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New Critical Thinking - 2844566428

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Following a scene-setting Introduction which reflects on the state of 'theory' today, the 11 chapters in this volume introduce new areas of critical thinking which go beyond the standard 'isms': Literary Reading in a Digital Age; Critical Making in the Digital Humanities; Thing Theory; Memory Work and Criticism; Body, Objects, Technology; Criticism and 'The Animal'; Multimodality and Linguistic Approaches to Literary Study; Critical and Creative Practice: Conditions for Success in the Writing Workshop; Affect Theory; Spectrality; Critical Climate Change. A final rounding off chapter on Historicising presents debates around historically oriented criticism, including a 'round table' among the contributors. Each chapter also provides a critical 'case study' of a text or texts, including poetry writing guides, a Seamus Heaney poem, film adaptations of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, e-readers and kindles, First World War poetry and prose, steampunk, and Robert Macfarlane's The Old Ways. From 'Thing Theory' to animal theory, multimodality to film adaptation, and from acts of reading in a digital age to the creative writing workshop, the volume reflects a radical reorientation in critical modes of thinking."


New Performance/new Writing - 2849520650

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New Performance/new Writing

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>The arts>Theatre studiesKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Language>Reference & general>Creative wri...

New Performance/New Writing Offers Contextualisation And Guidance On Innovative Approaches To Writing For Performance. It Explores A Wide Range Of Performance Practices, Including Immersive And Solo Theatre, Autoethnography And Applied Drama.


Hamlet: Language and Writing - 2842738465

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Hamlet: Language and Writing Arden Shakespeare

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This lively and informative guide reveals Hamlet as marking a turning point in Shakespeare's use of language and dramatic form as well as addressing the key problem at the play's core: Hamlet's inaction. It also looks at recent critical approaches to the play and its theatre history, including the recent David Tennant / RSC Hamlet on both stage and TV screen.


John Osborne's Look Back in Anger - 2852492208

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John Osborne's Look Back in Anger CONTINUUM

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Look Back in Anger" is one of the few works of drama that are indisputably central to British culture in general, and its name is one of the most well-known in postwar cultural history. Its premiere in 1956 sparked off the first 'new wave' of kitchen-sink drama and the cultural phenomenon of the Angry Young Man. The play's anti-hero, Jimmy Porter, became the spokesman of a generation. Osborne's play is a key milestone in 'new writing' for British theatre, and the Royal Court - which produced the play - has since become one of the most important new writing theatres in the UK.This guide provides a comprehensive critical introduction to the play, giving students an overview of the background and context; detailed analysis of the play's structure, style, characters etc; analysis of key production issues and choices; overview of the performance history from the 1956 Royal Court premiere to recent revivals; and an annotated guide to further reading highlighting key critical approaches.It offers accessible, informative critical introductions to modern plays for students in both Theatre/Performance Studies and English. Offering up-to-date coverage of a broad range of key plays throughout modern drama, the guides include accounts of performance history, production analysis, screen adaptations and summaries of important critical approaches and debates.


Claire Macdonald - Utopia - 2852758479

197,20 zł

Claire Macdonald - Utopia Intellect Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A cofounder of the United Kingdom's legendary 1980s performance theatre company Impact Theatre Co-op, Claire MacDonald composed Utopia, a sequence of commissioned playtexts, between 1987 and 2008. This edition brings together both the plays and the story of how the plays came to be made and written. With a compelling introduction by the author, and including additional material by Tim Etchells, Dee Heddon, and Lenora Champagne, it provides a range of historical and critical materials that put the plays in the context of MacDonald's career as writer and collaborator and show how visual practices and poetics, theories of real and imagined space, and new approaches to language itself have profoundly shaped the development of performance writing in the UK.


Edinburgh Companion to Samuel Beckett and the Arts - 2841429840

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Edinburgh Companion to Samuel Beckett and the Arts EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This title features newly commissioned, innovative essays on Samuel Beckett and the arts in the broadest sense. This Companion captures the continued vitality of Beckett studies in the visual arts, drama and music as well as considering topics such as Beckett and science, historiography, geocriticism and philosophy. The volume focuses particularly on the post-centenary impetus within Beckett studies, and emphasises a return to fundamental source study amid letters, drafts, and other documents, even as it is also informed by contemporary theory. Divided into nine sections covering Art; Aesthetics; The Body; Fiction; Film; Radio; Television; Global Beckett; Language / Writing; Philosophy; Reading and Theatre Performance; 36 expert contributors present the latest critical thinking in relation to Beckett Studies. It outlines the nature of Beckett studies for the next generation by focusing on the most vital, ground-breaking research in the field. It features the most comprehensive range of topics and approaches relating to Beckett and the 'arts' ever attempted. The contributors include major Beckett scholars such as Steven Connor, David Lloyd, Andrew Gibson, John Pilling, Chris Ackerley, Mark Nixon as well as emerging new Beckett scholars.


Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - 2827054357

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Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time METHUEN DRAMA

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This schools' edition of Mark Haddon's multi-award-winning novel adapted for the stage of the National Theatre by Simon Stephens is perfect for Key Stages 3 and 4. Christopher, fifteen years old, stands beside Mrs Shears's dead dog. It has been speared with a garden fork, it is seven minutes after midnight, and Christopher is under suspicion. He records each fact in the book he is writing to solve the mystery of who murdered Wellington. He has an extraordinary brain and is exceptional at maths, but he is ill-equipped to interpret everyday life. He has never ventured alone beyond the end of his road, he detests being touched and he distrusts strangers. But Christopher's detective work, forbidden by his father, takes him on a frightening journey that turns his world upside-down. This educational edition in Methuen Drama's Critical Scripts series has been prepared by national Drama in Secondary English experts Ruth Moore and Paul Bunyan. Building on a decade of highly effective work and publications endorsed by national organisations and supported by teachers and consultants across Britain, each book in the series: meets the requirements at KS3 and GCSE features detailed, structured schemes of work utilising drama approaches to improve literary and language analysis places pupils' understanding of the learning process at the heart of the activities will help pupils to boost English GCSE success and develop high-level skills at KS3 will save teachers considerable time devising their own resources. Simon Stephens's adaptation of Mark Haddon's bestselling, award-winning novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time offers a richly theatrical exploration of this touching and bleakly humorous tale.


Calvert Casey - 2837311528

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Calvert Casey Duke University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Hailed as a literary relative of Kafka and Poe by his Italian and Cuban contemporaries, Calvert Casey and his enthralling work have until now remained eclipsed in the United States. This collection brings all of Casey's powerful short stories and a fragment of an unfinished novel to an English-speaking audience for the first time. Exploring the human condition through poetically unique yet torturous views of the mind, Casey was a renegade artist whose work perceives reality as a smoke screen behind which Truth is hidden. He intended his fiction to disturb and subvert standard, plot-driven views of life. Born in the United States, Casey was raised in Cuba and spent most of his life there and in Europe. He chose Spanish as his primary artistic tongue. A member of the intelligentsia surrounding Castro in the early years of the revolution, he was eventually exiled - and in 1969 committed suicide in Rome at the age of forty-five.Although most of his luminous stories are set in Havana, his is not a touristy, picturesque landscape but an often strange and nightmarish theatre of human passions, inhabited by figures - silhouettes, really - that live on the edge of normality. This volume, which showcases Casey's mastery of the skill of indirect and gradual revelation, is the most complete to appear in any language and includes a biographical and critical introduction written by Ilan Stavans, the noted novelist and scholar of Hispanic culture. Readers interested in the art of fiction and in the complexities of the human psyche will find Casey's work irresistible.Calvert Casey (1924-1969) had published both essays and short stories in Spanish during his lifetime. John H. R. Polt is Professor Emeritus of Spanish at the University of California at Berkeley. Ilan Stavans is Professor of Spanish and Creative Writing at Amherst College. 'Out of Havana arrives one of the most significant Hispanic American writers ...Calvert Casey, nourished by the Western literary tradition, yet, obstinately, almost obsessively, 'local.' ...With memories of Havana as a colony and of slavery, of the brothels and black witchcraft and uninterrupted sensuality in an uninterrupted dialogue with the dead, Casey ...began to write far from Cuba out of nostalgia. It led him to return to Cuba and to submerge himself anew in the old city known rock by rock, ghost by ghost, ensuring never to be separated from her again' - "Italo Calvino", written in 1966, reprinted in "Quimera" number 26 (Dec. 1982).


The Picture Book Maker - 2841484771

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The Picture Book Maker

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>The arts>Industrial / commercial art & design>Illustration & commercial art>Illustration

This Comprehensive, Hands-on Guide To Writing And Illustrating Picture Books For Young Children Presents Up-to-date Critical Scholarship In Literacy, Visual And Textual Studies, Then Describes In Detail The Creative And Practical Approaches Entailed And T


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