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Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way: Developing and App - 2837508297

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Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way: Developing and App MCGRAW-HILL Professional

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Drive positive change in your company using the future-oriented mindset of Peter Drucker §Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way helps any business leader uncover the future now and use this knowledge to steer his or her organization - and career -to success.§The book encourages you to consider how your actions can create, influence, and affect the future for other people, as well as entire professions and organizations. In particular, it helps you develop the same kind of forward-thinking/acting Drucker mindset that led him to the highest levels of success.§Bruce Rosenstein , a well-known Drucker expert, is Managing Editor for Leader to Leader and the author of Living in More Than One World: How Peter Drucker's Wisdom Can Inspire and Transform Your Life .§Praise for Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way §This book signals a new approach to the future for both individuals and organizations. Rosenstein reinforces why Drucker's ideas remain relevant for today and tomorrow. §DANIEL H. PINK, author of To Sell is Human and Drive §Rosenstein skillfully draws on both his own wisdom and that of his mentor to deliver a plan for individuals and businesses in creating a future rich in personal and professional success. Leave your compass at home; all you need is Rosenstein s new book! §MARSHALL GOLDSMITH, million-selling author of the New York Times bestsellers MOJO and What Got You Here Won't Get You There § Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way presents Peter Drucker as a role model for designing and living your own future, beginning in the here and now. The book has expanded my understanding of Drucker s work and I m confident it will do the same for you. §CHIP CONLEY, founder and former CEO of Joie de Vivre Hospitality; author of the New York Times bestseller Emotional Equations §Rosenstein has opened the door to an important and often misunderstood area of Drucker s work--why an understanding of the future is so critical for our development as leaders. It confirms my belief of a bright future ahead. §FRANCES HESSELBEIN, President and CEO, The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute §In this concise and compelling book, Rosenstein provides a unique contribution: mining the nuggets of Peter Drucker's most important work about the future and presenting them in a brief, accessible format. Bruce is the ideal person to make Peter s work useful and valuable in this way. §BOB BUFORD, Chairman Emeritus, Board of Advisors of The Drucker Institute; author of Halftime: Moving from Success to Significance §


Engineering Your Future - 2826692003

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Engineering Your Future JOHN WILEY & SONS LTD

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This updated textbook provides a resource on the non-technical aspects of professional practice for both engineering students and young technical professionals. Coverage supports the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)'s Engineering Criteria 2000, as well as ASCE's current BoK and ASME and AIChE's BoKs. The book treats essential non-technical topics like self-management, communication, interpersonal relationships, teamwork, project and total quality management, design, construction, manufacturing, engineering economics, organizational structures, business accounting, law, ethics, consulting, and marketing. Engineering Your Future concludes with the future world of work, paradigms, and leadership.


Start Your Own Kid-Focused Business and More - 2842085686

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Start Your Own Kid-Focused Business and More Entrepreneur Press

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Are you inventive? Fun? Have you been called a kid at heart? If so, let us introduce you to an up-and-coming, fresh-faced market with unbelievable purchasing power--meet today's kids! An ever-growing market, kids offer a world of business possibilities for inspired entrepreneurs like you! From party planning and gift products to cooking classes and clothing, Entrepreneur covers the hottest businesses within the flourishing kid-focused industry. Providing insider advice, tips and tricks along the way, our experts take you step by step and show you how to discover your specialty, legally and financially establish your business, manage day-to-day operations and so much more! Learn how to: * Discover your specialty within one of five hot areas of interest--party planning, cooking classes, gift and bath products, plus-sized clothing, educational toys and games * Choose the best location and sales avenues to effectively reach your consumers * Efficiently manage inventory and supplies for easy order fulfillment * Create a support staff who help you succeed * Use effective marketing and advertising tools to gain exposure and get the word out * Build positive customer and vendor relationships * Plan for future growth Kids are spending record amounts of their own money--grab your share of this multi-billion-dollar market today!


120 Ways to Market Your Business Hyper Locally: Tried and True Tips and Techniques - 2840799602

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120 Ways to Market Your Business Hyper Locally: Tried and True Tips and Techniques 120 Ways Publishing

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120 Ways To Market Your Business Hyper Locally: Tried And True Tips And Techniques' is for: defining your target audience aligning your marketing with your local community building your lifetime and dynamic asset value integrating online and offline marketing techniques collaborating effectively with complementary businesses encouraging learning, growth, social democracy and investment It includes information for: marketers, salespeople and advertisers freelancers, entrepreneurs, business and franchise owners advisers, consultants and thought leaders coaches, trainers and mentors community leaders and initiative instigators This thorough, practical and detailed guide provides you with the key strategies and techniques, based on your business values, that you can implement today for your success in the future. Get started and take action now! **Special free bonus offers at This book is a companion book to '120 Ways To Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn' and '120 Ways To Attract The Right Career Or Business' also written by Sue Ellson.


Social Networking: Big Business On Your Computer - 2840130204

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Social Networking: Big Business On Your Computer

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An Informative Business Series That Explores The World's Biggest Businesses Of Today And The Giants Of The Future.


Light Your Firebrand - 2826631232

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Light Your Firebrand Ecademy Press

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Light Your Firebrand - re-igniting your business and your brand. If you believe that a brand extends to a place far beyond a logo mark, then you'd be right. A Firebrand is to be found in an entirely different dimension. An individual one. A distinctly personal one. And increasingly, in this age of hyper-competition, an emotional one. When the future was an extension of the present, it was reasonable to assume that what worked today would also work next year. That assumption must now be cast aside. During times of change, it can almost be guaranteed that what used to work well in the past will not work at all next time around. The old approaches are at best simply too incremental at a time when success needs to be measured by growth that is exponential. To achieve sustained success in today's challenging environment, the new imperative for all businesses is to fight fire with fire. It's time to Light Your Firebrand(t). The Light Your Firebrand process shows you how you can re-ignite your business, align your brand to your burning ambition, harness the 4 attributes of world-class brands, illuminate your points of difference, develop Unique Value Propositions, spread your evocative messages like wildfire.


You Can Manage Your Time Better - 2839979078

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You Can Manage Your Time Better

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Everyday We Struggle With Time - Haunted By Undone To-do Lists, Ever Fuller Inboxes And Missed Deadlines. Often, We Are So Busy Over-thinking The Past And Worrying About The Future, We Forfeit Our Enjoyment Of The Present. This Book Shows You How To Maxim


How to Build Your Own Spaceship - 2835285387

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How to Build Your Own Spaceship Plume

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Ladies and gentlemen, start your spaceships! Personal space travel is no longer the stuff of science fiction. The future is here: Civilians are launching into orbit. As early as 2010 paying customers will have the opportunity to experience weightlessness, courtesy of Virgin Galactic's inaugural launch. "How to Build Your Own Spaceship" takes readers on a fun and quirky trip to the forefront of commercial space travel-the latest technology, the major business players, and the personal and financial benefits that are ripe for the picking. Science-writer Piers Bizony's breadth of knowledge, quick wit, and no-nonsense explanations of the hard science in this emerging arena will satisfy even the most dedicated space fanatics. With practical advice (from picking the best jet fuel to funding your own fleet of space crafts), unbelievable space facts, and fascinating photos, Bizony's user-friendly guide to blasting off is a must-have ticket to the final frontier.


SUCCESS... or Your Money Back - 2837896757

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Sheridan 'Shed' Simove is a modern day entrepreneurial genius ...and now he's created the easiest and quickest success manual in the world. In this ground-breaking book, Shed reveals 30 new secrets that show you how to get anything you desire. This book is different from previous success manuals. If you're someone who wants to have great ideas and make them happen, this is for you. It's an engaging, fun and easy read ...and vital for anyone wanting to win at the game of life. Inside you'll find brand new, powerful and fast ways to get exactly what you want - and concrete techniques for success in your business or personal life. Shed is so confident that these methods will work for you - as they have for him - that he's able to make his astonishingly bold and exciting promise. After reading this book, you'll be inspired, energized and equipped for your future success ...or your money back - see inside for details...


Directing Your Destiny - 2826692903

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Directing Your Destiny HAY HOUSE PUBLISHING

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If you were given the chance to write your own future, and direct your own destiny, how would your life change? In this groundbreaking new book, author Jennifer Grace shares her insights - as a classically trained theatrical actress, screenwriter and filmmaker - to allow everyone the opportunity to write, produce, and direct the movie of their lives. By following her easy-to-understand method, you will learn to recast your story with people who are in sync with their highest selves, and rewrite scenes to realign with self-love, creativity, peace and empowerment. By utilising the Authenticity Frequency Method (AFM) technique Jennifer developed, countless business leaders, artists, and students of all ages and backgrounds have already manifested new realities...and all-new lives. With nine gentle daily practices, Jennifer helps you access the authentic emotions you need - week by week - to realise the life you previously only thought was possible in the movies. Here are the tools, the techniques, and the teacher you need to dramatically reimagine your reality. In just 30 days, with a little discipline and diligence, you'll discover how to live in a world of 'lights, camera, action' and bring your own new story to life!


Here's To Future Days - 2839260050

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Here's To Future Days Sonic Records / DEMON


1. Don't Mess With Doctor Dream 2. Lay Your Hands On Me 3. Future Days 4. You Killed The Clown 5. Revolution 6. King For A Day 7. Love Is The Law 8. Emperor's Clothes (Part 1) 9. Tokyo 10. Breakaway 11. Roll Over 12. Shoot Out (Don't Mess With Doctor Dream) 13. Alice (Lay Your Hands On Me) 14. Heavens Above! (Future Days) 15. The Kiss (Tokyo) 16. Desert Dancers (Breakaway) 101. Lay Your Hands On Me (Original Alex Sadkin + Tom B 102. The Lewis Carol (Adventures In Wonderland) 103. Lay Your Hands On Me (Us Remix) 104. Lay Your Hands On Me (Extended Nile Rodgers + Tom 105. Roll Over Again (12) 106. Fools In Paradise (12) 107. Don't Mess With Doctor Dream (Smackattack!) (12) 108. Very Big Business (12) 109. King For A Day (Extended Mix) 110. Rollunder (Extended) 111. King For A Day (Us Remix) 112. The Fourth Sunday 113. Revolution (12 Remix)


Future of Marketing - 2837310654

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Future of Marketing Financial Times Prentice Hall

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The world of mass marketing is dead. Consumers in once captive markets are now free to roam the world looking for a better deal. For them broadcast doesn't work - you have to send them a message tailored to their needs; better yet, ask them a question. Is your marketing strategy keeping up with these recent social and technological changes? Consumers have changed the way they think forever. Are you ready for your customers having a greater sense of empowerment and higher expectations? This book will help you wrestle with the ever-growing demands of the technology-empowered customer. It will give you a solution to work towards, explain what has happened (in terms of strategy, the internet and marketing), where you stand and how you can gain a competitive advantage. "We recommend The Future of Marketing to you as a virtual roadmap for the future of business." Don Peppers & Martha Rogers, Ph.D., authors of The One to One Manager


Exploiting Future Uncertainty - 2839943791

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Exploiting Future Uncertainty

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Business & management>Strategy

All Businesses Face Significant Levels Of Uncertainty These Days. To Succeed You Need To Exploit Future Uncertainty, Turning It To Your Advantage By Managing Risk Effectively. This Title Shows You How. It Covers The Links Between Better Business And Risk-


Agenda What Every Business Must Do To Dominate The Decade - 2212826758

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Agenda What Every Business Must Do To Dominate The Decade Random House


The Agenda: Nine powerful and practical business ideas for today's world of fierce competitors and even fiercer customers.These are tough times for business. Pressures from all sides are greater than ever. The old solutions don't work anymore, and the silver bullets of the late 1990s have proven to be hollow. Serious businesspeople know there is no simple solution, no single answer. They need a whole tool kit of new ideas and new techniques. That's what The Agenda delivers.Michael Hammer, author of Reengineering the Corporation, the defining business book of the 1990s, has uncovered the secrets of today's best companies. He has worked long and hard to identify how these companies consistently out-execute their competitors, and he reveals what he has learned in The Agenda. This breakthrough book spells out an action plan for the twenty-first century. Here's a sampling:Make life easy for your customers. Your customers' biggest gripe is not that your products are bad, but that it is too tough to order, receive, and pay for them. In short, you are a royal pain to do business with. You need to take a hard look at how you operate from your customers' point of view and redesign how you work to save them time, money, and frustration. In other words, run your business for their convenience, not yours. Become a process fanatic. Process is the Clark Kent of business ideas. Seemingly mild and unassuming, process is a revolutionary way of thinking about work in customer terms. It blows away overhead and cost, confusion and delay. It is the discipline that makes outstanding performance a matter ofdesign rather than luck. Process is the way to make both customers and shareholders happy and to keep them that way on a sustained basis. Measure like you mean it. Most business measurements are worthless. They tell you what happened in the past (sort of), but offer few if any clues about how to make things better in the future. To come up with useful measurements, you need to create a model of your business that ties overall goals to the things you actually control. You need to measure these (and only these) things carefully and base your actions on what you learn. Measure to improve, not just to measure. Don't just talk teamwork--live it. You expect teamwork and cooperation from the front lines, and you need to demand the same from yourself and your colleagues. The days of the proudly independent business manager running a sharply defined unit are over. Link companies together through the Internet. Break down the walls that separate you from other companies, walls that create huge amounts of inefficiency and overhead. Change your distribution channel from a series of resellers into a community that works together to serve the final customer. Redesign your operations in tandem with those of your suppliers and customers. Stop seeing yourself as a self-contained unit that creates a product on its own, and get used to the idea of virtually integrating with others.The Agenda will forever change the way you think about business


Competing for the Future - 2826897797

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Competing for the Future Harvard Business School Publis

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Paperback edition of this bestselling text. Offers a comprehensive format for executives on leading your company into the future, advocating forward-thinking, stressing the importance of a coherent strategy.


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