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Church Dogmatics - 2826891900

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Church Dogmatics Hendrickson Publishers Inc

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"The treatment is monumental and enormously stimulating. . . . The range of Barth's reading in the field of theology is colossal, and his summaries of the history of many doctrines and controversies are of first-rate importance. . . . An outstanding achievement."--London Quarterly and Holborn Review One of the most important theological works ever written, Barth's magnum opus is essential for serious students of Christian doctrine. Now this closely reasoned masterpiece of brilliant insight into the work and attributes of God, creation, Jesus, and the Christian life is available in a handsome hardcover set. The 14 volumes of this omnibus collection include: THE DOCTRINE OF THE WORD OF GODI.1 Doctrine of the Word of GodI.2 Revelation of God THE DOCTRINE OF GODII.1 Knowledge of GodII.2 Election of God THE DOCTRINE OF CREATIONIII.1 Work of CreationIII.2 The CreatureIII.3 Creator and CreatureIII.4 The Command of God THE DOCTRINE OF RECONCILIATIONIV.1 Doctrine of ReconciliationIV.2 Jesus Christ, Servant and LordIV.3.1 Jesus Christ, the True WitnessIV.3.2 Jesus Christ, the True WitnessIV.4 The Christian Life INDEXV. Index with Aids for the Preacher (Including short paragraph descriptions of each section; Scripture, name, and subject indices; and weekly sermon ideas with Scriptures for the church year) Barth's "canon of conviction" is evangelical because it is God-centered--stressing God's encounter with man rather than man's discovery of God; and its object, source, and norm is the transcendent God of the gospel. Church Dogmatics reveals Barth's fully developed theology, and his writings continue to instruct and guide preachers, teachers, students, congregations, and laypeople worldwide today.


Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics: An Introduction And Reader - 2845342303

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Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics: An Introduction And Reader

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Including Annotated Excerpts From Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics And Additional Essays On Barth's Life And Work And His Place In Modern Theology, This Book Offers An Introduction To The Whole Work, Key Readings In Reasonable Portions With Introductions And Provides Helpful Hints At Secondary Material.


God Without Measure: Working Papers in Christian Theology - 2826924301

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God Without Measure: Working Papers in Christian Theology CONTINUUM

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This second of two volumes assembling a selection of the author's essays and papers features material on Christian dogmatics and morals. John Webster, in this the companion volume to The Domain of the Word , collates related studies on topics in dogmatic and moral theology. The volume begins with an introduction to the dominant themes of the book and its distinctive approach to them. This is followed by part one, which consists of three studies of the theology of God in himself: one on the neglected topic of divine aseity, and two on the theology of the eternal Son. The second part of the book treats the outer work of God in providence (chapter 5) and redemption (chapters 6 and 7). The third part features studies in the theology of created being, concentrating especially upon the moral nature of creatures, and concluding with a substantial treatment of the theology of the Christian society. The essays present a coherent understanding of the content, structure and proportions of Christian dogmatics, in which Christian teaching is understood as an extension of the Christian doctrine of God, and engage in critical conversation with classical and contemporary theological texts.


Not Every Spirit - 2826630982

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Not Every Spirit CONTINUUM

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"Not Every Spirit" explores the notion of Christian faith as disbelief and how the task of 'testing the spirits' develops and comes to be understood within Christianity as a theological discipline called 'dogmatics'. This book is a fresh and timely dogmatic text that will take its place as a standard work on Christian teachings. To believe in God is not to believe everything. To trust everything without awareness of what is untrustworthy is not genuine faith in God. In a biblical understanding of faith in God, then, what is the role of the call not to believe every spirit? What disbeliefs does faithfulness require? Are there some things that Christian faith refuses to believe? If so, how do we come to recognize what they are?'The presence of faithful disbelief in the church', Professor Morse suggests, 'gives the church's teaching and practice its timeliness in every cultural situation'. Part One of his book therefore explores the notion of Christian faith as disbelief and how the task of 'testing the spirits' develops and comes to be understood within Christianity as a theological discipline called dogmatics. Part two focuses on uncovering disbeliefs of the Christian faith concerning the Word of God, the being of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, creation, salvation, humanity, the church, and the life to come.Here, then, is a fresh and timely dogmatic text that will take its place as a standard work on Christian teachings. 'Professor Morse's meticulous scholarship in this book convinces Christians to examine not only what they believe but also to give attention to what they are called to disbelieve. In today's world of turmoil, distrust, and violence, Morse's work challenges Christians to reflect seriously on what they are to believe and what they are to do' - Delores S. Williams, Union Seminary, NY. Christopher Morse holds the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Chair in Theology and Ethics at Union Seminary, New York, and is the author of "The Logic of Promise in Moltmann's Theology".


Doctrine of Reconciliation - 2826801196

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Doctrine of Reconciliation CONTINUUM

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'Reading Barth is like entering into shock therapy' Michael Wyschogrod 'He undoubtedly is one of the giants in the history of theology' Christianity Today Karl Barth (1886-1968) was described by Pope Pius XII as 'the most important theologian since Thomas Aquinas'. Arguably the most important Protestant theologian of the twentieth century, his work continues to be a major influence on Christian thinkers of all denominations. His theology found its most sustained and compelling expression in his thirteen volume magnum opus, The Church Dogmatics. The Doctrine of Reconciliation comprises the key element of The Church Dogmatics, making this giant work accessible to all. In it Barth asserts the Word of God over that of human speculation. Jesus Christ is presented as the reconciling force, uniting Man with God, and Barth provides a radical revision of Protestant thought on sin and faith. Translated by G.W. Bromiley Edited by G.W. Bromiley and T.F. Torrance


A Year At Bottengoms Farm - 2842821052

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A Year At Bottengoms Farm

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Features A Collection Of Sixty Word From Wormingford Columns From The Back Page Of The Church Times, Published In The Autumn Of 2006. This Work Presents Mini Essays That Reflect The Natural Landscape, The Changing Seasons, Village Life, Art, Poetry, T


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