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You're Hired! Total Job Search - 2854301230

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You're Hired! Total Job Search TROTMAN

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The all-in-one jobhunter's bible. Expert advice on all aspects of job hunting, including CV writing, dealing with tough interview questions, finding unadvertised jobs, and making the most of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Monster and other online jobhunting tools. If you're looking for a new job or just need a hand getting on the career ladder then You're Hired: Total Job Search is your one-stop-shop for landing the job of your dreams. Packed full of practical exercises and handy tips, this totally up-to-date, helpful guide will take you through the entire recruitment process and includes advice on how to: * Plan your job search and find career opportunities * Write an impressive and compelling CV that makes you stand out from the crowd * Work with recruitment agents and consultants to maximise your chances * Perform successfully at interview * Pass assessment centre tests with flying colours * Negotiate the job contract and make a good impression on your first day Job seekers, expert career coach, Jeremy I'Anson helps you on your job search and giving you just what you need to find and get the perfect role. For more information about the book and extracts try


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