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Wisest One in the Room - 2826662376

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Wisest One in the Room Oneworld Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In any room full of people, there tends to be one individual to whom others turn when they are in search of answers. This person has the most useful advice for facing life's daily challenges, the most enlightening views on world events, and the sharpest take on business dilemmas. They are the wisest one in the room. Taking us through modern psychology's five pillars wisdom, Gilovich and Ross give us a vital insight into the principles that underlie human behaviour. Understand why it is so difficult to get someone to change their behaviour. Learn how narrow our own individual perspectives truly are. And discover how we might be able to affect widespread change through the smallest alterations. A truly fascinating work, The Wisest One in the Room helps us to understand why people act as they do whilst also showing us how we can become more 'psych-wise' and improve our own lives as a result.


The Wisest One In The Room - 2840250684

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The Wisest One In The Room

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Health & personal development>Self-help & personal development>Popular psychology

Learn How To Understand, Predict And Influence The Way People Act


Russische Ballette: Feuer - 2839540215

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Russische Ballette: Feuer MELODIYA


1. Introduction 2. The Enchanted Garden Of Kashchei 3. Appearance Of The Firebird Pursued By Ivan Tsarevich 4. Dance Of The Firebird 5. Capture Of The Firebird By Prince Ivan 6. Supplication Of The Firebird 7. Appearance Of The 13 Enchanted Princesses 8. The Princesseses' Game With Apples Of Gold 9. Sudden Appearance Of Prince Ivan 10. Round Dance Of The Princesses 11. Daybreak. Prince Ivan Penetrates Kashchei's Palace 12. Magic Carillon, Appearance Of Kashchei's Monster Guardians & Capture Of Prince Ivan 13. Arrival Of Kashchei The Immortal 14. Dialogue Of Kashchei And Prince Ivan 15. Intercession Of The Princesses 16. Appearance Of The Firebird 17. Dance Of Kashchei' Retinue, Enchanted By The Firebird 18. Infernal Dance Of All Kashchei's Subjects 19. The Firebird's Lullaby 20. Kashchei's Awakening 21. Kashchei's Death. Profound Darkness 22. Disappearance Of Kashchei's Palace And Magical Creations/return To Life Of The Petrified Knights/general Rejoining 101. At The Shrovetide Fair 102. The Crowds 103. The Charlatan 104. Russian Dance 105. Petrushka's Room 106. The Moor's Room 107. The Ballerina's Dance 108. Waltz 109. The Shrovetide Fair 110. Dance Of The Wet Nurses 111. Dance Of The Peasant And The Bear 112. Dance Of The Gypsy Girls 113. Dance Of The Coachmen And Grooms 114. The Masqueraders 115. The Scuffle. The Moor & Petrushka & Death Of Petrushka 116. Introduction 117. The Augurs Of Spring: Dances Of The Young Girls 118. Ritual Of Abduction 119. Spring Rounds 120. Games Of The 2 Rival Tribes 121. Procession Of The Oldest And Wisest 122. The Kiss Of The Earth. The Dancing Out Of The Earth 123. Introduction 124. Mystic Circle Of The Young Girls 125. The Naming And Honoring Of The Chosen One 126. Evocation Of The Ancestors 127. Ritual Action Of The Ancestors 128. Sacrificial Dance


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