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I Never Promised You a Rose Garden - 2826947342

37,32 zł

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden Corgi Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Exactly a week after the general election, two men - Call me Dave and Call me Nick' - walked side by side out into the rose garden of No 10 Downing Street to give their first joint press-conference as Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, looking for all the world like men in love. It was a romance in which people wanted to believe. But it was also one that people couldn't help but mistrust. Most unnerving, however, was the sense that they both couldn't quite believe their luck. Cameron: I can't believe it. All those people out there just for us...Clegg: I know. It's mad isn't it. I have to keep pinching myself as well. Cameron: Go on say it again...Clegg: What? Cameron: Call me Prime Minister. Clegg: Good afternoon, Prime Minister. Cameron: Good afternoon, Deputy Prime Minister. Clegg: Loving it, Dave. Cameron: Shall we go into the Cabinet Room? Clegg: Wow. Isn't this great? Where will I be sitting? Next to you, I hope. Cameron: Of course. What do you think this lever does? Clegg: No idea. Why don't you pull it and see? Cameron: Whoops. I've just drawn the curtains by mistake. Clegg: This is going to be a laugh, isn't it? Cameron: I'll say...Just how much fun the coalition was going to be for the rest of the country was then unclear. But now, almost five years on, this must-read guide to Westminster and the forthcoming General Election exposes the realities of Coaltion while also featuring: How Labour came to get the wrong Miliband; The Big Topics - Europe, Immigration, Education, Phone Hacking, and the Economy ('Stupid'...); UKIP and other dubious acronyms; and The countdown to the General Election 2015: five years of planning since the last one. Insightful, painful and hilarious, whichever side you thought you were on.


Dead to Me - 2854482517

57,21 zł

Dead to Me Penguin UK

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A compelling new story from international number one bestselling author Lesley Pearse Spring 1935. Two girls meet by chance on Hampstead Heath. To an outsider, they could not appear more different. Verity is well-mannered and smartly dressed, living with her parents in a beautiful house close to the heath. Ruby is dishevelled and grubby, used to a life of squalor where she is forced to steal to survive. Yet there's an instant affinity between them, and when their fortunes are shockingly reversed, it is the strength of their friendship that keeps them resilient to the challenges and hardships they face. As Britain prepares for war, Ruby finds herself in Devon with the world at her feet and enjoying her first taste of romance. Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away, Verity is forced to leave behind everything she has ever known and a shadow from the past threatens her chances of a new beginning. But through it all, the girls are always there for each other. Until the day Verity does the one thing that will break Ruby's heart. In a country torn apart by fighting, will Verity and Ruby survive long enough to find a way back to each other? Or do some betrayals go with you to the grave . . .? Praise for Lesley Pearse'Epic romantic drama set in post-war London' Heat Magazine'A heart-warming and evocative tale that is a real delight to read' Sun'A narrative that gallops along, this is quintessential Pearse that will delight her army of readers'Daily Mail'Must have' Sunday Express'Yet another great Lesley Pearse novel' Woman Magazine'Evocative, compelling, told from the heart' Sunday Express 'Utterly riveting, brilliant' Closer 'Full of love, passion and heartbreak' Best'Glorious, heartwarming' Woman & Home


If Only He'd Told Me - 2854395609

26,83 zł

If Only He'd Told Me HarperCollins Publishers Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The third in a series of true short stories from foster carer Mia Marconi. Brody had been on the at-risk register since birth but was only removed from his alcoholic parents when he reached the age of six. Foster carer Mia Marconi was thrilled when he first arrived - a boy the same age as her son. It can be so bewildering for foster children when they arrive. The older ones are usually withdrawn and sullen. The younger ones will be screaming, spitting at you, making themselves sick and throwing themselves on the floor. For Mia, it's normally her boisterous, happy children who provide the comfort at the beginning, because why should they trust another adult. Children always feel safe and secure when there are other children about. Mia believes it's through making relationships with other children that they begin to trust adults again. But little did she know that six-year-old Brody was actually taking his anger and frustration out on her son. She quickly begins to realise the heavy price her family has had to pay.


Follow Me to Tomorrow - 2854431913

84,21 zł

Follow Me to Tomorrow New Generation Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

When Matthew Caldwell leaves school, his journey to tomorrow appears to be mapped out. He is engaged to be apprentice to Tom Schofield, the blacksmith in the Norfolk village that has not only been Matthew's home but his whole world. But destiny has other plans for the lad - plans that involve seduction by a string of older women, apparitions induced both by strong home-brew booze and visitations from the spirit world, Spanish treasure and skulduggery. Swept along in a rapid sequence of events that often seem too much for a young man to cope with, Matthew makes many wrong decisions. But will he find happiness and, if so, with which of the women with whom he cannot help becoming entangled? Follow Me to Tomorrow is a vivid evocation of life in rural Norfolk in the years surrounding the First World War. The extraordinary events that unfold sometimes seem no more than a shifting background to the permanence of country life, with its down-to-earth but colourful characters. You will meet kind-hearted poachers, dragon wives, benevolent aristocrats and a vicar and a funeral director with a shared penchant for ale and nude bathing. Without ignoring the hardships and tragedies of the early twentieth century, P W Mortimer celebrates the richness and robustness of a countryside community.


All About Me - 2844163444

69,57 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Like no other book on the market, this simple yet provocative book serves as a great tool for self-reflection, spotlighting everything your loved ones would be interested to know about you but never thought--or dared--to ask. 96 pp. $40,000 marketing. National print ads. National author publicity. 50,000 print.


Show Me the Prisoner - 2854279068

53,11 zł

Show Me the Prisoner Matador

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Show Me the Prisoner is written from the perspective of a prison teacher who later served on the prison monitoring body. It covers a 15-year period of involvement in two of Northern Ireland's prisons during the troubles, when terrorists hogged the limelight. They met in prison where she taught classes. Now estranged from his family, the young man had spent most of his life either in care or in one or other of Northern Ireland's prisons. She set out to help him. He knuckled down and achieved a university place. Time done, he could move on. But was it all too good to be true? 'Hah,' predicted a prison officer, 'If yous teachers think yous are going to change any of them boys, let me tell you...' Headlines appeared in newspapers and on radio branding him 'Ulster's most feared prisoner', predicting that one day Charlie Conlon would kill somebody. 'Hannibal', they dubbed him. Convinced he was the victim of institutional racism and sectarianism, Charlie believed he was guilty only of the rage of the powerless and the downtrodden. Witnessing how the system treated him, did he have a point? A meeting with his mother and brother and an internet search for relatives in the USA threw interesting new light on his father's tour in Vietnam. It was then that his mother became evasive. On her deathbed mother and son were reconciled, and for the first time Charlie learned his true identity. But was it all too late? Show Me the Prisoner is a criminal justice memoir of Irish interest that will appeal to readers who enjoy social history. Patricia is inspired by Sister Helen Prejean's Dead Man Walking, a story she would love to have written.


Me Moir - Volume One - 2854265296

53,87 zł

Me Moir - Volume One Virgin Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Vic Reeves' vivid, enchanting, and utterly hilarious childhood memoir is a comic masterpiece. Before there was Vic Reeves, there was a boy called James Moir who was much the same as any other lad. Obsessed with owning a pet crow, a master at writing his name and terrified of his father's immense moustache. Growing up in Yorkshire and then County Durham, the boy who would be Reeves somehow managed to escape the attentions of 'Randy Mandy' and get a crash course in pig castration, before having encounters with Jimi Hendrix and the Yorkshire Ripper. Peopled with weird and wonderful characters, Vic Reeves' memoir is authentic, witty and inventive, and as unique as you'd expect from one of Britain's most exceptional comedy talents.


Remember Me - 2826836367

33,84 zł

Remember Me Penguin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Remember Me is her most recent historical novel. She made a mistake and now she'll never see home again...Mary, a Cornish mariner's daughter, makes the biggest mistake of her short life when she steals a silk hat. Convicted and sentenced to be transported to Australia, she endures horrific conditions aboard ship before landing in a brutal and barbaric country. It will take all her courage just to survive. But Mary is also determined to make something of herself in this rugged man's world. And she dreams that one day she will find a way of crossing the cruel seas that lie between her and home...Based on a true story, Remember Me brings Mary Broad vividly to life in this moving story of a woman triumphing against overwhelming odds. Lesley Pearse is the author of the bestsellers Never Look Back and Gypsy. Remember Me is a historical novel based on the true story of transported convict Mary Bryant (nee Broad). Fans of Susan Lewis will be instant fans of Lesley Pearse. Praise for Lesley Pearse: "With characters it is impossible not to care about ...this is storytelling at its very best". (Daily Mail). "Lose yourself in this epic saga". (Bella). "An emotional and moving epic you won't forget in a hurry". (Woman's Weekly). With her gripping and moving storylines best-selling author Lesley Pearse has captured the imaginations of millions in the UK and abroad. Her other titles The Promise, A Lesser Evil, Till We Meet Again, Secrets, Charlie, Father Unknown, Gypsy, Trust Me, Faith, Never Look Back, Remember Me and Hope are also available as Penguin paperbacks. Lesley lives near Bristol and has three daughters and two grandchildren.


Bream Gives Me Hiccups - 2826635967

65,10 zł

Bream Gives Me Hiccups Grove Press / Atlantic Monthly Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Written in the droll tradition of Woody Allen, Simon Rich and David Sedaris these short pieces from Jesse Eisenberg are hilarious and ironic. The series of stories that gives the book its unusual title are written from the point of view of a nine-year-old boy whose mother brings him to expensive Los Angeles restaurants so that she can bill her ex-husband for the meals. One story in this series begins: ""Last night, Mom and I went to Thanksgiving dinner at a Vegan family's house, which is kind of like going to Temple for Christmas. Mom said that Vegans are 'people that don't eat any meat or cheese or shave.'"" Other stories imagine discussions in ancient Pompeii just before the volcanic eruption, explore the vagaries of post-gender-normative dating in New York City, and conjure up Alexander Graham Bell's first five phone calls: ""Have you heard anything from Mabel? I've been calling her all day, she doesn't pick up! Yes, of course I dialled the right number - 2!"" In different ways, these stories explore what it means to navigate the modern world, and are all illuminated by Eisenberg's ironic wit and funny, original voice."


Take me home - 2827089447

32,32 zł

Take me home B&W PUBLISHING

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Inary McCrimmon has a gift. She can see people - ghosts - after they've died. Where she comes from they call it The Sight. But after a traumatic experience at the age of twelve, her gift has vanished. Now, fifteen years later, Inary is called away from her busy London life back to her home in Glen Avich. Her sister Emily is dying and moments after she passes Inary begs for her gift back so that she can say goodbye properly. Instead, she suddenly loses the ability to speak - except to two ghosts, neither of which is her sister. As Inary learns to communicate in other ways, she begins to open up through writing, her lifelong passion, to those closest to her. There's her brother Logan, who resents Inary but knows that she is now the only family he has left; her best friend Lesley in London who she has relied on through thick and thin; Alex, who could have been the one; and Taylor, the handsome American who wants to help mend her broken heart. But, for Inary, all is not as it seems. Her ghosts have harrowing and heartbreaking stories to tell and when one of them keeps repeating, 'Take me home,' Inary knows she must unlock this mystery to set herself free. Against the backdrop of a Scottish Highland community, Take Me Home is a beautiful story of love, loss, discovering one's true abilities and - above all - never forgetting who you are.


What's Exactly the Matter with Me? - 2854238627

62,97 zł

What's Exactly the Matter with Me? Insight

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

I have been seeking P.F. Sloan, but no one knows where he's gone. -from the song 'P.F. Sloan' by Jimmy Webb. Absolutely none of 'em could beat ol' P.F. -Lester Bangs, Rolling Stone magazine. What's Exactly The Matter With Me? is a first-person account of an extraordinary life and pilgrimage through the most fascinating years of American and English musical culture. This is a story of dreams, success, destruction, and miraculous resurrection; the incredible, heartbreaking, and ultimately inspiring story of one of the greatest songwriters in American music-and also one of the most elusive and mysterious. P.F. Sloan was one of the most prolific and influential geniuses to emerge from the golden age of the 60s, and a pioneer of folk-rock. Between 1965 and 1967, 150 of his songs were recorded by major acts, and 45 of those made the charts. No other songwriter has ever come close to achieving so great number of hits in such a short period of time. From his little studio at Dunhill Records, P.F. Sloan was a veritable hit-machine, writing for The Mamas and The Papas (that's Sloan's infectious guitar lick on 'California Dreamin"), Jan and Dean (the falsetto you hear on most of their hits is Sloan's), Barry McGuire (the brilliant and controversial 'Eve Of Destruction'), Johnny Rivers ('Secret Agent Man'), The Turtles, The Fifth Dimension, and many, many more. He wrote so many songs, in fact, that Dunhill sold him as seven different acts. Unsurprisingly, he wound up exhausted and broken, thus beginning a long journey into the wilderness-a journey of UFOs and psychiatric hospitals, healing and survival, and, ultimately, redemption.


Please Don't Tell Me - 2839409939

149,99 zł

Please Don't Tell Me LIGHT IN THE ATTIC


1. Me & Bobby Mcgee 2. Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends 3. Smile At Me Again 4. The Lady's Not For Sale 5. Border Lord 6. Just The Other Side Of Nowhere 7. Come Sundown 8. Slow Down 9. If You Don't Like Hank Williams 10. Little Girl Lost 11. Duvalier's Dream 12. When I Loved Her 13. Billy Dee 14. Epitaph (Black & Blue) 15. Enough For You 16. Getting By, High, & Strange


Trust Me, Jack's Beanstalk Stinks! - 2846017602

30,99 zł

Trust Me, Jack's Beanstalk Stinks!

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children

Just Because These Classic Stories Are Usually Told From The Protagonists' Point Of View Doesn't Mean The Antagonists Don't Have Their Side Of The Story, Too. Of Course You Think I Was The Bad Guy, Terrifying Poor Little Jack. You Don't Know The Other Sid


Lackluster Me -reissue- - 2843985594

104,99 zł

Lackluster Me -reissue-


1. Lackluster Me 2. Unsound 3. You Should've Told Me 4. Foreign Film 5. Flowers For Sylvia 6. I Still Cry 7. Sycamore Leaves 8. Rain 9. Butt Out 10. This, That & The Other 11. Hey Luchie 12. Easy 13. If You Tell


Believe Me, Goldilocks Rocks! - 2849906725

26,99 zł

Believe Me, Goldilocks Rocks!

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children

Of Course You Think Goldilocks Was A Brat Who Broke In And Trashed Our House. You Don't Know The Other Side Of The Story. This Title Tells That Story.


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