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Wittgenstein - 2826869528

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Wittgenstein Clarendon Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Wittgenstein: Connections and Controversies consists of thirteen thematically linked essays on different aspects of the philosophy of Wittgenstein, by one of the leading commentators on his work. After an opening overview of Wittgenstein's philosophy the following essays fall into two classes: those that investigate connections between the philosophy of Wittgenstein and other philosophers and philosophical trends, and those which enter into some of the controversies that, over the last two decades, have raged over the interpretation of one aspect or another of Wittgenstein's writings. The connections that are explored include the relationship between Wittgenstein's philosophy and the humanistic and hermeneutic traditions in European philosophy, Wittgenstein's response to Frazer's Golden Bough and the interpretation of ritual actions, his attitude towards and criticisms of Frege (both in the Tractatus and in the later philosophy), the relationship between his ideas and those of members of the Vienna Circle on the matter of ostensive definition, and a comparison of Carnap's conception of the elimination of metaphysics and of Strawson's rehabilitation of metaphysics with Wittgenstein's later criticisms of metaphysics. The controversies into which Hacker enters include the Diamond-Conant interpretation of the Tractatus (which is shown to be inconsistent with the text of the Tractatus and with Wittgenstein's explanations of and comments on his book), Winch's interpretation of the Tractatus conception of names, Kripke's interpretation of Wittgenstein's discussion of following a rule (which is demonstrated to be remote from Wittgenstein's intentions), and Malcolm's defence of the idea that Wittgenstein claimed that mastery of a language logically requires that the language be shared with other speakers. These far-ranging essays, several of them previously unpublished or difficult to find, shed much light upon different aspects of Wittgenstein's thought, and upon the controversies which it has stimulated.


Wittgenstein And Natural Religion - 2839989407

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Wittgenstein And Natural Religion

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Humanities>Philosophy>History of Western philosophy>From c 1900 -Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>...

Gordon Graham Presents A Bold New Account Of Wittgenstein's Philosophy, Which Argues For Its Relevance To The Study Of Religion And Aims To Revitalize The Philosophy Of 'true Religion'. He Uses Wittgenstein's Conception Of Philosophy To Argue In Favour Of


Ludwig Wittgenstein - 2826918962

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Ludwig Wittgenstein Springer Netherlands

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Various students of general linguistics and semantics quote and discuss Wittgenstein, among others, OGDEN and RICHARDS (1960), ULLMANN (1951, 1962), PAGLIARO (1952, 1957), WELLS (1960), REGNELL (1960) and 1 ZIFF (1960). For the most part however they quote the Tractatus and not 2 the Philosophical Investigations ; not all of them consider the most important ideas in the Tractatus but often discuss marginal points; above all they often make the discussion of Wittgenstein's ideas secondary to the development of their own thought. It should be added, moreover, that these students are exceptions. The large majority of language theorists, especially those with a philological background, have almost no know ledge of Wittgenstein's ideas. One scholar thinks that Wittgenstein's linguistic philosophy rests upon a grotesque misunderstanding of the workings of language (HERDAN, 1962, Chapter 24). The present book seeks to draw the attention of students of general linguistics and semantics to the thought of both the early and the later Wittgenstein: not only the Philosophical Investigations but also the Tractatus is concerned with everyday language: Wittgenstein was thinking of the propositions of everyday language, when he affirmed that the proposition is a picture of reality (Chapter 1). This conception is very old, it is in fact found in Aristotle and it dominated ancient, mediaeval and modern rationalistic thought; only Locke, Vico and Leibniz criticized it strongly (Chapter 2).


Wittgenstein: Lectures, Cambridge 1930 - 2826650341

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Wittgenstein: Lectures, Cambridge 1930 Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This edition of G. E. Moore's notes taken at Wittgenstein's seminal Cambridge lectures in the early 1930s provides, for the first time, an almost verbatim record of those classes. The presentation of the notes is both accessible and faithful to their original manuscripts, and a comprehensive introduction and synoptic table of contents provide the reader with essential contextual information and summaries of the topics in each lecture. The lectures form an excellent introduction to Wittgenstein's middle-period thought, covering a broad range of philosophical topics, ranging from core questions in the philosophy of language, mind, logic, and mathematics, to illuminating discussions of subjects on which Wittgenstein says very little elsewhere, including ethics, religion, aesthetics, psychoanalysis, and anthropology. The volume also includes a 1932 essay by Moore critiquing Wittgenstein's conception of grammar, together with Wittgenstein's response. A companion website offers access to images of the entire set of source manuscripts.


Frank Ramsey and the Realistic Spirit - 2826870660

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Frank Ramsey and the Realistic Spirit PALGRAVE MACMILLAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This volume tracks Ramsey's philosophical development over the course of his short life, arguing that there runs throughout Ramsey's work a methodological commitment to philosophising in what he called 'the realistic spirit', a commitment which is only given that name by him in 1929, the final year of his life. This commitment is characterised by the rejection of various (though not all) forms of realism, not as false, but as nonsensical. A large part of the book is concerned with characterising this notion, and the attendant conception of philosophical enquiry, in more detail. Reading Ramsey's work with the realistic spirit in mind allows one to see that the philosophical puzzles with which Ramsey concerned himself relate almost entirely to his working through some commitments of Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus that he took to be distinctly unrealistic (in his sense), entailing as they do a number of realist (not realistic) commitments. It also allows us to see the degree to which that work was concerned with augmenting the theory of the Tractatus in order to improve it. Finally, it makes clearer the influence that Ramsey had on Wittgenstein's later work, and thus also on much of the philosophy of the late-20th century.


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