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Clive Barker's Hellraiser: The Dark Watch Vol. 1 - 2826738670

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Clive Barker's Hellraiser: The Dark Watch Vol. 1 TITAN BOOKS GRAPHIC NOVELS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

It's Pinhead vs Pinhead in Hell! A new ongoing HELLRAISER series! The showdown every fan has been waiting for! As promised, Clive Barker did not only return to the Hellraiser universe, he re-imagined it! Nothing is as simple as it seems - the old ways have been destroyed and a dangerous new world lies in its wake. Where are Elliott Spencer and Kirsty Cotton? Who will rule and who will serve? Rising star Brandon Seifert (WITCH DOCTOR, HELLRAISER: THE ROAD BELOW) joins forces with legendary master of horror Clive Barker, with art by rising star Tom Garcia, to begin this amazing new chapter in the history of one of horror's greatest franchises.


C.S. Lewis: The Chronicles of Narnia - 2847572884

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C.S. Lewis: The Chronicles of Narnia PALGRAVE MACMILLAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Beginning with the publication of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in 1950 and concluding with the appearance of The Last Battle in 1956, C. S. Lewis's seven-book series chronicling the adventures of a group of young people in the fictional land of Narnia has become a worldwide classic of children's literature. This stimulating collection of original essays by critics in a wide range of disciplines explores the past place, present status, and future importance of The Chronicles of Narnia. With essays ranging in focus from textual analysis to film and new media adaptations, to implications of war/trauma and race and gender, this cutting-edge New Casebook encourages readers to think about this much-loved series in fresh and exciting ways.


Beltane - 2826784699

55,21 zł

Beltane Llewellyn (Related Product)

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Llewellyn's Sabbat Essentials series explores the old and new ways of celebrating the seasonal rites that are the cornerstones in the witch's year. A well-rounded introduction to Beltane, this attractive book features rituals, recipes, lore, and correspondences. It includes hands-on information for modern celebrations, spells and divination, recipes and crafts, invocations and prayers, and more! In agricultural societies, Beltane marked the start of the summer season. We all have something we want to harvest by the end of the year-plans we are determined to realize. Beltane is the time to put our plans into action, and this book will show you how.


Love Poetry & Revolution - 2839398679

99,99 zł

Love Poetry & Revolution GRAPEFRUIT


1. Deep Feeling - Pretty Colours 2. The Misunderstood - Find The Hidden Door 3. The In Crowd - Am I Glad To See You? 4. The Drag Set - Day And Night 5. Tuesday's Children - A Strange Light From The Ea 6. The Mirage - The Wedding Of Ramona Blair 7. The Hi-fis - Tread Softly For The Sleepers 8. Spencer Davis Group - Mr Second Class 9. Tintern Abbey - Busy Bee 10. Blossom Toes - I'll Be Late For Tea 11. The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - Devil's Grip 12. Sands - Mrs Gillespie's Refrigerator 13. The Shame - Don't Go 'Way Little Girl 14. The Picadilly Line - Rosemary's Bluebell Day 15. Crocheted Doughnut Ring - Two Little Ladies 16. The Mike Stuart Span - Second Production 17. Felius Andromeda - Cheadle Heath Delusions 18. Neon Pearl - Just Another Day 19. John's Children - Jagged Time Lapse 20. One In A Million - Man In Yellow 21. Jade Hexagram - Crushed Purple 22. Couldry & Next Collection - I Am Nearly There 23. The Alan Bown! - Story Book 24. Simon's Secrets - Naughty Boy 25. The Cortinas - Phoebe's Flower Shop 26. The Deviants - Child Of The Sky 101. The Spencer Davis Group - Morning Sun 102. The Mirage - Ebaneezer Beaver 103. West Coast Consortium - Amanda Jane 104. Jason Crest - Teagarden Lane 105. The Flies - Winter Afternoon 106. The Deviants - You've Got To Hold On 107. Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - Nightmare 108. Sun Dragon - Peacock Dress 109. Howell & Ferdinando - Jabberwocky 110. Forever Amber - Bits Of Your Life Bits Of My Lif 111. Please - Strange Ways 112. The Liverpool Scene - We'll All Be Spacemen 113. Serendipity - Castles (Full-length Version) 114. The Sorrows - The Makers 115. Second Hand - A Fairy Tale 116. Information - Oh Strange Man 117. Shy Limbs - Love 118. Hardin-york - Tomorrow Today 119. Infinity - Venetian Glass 120. Mic Read - What The Dickens 121. Respect - Santa Lucia 122. Fat Mattress - Iridescent Butterfly 201. The Open Mind - Magic Potion 202. Phil Cordell - Red Lady 203. Taiconderoga - Whitchi Tai To 204. Hawkwind Zoo - Hurry On Sundown 205. Principal Edwards - Lament For The Earth 206. Czar - Ritual Fire Dance 207. The Fut - Have You Heard The Word 208. Paper Bubble - Fillin' A Gap 209. The Fox - Butterfly 210. Complex - Images Blue 211. Octopus - Rainchild 212. T2 - Careful Sam 213. Simon Finn - Laughing 'Til Tomorrow 214. Beau - Creation 215. Bill Nelson - End Of The Seasons 216. Mark Fry - The Witch 217. Kevin Coyne - Evil Island Home


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