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After seeing naturopath Arielle Essex in the film documentary The Living Matrix, many people ask, 'How did she heal her own brain tumour without medical treatment?' Convinced that resolving stress would help, Arielle's healing journey focused on how the mind and emotions affect the body. Practical Miracles explains how she applied the practical psychology of NLP to disentangle her own confusing cloud of thoughts and restore inner peace. In Practical Miracles, Arielle describes her process for facing any kind of crisis and turning it around: heal the thinking to transform the stress; don't let outside events trigger your emotions; learn how to bounce back instead of being bewildered and confused; and develop the kind of resiliency that sustains you and keeps you well, no matter what happens. Having faced her own crisis, Arielle knows the kind of questions people really want to ask: how can I make a miracle happen when I need one? How could this have happened to me, and why now? How is it possible that my thoughts have contributed to this? How can I resolve this problem and get rid of it right now? How is it possible to forgive the unforgivable and let go? How can I bounce back and prevent this happening again? In Practical Miracles, finding answers to all of these questions becomes not only possible, but completely achievable in your life, as Arielle guides you on your own unique healing journey to a life of freedom and fulfilment.


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