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Year in My Life: be Creative Every Day - 2850284804

35,80 zł

Year in My Life: be Creative Every Day Ivy Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Invites children to record a year of their life by filling in the 365 quirky drawing and writing exercises - one for each day of the year. Upon completion of the journal, this book provides children with a creative diary to treasure for years to come.


Flowers Every Day - 2826818179

129,10 zł

Flowers Every Day JACQUI SMALL

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

We'd all love to have fresh flowers at home all year round, but expense and the fact that many varieties don't last - as well as a shortage of time - often prevent us from doing so. Now, world-renowned flower designer Paula Pryke demonstrates how clever use of your garden, together with careful selections at the florist, garden centre or supermarket, can help you enjoy flowers at home every day of the year. Taking each season in turn, Paula discusses her favourite plants and flowers, both from markets and her own garden. Her planting plans for beds and borders, plus garden tasks, will help you produce a plentiful supply of plants and flowers for free all year round. Paula also suggests the best flowers to purchase each season, ensuring you get the most from your budget - whether by buying in season or choosing long-lasting varieties. Her top quality recommendations may not always be the cheapest, but their longer vase-life gives them unbeatable value, and saves you precious time. Featuring Paula's creative and eye-catching ideas for Easter, Mother's Day, Christmas and more, Flowers Every Day is also a brilliant resource for special occasion flower arrangements. Paula's innovative, modern and fresh arrangements combine the very best seasonal flowers, as well as foliage, seed heads, stems, grasses, nuts and fruits to enhance your home and lifestyle, every day.


A Year In My Life - 2840259848

34,99 zł

A Year In My Life

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children

Invites Children To Record A Year Of Their Life By Filling In The 365 Quirky Drawing And Writing Exercises - One For Each Day Of The Year. Upon Completion Of The Journal, This Book Provides Children With A Creative Diary To Treasure For Years To Come.


Best Year Of My Life: 197 - 2839410503

45,99 zł

Best Year Of My Life: 197 SBC


1. Jacksons, The - Shake Your Body (Down To The Groun 2. Earth, Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland - Album Ver 3. Electric Light Orchestra - Don't Bring Me Down 4. Toto - Hold The Line - Single Version 5. Steinman, Jim - Bat Out Of Hell - Album Version 6. Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me - Live Version 7. Nolans, The / Nolan, Anne / Nolan, Denise / Nol - 8. Isley Brothers, The - It's A Disco Night (Rock Don 9. Keller, Jack - One Way Ticket 10. Woolfson, Eric - Lucifer 11. Moroder, Giorgio - The Runner 12. Springsteen, Bruce - Fire 13. Sad Cafe - Every Day Hurts 14. Charlie Daniels Band, The - The Devil Went Down To 15. Pop, Iggy - I'm Bored 16. Traditional - Hooray! Hooray! It' S A Holi-holiday


Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish - 2846487509

3,10 zł

Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Nazwa - Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish Wydawca - KUM Kod ISBN - 4064900016314 Kod EAN - 4064900016314 Podatek VAT - 23%


Ordered to Return: My Life After Dying: My Life After Dying - 2838463203

77,46 zł

Ordered to Return: My Life After Dying: My Life After Dying Hampton Roads Pub Co Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In December, 1943, 20-year-old Army private George Ritchie died of pneumonia. Nine minutes later, he came back profoundly changed. What had happened to him while his dead body lay under a sheet would change his life, and that of his family, friends, and patients. His first book, Return From Tomorrow, has sold over 200,000 copies and has been translated into nine languages. Now, in Ordered to Return, George Ritchie briefly re-tells the story of that strange experience and then tells what happened later, including the real miracles that he has seen in his years of practice as a physician and psychiatrist. What's more, using plain, every-day examples from life, he offers penetrating insights into what is wrong with American life today and how it can be set right.


My Life, My Rules - 2845106953

54,81 zł

My Life, My Rules Hardcastle Enterprises

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

During the happiest time of her life, Selene's past returns to haunt her. She made some mistakes in her youth, but paid the price and spent seven years toeing the line and working hard to accomplish her goals when others would have given up. Finally, she has everything she had ever wanted, a magical life with the perfect husband, adorable daughter, and successful career. All achieved by consciously developing her higher self and following the laws of the Universe. Then one day an unexpected letter arrives--one that jeopardizes everything she has worked so hard to achieve, and which has the power to destroy it all. Deportation. The United States plans to forcibly remove her from her family, her friends and her way of life. Numb with shock and grief, she struggles to apply the principles of faith that have stood her in good stead over the years. Even though this problem seems implacable and insurmountable, she finds she is not alone. Follow Selene's gut-wrenching ordeal as she faces the heartache and devastation that millions of immigrants and their families suffer every year.


A Tombstone Every Mile - 2839413718

559,99 zł

A Tombstone Every Mile Bear Family Records


1. Coast Of Maine 2. Ida Dance (Instrumental) 3. Jelly Doughnuts 4. Fiddler's Dance (Instrumental) 5. Cottage In The Pines 6. Cupid's Arrow (1) 7. Baby Darling 8. Naponee 9. Rocky Mountain Queen 10. Streets Of Laredo (1) 11. Foggy Foggy Dew 12. China Nights (3) 13. Blues In My Mind (2) 14. Lovin' Dan-sixty Minute Man 15. Blue Yodel No.6 (Midnight Turning Day Blues) 16. Bright Lights & Blonde..(i'm Getting Tired) 17. Travelin' Man 18. I'm Ragged But I'm Right 19. St. James Infirmary 20. You Never Miss The Water (Till The Well...) 21. Rosalita 22. Just A Closer Walk With Thee 23. Please Don't Pass Me By 24. Nine Pound Hammer (1) 25. Rocky Mountain Queen (With Overdub) 101. Nine Pound Hammer(1)(with Recitation) 102. I Am A Pilgrim 103. Tuck Me To Sleep In My Old Kentucky Home 104. I Ain't Got Nobody 105. Rainbow In My Heart 106. Something's Wrong With You 107. Evil Hearted Man Blues 108. I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven 109. Deck Of Cards 110. High Noon 111. Strawberry Roan 112. Red River Valley 113. Cowboy Jack 114. On Top Of Old Smokey 115. Home On The Range 116. Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie 117. Chisholm Trail 118. I Ride An Old Paint 119. Whoopie Ti Yi Yo 120. Green Grow The Lilacs 121. The Last Roundup 122. The Crawdad Song 123. The Rock Island Line 124. Don't Fence Me In 125. The Big Rock Candy Mountain 126. Rovin' Gambler 127. Molly Darlin' 201. The Yellow Rose Of Texas 202. Liza Jane 203. Careless Love 204. Buffalo Gal 205. San Antonio Rose 206. Little Brown Jug 207. I've Been Working On The Railroad 208. Silver Threads Among The Gold 209. You Tell Me Your Dream, I'll Tell You Mine 210. I Was Seeing Nellie Home 211. Beautiful Dreamer 212. My Old Kentucky Home 213. Whispering Hope 214. What A Friend We Have In Jesus 215. Rock Of Ages 216. The Church In The Wildwood 217. Bring Them In 218. Onward, Christian Soldiers 219. Nearer My God To Thee 220. In The Garden 221. Jesus Loves Me 222. I Love To Tell The Story 223. The Old Rugged Cross 301. A Tombstone Every Mile (1) 302. Heart Talk (1) 303. Streets Of Laredo (2) 304. King Of The Road 305. Uncle Tom 306. China Nights (4) 307. Six Times A Day 308. Cupid's Arrow (2) 309. Down By The Old River 310. Teardrops In My Heart 311. Nine Pound Hammer (3) 312. Sunny Side Of The Mountain 313. 'Tater Raisin' Man 314. The Friend That Makes It Four 315. Mama's Hands 316. Mom & Dad's Waltz 317. Daddy & Home 318. I'm Going Home 319. Buckaroo 320. Little Terry 321. Please Don't Make Me Go 322. You, You, Only You (& Kay Adams) 323. Terrible Tangled Web (& Kay Adams) 324. A Devil Like Me Needs An Angel...(& K. Adams) 325. No Fool Like An Old Fool (& Kay Adams) 326. Old Standby (& Kay Adams) 327. Too Late (& Kay Adams) 328. I Can't Stop (My Lovin' You) (& Kay Adams) 329. For Ever & Ever (& Kay Adams) 330. Congratulations, You're Absolutely..(& Adams) 331. Heart Talk (2) (& Kay Adams) 401. Highwayman 402. The Baron 403. Memories, & Old Picture & A Ring 404. A Good Job Hunting & Fishing 405. How Do I Say Goodbye 406. I Didn't Know Love Was This Way 407. House Of Memories 408. All Of Me Belongs To You 409. My Side Of The Night 410. The Game Of Love & Poker 411. Try & Leave Me 412. (Standing) On The Outside Looking In 413. Hello Honey 414. Nobody 415. Hobo 416. Tears Of Saint Ann 417. I Went Bad For A Pretty Girl 418. Tornado Tillie 419. Life Goes On 420. Big Foot 421. Mumble Boogy 422. You Can't Go Back Again 423. Shoes 424. When Dad Was Around 425. End Of The Road 426. Bury The Bottle With Me 427. Wrinkled, Crinkled, Wadded Dollar Bill 428. Just For The Record 429. I'm Worried About Me 501. The Heartline Special 502. Secret Of Your Heart 503. I Ain't Got Nobody 504. Bummin' On Track E 505. Secret Of Your Heart 506. The Wild Side Of Town 507. Nobody Knows You, When You're Down & Out 508. Things 509. Easy Woman 510. Down On The Corner At Kelly's 511. Tonight's The Night My Angels Halo Fell 512. Maybe I'll Cry Over You 513. It's Nothing To Me 514. The Good Old Days 515. Over The Edge 516. Blue Is A Beautiful Color 517. A Good Year For The Wine 518. Tears Instead Of Cheers 519. All I Need Is You 520. A Brand New Bed Of Roses 521. Be Here To Love Me 522. Kentucky Boy 523. Fanning The Flame 524. The Sun 525. Somebody Else 526. Jamaica Farewell 601. China Nights (1) 602. The Golden Rocket 603. Just A Closer Walk With Thee 604. I'm In Love Again 605. I Walk The Line 606. Something's Wrong With You 607. China Nights (2) 608. Evil-hearted Man Blues 609. Marianne 610. Blues In My Mind (1) 611. Down By The Riverside 612. Oh, Lonesome Me! 613. Where Is Your Heart Tonight 614. I Can Get Along Without You Now 615. Nine Pound Hammer (2) 616. What Do I Care 617. There's Been A Change In Me 618. After All I Ain't Got Much To Lose (Live) 619. Sunny Side Of The Mountain (Live) 620. Monday Night (Arthur Godfrey Show) 621. Nine Pound Hammer (Arthur Godfrey Show) 622. China Nights (Arthur Godfrey Show) 623. Just A Little Lovin' (Arthur Godfrey Show) 624. I Am A Pilgrim (Arthur Godfrey Show) 625. Tuck Me To Sleep (Arthur Godfrey Show) 626. Montreal Express (Commercial) 627. Station Breaks 628. The Tumbleweed Kid (Billy D. Hunter)


My Life Next Door - 2835279617

40,87 zł

My Life Next Door Egmont Books Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"An almost perfect summer romance". (Kirkus Reviews). Addictive, dreamy and contemporary YA romance at its very best! It is perfect for fans of Morgan Matson, Stephanie Perkins and Rainbow Rowell. The Garretts are everything the Reeds are not. Loud, numerous, messy, affectionate. And every day from her balcony perch, seventeen-year-old Samantha Reed wishes she was one of them...until one summer evening, Jase Garrett climbs the trellis to sit by her and changes everything. My Life Next Door is the perfect guilty pleasures read with real emotional depth - and the first in three very collectable YA contemporary romances by Huntley Fitzpatrick. Huntley Fitzpatrick, author of the award-shortlisted and highly-acclaimed My Life Next Door, always wanted to be a writer ever since growing up in the small costal town of Connecticut. She worked as an editor on teen titles at Harlequin before becoming a full time YA writer. She is also the author of the contemporary YA romances What I Thought I Knew and The Boy Most Likely To. She lives in Massachusetts, USA.


My Life Next Door - 2840242319

39,99 zł

My Life Next Door

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children

The Garretts Are Everything The Reeds Are Not. Loud, Numerous, Messy, Affectionate. And Every Day From Her Balcony Perch, Seventeen-year-old Samantha Reed Wishes She Was One Of Them... Until One Summer Evening, Jase Garrett Climbs The Trellis To Sit By Her And Changes Everything.


Year of Doing Good - 2826880739

70,65 zł

Year of Doing Good VIKING

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Judith O'Reilly, author of the hugely popular blog and book Wife in the North embarks on a year long social experiment in the witty A Year of Doing Good. Fed up of New Year's resolutions involving diets and exercise abandoned on January 2nd, Judith is attempting to be good. For one whole year. She embarked on a mission to do one good deed every day. Some called it a social experiment. At times she called it madness. Juggling family, friends and a variety of neighbours in the small Northumberland village she calls home, she recounts the ups, downs, moments of doubt and sheer bloody hard work of doing good. From the small - babysitting a friend's child, clearing up her neighbour's dead mice and feeding her friendship cake Herman the German, to the slightly larger - trying to raise GBP10,000 for charity with her Jam Jar Army and teaching a severely handicapped child to write - she describes what she learns along the way: that no good deed is too small and that being good makes you happy. Well, most of the time. "A funny, uplifting and admirable book". (Observer). "Banish January blues with A Year of Doing Good by Judith O'Reilly who resolved to do one good turn day ...utterly uplifting". (Woman & Home). "Fizzing with energy Judith's writing is open-hearted and funny ...though not a guide to doing good, Judith's story may inspire you to do a little more for others this year". (Express). "Glorious sincerity ...the admiring accounts of others' lives, the detailing of the deeds gladly done or furiously resented, the unending chaos of family life - all are rendered honestly, colourfully and occasionally hilariously". (Lucy Mangan, Sunday Times). A Year of Doing Good inspires the reader with the day-to-day journey of meaning, gratification and joy that comes from contributing to the lives of others in so many creative ways. For those who want to put "do unto others" in the centre of their lives and reap the unexpected benefits of happiness and health, this is the book for you. Elegantly written, the words jump off the page' Stephen G. Post, PhD, author of The Hidden Gifts of Helping Judith O'Reilly is a writer and journalist. Her first book Wife in the North was based on her blog of the same name and was a bestseller. Her second book, a novel, is living in a drawer. Her third book is this one. She is married with three children, and for one year she tried to be good.


Under the Duvet - 2212824601

36,60 zł

Under the Duvet Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

'When people ask me what I do for a crust and I tell them that I'm a novelist, they immediately assume that my life is a non-stop carousel of limos, television appearances, hair-dos, devoted fans, stalkers and all the glitzy paraphernalia of being a public figure. It's time to set the record straight. I write alone, in a darkened bedroom, wearing my PJs, eating bananas, my laptop on a pillow in front of me ...' Her novels are adored by millions around the world


Mum Of The Year - 2841468796

92,49 zł

Mum Of The Year Sony Music


1. Changes 2. Breakeven 3. She's So Lovely 4. Spotlight 5. With You 6. Get The Party Started 7. Superstar 8. Love It When You Call 9. Dance With My Father 10. If She Knew 11. Unwritten 12. Hips Don't Lie (Feat. Wyclef Jean) 13. Ain't Got No/i Got Life (Groovefinder Remix) 14. What Can I Do 15. Goodbye My Lover 16. Stars 17. About You Now 18. Put Your Records On 19. If You Don't Know Me By Now 20. Hallelujah 121. The Impossible Dream 122. Home 123. Flying Without Wings 124. Beautiful 125. I'm Every Woman 126. Everytime 127. What Goes Around...comes Around 128. Last Request 129. When You Believe 130. She's Like The Wind 131. One Day In Your Life 132. Love Song 133. Save Room 134. What About Us? 135. Dream Catch Me 136. To The Moon & Back 137. One Love 138. Spinning Around 139. Baby Can I Hold You 140. Amazing


Angel a Day - 2846577106

68,43 zł

Angel a Day THORSONS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A 365 'book of days' with every daily entry containing angelic information, inspirational messages and guidance from angels, as well as rituals, meditations, visualisations to follow in order to bring the magic of angels into your everyday life. An Angel a Day offers advice, inspirational messages, thoughts and quotations on angels to bring a magical angelic presence into your daily life. This angelic presence is loving and guiding, giving us the support we need to move onwards and upwards towards spiritual enlightenment. The book describes angels associated with various days, months, seasons, and specific times of the year, including special angel feast days. The entries include 'angel inspiration' for the day ahead, the phases of the Moon relating to angels and how to work best with them, and dates when the Sun enters each zodiac sign and which of the four Archangels presides over which astrological elements (Fire/Earth/Air/Water) of the zodiac. e.g. The Angel of January is Gabriel, representing new vision and insight . The Angel of September is Uriel who looks after the Planet Earth and all who live on her and governs the Air sign of Libra, can help you gain balance in all that you do. Light-hearted angel-related information such as angel cooking (using angelica, how to make angel Food Cake, etc.); angel gardening including growing angelica (the herb of the angels), planting angel fishing rods, Angel Wing Jasmine, Blue Angel Clematis, or the thornless hybrid tea-rose Smooth Angel), angel films, Celtic angels (North/East/South/West).


I Love My Grandad - 2846948654

57,99 zł

I Love My Grandad

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children

A Celebration Of Grandparents And The Special Role They Play In Family Life From An Award-winning, Bestselling Team. The Perfect Present For Every Family - On Grandparent's Day, Or Indeed At Any Time Of The Year!


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