the book features 200 never-before-seen photographs . We witness the grandeur and the glory of this production that has made Jackson one of the most beloved artists of our age. Compelling, intimate photos of the artist are accompanied by interviews and quotes from musicians and celebrities, including Sir Paul McCartney, Beyonce, Diddy, Beyonce, Steven Spielberg and many more.


Michael Jackson - 2826912378

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Michael Jackson Carlton Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Michael Jackson is the undisputed King of Pop and "Michael Jackson: The Personal Collection" is the only book to take you inside his world. This book features exclusive and never-before-seen photographs of Neverland and Michael Jackson's final home, 100 North Carolwood Drive, as well as hundreds of personal items, such as handwritten lyrics, notes Jackson wrote to himself and to his PA, costumes Jackson wore on stage, furniture commissioned by Jackson and sketches he drew. Accompanied by thoroughly researched information about each piece and interviews with those who knew him, "The World of Michael Jackson" gets closer to the man and his world than ever before.


Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection - 1059549943

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Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection Sony Music

Muzyka -> Pop, Dance

Wznowienie wydawnictwa na porśbę Fanów. Ekskluzywny obity w skóropodobny materiał box Króla Popu składający się z 4CD, 1DVD oraz 60 stronnicowej książeczki obrazującej wszystkie etapy kariery Michaela z unikatowymi, często wcześniej niepublikowanymi fotografiami Króla Popu. Zestaw 4 płyt CD zawiera największe hity Jacksona z lat 1969 2004 (w tym największe przeboje Jackson 5), piosenki, które nigdy wcześniej nie ukazały się na żadnym wydawnictwie, a także wersje demo wielkich hitów Michaela. Płyta DVD to ponad dwugodzinny, legendarny koncert "Live in Bucharest" pochodzący z trasy 'Dangerous World Tour', jedyny oficjalny koncert MJ wydany na DVD. 'The Ultimate Collection (4CD+DVD)', to prawdziwa antologia i niepodważalny dowód muzycznego i scenicznego geniuszu Michaela Jacksona - prawdziwego Króla Popu.


To Be Loved - Michael Buble (Płyta CD) - 2858091394

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To Be Loved - Michael Buble (Płyta CD)

Książki & Multimedia > Muzyka

Opis - Oto szósta płyta wielokrotnego laureata Grammy, uwielbianego na całym świecie Kanadyjczyka Michaela Bublé. Jak mówi sam artysta, `To Be Loved` to opowieść o tym, co w życiu najważniejsze - miłości, szczęściu, zabawie i smakowitych rzeczach. Nad utworami na krążek artysta pracował w rodzinnej Kanadzie oraz w Los Angeles. Michael w studiu po raz kolejny spotkał się z legendarnym Bobem Rockiem, który znacząco przyczynił się do wielkich komercyjnych sukcesów Metalliki, Aerosmith, Simple Plan, czy Bryana Adamsa.. A propos Bryana Adamsa, na `To Be Loved` pojawia się on gościnnie jako wokalista i współkompozytor (wraz z Michaelem) piosenki `After All`. Na następcę multiplatynowego krążka `Christmas` (ponad 7 mln sprzedanych egzemplarzy) Michael Bublé zarejestrował zarówno przeróbki, jak i cztery autorskie piosenki, które współkomponował. Wśród interpretacji znalazły się ukochane przez Kanadyjczyka utwory, jak choćby `To Love Somebody` Bee Gees, `Nevertheless (I`m In Love With You)` Deana Martina, `Who`s Loving You` wylansowany przez Jackson 5, czy numer Jackiego Wilsona `To Be Loved`, który posłużył za tytuł wydawnictwa. Bryan Adams nie jest jedynym gościem na płycie. Kolejnym jest kobieta. Piękna i bardzo popularna. To znana choćby z komedii `Legalna blondynka` znakomita aktorka Reese Witherspoon, która towarzyszy Michaelowi w przeróbce niezapomnianego hitu `Something Stupid`, wykonywanego przez idola Kanadyjczyka, Franka Sinatrę, z córką Nancy. Lista utworów - Płyta 1 1. You Make Me Feel So Young 2. It's A Beautiful Day 3. To Love Somebody 4. Who's Lovin' You 5. Something Stupid (Feat. Reese Witherspoon) 6. Come Dance With Me 7. Close Your Eyes 8. After All (Feat. Bryan Adams) 9. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (With Naturally 7) 10. To Be Loved 11. You've Got A Friend In Me 12. Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) (Feat. The Puppini Sisters) 13. I Got It Easy 14. Young At Heart Nazwa - To Be Loved Autor - Michael Buble Wydawca - Warner Music Group Kod EAN - 0093624944973 Rok wydania - 2013 Nośnik - Płyta CD Ilość elementów - 1 Podatek VAT - 23% Premiera - 2013-04-15


Watch What You Do! Watch Who You Do It To! They Might Tell the World on You! - 2856491901

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Watch What You Do! Watch Who You Do It To! They Might Tell the World on You! AuthorHouse

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Scandal, conspiracy, cover-up, discriminatory practices, deceit, injustice, immorality, degradation, turpitude, distrust, lack of integrity, should these words be synonymous with any public school district? Well they are!" This message was sent to ABC reporter John Stossel and The Houston Chronicle in 2005 out of desperation. The author takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride from her legal battles with Corpus Christi ISD and EEOC to a somber visit at Michael Jackson's childhood home in Gary, Indiana.


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