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Young Paul Robeson - 2826944530

89,66 zł

Young Paul Robeson Westview Press Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Famous as a football star and prizewinning student, then acclaimed as a world-class concert singer and record-breaking actor on stage and screen, Paul Robeson became one of America's most controversial figures during the Cold War. Hailed by many as a forerunner of the civil rights movement, he was denounced by others and seen by the U.S. government as a threat to the nation's security at home and abroad.Now for the first time there is an illuminating, firsthand view of this remarkable African American by a writer who is uniquely qualified to tell the story. A close friend and coworker of Robeson's for twenty-five years, Lloyd L. Brown assisted in the writing of Robeson's book Here I Stand. Now he has combined painstaking research with personal observation in his own book, The Young Paul Robeson. He brings to the work a graceful and engaging literary style developed over his many years as an essayist and critic on African-American literature and culture.Reflecting on interviews with Robeson's schoolmates in elementary school, high school, Rutgers University, and Columbia Law School and drawing on original information from other sources, Brown provides a well-paced narrative of Robeson's life, from his birth in Princeton to the budding of his artistic career in Harlem. Because Robeson always attributed his achievements to the guiding hand of his slave-born father, the Reverend William D. Robeson, Brown traced Robeson's ancestral roots to North Carolina, where he found and interviewed cousins of Robeson as well as descendants of the family that had owned his father and his grandparents. Brown's discovery of how William Robeson escaped to freedom and gained academic excellence is one of the many aspects of the Paul Robeson legend told here for the first time.


Otter Tail County, Minnesota, in the World War (Classic Reprint) - 2826645430

63,48 zł

Otter Tail County, Minnesota, in the World War (Classic Reprint) Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt from Otter Tail County, Minnesota, in the World War For nearly three years the United States of America suffered gross injustices through the trickery and hypocrisy of the Imperial German government, and yet had upheld its strict neutrality. But, when the German government inaugurated her policy of unrestricted submarine warfare, conditions became so unbearable that America, a peace and liberty loving nation, was compelled to take action to protect herself. On April 6th, 1917, news that Congress had declared that a state of war existed between the United States and Germany was flashed to Otter Tail County and to the world. Immediately the fighting blood of America's one hundred million rose to a raging fire of determination. Patriotism was kindled in every section of the country as overnight, and the United States became a sober work-shop, her citizens gravely determined that every ounce of her energy should be used to crush the biggest foe to democracy and mankind that had ever existed on the face of the earth. To raise an army of several millions and to send it three thousand miles across the sea; to clothe and to feed and to furnish munitions of war to an army of such huge proportions on active duty across the broad Atlantic, was no small task. Critics in this country as well as abroad, predicted failure on the part of our democratic form of government to successfully manage the gigantic undertaking which lay before it. While the Hohenzollerns, the Junker War Lords of Germany were jokingly referring to our declaration of war as a "bluff" and belittling the "lightning-trained" soldiery of this country, America was earnestly laying her foundations, massing up her huge resources of men, of money and of food, preparatory to her accomplishing the greatest feat in military history. That imperious and domineering autocrat of Germany who has lived to regret his words: "I will take no more nonsense from America," had serenely overslept and woke to find that the "lightning-trained" had, indeed, struck like a bolt from the sky. Just as the colonies at the time of the Revolutionary War had been aroused by Paul Revere in his perilous midnight ride, so America was awakened to the responsibilities of the world that lay before her. Thousands of sturdy, red-blooded young men responded to the nation's call, forming an endless stream to the training camps, across the sea and to the active battlefronts. Yes, America was awake to the situation. She realized that this was "a people's war, a war for freedom and justice and self-government amongst all the nations of the world, a war to make the world safe for the peoples who live upon it, and have made it their own, the German people themselves included." With the united co-operation and steadfast loyalty of everyone this huge task progressed with marvelous rapidity, despite the serious handicaps that were encountered on every side. When finally America and the Allies stemmed the tide of the Teutonic invasion and the Central Powers yielded and signed the Armistice on November 11th, 1918, the American Army numbered more than two million men-two million of the gamiest, snappiest fighting men that had ever stepped on any field of battle. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at


Shadow of the Sun - 2212824581

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Shadow of the Sun Penguin

Literatura faktu

'Only with the greatest of simplifications, for the sake of convenience, can we say Africa. In reality, except as a geographical term, Africa doesn't exist'. Ryszard Kapuscinski has been writing about the people of Africa throughout his career. In a study that avoids the official routes, palaces and big politics, he sets out to create an account of post-colonial Africa seen at once as a whole and as a location that wholly defies generalised explanations. It is both a sustained meditation on the mosaic of peoples and practises we call 'Africa', and an impassioned attempt to come to terms with humanity itself as it struggles to escape from foreign domination, from the intoxications of freedom, from war and from politics as theft. The Beginning: Collision, Ghana 1958 More than anything, one is struck by the light. Light everywhere. Brightness everywhere. Everywhere, the sun. Just yesterday, an autumnal London was drenched in rain. The airplane drenched in rain. A cold, wind, darkness. But here, from the morning


American Stories - 2836515100

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American Stories University Press Group Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Nagai Kafu is one of the greatest modern Japanese writers, but until now his classic collection, American Stories, based on his sojourn from Japan to Washington State, Michigan, and New York City in the early years of the twentieth century, has never been available in English. Here, with a detailed and insightful introduction, is an elegant translation of Kafu's perceptive and lyrical account. Like de Tocqueville a century before, Kafu casts a fresh, keen eye on vibrant and varied America -- world fairs, concert halls, and college campuses; saloons, the immigrant underclass, and red-light districts. Many of his vignettes involve encounters with fellow Japanese or Chinese immigrants, some of whom are poorly paid laborers facing daily discrimination. The stories paint a broad landscape of the challenges of American life for the poor, the foreign born, and the disaffected, peopled with crisp individual portraits that reveal the daily disappointments and occasional euphorias of modern life. Translator Mitsuko Iriye's introduction provides important cultural and biographical background about Kafu's upbringing in rapidly modernizing Japan, as well as literary context for this collection. In the first story, "Night Talk in a Cabin," three young men sailing from Japan to Seattle each reveal how poor prospects, shattered confidence, or a broken heart has driven him to seek a better life abroad. In "Atop the Hill," the narrator meets a fellow Japanese expatriate at a small midwestern religious college, who slowly reveals his complex reasons for leaving behind his wife in Japan. Caught between the pleasures of America's cities and the stoicism of its small towns, he wonders if he can ever return home. Kafu plays with the contradictions and complexities of early twentieth-century America, revealing the tawdry, poor, and mundane underside of New York's glamour in "Ladies of the Night" while celebrating the ingenuity, cosmopolitanism, and freedom of the American city in "Two Days in Chicago." At once sensitive and witty, elegant and gritty, these stories provide a nuanced outsider's view of the United States and a perfect entrance into modern Japanese literature.


Foreign Influence - 2826896144

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Foreign Influence POCKET BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Navy SEAL turned covert operative Scot Harvath is called to action once again in Brad Thor's hottest political thriller yet. Buried within the black ops budgets of the Department of Defense, a new spy agency has been created. Unfettered by the oversight of self-serving politicians, it reports only to a secret panel of military insiders. Its job is to target America's enemies - both foreign and domestic - under a charter of three simple words: Find, Fix, and Finish. Recruited as a field operative, Scot Harvath has just returned from his first assignment abroad when a bombing in Rome kills a group of American college students. The evidence points to a dangerous colleague from Harvath's past and a plan for further attacks on an unimaginable scale. Harvath is tasked with leveraging his relationship to lure the man out of hiding and kill him on the spot. But what if it is the wrong man? Simultaneously, a young woman is struck by a taxi in a hit-and-run in Chicago. With only two intoxicated witnesses and over five thousand cabs in the city, the Chicago Police have given up on their investigation. But when the family's attorney digs deeper, he will uncover a shocking connection to the bombing in Rome and the perpetrators' plans for America. As the story rockets to its conclusion, the plots intersect in a race to prevent one of the most audacious and unthinkable acts of war in the history of mankind.


Fighting Irish - 2837897182

75,39 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

For hundreds of years, Irish soldiers have sought their destiny abroad. Stepping aboard ships bound for England, America, or Europe, young Irishmen have been hungry for adventure, a self-made fortune or the means to carry on a cause back home. Wherever he has travelled, whichever side of the battlefield he has stood, the tales of his exploits have never been forgotten. The Irish soldier has always been in the thick of the fight. Leaving his birthplace, he travelled with hope, sometimes wanting to bring a liberating revolution to his fellow countrymen. Often seeking adventure, the Fighting Irish have been found in all corners of the British Empire, winning new territories, gaining a reputation as fearless soldiers. Some sailed to America and joined in frontier fighting or demonstrated their loyalty to their new homeland in the bloody combats of the American Civil War. Others took the opportunity to carry on their home-borne disputes with campaigns against the British Empire in Canada and South Africa. The Irish soldier has been in the thick of war during the twentieth century-facing slaughter at the Somme, surviving prison camps in Korea, desperate last-stands in the Congo-and continuing sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan. In "Fighting Irish", acclaimed historian Tim Newark tells their tales in the dramatic words of the soldiers themselves, gathered from diaries, letters and journals from archives-and interviews with veterans-in Ireland and across the world. Praise for "Highlander": "Tim Newark is a remarkably gifted storyteller." ("The Scotsman"). "At last, the Highland soldier has the history he richly deserves. Tim Newark tells the dramatic tale with some startling new stories and superbly researched detail." (Andrew Roberts). "Highlanders have long been among the most feared soldiers in the world and Tim Newark's book admirably tells their stirring tale. A great read!". (Bernard Cornwell).


Over Our Heads - 2826748992

46,71 zł

Over Our Heads Penguin Books Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Over Our Heads: the brilliant debut by Andrew Fox. A young man rushes to the bedside of his ex, knowing the baby she's having is not his own. Travelling colleagues experience an eerie moment of truth when a fire starts in their hotel. A misdirected parcel sets off a complex psychodrama involving two men, a woman and a dog ... Andrew Fox's clever, witty, intense and thoroughly entertaining stories capture the passions and befuddlements of the young and rootless, equally dislocated at home and abroad. Set in America and Ireland - and, at times, in jets over the Atlantic - Over Our Heads showcases a brilliant new talent. 'Over Our Heads is full of surprises, all of them great' Roddy Doyle, winner of the Booker Prize 'Deft, clever, intense - this is a terrific debut from a very gifted new writer' Kevin Barry, winner of the IMPAC prize 'Andrew Fox's stories are slivers of power; knowing, watchful and burning with intelligence. Lives half-lived or grasped at; loves longed for and destroyed; the journey of the modern emigrant who goes away in the same daze in which he comes home: these are stories which linger long after they have been read' Belinda McKeon 'Fox is skilful at probing the bigger emotions: alienation, loss and nostalgia. His sparse prose is an effective counterpoint to complex feelings. His stories deal with the moments that shape a life: first trysts, the illness of a parent, the graduation of a child. ... Fox knows the hallmark of a good short story: leave the reader wanting more' Financial Times 'An impressive and thoroughly enjoyable collection ... Fox lets his characters tramp around their worlds, searching for heaven on earth' Irish Times 'Achieves the effect of intimating deep fissures of pain and longing beneath the lightest of surface cracks. Fox's prose is poised and confident, a well-honed tool with which to treat his delicate subject matter' Sunday Times 'The best of these stories are very good indeed ... While there are few happy souls in these arresting stories, the reader can find consolation in Fox's supple prose and frequently subtle insights' Irish Independent 'Fox joins a band of new talented Irish short story writers, like Colin Barrett and Mary Costello, with this assured debut collection' RTE Guide (four stars) 'These are thoughtful, well-told stories that bring home how hard it can be to belong' Herald 'A remarkable new talent ... He is able to tread so lightly that we only realise we have been cleverly punched in the solar plexus after we finish the last line' Irish Mail on Sunday (five stars)


Over Our Heads - 2846873704

67,55 zł

Over Our Heads Penguin Ireland

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Over Our Heads: the brilliant debut by Andrew Fox. A young man rushes to the bedside of his ex, knowing the baby she's having is not his own. Travelling colleagues experience an eerie moment of truth when a fire starts in their hotel. A misdirected parcel sets off a complex psychodrama involving two men, a woman and a dog...Andrew Fox's clever, witty, intense and thoroughly entertaining stories capture the passions and befuddlements of the young and rootless, equally dislocated at home and abroad. Set in America and Ireland - and, at times, in jets over the Atlantic - Over Our Heads showcases a brilliant new talent.


World as it is - 2826774776

90,60 zł

World as it is Nation Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Drawing on two decades of experience as a war correspondent and based on his numerous columns for Truthdig, Chris Hedges presents The World As It Is, a panorama of the American empire at home and abroad, from the coarsening effect of America's War on Terror to the front lines in the Middle East and South Asia and the continuing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Underlying his reportage is a constant struggle with the nature of war and its impact on human civilization. "War is always about betrayal," Hedges notes. "It is about betrayal of the young by the old, of cynics by idealists, and of soldiers and Marines by politicians. Society's institutions, including our religious institutions, which mold us into compliant citizens, are unmasked."


Chicken COOP - 2826645421

93,26 zł

Chicken COOP America Star Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book consists of short stories and life experiences of the author-sometimes crazy, sometimes learning, and sometimes philosophical. He describes things sober and aloof, his gaze on our society apart. He tells through experiences in his shop on the beachfront of Amsterdam much about the ideas and strange habits of customers. Because of administrative experience, he evinces a sober look at our society. His holiday stories are original and surprising, as he describes the topics in an often critical detached way. This book is dedicated to Peter and Zita. Hans Jacobs (1945) worked at a young age at the secretariat of the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, where he gained his first managerial experience. Later, when he married, he started a shop on the corner of Prince Hendrikkade and the beachfront of Amsterdam. This grew into a business in potatoes, fruit and vegetables for the restaurant industry. He held many managerial positions for its industry both at home and abroad.


Scottish Diaspora - 2845990288

61,99 zł

Scottish Diaspora GREENTRAX

Muzyka>Muzyka świata>Folk / Ludowa / Etno

1. Scots Abroad 2. Muir And The Master Builder 3. Tha Mi Sgith 'N Fhogar Seo 4. Dance Called America 5. An Till Mise Chaoidh 6. Elijah Craig 7. Land O' The Leal 8. The Ballad Of New Scotland 9. The Maple Leaf 10. The Scarborough Settler's Lament 11. Oran A Mhetaghama 12. North-west Passage 13. Carry Me Across The Ocean 14. A Glencoe Dance Set 15. Bu Deonach Leam Tilleadh 16. Strangers To The Pine 17. Illean Bithibh Sunndach 18. Na H'eilthirich (The Emigrants) 101. Ewen And The Gold 102. Slan Le Leodhas Nam Beann Fuar 103. My Last Farewell To Stirling 104. Cuma Do Na Fearaibh 105. Shelter 106. Waljim Bat Matilda 107. Oran Cuantireach 108. The Commonwealth Suite (With Jimmy Young) 109. Indigo Blue 110. Purano Sei Diner Katha 111. Auld Lang Syne 112. Mary Slessor 113. The Holland Trade 114. General Tam Dalyell 115. Le Campagne Di Braga 116. Ged Tha Mi Gun Chrodh Gun Aighean 117. Yo Me Voy/maggie's Pancakes 118. River Of Steel 119. The Corby Song 120. Connolly Was There 121. The Rovin' Dies Hard


Happiness, Like Water - 2842085594

52,04 zł

Happiness, Like Water GRANTA BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this debut collection, Chinelo Okparanta introduces us to families burdened equally by the past and the future. Here, we meet a childless couple with very different desires; a college professor comforting a troubled student; a mother seeking refuge from an abusive husband; an embittered spinster recalling the loss of a dear childhood friend; and a young woman waiting to join her lover abroad. High expectations - whether of success in Nigeria, or the dream of opportunity and accomplishment in America - consume them. In language that is both raw and elegant, Happiness, Like Water heralds the arrival of a fearless and sensitive literary voice.


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