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Wipo Guide On The Licensing Of Copyright And Related Rights - 2852916723

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Wipo Guide On The Licensing Of Copyright And Related Rights

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Licensing and Managing Electronic Resources - 2212842813

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Licensing and Managing Electronic Resources Chandos Publishing Ltd


Libraries are licensing information resources in greater numbers then ever before. In order to negotiate and manage the ever-increasing resulting number of licenses resulting from this trend, libraries are either establishing Electronic Resource (ER) Librarian positions, or have been assigning these responsibilities to current staff. In either case, few resources are available to acclimate new ER librarians to the diverse responsibilities associated with their position. Helping fill this gap, this book offers an introduction and practical guide to the standard responsibilities ER librarians address daily. These include: knowing the rights libraries have as consumers of information under United States copyright law, understanding licensing terms and conditions, negotiating licenses to support the specific needs of the subscribing institution, and managing these resources once subscribed. Although every college and university is different, this book provides a framework within which the new ER librarian can learn the basics behind negotiating and managing their information resources effectively. Key Features: Offers practical advice for the new electronic resources librarian. Easy for the lay-person to understand Useful as a reference to specific terms, concepts, and issues related to electronic resource licensing. Readership: The audience for this book includes: newly appointed electronic resource librarians, librarians assigned the responsibilities associated with licensing and managing electronic resources, and library and information science students interested in learning the responsibilities related to an electronic resource librarian's position. Contents: Know your copyrights - brief history of copyright law; Title 17; copyright versus contract law Who are you? Identifying your institution and its needs - institutional characteristics; user populations; library uses; network and security infrastructure; conclusion.


Digital Copyright - 2854297369

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Digital Copyright Hart Publishing

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The first edition of this book in 2002 was the first UK text to examine digital copyright together with related areas such as performers' rights, moral rights, database rights and competition law as a subject in its own right. Updated editions have included the UK implementation of the 2001 Information Society Directive and commentary on user-generated content and the development of Web 2.0 and beyond. Now in its fourth edition, the book has been updated and revised to take account of legal and policy developments in copyright law and related areas, in particular the increasing role of the Court of Justice of the European Union in shaping EU copyright law. The book helps put digital copyright law and policy into perspective and provides practical guidance for those creating or exploiting digital content or technology, whether in academia, the software, information, publishing and creative industries, and other areas of the economy. The focus is on the specifics of the law in this area together with practical aspects, including precedents and precedent checklists dealing with common digital copyright transactions. The latest edition has been expanded to include a discussion of Open Access, eBooks and app development and licensing. Both academics and practitioners will find the book an invaluable guide to this rapidly developing field of law.


A Handbook on the WTO TRIPS Agreement - 2854222276

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A Handbook on the WTO TRIPS Agreement Cambridge University Press

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This handbook describes the historical and legal background to the TRIPS Agreement, its role in the WTO and its institutional framework and reviews the following areas: general provisions and basic principles; copyright and related rights; trademarks; geographical indications; patents; industrial designs, layout-designs, undisclosed information and anti-competitive practices; enforcement of IPRs; dispute settlement in the context of the TRIPS Agreement; TRIPS and public health; and current TRIPS issues. It contains a guide to TRIPS notifications by WTO members and describes how to access and make use of the official documentation relating to the TRIPS Agreement and related issues. Furthermore, it includes the legal texts of the TRIPS Agreement and the relevant provisions of the WIPO conventions referred to in it, as well as subsequent relevant WTO instruments.


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