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The Complete Columbia Collection - 2849481383

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The Complete Columbia Collection Sony Music Entertainment


1. Run Softly, Blue River 2. Frankie's Man, Johnny 3. That's All Over 4. The Troubadour 5. One More Ride 6. That's Enough 7. I Still Miss Someone 8. Don't Take Your Guns To Town 9. I'd Rather Die Young 10. Pickin' Time 11. Shepherd Of My Heart 12. Suppertime 101. It Was Jesus 102. I Saw A Man 103. Are All The Children In 104. The Old Account 105. Lead Me Gently Home 106. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 107. Snow In His Hair 108. Lead Me Father 109. I Call Him 110. These Things Shall Pass 111. He'll Be A Friend 112. God Will 201. Drink To Me 202. Five Feet High And Rising 203. The Man On The Hill 204. Hank And Joe And Me 205. Clementine 206. The Great Speckle Bird 207. I Want To Go Home 208. The Caretaker 209. Old Apache Squaw 210. Don't Step On Mother's Roses 211. My Grandfather's Clock 212. It Could Be You (Instead Of Him) 301. Seasons Of My Heart 302. I Feel Better All Over 303. I Couldn't Keep From Crying 304. Time Changes Everything 305. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You 306. I'd Just Be Fool Enough (To Fall) 307. Transfusion Blues 308. Why Do You Punish Me (For Loving You) 309. I Will Miss You When You Go 310. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 311. Just One More 312. Honky-tonk Girl 401. Loading Coal 402. Slow Rider 403. Lumberjack 404. Dorraine Of Ponchartrain 405. Going To Memphis 406. When Papa Played The Dobro 407. Boss Jack 408. Old Doc Brown 501. He'll Understand And Say Well Done 502. God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away 503. When I've Learned 504. I Got Shoes 505. Let The Lower Lights Be Burning 506. If We Never Meet Again 507. When I Take My Vacation In Heaven 508. When He Reached Down His Hand For Me 509. Taller Than Trees 510. I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone 511. My God Is Real 512. These Hands 601. Lost On The Desert 602. Accidentally On Purpose 603. In The Jailhouse 604. Mr. Lonesome 605. You Won't Have Far To Go 606. Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song) 607. Delia's Gone 608. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know 609. You Remembered Me 610. I'm Free From The Chain Gang Now 611. Let Me Down Easy 612. Sing It Pretty, Sue 701. The Legend Of John Henry's Hammer 702. Tell Him I'm Gone 703. Another Man Done Gone 704. Busted 705. Casey Jones 706. Nine Pound Hammer 707. Chain Gang 708. Waiting For A Train 709. Roughneck 801. Ring Of Fire 802. I'd Still Be There 803. What Do I Care 804. I Still Miss Someone 805. Forty Shades Of Green 806. Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord) 807. The Rebel - Johnny Yuma 808. Bonanza! 809. The Big Battle 810. Remember The Alamo 811. Tennessee Flat-top Box 812. (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me) 901. The Christmas Spirit 902. I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day 903. Blue Christmas 904. The Gifts They Gave 905. Here Was A Man 906. Christmas As I Knew It 907. Silent Night 908. The Little Drummer Boy 909. Ringing The Bells For Jim 910. We Are The Shepherds 911. Who Kept The Sheep 912. The Ballad Of The Harp Weaver 1001. Keep On The Sunny Side 1002. The Banks Of The Ohio 1003. My Clinch Mountain Home 1004. Lonesome Valley 1005. Worried Man Blues 1006. Will The Circle Be Unbroken 1007. The Wabash Cannonball 1008. Broken-hearted Lover 1009. Brown Eyes 1010. I'm Working On A Building 1011. Gathering Flowers From The Hillside 1012. When The Roses Bloom Again 1101. I Walk The Line 1102. Bad News 1103. Folsom Prison Blues 1104. Give My Love To Rose 1105. Hey Porter 1106. I Still Miss Someone 1107. Understand Your Man 1108. Wreck Of The Old 97 1109. Still In Town 1110. Big River 1111. Goodbye, Little Darlin', Goodbye 1112. Troublesome Waters 1201. As Long As The Grass Shall Grow 1202. Apache Tears 1203. Custer 1204. The Talking Leaves 1205. The Ballad Of Ira Hayes 1206. Drums 1207. White Girl 1208. The Vanishing Race 1301. Orange Blossom Special 1302. The Long Black Veil 1303. It Ain't Me Babe 1304. The Wall 1305. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right 1306. You Wild Colorado 1307. Mama, You Been On My Mind 1308. When It's Springtime In Alaska (It's Forty Below 1309. All Of God's Children Ain't Free 1310. Danny Boy 1311. Wildwood Flower 1312. Amen 1401. Hiawatha's Vision 1402. The Road To Kaintuck 1403. The Shifting, Whispering Sands Part I 1404. Narration 1405. The Ballad Of Boot Hill 1406. I Ride An Old Paint 1407. Narration 1408. Hardin Wouldn't Run 1409. Narration 1410. Mister Garfield 1411. The Streets Of Laredo 1412. Narration 1413. Johnny Reb 1414. A Letter From Home 1415. Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie 1416. Mean As Hell 1417. Sam Hall 1418. 25 Minutes To Go 1419. The Blizzard 1420. Narration 1421. Sweet Betsy From Pike 1422. Green Grow The Lilacs 1423. Narration 1424. Stampede 1425. The Shifting, Whispering Sands Part II 1426. Reflections 1501. Everybody Loves A Nut 1502. The One On The Right Is On The Left 1503. Cup Of Coffee 1504. The Bug That Tried To Crawl Around The World 1505. The Singing Star's Queen 1506. Austin Prison 1507. Dirty Old Egg-sucking Dog 1508. Take Me Home 1509. Please Don't Play Red River Valley 1510. Boa Constrictor 1511. Joe Bean 1601. Happiness Is You 1602. Guess Things Happen That Way 1603. Ancient History 1604. You Comb Her Hair 1605. She Came From The Mountains 1606. For Lovin' Me 1607. No One Will Ever Know 1608. Is This My Destiny 1609. A Wound Time Can't Erase 1610. Happy To Be With You 1611. Wabash Cannonball 1701. Long-legged Guitar Pickin' Man 1702. Shantytown 1703. It Ain't Me Babe 1704. Fast Boat To Sydney 1705. Pack Up Your Sorrows 1706. I Got A Woman (With June Carter) 1707. Jackson 1708. Oh, What A Good Thing We Had 1709. You'll Be All Right 1710. No, No, No 1711. What'd I Say 1801. From Sea To Shining Sea 1802. The Whirl And The Suck 1803. Call Daddy From The Mine 1804. The Frozen Four-hundred-pound Fair-to-middlin' C 1805. The Walls Of A Prison 1806. The Masterpiece 1807. You And Tennessee 1808. Another Song To Sing 1809. The Flint Arrowhead 1810. Cisco Clifton's Fillin' Station 1811. Shrimpin' Sailin' 1812. From Sea To Shining Sea (Finale) 1901. Folsom Prison Blues 1902. Dark As The Dungeon 1903. I Still Miss Someone 1904. Cocaine Blues 1905. 25 Minutes To Go 1906. Orange Blossom Special 1907. The Long Black Veil 1908. Send A Picture Of Mother 1909. The Wall 1910. Dirty Old Egg-sucking Dog 1911. Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart 1912. Jackson 1913. Give My Love To Rose 1914. I Got Stripes 1915. Green, Green Grass Of Home 1916. Greystone Chapel 2001. Prologue 2002. Land Of Israel 2003. A Mother's Love (Narrative) 2004. This Is Nazareth 2005. Nazarene 2006. Town Of Cana (Narrative) 2007. He Turned The Water Into Wine 2008. My Wife June At Sea Of Galilee (Narrative) 2009. Beautiful Words (Narrative) 2010. Our Guide Jacob At Mount Tabor 2011. The Ten Commandments 2012. Daddy Sang Bass 2013. At The Wailing Wall (Narrative) 2014. Come To The Wailing Wall (Narrative) 2015. In Bethlehem (Narrative) 2016. In Garden Of Gethsemane (Narrative) 2017. The Fourth Man 2018. On The Via Dolorosa (Narrative) 2019. Church Of The Holy Sepulchre (Narrative) 2020. At Calvary (Narrative) 2021. God Is Not Dead 2101. Wanted Man 2102. Wreck Of The Old 97 2103. I Walk The Line 2104. Darlin' Companion 2105. Starkville City Jail 2106. San Quentin 2107. San Quentin 2108. A Boy Named Sue 2109. (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley 2110. Folsom Prison Blues 2201. Southwind 2202. The Devil To Pay 2203. 'Cause I Love You 2204. See Ruby Fall 2205. Route 1, Box 144 2206. Sing A Travelin' Song 2207. If I Were A Carpenter 2208. To Beat The Devil 2209. Blistered 2210. Wrinkled, Crinkled, Wadded Dollar Bill 2211. I've Got A Thing About Trains 2212. Jesus Was A Carpenter 2301. Sunday Morning Coming Down 2302. Come Along And Ride This Train (Six Days On The 2303. Six Days On The Road 2304. There Ain't No Easy Run 2305. The Sailor On A Concrete Sea 2306. These Hands 2307. I'm Gonna Try To Be That Way 2308. Come Along And Ride This Train (Mississippi Delt 2309. Mississippi Delta Land 2310. Detroit City 2311. Uncloudy Day 2312. No Setting Sun 2313. Mississippi Delta Land 2314. Here Was A Man 2401. Flesh And Blood 2402. I Walk The Line 2403. Hungry 2404. This Town 2405. This Side Of The Law 2406. Flesh And Blood 2407. 'Cause I Love You 2408. Cause I Love You 2409. The World's Gonna Fall On You 2410. Face Of Despair 2411. Standing On The Promises/amazing Grace 2501. Rollin' Free 2502. Ballad Of Little Fauss And Big Halsy 2503. Ballad Of Little Fauss And Big Halsy 2504. 706 Union 2505. The Little Man 2506. The Little Man 2507. Wanted Man 2508. Rollin' Free 2509. True Love Is Greater Than Friendship 2510. Movin' 2601. The Preacher Said, Jesus Said 2602. Orphan Of The Road 2603. You've Got A New Light Shining In Your Eyes 2604. If Not For Love 2605. Man In Black 2606. Singin' In Viet Nam Talkin' Blues 2607. Ned Kelly 2608. Look For Me 2609. Dear Mrs. 2610. I Talk To Jesus Every Day 2701. Kate 2702. Melva's Wine 2703. A Thing Called Love 2704. I Promise You 2705. Papa Was A Good Man 2706. Tear Stained Letter 2707. Mississippi Sand 2708. Daddy 2709. Arkansas Lovin' Man 2710. The Miracle Man 2801. Opening Dialogue 2802. Paul Revere 2803. Begin West Movement 2804. The Road To Kaintuck 2805. To The Shining Mountains 2806. The Battle Of New Orleans 2807. Southwestward 2808. Remember The Alamo 2809. Opening The West 2810. Lorena 2811. The Gettysburg Address 2812. The West 2813. Big Foot 2814. Like A Young Colt 2815. Mister Garfield 2816. A Proud Land 2817. The Big Battle 2818. On Wheels And Wings 2819. Come Take A Trip In My Airship 2820. Reaching For The Stars 2821. These Are My People 2901. Opening Dialogue 2902. King Of Love 2903. Dialogue 2904. Jingle Bells 2905. Dialogue 2906. That Christmas Feeling 2907. Dialogue 2908. My Merry Christmas Song 2909. Dialogue 2910. Merry Christmas Mary 2911. Dialogue 2912. Christmas Time's A-comin' 2913. Dialogue 2914. Christmas With You 2915. Dialogue 2916. Christmas As I Knew It 2917. Dialogue 2918. When You're Twenty-one 2919. Dialogue 2920. An Old Fashioned Tree 2921. Dialogue 2922. Silent Night 3001. Any Old Wind That Blows 3002. Kentucky Straight 3003. The Loving Gift 3004. The Good Earth 3005. Best Friend 3006. Oney 3007. The Ballad Of Annie Palmer 3008. Too Little, Too Late 3009. If I Had A Hammer 3010. Country Trash 3011. Welcome Back Jesus 3101. Praise The Lord 3102. Introduction 3103. Gospel Road ( Part 1) 3104. Jesus' Early Years 3105. Gospel Road (Part 2) 3106. John The Baptist 3107. Baptism Of Jesus 3108. Wilderness Temptation 3109. Follow Me, Jesus 3110. Gospel Road ( Part 3) 3111. Jesus Announces His Divinity 3112. Jesus' Opposition Is Established 3113. Jesus' First Miracle 3114. He Turned The Water Into Wine (Part 1) 3115. State Of The Nation 3116. I See Men As Trees Walking 3117. Jesus Was A Carpenter (Part 1) 3118. Choosing Of Twelve Disciples 3119. Jesus' Teachings 3120. Parable Of The Good Shepherd 3121. The Two Greatest Commandments 3122. Greater Love Hath No Man 3123. John The Baptist's Imprisonment And Death 3124. Jesus Cleanses Temple 3125. Jesus Upbraids Scribes And Pharisees 3126. Jesus In The Temple 3127. Come Unto Me 3128. The Adulterous Woman 3129. Help (Part 1) 3130. Jesus And Nicodemus 3131. Help (Part 2) 3132. Sermon On The Mount 3133. Blessed Are 3134. The Lord's Prayer, Amen Chorus 3135. Introducing Mary Magdelene 3136. Mary Magdalene Speaks 3137. Follow Me 3138. Magdalene Speaks Again 3201. Crossing The Sea Of Galilee 3202. He Turned The Water Into Wine (Part 2) 3203. He Turned The Water Into Wine (Part 3) 3204. Feeding The Multitude 3205. The Turned The Water Into Wine (Part 4) 3206. More Jesus Teaching 3207. The Living Water And The Bread Of Life 3208. Gospel Road (Part 4) 3209. Jesus And Children 3210. Children 3211. Four Months To Live 3212. Help (Part 3) 3213. Help (Part 4) 3214. Raising Of Lazarus 3215. Jesus' Second Coming 3216. Jesus' Entry Into Jerusalem 3217. Burden Of Freedom (Chorus) 3218. Jesus Wept 3219. Burden Of Freedom (Chorus) 3220. Jesus Cleanses Temple Again 3221. Feast Of The Passover 3222. Lord Is It I? 3223. The Last Supper 3224. John 14:1-3 3225. And Now He's Alone 3226. Agony In Gethsemane 3227. Jesus Before Caiaphas, Pilate And Herod 3228. Burden Of Freedom 3229. Crucifixion 3230. Jesus' Last Words 3231. Jesus' Death 3232. Earthquake And Darkness 3233. He Is Risen 3234. Mary Magdalene Returns To Galilee 3235. Jesus Appears To Disciples 3236. The Great Commission 3237. Ascension, Amen Chorus 3238. Jesus Was A Carpenter (Part 2) 3301. The Color Of Love 3302. Saturday Night In Hickman County 3303. Allegheny 3304. Life Has Its Little Ups And Downs 3305. Matthew 24 (Is Knocking At The Door) 3306. The City Of New Orleans 3307. Tony 3308. The Pine Tree 3309. We're For Love 3310. Godshine 3401. Orleans Parish Prison 3402. Jacob Green 3403. Me And Bobby Mcgee 3404. The Prisoners Song 3405. The Invertebraes 3406. That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine 3407. City Jail 3408. Life Of A Prisoner 3409. Lookin' Back In Anger 3410. Nobody Cared 3411. Help Me Make It Through The Night 3412. I Saw A Man 3501. Ragged Old Flag 3502. Don't Go Near The Water 3503. All I Do Is Drive 3504. Southern Comfort 3505. King Of The Hill 3506. Pie In The Sky 3507. Lonesome To The Bone 3508. While I've Got It On My Mind 3509. Good Morning Friend 3510. I'm A Worried Man 3511. Please Don't Let Me Out 3512. What On Earth Will You Do (For Heaven's Sake) 3601. The Junkie And The Juicehead (Minus Me) 3602. Don't Take Your Guns To Town 3603. Broken Freedom Song 3604. I Do Believe 3605. Ole Slewfoot 3606. Keep On The Sunny Side 3607. Father And Daughter (Father And Son) 3608. Crystal Chaneliers And Burgundy 3609. Friendly Gates 3610. Billy & Rex & Oral & Bob 3611. Jesus 3612. Lay Back With My Woman 3701. Nasty Dan 3702. One And One Makes Two 3703. I Got A Boy And His Name Is John 3704. Little Magic Glasses 3705. Miss Tara 3706. Dinosaur Song 3707. Tiger Whitehead 3708. Call Of The Wild 3709. Little Green Fountain 3710. Old Shep 3711. (The) Timber Man 3801. Precious Memories 3802. Rock Of Ages 3803. The Old Rugged Cross 3804. Softly And Tenderly 3805. In The Sweet By And By 3806. Just As I Am 3807. Farther Along 3808. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder 3809. Amazing Grace 3810. At The Cross 3811. Have Thine Own Way Lord 3901. My Old Kentucky Home 3902. Hard Times Comin' 3903. The Lady Came From Baltimore 3904. Lonesome To The Bone 3905. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 3906. Clean Your Own Tables 3907. Jesus Was Our Saviour (Cotton Was Our King) 3908. Reason To Believe 3909. Cocaine Carolina 3910. Smokey Factory Blues 4001. Texas-1947 4002. What Have You Got Planned Tonight, Diana 4003. Look At Them Beans 4004. No Charge 4005. I Hardly Ever Sing Beer Drinking Songs 4006. Down The Road I Go 4007. I Never Met A Man Like You Before 4008. All Around Cowboy 4009. Gone 4010. Down At Drippin' Springs 4101. Big River 4102. Dialogue 1 4103. Doin' My Time 4104. Dialogue 2 4105. I Still Miss Someone 4106. Dialogue 3 4107. Another Man Done Gone 4108. I Got Stripes 4109. Introduction Of June Carter Cash (Dialogue 4) 4110. Church In The Wildwood 4111. Medley: Church In The Wildwood/lonesome Valley ( 4112. Church In The Wildwood 4113. Lonesome Valley 4114. Dialogue 5 4115. Strawberry Cake 4116. Dialogue 6 4117. Rock Island Line 4118. Navajo 4119. Dialogue 7 4120. Destination Victoria Station (With The Carter Fa 4121. The Fourth Man 4201. Let There Be Country 4202. One Piece At A Time 4203. In A Young Girl's Mind 4204. Mountain Lady 4205. Michigan City Howdy Do 4206. Sold Out Of Flagpoles 4207. Committed To Parkview 4208. Daughter Of A Railroad Man 4209. Love Has Lost Again 4210. Go On Blues 4301. I Will Dance With You 4302. The Last Gunfighter Ballad 4303. Far Side Banks Of Jordan 4304. Ridin' On The Cotton Belt 4305. Give It Away 4306. You're So Close To Me 4307. City Jail 4308. Cindy, I Love You 4309. Ballad Of Barbara 4310. That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine 4401. Hit The Road And Go 4402. Dialogue 1 4403. If It Wasn't For The Wabash River 4404. Dialogue 2 4405. Lady 4406. Dialogue 3 4407. After The Ball 4408. Dialogue 4 4409. No Earthly Good 4410. Dialogue 5 4411. A Wednesday Car 4412. Dialogue 6 4413. My Cowboy's Last Ride 4414. Dialogue 7 4415. Calilou 4416. Dialogue 8 4501. I Would Like To See You Again 4502. Lately 4503. I Wish I Was Crazy Again 4504. Who's Gene Autry? 4505. Hurt So Bad 4506. I Don't Think I Could Take You Back Again 4507. Abner Brown 4508. After Taxes 4509. There Ain't No Good Chain Gang (With Waylon Jenn 4510. That's The Way It Is 4511. I'm Alright Now 4601. Gone Girl 4602. I Will Rock And Roll With You 4603. The Diplomat 4604. No Expectations 4605. It Comes And Goes 4606. It'll Be Her 4607. The Gambler 4608. Cajun Born 4609. You And Me 4610. A Song For The Life 4701. The L&n Don't Stop Here Anymore 4702. Lonesome To The Bone 4703. Bull Rider 4704. I'll Say It's True 4705. (Ghost) Riders In The Sky 4706. Cocaine Blues 4707. Muddy Waters 4708. West Canterbury Subdivision Blues 4709. Lately I Been Leanin' Toward The Blues 4710. I'm Gonna Sit On The Porch And Pick On My Old Gu 4801. Cold Lonesome Morning 4802. Without Love 4803. W-o-m-a-n 4804. The Cowboy Who Started The Fight 4805. The Twentieth Century Is Almost Over 4806. Rockabilly Blues (Texas 1955) 4807. The Last Time 4808. She's A Go-er 4809. It Ain't Nothing New Babe 4810. One Way Rider 4901. Joy To The World 4902. Away In A Manger 4903. O Little Town Of Bethlehem 4904. Silent Night, Holy Night 4905. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear 4906. Hark The Herald Angels Sing 4907. I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day 4908. O Come All Ye Faithful 4909. Little Gray Donkey 4910. The Christmas Guest 5001. The Baron 5002. Mobile Bay 5003. The Hard Way 5004. A Ceiling, Four Walls, And A Floor 5005. Hey, Hey Train 5006. The Reverend Mr. Black 5007. The Blues Keep Gettin' Bluer 5008. Chattanooga City Limit Sign 5009. Thanks To You 5010. The Greatest Love Affair 5101. Get Rhythm 5102. I Forgot To Remember To Forget 5103. Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad 5104. That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine 5105. Matchbox 5106. I'll Fly Away 5107. Whole Lot-ta Shakin' Goin' On 5108. Rockin' My Life Away 5109. Blue Suede Shoes 5110. There Will Be Peace In The Valley For Me 5111. Can The Circle Be Unbroken 5112. I Saw The Light 5201. Georgia On A Fast Train 5202. John's 5203. Fair Weather Friends 5204. Paradise 5205. We Must Believe In Magic 5206. Only Love 5207. Good Old Amerian Guest 5208. I'll Cross Over Jordon Someday 5209. Sing A Song 5210. Ain't Gonna Hobo No More 5301. Highway Patrolman 5302. That's The Truth 5303. God Bless Robert E. Lee 5304. New Cut Road 5305. Johnny 99 5306. Ballad Of The Ark 5307. Joshua Gone Barbados 5308. Girl From The Canyon 5309. Brand New Dance 5310. I'm Ragged But I'm Right 5401. Ring Of Fire 5402. Folsom Prison Blues 5403. I Still Miss Someone 5404. Big River 5405. Cowboy Medley: I Ride An Old Paint/the Streets O 5406. I Ride An Old Paint 5407. The Streets Of Laredo 5408. Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down 5409. I Walk The Line 5410. Last Date 5411. City Of New Orleans 5412. Railroad Medley: Hey Porter/wreck Of The Old '97 5413. Hey Porter 5414. Wreck Of The Old '97 5415. Casey Jones 5416. Orange Blossom Special 5417. Wabash Cannonball 5418. Wabash Cannonball (Conclusion) 5501. I'm Leaving Now 5502. Here Comes That Rainbow Again 5503. They're All The Same 5504. Easy Street 5505. Have You Ever Seen The Rain 5506. You Beat All I Ever Saw 5507. Unwed Fathers 5508. Love Me Like You Used To 5509. Casey's Last Ride 5510. Borderline (A Musical Whodunit) 5601. Highwayman 5602. The Last Cowboy Song 5603. Jim, I Wore A Tie Today 5604. Big River 5605. Committed To Parkview 5606. Desperados Waiting For A Train 5607. Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos) 5608. Welfare Line 5609. Against The Wind 5610. The Twentieth Century Is Almost Over 5701. Folks Out On The Road 5702. I'm Never Gonna Roam Again 5703. American By Birth 5704. Field Of Diamonds 5705. Heroes 5706. Even Cowgirls Get The Blues 5707. Love Is The Way 5708. The Ballad Of Forty Dollars 5709. I'll Always Love You (In My Own Crazy Way) 5710. One Too Many Mornings 5801. Silver Stallion 5802. Born And Raised In Black And White 5803. Two Stories Wide 5804. We're All In Your Corner 5805. American Remains 5806. Anthem '84 5807. Angels Love Bad Men 5808. Songs That Make A Difference 5809. Living Legend 5810. Texas 5901. Big River 5902. I Still Miss Someone 5903. Five Feet High And Rising 5904. Pickin' Time 5905. Remember The Alamo 5906. Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream 5907. Wreck Of The Old 97 5908. The Long Black Veil 5909. The Wall 5910. Send A Picture Of Mother 5911. Folsom Prison Blues 5912. Blue Suede Shoes 5913. Flowers On The Wall 5914. Wildwood Flower 5915. Worried Man Blues 5916. A Boy Named Sue 5917. Cocaine Blues 5918. Jesus Was A Carpenter 5919. The Ballad Of Ira Hayes 5920. As Long As The Grass Shall Grow 5921. Sing A Travelin' Song 5922. He Turned The Water Into Wine 5923. Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord) 5924. Daddy Sang Bass 5925. Finale Medley 5926. Do What You Do, Do Well 5927. I Walk The Line 5928. Ring Of Fire 5929. Folsom Prison Blues 5930. The Rebel - Johnny Yuma 5931. Folsom Prison Blues 5932. Suppertime 6001. Rock Island Line 6002. (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle 6003. Country Boy 6004. If The Good Lord's Willing 6005. Cry Cry Cry 6006. Remember Me (I'm The One Who Loves You) 6007. So Doggone Lonesome 6008. I Was There When It Happened 6009. I Walk The Line 6010. The Wreck Of The Old 97 6011. Folsom Prison Blues 6012. Doin' My Time 6013. Luther Played The Boogie 6014. Hey Porter 6015. Get Rhythm 6016. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen 6017. There You Go 6018. Come In Stranger 6019. Don't Make Me Go 6020. Train Of Love 6021. Guess Things Happen That Way 6022. The Ways Of A Woman In Love 6023. Next In Line 6024. You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven 6025. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) 6026. Home Of The Blues 6027. Big River 6028. Give My Love To Rose 6101. All Over Again 6102. You Dreamer You 6103. I Got Stripes 6104. I'll Remember You 6105. Lorena 6106. Smiling Bill Mccall 6107. Second Honeymoon 6108. Girl In Saskatoon 6109. Locomotive Man 6110. Tall Men 6111. A Little At A Time 6112. Pick A Bale O' Cotton 6113. Send A Picture Of Mother 6114. The Matador 6115. Dark As A Dungeon 6116. Hammers And Nails 6117. Time And Time Again 6118. The Sons Of Katie Elder 6119. A Certain Kinda Hurtin' 6120. Cotton Pickin' Hands 6121. Bottom Of A Mountain 6122. You Beat All I Ever Saw 6123. Put The Sugar To Bed 6124. The Wind Changes 6125. Red Velvet 6126. Rosanna's Going Wild 6127. Roll Call 6128. The Folk Singer 6129. Girl From The North Country 6130. What Is Truth 6131. Little Bit Of Yesterday 6132. A Song To Mama 6201. No Need To Worry 6202. I'll Be Loving You 6203. A Front Row Seat To Hear Ole Johnny Sing 6204. The World Needs A Melody 6205. Help Me Make It Through The Night 6206. Praise The Lord And Pass The Soup 6207. The Ballad Of Barbara 6208. Pick The Wildwood Flower 6209. Diamonds In The Rough 6210. Song To Woody 6211. Hey Porter 6212. I Still Miss Someone 6213. My Ship Will Sail 6214. It's All Over 6215. Old Time Feeling 6216. Song Of The Patriot 6217. I Will Dance With You 6218. The General Lee 6219. Crazy Old Soldier 6220. The Chicken In Black 6221. Battle Of Nashville 6222. They Killed Him 6223. The Three Bells 6224. The Human Condition


Blood Doctor - 2212839586

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Blood Doctor Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

Blood. That


Xerxes - 2839350406

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Xerxes Arthaus Musik


1. Booth-jones, Christopher - Serse Hwv 40 (Xerxes, O 2. Overtuere 3. Gigue (1. Akt) 4. May The Fates Be Kind 5. Under Thy Shade 6. Elviro, Elviro,... 7. Listen! 8. O Hark! 9. Arsamenes! 10. Swift From The Mountains 11. Her Singing Has Set My Heart Aflame 12. I Will Declare My Passion 13. Go, Make Your Declaration 14. Arsamenes! 15. Ah, Do Not Weep 16. Quickly, My Lord 17. Better Far My Departure 18. Adorable Romilda 19. Who Has Taught You Disdain Me 20. Naught Will Persuade Me 21. No Stain Can Blemish 22. No Man's Apparel Can Change 23. Our Glorious Victory 24. Now The Trumpet's Shrill Alarm 25. Glorius Xerxes! 26. I Never Seek To Question 27. Now The Trumpet's Shrill Alarm 28. This Splendid Victory 29. When I See Her 30. Here Is A Letter 31. My Lord, My Lord 32. When Grief & Pain Assail Me 33. And Can He Spurn A Princess 34. Vengeance On Him Who Spurns Me! 35. I Say You'll Be Persuaded 36. If You'd Seduce Him 37. If She Thinks 38. By Stealing Secret Kisses 39. May Hope T Hat Springs Eternal (2. Akt) 40. Ah, Who'll Buy These Flowers 41. And Who Would Ever Guess 42. Now 'Tis Plain That The Traitor Defiles Me 43. Devil Take Him For His Questions 44. My Destiny Wills Me 45. My Friend, Come Here 46. Ah, Viperous Evil 47. Go Now, The King Is Approaching 48. He Must Suffer Bitter Torment 49. May I Know Of You, Madam 50. He'll Say That Love For Me - He'll Say I Am Deceiv 51. Poor Deluded Romilda! 52. Will You Love Him? 53. If You'd Worship The Man 54. Evermore Doomed To Love Him? 55. That Ruthless Tyrant Jealousy Racks Me 56. Since My Grief Has Not Killed Me 57. As You Betray Me 58. He's Out Of His Mind! 59. Once We Would Kiss & Play 60. In This Wonderful Creation 61. Ariodates! 62. In This Wonderful Creation 63. Must My Days Be Spent 64. Arsamenes, Where Are You Going? 65. Yes, I Want Her 66. Your Servant, Most Honoured King 67. You Advise Me To Forget Him 68. Every Grief Would Be Triftling 69. The Heart Which Love Has Captured 70. Ah, Devil Take Me 71. If My Dearest Wish Were Granted Me 72. A Jealous Fiend Has Snared Me 73. Ruthless Fortune! 74. The Heart That Beats Contented 75. Say, Will You Have Me? 76. The Love Cross'd By Fortune 77. Sinfonia (3. Akt) 78. All Excuses Are Worthless 79. No, No, Though You Detest Me 80. Clasp Your Hand To My Heart 81. I Go In Certain Hope 82. I Will Obey My King 83. Ah Love, Tyrannic Love 84. As We Previously Told You 85. Who'd Have Expected Such An Achievement 86. I Shall Fear Him No Longer 87. I Am The Cause Of My Ruin 88. So, Madam, Tell Me Why 89. You Insult A Constant Lover 90. All Things Human Must Decay 91. See There The Bridegroom 92. Desolation Turns To Bliss 93. I'll Delay It No Longer 94. Rise, Ye Furies From Baleful Abysses 95. Criminals, You Ahve Betrayed Me 96. Sweetest & Best Of Lovers 97. So Love Bestows Its Blessing 98. Abspann


Dirty Baby - 2839528156

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Dirty Baby Cryptogramophone


1. Dirty Baby: Part I 2. Dirty Baby: Part II 3. Dirtybaby: Part III 4. Dirty Baby: Part IV 5. Dirty Baby: Part V 6. Dirty Baby: Part VI 101. In God We Trust 102. Hi There, My Old Friend 103. If I Was You I'd Do Just Like I Tell You To Do 104. Do As I Say Or... 105. No Mercy 106. Do As Told Or Suffer 107. Agree To Our Terms Or Prepare Yourself For A Blast Furnace 108. Your A Dead Man 109. Hey You Want To Sleep With The Fishes? 110. A Columbian Necklace For You 111. Note We Have Already Got Rid Of Several Like You - One Was Found In River Just Recently 112. Be Cautious Else We Be Bangin On You 113. You Wont Know When You Wont Know Where You Wont Know Who And You Wont Know Why 114. It's Payback Time 115. I'm Going To Leave More Notes And I'm Going To Kick More Ass 116. You Cross Me I Wanna See Blood 117. I Heard You Moved To Pahrump, Nevada - You Cannot Escape 118. Little Snitches Like You End Up In Dumpsters All Across Town 119. I'll Be Getting Out Soon And I Haven't Forgotten Your Testimony Put Me In Here 120. You Talk You Get Killed 121. Do Not Let The Information Be Known To Any Person Or You Die 122. Don't Threaten Me With Your Threats 123. I Just Might Act Ugly If You Talk 124. When I'm Released I'm Smoking A Straight Line To You. Got Me? 125. Want To Get To Know My Boiling Point? 126. You Dirty Rotten Bitch 127. You Will Eat Hot Lead 128. I Can't Take It No More 129. I Might Just Act Ugly If You Get Up On That Stand And Say Something Unpleasant To My Ears 130. I Thought I Told You That We Wont Stop 131. I Will Wipe You Off The Face Of This Earth 132. Give Up The Gold Or Give Up Your Life 133. You And I Are In Disagreement


West Indian Rhythm - 2839414064

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West Indian Rhythm Bear Family Records

Muzyka>Muzyka świata>Folk / Ludowa / Etno

1. Codallo's Top Hatters Orch. - Hold Your Hand Madam 2. Codallo's Top Hatters Orch. - Bastardy 3. Codallo's Top Hatters Orch. - Ida, Ida Let Me Know 4. Codallo's Top Hatters Orch. - The History Of Man 5. Harmony Kings' Orch. - Sunny Grenada 6. Harmony Kings' Orch. - Anything For Love 7. Harmony Kings' Orch. - Don't Touch Me 8. Harmony Kings' Orch. - Jack's Broth 9. Caresser - Madam Khan 10. Caresser - The More They Try To Do Me Bad 11. Codallo's Top Hatters Orch. - I Want To Build A Bu 12. Lion - Excursion To Granada 13. Lion - Ba Boo La La 14. Atilla The Hun - I Don't Want No Bungalow 15. Cyril Monrose String Orch. - Tres Bemoles 16. Atilla The Hun - Commission's Report 17. Caresser - Joe Louis 18. Caresser - Ruby Canera 19. Lion - I Am Going To Buy A Bungalow 20. Lion - Emmalene 21. Lord Executor - Seven Skeletons Found In The Yard 22. Lord Executor - My Troubles With Dorothy 23. Caresser - Clear The Way When The Bamboo Play 24. Coggins, Joe - Me & My Neighbour Don't Agree 25. Coggins, Joe & Zeda - Will Dispute 26. Scott, Ralph Fitz - Shout All Guiana 27. Scott, Ralph Fitz - Why I Killed Winifred 101. Harmony Kings' Orch. - Li'l, Li'l Gal 102. Lord Executor - The Orphan Children 103. Caresser - Rubina 104. Harmony Kings' Orch. - Back To Grenada 105. Lord Executor - The Lajebeless Woman 106. Caresser - Theresa 107. Coggins, Joe - Show Me What You Could Do 108. Scott, Ralph Fitz - The Bushwoman Come To Town 109. Caresser - Lillian 110. Lord Executor - The Censoring Of Calypso Makes Us 111. Black Prince - The Bamboo Band 112. Caresser - Shango 113. Atilla The Hun - Deliso 114. Atilla The Hun - Mr. Nankivell's Speech 115. Caresser - Cicilia 116. Caresser - Exploiting 117. Caresser - My Wedding Celebration 118. Black Prince - School Boys' Adventure 119. Atilla The Hun - The Banning Of Records 120. Atilla The Hun - West Indian Rhythm 121. Atilla The Hun - The Governor's Resignation 122. Atilla The Hun - The Horrors Of War 123. Cyril Monrose String Orch. - Victoria 124. Atilla The Hun - Jimpy's Ingratitude 125. Atilla The Hun - Not Me With Matrimony 126. Lord Executor - The League Of Nations 127. Lord Executor - Togabo's Scandal 201. Zeda - Captain, Put Me Ashore 202. Coggings, Joe - Give Me Back My Ring 203. Lion - Ancient Carnival 204. Lion - Hojoe 205. Lion - Sa Gomes' Emporiums 206. Lion - It's A Sin T Tell A Lie 207. Lion - Heroes Of Old 208. Lion - Vitalogy 209. Lion - I Am Happy To Be In Love 210. Lord Executor - Poppy Day 211. Lord Executor - We Mourn The Loss Of Sir Murchison 212. Atilla The Hun - The Strike 213. Atilla The Hun - The Normandie 214. Carnival's Vagabonds - We Want Sa Gomes 215. Atilla The Hun & Lord Executor - The Drinker & The 216. Lord Executor - How I Spent My Time At The Hospita 217. Fitzjames Williams' Sextet - Peter, Go Ring Dem Be 218. Fitzjames Williams' Sextet - What Kind Of Shoes Yo 219. Lion - When Me Body Lay Down In The Grave 220. Lion - Jonah, Come Out The Wilderness 221. Lion - Mamy Mine My Baby For Me 222. Lion - Ting A Ling Mi Bangola 223. Lion - African War Call 224. Al Philip Iere Syncopators - Play Mass, Don't Do M 225. Al Philip Iere Syncopators - Little Gal, Mother Is 226. Atilla The Hun - Fire Brigade 227. Atilla The Hun - Archie Boulay 228. Lord Executor - They Say I Reign Too Long 301. Atilla The Hun - Manuelita 302. Tiger - The Beautiful Land Of Iere 303. Tiger - Civil War In Spain 304. I Don't Want Them To Stand Me Bail 305. Next Door Neighbour 306. Black Prince - I Want A Radio At Home 307. Atilla The Hun - Where Was Butler? 308. Lion - The Vendor's Song 309. Lion & Atilla The Hun - Guests Of Rudy Vallee 310. Emery Cournard Serenaders - Why Me Craf Vex With M 311. Under The British Commander (The Gold In...) 312. Lion - Tina 313. Codallo's Top Hatters Orch. - Tropical Heat 314. Williams, John & Blue Rhythm.. - Barre-a-oh 315. Marian 316. Lion - Girls Of Today 317. Man, Man, Man Peter 318. Lord Executor - Nellie Go Out Mi Door 319. Tiger - Down The Road 320. Darling Kimberlin 321. Senorita Panchita 322. Emilia 323. Cyril Monrose String Orch. - El Suspiro Del Pobre 324. Lion - Love Has Done For Me 325. Atilla The Hun & Lord Executor - Jim Congo Myer 326. Tiger - Gertrude 327. Miss Marie's Advice 401. Codallo's Top Hatters Orch. - Lopez Contreras 402. Tierras Lejanas 403. Linda Vista 404. Mi Vida 405. Growler - Old Man 406. Only Foreigners 407. Calypso Behind The Wall 408. Too Botheration 409. History Of Woodbrook Vicinity 410. Johnson, George & Rhythm Kings - Happy Man 411. Growler - Hitler Demands 412. Bosie Darling 413. Trinidad Loves To Play Carnival 414. The Coldness Of The Water 415. In The Morning 416. Police Diplomacy 417. The Diamond Ring For Emmaline 418. Lord Invader - Demasbar 419. Ten Thousand To Bar Me One 420. Lion - Buddy Abraham 421. Lord Executor - They Talk About Nora's Badness 422. Who Has Done The Most For Humanity 423. Atilla The Hun - Love Me Emily 424. The Five Year Plan 425. Caresser - Home Sweet Home 426. Time For Man Go Home 427. So Many Women 501. Caresser - Fare Thee Well 502. Lion - Woman Headache 503. Malicious Neighbors 504. Lord Beginner - After The Bacchanal 505. Chamberlain Says Peace 506. Christmas Morning The Rum Had Me Yawning 507. Don't Tickle Me Dorothy 508. Growler - In The Dew & The Rain 509. I Don't Want No Calaloo 510. Caresser - Mois La Travy 511. Peggy Dearie 512. Lion - Death 513. Bee 514. Sweat Emily 515. Old Woman 516. Hooray Hurrah 517. Fire Girls 518. Elsie Jambie 519. King Radio - Elsie 520. Old Men Come Back Again 521. Matilda 522. John O'carr 523. It's The Rhythm We Want 524. Atilla The Hun - The West Indian Sheik 525. Dem Policeman 526. La Belle Trinidad 527. Inequality Of Life 601. Lord Executor - My Life Of Matrimony 602. Caresser - No Surrender 603. Fire, Fire In Port-on-spain 604. If The Follow Me They Get Fever 605. Atilla The Hun - Freddo 606. La Reine Maribone 607. Lion - Charming Trinidad 608. Atilla The Hun - Gabilan Bombay 609. Lord Executor - Alla Nom (Go Way Nan) 610. Caresser - You Better Let Me Go 611. I Am Free, Single & Disengaged 612. Lord Invader - Don't Stop The Carnival 613. Sofie Bellah 614. King Radio - Too Much Sorry & Pain 615. Growler - Joe Louis-schmeling Fight 616. Soup In Bottle 617. High Brown 618. Lion - Bad Woman Oh 619. Blow Wind Blow 620. Kash Kash Kmona 621. Customs Fire 622. The Power Of The Lion 623. Where Is My Sister This Morning 624. Ara Da Da 625. Atilla The Hun - Scorpion 626. Lord Executor - The New Shop Law 627. My Indian Girl Love 628. Lion - Bing Crosby 629. Mama I Want It 701. Cabral, George - Memories Of Trinidad 702. Caresser - Amanja Soqua Me 703. Lord Executor - Two Bad Men In The World 704. Lord Executor - Gambo Lai Lai Before The Court 705. Growler - Leave Me Alone Dorothy 706. Growler - Advantageous Young Girls 707. Pretender - Adeline 708. Black Prince - You Felt Me Bundle Before The Dro 709. Lord Ziegfield - Hitler 710. Lord Invader - My Intention Is To Join The Volunte 711. Hitler Demanded Trinidad 712. Romance In The Moonlight 713. Caro At Point Cumana 714. Ochro & Rice 715. Lion - The Invasion Of Poland 716. Lion - Sir Neville Chamberlain 717. Hitler's Mistake 718. Caresser - Freedom & Liberty 719. Clementina 720. Not So Carolina 721. Atilla The Hun - Finland 722. King Radio - My Impressions Of Demerara 723. Sedition Law 724. Two Sisters Scandal 725. Lord Beginner - Run Your Run Hitler 726. Lion - Hitler's Attitude 727. Gorilla - Brambroocoo Dance 728. Appetite 801. Tiger - Let Them Fight For Ten Thousand Years 802. Lion - Lion Oh 803. Carnival Revue 804. Sa Gomes Rhythm Boys & Cambul. - Run Your Run Hitl 805. Caresser - Do You Remember Me? 806. Lord Beginner - Second Hand Girls 807. Cocoa Tea Puzzle To Me 808. Tiger - No No No Miss Angeline 809. In My Own Native Land 810. Growler - When I Marry Dorothy 811. King Radio - Emily 812. Germany Invade Poland 813. Story Of Mr. Paul 814. Mighty Destroyer - Leave Me Alone Dorothy 815. Matrimony Becomes A Papyshow 816. Lord Ziegfield - Lillian's Slackness 817. Don't Worry With Me 818. Growler - Bertha I Feel You 819. No, No, Marie 820. Demi Gal 821. Nazi Spy Ring 822. Lion - Deliso 823. Tiger - Ah Neighbours Neighbours 824. Lion - Happy Land Of Canaan 825. Lion - Suzi-qu 826. I Send My Wife To The Market 827. Shango Dance 828. Rada Dance 901. Quintana, Luis Daniel - La Vieja Mila 902. Lord Executor - Carnival Again 903. Sambo Why You Are Go 904. Quintana, Luis Danie - Patria Preferida 905. Atilla The Hun - Gambie Law Ray 906. The Admiral Graf Spee 907. No Wedding Bells For Me 908. Li Li Pierrot Darrie 909. Send Hitler To St. Helena 910. Lord Beginner - Teener Have Sympathy 911. King Radio - The Guardian Contest 912. The War 913. Growler - Harold Change Your Mind 914. Women Diplomacy 915. Lion - Orphan Home 916. Tiger - Ellis Nottingham 917. Young Pretender - Policeman


Come On - A My House - 2839417133

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Come On - A My House Bear Family Records


1. Everybody Has A Laughing Place 2. How Do You Do 3. Zip A Dee Doo Dah 4. Uncle Remus Said 5. Sooner Ar Later 6. Tira Lira Li 7. I'm Sorry I Didn't Say I'm Sorry 8. Bread And Butter Women 9. My O'darlin' My O'lovely My O'brian 10. Grieving For You 11. The Chowder Social 12. The Click Song 13. It's Like Taking Candy From A Baby 14. At A Sidewalk Pennt Arcade 15. I'm Mt Own Grandpaw 16. The Secretary Song 17. A Boy From Texas, A Girl From Tennessee 18. Saturday Night Mood 19. Who Killed 'Er 20. There's A Man At The Door 21. You Started Something 22. Straighten Up And Fly Right 23. I Got Rhythm 24. How High The Moon 25. Dear Mother 26. Cabaret 27. Cd2 When You're In Love 28. It's A Cruel, Cruel World 29. Busy Line 30. A You're Adorable 31. San 32. If I Had A Million Dollars 33. Cabaret 34. Bargain Dat 35. Lover's Gold 36. The Four Winds And The Seven Seas 37. Don't Cry Joe 38. There's A Broken Heart For Every Light On Broadw 39. Oh, You Beautiful Doll 40. The Kid's A Dreamer 41. Chicago 42. Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me 43. The Canasta Song 44. I Only Saw Him Once 45. A Good Time Was Had By All 46. On An Ordinary Morning 47. Crying Myself To Sleep 48. Peach Tree Street 49. Crying Myself To Sleep 50. Why Fight The Feeling 51. Where Do I Go From You 52. I'm The One Who Loves You 53. I Wispher Your Name 54. Cd3 Bless The House 55. Marrying For Love 56. You're Just In Love 57. The Place Where I Worship 58. The House Of Singing Bamboo 59. Love Means Love 60. Cherry Pies Ought To Be You 61. Sentimental Music 62. I Still Feel The Same About You 63. I Still Feel The Same About You 64. When Apples Grow On Cherry Trees 65. Beautiful Brown Eyes 66. Shot Gun Boogie 67. Mixed Emotions 68. The Kentucky Waltz 69. The Lady Is A Tramp 70. I'll Be Around 71. Come On A My House 72. Rose Of The Mountain 73. If Teardrops Were Pennies 74. Find Me 75. I'm Waiting Just For You 76. I'm From Texas 77. Stick With Me 78. I Wish I Wuz 79. Half As Much 80. Be My Life's Companion 81. Cd4 Did Anyone Call 82. Tenderly 83. Why Don't You Love Me 84. Poor Whip, Poor Will 85. Botch-a-me 86. On The First Warm Day 87. Intro To Too Old To Cut The Mustard 88. Too Old To Cut The Mustard 89. Who Kissed Me Last Night 90. Blues In The Night 91. Good For Nothin' 92. Sweet Leilan 93. You'll Never Know 94. When You Wish Upon A Star 95. Over The Rainbow 96. On The Atchison 97. The Coninental 98. In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening


Lulu - 2839211325

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Lulu Chandos


1. Saffer, Lisa - Lulu (Oper In 3 Akten) (Gesamtaufna 2. Roll Up, Roll Up Fot The Menagerie (Prologue) 3. Am I Trespassing? (1. Akt) 4. Gnaedige Frau...frau Medizinalrat... 5. You Are Far Too Slow To Capture Me 6. What's Happening? 7. Open The Door! 8. Just Wait, He'll Jump Right Up... 9. Can't You Help Him Recover His Senses? 10. You Make Me Jealous, You Lucky Bastard! 11. Please Help Me Do This Up 12. Eva! - What Is This? 13. Eva! - What Is This? 14. He's Not Quite What I Imagined Him To Be 15. If You & I Married 16. So? - Your Marriage Has Made You At Least A Millio 17. Don't Talk So Loud 18. Verwandlung 19. I've I Never In My Life Known An Audience So Excit 20. More For Me, Please 21. That Girl & Her Lovers 22. I Met Her First At Dr Schon's 23. She's Had A Sort Of Fainting Fit 24. What's Wrong With Her? 25. How Dare You Attempt To Ruin My Well-laid Plans? 26. Take This Pen & Paper 101. Delighted That You Will Be There This Evening (2. 102. Why Not Stay Here? 103. Thank The Lord, That At Last We're... 104. You Know It's She He Really Wanted To Marry 105. I Hope You Locked The Windows 106. The Matinee Will Belit By Ultra-violet Light 107. Is He Ill? 108. His Father! 109. And Where Did He Go? 110. Even Though Men Have Killed Themselves Because Of 111. Kneel Down, Muderous Bitch! 112. You Can't Deliver Me Up For Trial! 113. Film Music 114. We're Like The Players Waiting Fo A Bandleader 115. This Way Is Shorter 116. Hey, Little Lulu, It's Time We Scarpered Over Ther 117. You're Sill As Ravishing & Youthful As In Your P 118. Beneath This Dress I Feel Your From In Harmony 201. Gentleman & Ladies! (3. Akt) 202. Get To The Point An Say How Much You Want From Me 203. Of The Countless Nubile, Fun-loving Lasses 204. The Magistrate Will Reward Anyone Who Finds The Mu 205. It's Good! It's Looking Good! 206. May I Intrude? 207. Message Fof The Bank Director 208. I Need Some Money, Ikn Ready Cash 209. You Could At Least Treat Me With Respect! 210. Martha! 211. I Have Lost All My Money 212. What The Hell Is This? 213. The Rain's Beating A Tattoo 214. If This Is Not The Ideal Moment 215. Come Along In, My Love! Come! 216. Doctor Alwa's Gone Off To Sleep 217. Who Is That? 218. There Are The Last Few Moments


The Medium - 2839529921

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The Medium Cedille Records


1. Introduction 2. Where, Oh, Where 3. Be Careful, Baba's Coming 4. Where Have You Been All Night? 5. Get Ready! Hurry! 6. Good Evening, Madame Flora 7. Is This The First Time 8. It Happened Long Ago 9. It's Time To Begin 10. You Must Be Very Silent 11. Mother, Mother, Are You There? 12. Doodly, Doodly, Are You Happy? 13. Mummy, Mummy Dear 14. Mother, Mother, Are You There? 15. Send My Son To Me... 16. What Is It? Who Is It? 17. But Why Be Afraid? 18. Baba, What Has Happened? 19. Where Is Toby? 20. The Sun Has Fallen 21. The Spools Unravel 22. Oh God! What Is Happening To Me? 23. Introduction 24. Bravo! (Monica's Waltz) 25. What Is The Matter Toby? 26. Baba's Entrance 27. Toby, You Know That I Love You 28. But First You Must Tell Me 29. Perhaps It Was Not You After All 30. Good Evening, Madame Flora 31. Not To Know My Daughter's Own Voice? 32. Please Let Us Have Our Seance, Madame Flora 33. And You, You Too Get Out 34. Toby's Exit 35. Mother, Mother, Are You There? 36. Afraid, Am I Afraid? 37. The Dead Never Come Back 38. O God, Forgive My Sins 39. Who's There? 40. I've Killed The Ghost!


Bob Dylan songs (Music Guide) - 2847393402

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Bob Dylan songs (Music Guide) Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Commentary (music and lyrics not included). Pages: 184. Chapters: Desolation Row, Mr. Tambourine Man, Like a Rolling Stone, It's All Over Now, Baby Blue, Can't Help Falling in Love, All Along the Watchtower, List of Basement Tapes songs, The House of the Rising Sun, Chimes of Freedom, Subterranean Homesick Blues, Blowin' in the Wind, Santa-Fe, The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll, It's Alright, Ma, You Ain't Goin' Nowhere, This Land Is Your Land, Lay Lady Lay, Positively 4th Street, My Back Pages, The Little Drummer Boy, All I Really Want to Do, Blue Moon, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Maggie's Farm, Frog Went A-Courting, Masters of War, Oh Shenandoah, The Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, The Gypsy Laddie, Big Yellow Taxi, Love Minus Zero/No Limit, The Christmas Song, Make You Feel My Love, The Water Is Wide, Cocaine Blues, Just Like a Woman, Farewell, The Times They Are a-Changin', Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Frankie and Johnny, Lay Down Your Weary Tune, Sitting on Top of the World, Man of Constant Sorrow, Baby, Please Don't Go, Corrine, Corrina, Mystery Train, Winter Wonderland, A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall, The Boxer, In My Time of Dying, Bob Dylan's Dream, Hurricane, Barbara Allen, Gates of Eden, Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues, Quinn the Eskimo, I'll Be Home for Christmas, You Belong to Me, Tears of Rage, Hard Times Come Again No More, John Wesley Harding, She Belongs to Me, Girl from the North Country, Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts, Don't Think Twice, It's All Right, Stagger Lee, Duncan and Brady, Silver Dagger, Silver Bells, He Was a Friend of Mine, With God on Our Side, Let It Be Me, Highway 61 Revisited, Rollin' and Tumblin', It Hurts Me Too, This Wheel's on Fire, Ballad of a Thin Man, Every Grain of Sand, People Get Ready, The First Nowell, Ballad of Hollis Brown, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine, Drifter's Escape, I Shall Be Released, I Threw It All Away, Queen Jane Approximately, It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry, Spanish Harlem Incident, Baby, Let Me Follow You Down, I'll Keep It with Mine, Little Sadie, Lily of the West, Let Me Die In My Footsteps, Wade in the Water, On the Trail of the Buffalo, Boots of Spanish Leather, Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You, Tangled Up in Blue, Changing of the Guards, Joey, 4th Time Around, (Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I, Forever Young, Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands, To Be Alone with You, From a Buick 6, This Old Man, Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat, Ballad in Plain D, Absolutely Sweet Marie, I Want You, Rainy Day Women No. 12 & 35, Alberta, Most Likely You Go Your Way, Cool Water, Do You Hear What I Hear?, On the Road Again, George Jackson, If You Gotta Go, Go Now, The Wicked Messenger, Motorpsycho Nitemare, Things Have Changed, I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know, A Satisfied Mind, Isis, North Country Blues, Mr. Bojangles, Buckets of Rain, Too Much of Nothing, When the Ship Comes In, Love Sick, Who Killed Davey Moore, Jim Jones at Botany Bay, Oxford Town, Visions of Johanna, See That My Grave Is Kept Clean, It Ain't Me Babe, Copper Kettle, Dignity, Mississippi, Blind Willie McTell, Wagon Wheel, The Auld Triangle, Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again, Someday Baby, Four Strong Winds, Band of the Hand, If Not for You, Cold Irons Bound, Idiot Wind, One Too Many Mornings, She's Your Lover Now, The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Not Dark Yet, Fix...


Decades Live'61 To '94 - 2849524983

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Decades Live'61 To '94


1. Handsome Molly 2. Omie Wise 3. Poor Lazerus 4. Mean Old Railroad 5. Acne 6. Sally Gal 7. The Girl I Left Behind 8. Ballad Of Donald White 9. The Death Of Emmett Till 10. Blowin' In The Wind 11. Baby Let Me Follow You Down 12. Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues 13. The Death Of Emmett Till 14. Make Me A Pallett On Your Floor 15. Blowin' In The Ind 16. The Swan On The River 17. Tomorrow Is A Long Time 18. Masters Of War 19. Bob Dylan's Blues 20. Girl Of The North County 21. Only A Hobo 101. Lonesome Whistle Blues 102. Fixin' To Die 103. Telle Me Baby 104. Hard Traveling 105. The Death Of Emmett Till 106. Standing On The Highway 107. Roll On John 108. Stealin' 109. Long Time Man Feel Bad 110. Baby Please Don't Let Go 111. Hard Times In New York Town 112. Farewell 113. A Hard Rain's A-gonna Fall 114. Bob Dylan's Dream 115. Boots Of Spanish Leather 116. John Brown 117. Who Killed Davey Moore 118. Blowin' In The Wind 201. A Hard Rain's A-gonna Fall 202. Blowin' In The Wind 203. Railroad Boy 204. Deportee 205. I Pity The Poor Immigrant 206. Shelter From The Storm 207. Maggie's Farm 208. One Too Many Mornings 209. Mozambique 210. Idiot Wind 211. Knockin' On Heavens Door 301. Poitively Fourth Street 302. All Along The Watchtower 303. Masters Of War 304. I'll Remember You 305. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know 306. Bye Bye Johnny 307. Breakdown 308. Just Like A Woman 309. Blowin' In The Wind 310. That Lucky Old Sun 311. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star 312. Spike 313. Like A Rolling Stone 314. Knockin' On Heavens Door 401. So Long Good Luck & Goodbye 402. Positively Fourth Street 403. Clean Cut Kid 404. Emotionally Yours 405. Trust Yourself 406. We Had It All 407. Masters Of War 408. Straight Into Darkness 409. Think About Me 410. The Waiting 411. Breakdown 412. To Ramona 413. One Too Many Mornings 414. A Hard Rain's A-gonna Fall 501. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know 502. Band Of The Hand 503. When The Night Comes Falling 504. Lonesome Town 505. Ballad Of A Thin Man 506. Bye Bye Johnny 507. Even The Losers 508. Spike 509. Refugee 510. Rainy Day Women 12 & 35 511. Seeing The Real You At Last 601. Jokerman 602. Just Like A Woman 603. All Along The Watchtower 604. It Takes A Lot To Laugh 605. Don't Think Twice 606. Masters Of War 607. It's All Over Now Baby Blue 608. God Knows 609. I Shall Be Released 610. Highway 61 Revisited 611. Rainy Day Women 12 & 35 612. It Ain't Me Baby 701. I Threw It All Away 702. Living The Blues 703. Hurricane 704. Simple Twist Of Fate 705. Oh Sister 706. Bob Talk 707. Bob Talk 708. Bob Talk 709. Bob Talk (As Rory Grossman) 710. Bob (As Fraud Rugster) Naked Theater 711. Bob (As Rumple Billy Burp) Folk Singer Suits 712. Bob Talk (As Elvis Bickel) 713. Bob Talk Time Machines


Heat Lightning - 2212842642

24,20 zł

Heat Lightning Penguin Putnam

Powieści i opowiadania

This book is for all those who are getting tired of Lucas Davenport and his domesticated boring ways and who are looking for a tough rugged cop to cheer for again. The fantastically named Virgil Flowers premiere appearance in \"Dark Side Of The Moon\" was depressingly boring which was ominously bad so I approached this book nervously. But ten pages in, I knew I was onto a winner and I was hooked to the very end. This book reminded me a lot of the early Prey books, when Davenport was unmarried, a bit reckless and a skirt chaser. Flowers is nowhere near the thug that Davenport was (he goes to bed thinking about God!) but nevertheless, this book was packed full of action and there was never a dull moment to be had. The plot is that a group of men who served in the US Special Forces in Vietnam are being targeted for execution by an assassin. One by one, they are being killed and no-one knows the reason (except the victims and they aren't in the mood to talk to the police). As they are each gunned down, the killer puts a lemon in their mouth which is what the Vietcong do when they kill their enemies. As each one dies, the surviving members of the group get even more scared and paranoid about their personal security and safety. Obviously the state police are investigating the murders and Davenport sends in Virgil Flowers to take over the investigation. He quickly focuses on a pacifist university professor with strong ties to Vietnam who may or may not be a CIA agent, the professor's daughter who may or may not be falling in love with Flowers, two Vietnamese businessmen who may or may not be Vietnamese Intelligence agents, a Vietnamese Consular official who may or may not be the head of his intelligence service in the US and several former Vietnam soldiers who may know why these former special forces soldiers are being targeted. But the bodies are stacking up fast, the assassin is relentless and he has a knack for knowing where Flowers is at all times - and he is now coming for Virgil Flowers - because Flowers is starting to learn too much and certain highly placed people have ordered his removal. If you like the Prey books, you'll definately love this book. It has Davenport (and his annoying wife and family), Rose-Marie Roux, the Minnesota Governor, Davenport's cop colleagues and all the other familar faces - and a brilliant story.


Get Carter - 2839499940

89,99 zł

Get Carter Silva Screen


1. Intro 2. Dialogue: 'Is There A Mr. Carter In The Room?' 3. Main Theme - Carter Takes A Train 4. Dialogue: 'Do You Know A Man Called Albert Swift?' 5. Looking For Someone 6. Dialogue: 'The Race Track' 7. Something On My Mind 8. Dialogue: 'Who Killed Frank?' 9. Getting Nowhere In A Hurry 10. Dialogue: 'Tell Me About The Girl' 11. The Girl In The Car 12. Dialogue: 'I Fancy You' 13. Love Is A Four Letter Word 14. Dialogue: 'You're Lucky. They Kill As Well' 15. Livin' Should Be This Way 16. Dialogue: 'All It Takes Is One Call To The Police' 17. Manhunt 18. Dialogue: 'Drink Up, Eric' 19. Goodbye Eric! 20. Dialogue: 'I Want You To Listen Very Carefully' 21. Hallucinations 22. Dialogue: 'You're A Big Man But You're In Bad Shape' 23. Plaything 24. Dialogue: 'Stay Away From The Car Or I'll Blow You Apart' 25. Goodbye Carter! 26. Dialogue: 'Talk Or I'll Kill You' 27. Hallucinations (Instrumental) 28. Getting Nowhere In A Hurry (Instrumental)


Jack Ruby - 2847099226

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Jack Ruby Ishi Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"You all know me, I'm Jack Ruby." That's what the killer shouted when police grabbed him a split second after he had pumped a bullet into the stomach of Lee Oswald. Who was Jack Ruby? Madman? Superpatriot? Conspirator? Two top writers achieve a gripping portrait of the complex and contradictory character of Jack Ruby - a man who grew up in an immigrant home with a drunken father and an insane mother, who climbed out of the ghetto to become the owner of a popular Dallas nightclub. The authors let his friends and employees describe the Jack Ruby they knew. He was a punch-happy scrapper who fought before he thought because "I might lose my nerve." Ruby could "cuss straight on like saying his prayers" but didn't allow dirty talk in front of his lady strippers. He could fire an employee seventeen times and pay for her kid's operation. A bachelor, he "respected" his fiancée of twelve years too much to marry her. He sought the company of cops, newsmen, anyone he thought important. Jack Ruby had many acquaintances but his only real friends were his dogs. Living in the fringe-society of hucksters and hustlers, Jack Ruby longed to be a big man in Dallas. Until the day he died he had a childlike awe of "class," respectability, and the law. Wills and Demaris get completely inside the mind of this complex man. They recreate the day Jack Ruby woke, got an SOS call from one of his girls, shaved, dressed, said good-bye to his dogs, drove downtown, parked his car illegally, walked over to the crowd and shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald. The reader understands. He did it "for Jackie and the kids" and because he was Jack Ruby.


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'Turn yourself in,' Archie said. He pressed the fingers of one hand into his right temple, trying to slow the pulse of blood that beat against his skin. Susan was taking notes, recording everything. He didn't care. 'I'll do anything you want,' he said. 'You know what I want.' She let that linger in the air between them. 'Tell me,' he said. 'I want you,' Gretchen said. 'I've always wanted you.' Investigative journalist Susan Ward is about to print the story of her career - proving long-rumoured allegations about a respected senator's affair with a young girl. But the day before her story is published, the senator is killed in a car crash. Detective Archie Sheridan is trying to rebuild a life with his family. But he remains haunted by beautiful, ruthless serial killer Gretchen Lowell - the woman who tortured him then saved his life. Now she is safely behind bars, Archie is determined to stay away from her. And when a mysterious child leads him to two bodies in Forest Park, Archie must focus his attention on the case. But then the unthinkable happens: Gretchen escapes. The only thing this gorgeous psychopath cares about is Archie - and with her on the loose, everyone he loves has become a target ...


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Formel Eins - Disco Rock Sony Music


1. Stretch - Why Did You Do It? 2. G. Kihn - Jeopardy 3. Vanda, Harry - Ayla 4. Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart 5. Outfield, The - Your Love - Album Version 6. Roachford, Andrew - Cuddly Toy 7. Sieber, Josef - Here I Am 8. Roberts, Paul - Driver's Seat 9. Jones, Mick - Urgent 10. Peterik, Jim - Burning Heart 11. Lynne, J. - Calling America 12. Sadler, Michael - Wind Him Up 13. Springfield, Rick - Jessie's Girl 14. Men At Work - Who Can It Be Now? - Album Version 15. Loggins, Kenny - Danger Zone 16. Hooters, The - Johnny B. - Album Version 17. Midnight Oil - The Dead Heart - 2007 Remastered 18. Curiosity Killed The Cat - Down To Earth 19. Bollock Brothers, The - Faith Healer 101. Rah Band - Electric Fling 102. Kooymans, George - Twilight Zone 103. Ballard, R. - On The Rebound 104. Balance - In For The Count 105. Plunkett, Steve - Turn Up The Radio 106. Nova, Aldo - Foolin' Yourself - Album Version 107. Marino, Frank & Mahogany Rush - Strange Dreams 108. Stingrays - Better The Devil You Know 109. Cheap Trick - The Flame 110. Ponger, R. - Video Life 111. Straight Shooter - My Time - Your Time 112. New Eyes - Black Cat's Eyes 113. Budzak, David / Willows, Glen / Belanger, Georg - 114. Journey / Schon, Neal / Valory, Ross / Cain, Jo - 115. Perry, Steve - Oh Sherrie 116. Wilson, Ann / Wilson, Nancy / Heart - How Can I Re 117. Somerville, Mike - If You Knew Me Better 118. Dean, Paul - Turn Me Loose


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