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My 1st Book of Christian Values - 2854243895

12,37 zł

My 1st Book of Christian Values Christian Focus Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Children want to know what to do. They want to know why we do the things we do. They are full of questions - and they need answers. As well as their amazing minds, their souls need direction and care. The foundations that are laid in their young lives will stand firm into adult life. Together with the ministry of the Holy Spirit, Christian principles will be eternal, life-changing values. In a world where basic moral standards are ignored children need to be taught truths of humility, generosity, truthfulness, purity and respect. In this book there are thirty-one different values that show us what Jesus is like - and how we should behave. Each value has a scripture verse to learn and a brief explanation. You don t need to teach children to do wrong but you do need to teach them to do right - and to trust in the only one who is good, God.


Department Store Maths - 2854288523

48,98 zł

Department Store Maths STUDYMATES

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Department store Shopping is a life skill that is rarely taught. That is the purpose behind this book, to enable children and young people to acquire experience and to be able to reflect on that experience. It is written as a black line master with a cd of worksheets for the busy teacher. It is particularly useful for ks3/4 and for those students in FE who have are following skills for life/adult skills/basic skills courses. It will also be of interest to teachers in prisons and workplace trainers who need to upskill trainees. This is a flexible resource that will be of use to Welsh teachers for essential skills Wales, other teachers for functional skills and will fit well into the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. The book also covers issues like the use of the Euro and setting up home. The whole purpose of this book is to encourage young poeple to think about money and their attitudes to it.


Mother Daughter Wisdom- - 2826674659

108,51 zł

Mother Daughter Wisdom- PIATKUS BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Dr Christiane Northrup is one of today's most trusted and visionary experts on every aspect of being a woman. In Mother-Daughter Wisdom she introduces an entirely new map of female development, including the 'five facets of feminine power' that range from the basics of physical care to the discovery of passion and purpose in life. This blueprint allows any woman - whether or not she has children - to repair the gaps in her own upbringing and create a better adult relationship with her mother. It is also invaluable guidance for mothers of young daughters. Drawing on patient case histories and revealing personal history, Dr Northrup discusses: Mother-daughter bonds; How this relationship affects our emotional and physical health; How to repair our relationships with our mothers; How to ensure a healthy future for our daughters and more.


Kniha Billie - 2854212445

43,87 zł

Kniha Billie Penguin USA

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A number 1 bestseller in France and translated into over twenty languages, Billie is one of the most beloved French novels to be published in recent years. A brilliant evocation of Paris and a moving tale of friendship, Anna Gavalda's new novel tells the story of two young people, Billie and Franck, who, as the story opens, are trapped in a gorge in the Cevennes Mountains. With darkness encroaching, their situation is dire, and Billie begins to tell stories from their lives in order to survive. In alternating episodes, the novel moves between recollections of the two characters' childhoods and their dreadful predicament.§§Franck's life has been impacted by a childhood spent with a perennially unemployed father who toyed with Christian extremism and a mother aestheticized by antidepressants. A bright kid, Franck's future was menaced at every turn by the bigotry around him. Billie's abiding wish as an adult is to avoid ever having to come into contact with her family again. To escape from her abusive and alcohol-addled family, she was willing to do anything and everything. The wounds have not entirely healed.§§At the heart of Gavalda's tender story lies a generosity of spirit that will take readers' breath away, and an unshakable belief in the power of art to lift the most fragile among us to new vistas from which they can see futures full of hope, love, and dignity. Billie is a beautifully crafted novel for readers of all ages and from all walks of life that conveys a positive message about overcoming life's trials and tribulations.


Stories and Reflections of Immigrant Activists in Europe - 2854473508

157,98 zł

Stories and Reflections of Immigrant Activists in Europe Peter Lang GmbH

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book shares the stories and reflections of 40 foreign-born activists in different European states. The immigrants vividly report on their paths into active participation in the societies in which they live. They reflect on their own role as links and mediators between different groups, as role models and door openers for newcomers and young second-generation immigrants, and as admonishers and advocates. The stories encompass unique experiences of special persons, but they also illustrate general challenges for the integration of immigrants in Europe. All those who are interested in migration and integration issues should find the book interesting and inspiring reading. In addition, adult educators may find real-life examples for their workshops and courses. Careful introductions and complementary information-boxes support this purpose.


Tokens of Youth - 2854346955

54,25 zł

Tokens of Youth Matador

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Beginning by recording his birth in his grandmother's cottage in Chinley, Derbyshire, Brian Fish recounts the story of his early life in his third book, Tokens of Youth. Focusing on his own upbringing, as well as his family heritage, Brian shares his memories of growing up, moving schools and attending university. After his father gained permanent employment in the Civil Service, Brian and his family moved from the idyllic peaks of Derbyshire to the thriving capital of London. It was here that Brian discovered his ability for languages, receiving an excellent education in both English and French. The family later moved to Leicester where his education suffered, failing to build on his promising start in French, but instead involving him in the world of science. Brian went on to win a scholarship to study mining engineering at Birmingham University where he spent the first three years of the war. Now a young adult, Brian was taken into the army, later seeing active service in Burma, relying on his strong Christian faith to guide his behaviour, his words and his actions. Tokens of Youth will appeal to those who enjoy reading autobiographies, particularly those set in the 1920s and 1930s.


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