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Pathways To Possibility - 2875081340

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Pathways To Possibility

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Health & personal development>Family & health>Coping with personal problems

Zander Introduces Readers To An Opportunity For Transformation Via Rewriting Our Old Stories, Essentially Changing The Worldview We've Gripped Onto Since Childhood. - Spirituality & Health Fresh, Compelling, And Uplifting. A Well-written And Accessible Model For Self-examination For Even The Most Well-adjusted Adult. - Booklist Filled With Fascinating Stories Illuminating The Many Challenges To Our Inner And Global Well-being, Rosamund Stone Zander Has Created A Narrative To Liberate Our Lives In Ways We May Have Never Imagined Possible. Pathways To Possibility Is A Treasure Trove Of Human Journeys That Reveals The Deep Nature Of Who We Are And How We Can Create A More Meaningful Life And Healthier World. -Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., Author Of Brainstorm And The Whole Brain Child Rosamund Zander Is A Miracle. Her Generous Voice Will Resonate With You, Change You And Help You Create Work That Matters. -Seth Godin, Author Of The Icarus Deception You Must Read Pathways To Possibility For It Is An Extraordinary, A Unique, Book. Zander Helps Us To See The Connection Between Our Inner Selves And The Nature Of The Natural World And The Universe. By The End We Have A New Understanding Of Who We Are And Our Individual Human Responsibilities. -Jane Goodall, Award-winning Primatologist And Author Rosamund Zander Is The Best Companion To Walk You Through Your Next Passage. Her Words Radiate Possibility As She Leads Readers Out Of The Darkness Of An Old Story, Showing Us How To Change It, Open Up, And Move Into The Lightness Of Love And Gratitude. -Gail Sheehy, Author Of Passages And Daring: My Passages In This Eloquent And Elegant Book, Rosamund Stone Zander Offers Us A Visionary And Practical Guide To Living Fuller, More Compassionate Lives For Ourselves And Others. -Sir Ken Robinson, Author Of The Element And Creative Schools Pathways To Possibility Is A Great Stepping Stone From Rosamund Zander's Previous Book, The Art Of Possibility . I Saw Myself In This Book: My Relationship To My Childhood, To The Past, And To Nature, And The Struggle And Delight Of Helping A New Self Emerge. She's Teaching Us All How To Be Architects Of The Spirit. -Richard Preston, Author Of The Hot Zone Praise For The Art Of Possibility One Of The Most Inspiring, Practical, And Uplifting Books I Have Ever Read. The Very Act Of Reading It With An Open Heart And Mind Will Improve Your Health! -Christiane Northrup, M.D. The Zanders' Book Of Practices Has Made My Life One Of Infinite Possibility. . . . The Implications For Corporate And Political Life Are Extraordinary. -Warren Bennis, Author Of On Becoming A Leader This Is A Wide, Uplifting, And Important Work, A Seamless Blend Of Insight And Inspiration, Personal Revelations, And Stories Drawn From The Worlds Of Art, Psychology, Business, And Politics. Ben And Roz Zander Make An Extraordinary Team-their Energy, Passion, And Fundamental Commitment To Humane Values Are Absolutely Contagious. -Doris Kearns Goodwin The Passionate Energy Permeating The Art Of Possibility Is A True Force For Every Reader For Self-development And Life Fulfillment. -Klaus Schwab, Founder And President, World Economic Forum


Awesome Mysteries Beyond Heaven's Gate - 2862297386

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Awesome Mysteries Beyond Heaven's Gate iUniverse

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Word of God is laced with profound mysteries peppered with power to saturate your soul with salvation. The Holy Spirit has made known to me many of these mysteries, and God has compelled me to convey this knowledge with you liberally."Awesome Mysteries beyond Heaven's Gate" offers a greater insight into God's Holy word through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit; thereby, giving the elect of God ultimate peace in their struggles, while maintaining an intimate relationship with Christ Jesus.God has equipped this powerful manifestation of the word with manifold blessings. This in depth study of the promises of God will employ direction into every area of the believer's life as well as impart salvation into the lives of those who are lost, and hopelessly on their way to hell. Through the readings of this word, God will endow you with strength to overcome the temptation of the devil, and increase your faith to endure the test of life's journey. You will learn how to conquer each battle encountered, and count each victory won as you endeavor to run this Christian race.


Letters of John Minor Botts, of Virginia, on the Nebraska Question (Classic Reprint) - 2862227782

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Letters of John Minor Botts, of Virginia, on the Nebraska Question (Classic Reprint) Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt from Letters of John Minor Botts, of Virginia, on the Nebraska Question To the Editors of the National Intelligencer: It is my misfortune once again to find myself in a situation which obliges me to take part against many of my best personal and political friends, and upon a subject, and under circumstances that, feeling and believing as I do, it would be criminal on my part to be silent; and, however much I may regret the occasion and the necessity, I must appeal to you, as national men, and conductors of a truly national paper, to allow me the privilege of addressing a few reflections to the people of the South through your columns on a subject of the gravest consequence to their interests. I mean the Nebraska bill, now pending before the Senate, which, from all we can now see, is likely to become a law without a word against it from the South, and by which it is proposed to repeal or declare inoperative the Missouri Compromise of thirty-four years' standing and acquiescence in by all parts and parties of the country. It is true I have little now to do with politics, and I am not in "position" to give influence and currency to what I may say. I have no Congressional seat from which I can speak "by authority," but my interest in the settlement of this question as a citizen, and my regard for the welfare of the country is none the less on that account. After the most careful examination of this portentous question, I am satisfied that it is the most mischievous and pernicious measure that has ever been introduced into the halls of Congress. With the institution of Slavery acknowledgedly in a sounder and better condition than it has ever been; with the public mind calmly subsiding and daily acquiescing in the peaceful and healing measures of 1850; in the absence of an- public necessity or demand from any part or section of the country; with an application from no human being outside of the political circles in Washington; without the question ever having been pi presented to the consideration of the people, who are the only proper parties to be consulted; with solemn pledges from both parties and both sections to resist all future efforts at agitation, it is proposed to throw wide open the whole question of Slavery, to unsettle all that has been done to produce harmony between the North and the South for the last thirty years, by those who were quite as wise and patriotic as the men of the present day, and to revive sectional animosities and feuds in the most aggravated and embittered form, the end whereof no man can foresee. Is it not legitimate then for any citizen, however humble, feeling an interest in his country's welfare, to ask emphatically why is this to be done? Is this last and hopeless chance for reconstructing the disordered and scattered fragments of a divided party with any intelligent mind held to be a sufficient reason for so much mischief? Are the grasping and reckless aspirations of ambitious men, who seek their own advancement by a spirit of turbulence and discord throughout the land, a sufficient justification for the wholesale scenes of riot and disorder that is to follow? If the Compromise which has stood the test of one-third of a century is no longer available or operative, how long can the Compromise of three years' duration be expected to last? And can it be possible that all the wisdom and patriotism that marked the struggles of 1820 and of 1850 are, within one short year after the decease of the illustrious men who then hushed the storm into silence and tranquilized the nation, to be forgotten and laid aside, without necessity, without notice, without cause, and without one justifying or palliating circumstance? As a Southern man, I raise my voice against it. I oppose it because it involves a breach of faith


Mathematics and the Imagination - 2877094945

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Mathematics and the Imagination Dover Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Introduction I. NEW NAMES FOR OLD Easy words for hard ideas Transcendental Non-simple curve Simple curve Simple group Bolsheviks and giraffes Turbines Turns and slides Circles and cycles Patho-circles Clocks Hexagons and parhexagons "Radicals, hyperradicals, and ultraradicals (nonpolitical)" New numbers for the nursery Googol and googolplex Miracle of the rising book The mathescope II. BEYOND THE GOOGOL Counting?the language of number "Counting, matching, and "Going to Jerusalem" Cardinal numbers Cosmic chess and googols The sand reckoner Mathematical induction The infinite and its progeny Zeno Puzzles and quarrels Bolzano Galileo's puzzle Cantor Measuring the measuring rod The whole is no greater than some of its parts The first transfinite?Alepho Arithmetic for morons Common sense hits a snag Cardinality madman The tortoise unmasked Motionless motion Private life of a number The house that Cantor built III. "Pie, i, e (PIE)" Chinamen and chandeliers Twilight of common sense "Pie, i, e" Squaring the circle and its cousins Mathematical impossibility "Silk purse, sow's ear, ruler and compass" Rigor mortis Algebraic equations and transcendental numbers Galois and Greek epidemics Cube duplicators and angle trisectors Biography of pie "Infancy: Archimedes, the Bible, the Egyptians" "Adolescence: Vieta, Van Ceulen" "Maturity: Wallis, Newton, Leibniz" "Old Age: Dase, Richter, Shanks" Victim of schizophrenia Boon to insurance companies (e) Logarithms or tricks of the trade Mr. Briggs is surprised Mr. Napier explains "Biography of e; or e, the banker's boon" Pituitary gland of mathematics: the exponential function (i) "Humpty Dumpty, Doctor or Semantics" Imaginary numbers "The v-1, or "Where am I?" " "Biography of i, the self-made amphibian" "Omar Khayyám, Cardan, Bombelli, and Gauss" i and Soviet Russia Program music of mathematics "Breakfast in bed; or, How to become a great mathematician" Analytic geometry Geometric representation of i Complex plane "A famous formula, faith, and humility" IV. ASSORTED GEOMETRIES?PLANE AND FANCY The talking fish and St. Augustine A new alphabet High priests and mumbo jumbo Pure and applied mathematics Euclid and Texas Mathematical tailors Geometry?a game "Ghosts, table-tipping, and the land of the dead" Fourth-dimension flounders Henry More to the rescue Fourth-dimension?a new gusher A cure for arthritis Syntax suffers a setback The physicist's delight Dimensions and manifolds Distance formulae Scaling blank walls Four-dimensional geometry defined Moles and tesseracts A four-dimensional fancy Romance of flatland Three-dimensional cats and two-dimensional kings Gallant Gulliver and the gloves Beguiling voices and strange footprints Non-Euclidean geometry Space credos and millinery Private and public space Rewriting our textbooks The prince and the Boethians The flexible fifth The mathematicians unite?nothing to lose but their chains Lobachevsky breaks a link Riemann breaks another Checks and double checks in mathematics The tractrix and the pseudosphere Great circles and bears The skeptic persists?and is stepped on Geodesics Seventh Day Adventists Curvature Lobachevskian Eiffel Towers and Riemannian Holland Tunnels V. PASTIMES OF PAST AND PRESENT TIMES Puzzle acorns and mathematical oaks Charlemagne and crossword puzzles "Mark Twain and the "farmer's daughter" The syntax of puzzles Carolyn Flaubert and the cabin boy "A wolf, a goat, and a head of cabbage" Brides and cuckolds I'll be switched "Poisson, the misfit" "High finance; or, The international beer wolf" Lions and poker players The decimal system Casting out nines "Buddha, God, and the binary scale" "The march of culture; or, Russia, the home of the binary system" The Chinese rings The tower of Hanoi "The ritual of Benares: or, Charley horse in the Orient" "Nim, Sissa Ben Dahir, and Josephus" Bismarck plays the boss The 15 puzzle plague The spider and the fly A nightmare of relatives The magic square Take a number from 1 to 10 Fermat's last theorem Mathematics' lost legacy VI. PARADOX LOST AND PARADOX REGAINED Great paradoxes and distant relatives Three species of paradox Paradoxes strange but true Wheels that move faster on top than on bottom The cycloid family "The curse of transportation; or, How locomotives can't make up their minds" Reformation of geometry Ensuing troubles Point sets?the Arabian Nights of mathematics Hausdorff spins a tall tale Messrs. Banach and Tarski rub the magic lamp Baron Munchhausen is stymied by a pea Mathematical fallacies "Trouble from a bubble; or, Dividing by zero" The infinite?troublemaker par excellence Geometrical fallacies Logical paradoxes?the folk tales of mathematics Deluding dialectics of the poacher and the prince; of the introspective barber; of the number 111777; of this book and Confucius; of the Hon. Bertrand Russell "Scylla and Charybdis; or, What shall poor mathematics d "Twits Napoleon, who does" The Marquis de Condorcet has high hopes M. le Marquis omits a factor and loses his head Fourier of the Old Guard Dr. Darwin of the New The syllogism scraps a standby Mr. Socrates may not die "Ring out the old logic, ring in the new" VIII. RUBBER-SHEET GEOMETRY Seven bridges over a stein of beer Euler shivers Is warmed by news from home Invents topology Dissolves the dilemma of Sunday strollers Babies' cribs and Pythagoreans Talismen and queer figures Position is everything in topology Da Vinci and Dali Invariants Transformations The immutable derby "Competition for the caliph's cup; or, Sifting out the suitors by science" Mr. Jordan's theorem Only seems idiotic Deformed circles Old facts concerning Times Square and a balloonist's head Eccentric deportment of several distinguished gentlemen at Princeton Their passion for pretzels Their delving in doughnuts Enforced modesty of readers and authors The ring Lachrymose recital around a Paris pissoir "Who staggered how many times around the walls of what?" In and out the doughnut Gastric surgery?from doughnut to sausage in a single cut N-dimensional pretzels The Möbius strip Just as black as it is painted Foments industrial discontent Never takes sides Bane of painter and paintpot alike The iron rings "Mathematical cotillion; or, How on earth do I get rid of my partner?" "Topology?the pinnacle of perversity; or, Removing your vest without your coat" Down to earth?map coloring Four-color problem Euler's theorem The simplest universal law Brouwer's puzzle The search for invariants IX. CHANGE AND CHANGEABILITY The calculus and cement Meaning of change and rate of change Zeno and the movies "Flying Arrow" local?stops at all points" Geometry and genetics The arithmetic men dig pits Lamentable analogue of the boomerang History of the calculus Kepler Fermat Story of the great rectangle Newton and Leibniz Archimedes and the limit "Shrinking and swelling; or, "Will the circle go the limit?" Brief dictionary of mathematics and physics "Military idyll; or, The speed of the falling bomb" The calculus at work The derivative Higher derivatives and radius of curvature Laudable scholarship of automobile engineers The third derivative as a shock absorber The derivative finds its mate Integration Kepler and the bungholes "Measuring lengths; or, The yawning regress" Methods of approximation Measuring areas under curves Method of rectangular strips The definite Indefinite On the inverse of the other "The outline of history and the descent of man: or, y=ex" Sickly curves and orchidaceous ones The snowflake Infinite perimeters and postage stamps Anti-snowflake Super-colossal pathological specimen?the curve that fills space The unbelievable crisscross EPILOGUE. MATHEMATICS AND THE IMAGINATION


Phobya Balancer 250 Black Matt - 1990967047

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Phobya Balancer 250 Black Matt Phobya

kategoria nadrzedna nie istnieje

Another innovative component for your watercooling system by Phobya! The newest innovations combined with exclusive appearance and proven functionality. Design and technology are the main points which make the difference in the watercooling sector. Many manufacturers are trying to combine excellence in both sector, but only few succeed. Phobya has managed to combine features which are unique in the watercooling sector. The top and bottom are made from solid metal and combined with a transparent tube made from Plexi. Shining gold plating, silver, black matt or a black nickel finish are the first available colours. The reservoirs are available in 150mm, 250mm and 450mm length, allowing use in virtually any case size. The reservoir is shipped with two black mounts with safety latch. These mounting clips have a foam plastic sheet at their inside to protect the Plexi of the reservoir.  Versatility and functionality were a great factor when designing this reservoir. You will notice the large number of connection threads, two at the bottom and two at the side of the bottom piece, which allows a great variety of mounting possibilities. The threads at the side especially make horizontal installation of the reservoir easily possible, giving you a whole array of new possibilities. The fifth connection thread in the top piece can be used as an In- our outlet when installed horizontally or for connection of a Fillport etc. Another possibility is to equip the unused threads with lighting modules to shine a whole new light on your reservoir! Of course an ''Anti-cyclone'' was integrated. This separating plate prevents vortexing inside of the reservoir and also prevents stronger pumps to suck in air bubbles from the inlet. Of course all connection threads in the reservoir are 1/4" in size. Thee nickel plated screw plugs are included for the unused threads. Both bottom and top piece may be removed for cleaning of the tube. All mounting material is also included! Technical specifications: Material: Brass, Plexi Colour: Black matt Dimensions (DxH): 50 x 250mm Connection threads: 4x1/4" in bottom piece, 1x1/4" in top piece Weight: 517g + 2x 30g mounting clamps Pressure tested: 2 bar Extent of delivery: 1x Phobya Balancer 250 black matt 2x Plastic mounting clamps 2x 16mm mounting screws with nuts & washers 3x screw plugs


Edward's Menagerie - 2826635210

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Edward's Menagerie DAVID & CHARLES

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Get ready to spend some time with a suave high-flying rhino, a lovesick elephant who knows her way around a kitchen and a seriously chivalrous tiger...With just two weeks to go before baby Edward's due date, yarn enthusiast Kerry Lord picked up a crochet hook for the first time and a new obsession began. Over the next 12 months the collection of crochet animals expanded week on week until Edward's Menagerie was complete with 40 unique patterns. These cute animals with larger-than-life personalities are made using simple crochet techniques and the step-by-step instructions enable a complete beginner to get hooking straight away. Each animal also has a universal pattern where you can change your hook and yarn to create four different sizes, making 160 different possibilities. Be warned that these unlikely characters made using a supersoft yarn in a sumptuous natural colour palette will become your new best friends as you hook your way through the whole menagerie!


Meditations on the Sacraments and Christian Life for Priests and Seminarians (Classic Reprint) - 2876653062

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Meditations on the Sacraments and Christian Life for Priests and Seminarians (Classic Reprint) Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt from Meditations on the Sacraments and Christian Life for Priests and Seminarians "After John had been imprisoned, Jesus returned to Galilee to preach God's Good Message, This was his theme: 'The time of waiting is over, the kingdom of God is close at hand. Change your evil ways; believe in the Good Message.'" Mark 1:14-16. I have chosen as the theme of this meditation the summary of the teaching of Our Lord as given by St. Mark. Generally the biblical scholars agree that Mark didn't wish to express how Christ began to teach. Indeed the first preaching of Our Lord was longer, not just three phrases. Mark wishes to give a whole summary. He wished to show the very structure of the preaching of Our Lord. This is the program of the teaching of Our Lord and it should be the program for this retreat. Jesus began to proclaim the Good Tidings. It is Good Tidings, the Good News, and why? Above all because it is Jesus. "Salvator Mundi", salvation. It is Jesus, the Only-Begotten Son. In the same chapter of St. Mark is contained the baptism of Christ. There the heavens opened and a voice came from heavens "This is My Beloved Son". The Father proclaims from heaven it is My Son, My Beloved to whom you shall listen. So in the text it is clear what is the essence or heart of the message of the Gospel - it is not some messenger, prophet, patriarch or preacher, it is the Word of God, the Beloved Son of the Father. It is the Word that has made the world, it is the Word-made-Man, it is this Blissful Word to whom the Father from all eternity has given all his wisdom, power, and love. It is the Word in which the Father expresses His beatitude, and this is the Gospel coming from God. As better texts say; "Jesus begins to preach the Gospel coming from God." It is the Word Himself, the Son, Who comes. How wonderful were the words of Pope Paul at the beginning of the second session of the Vatican Councils "per Christum solum Dominum"; that the Church in the council will not bring another message to the world but Christ. He is the messenger, but not a messenger as a prophet bringing a message of future times or a message beyond himself. Here we have a messenger Who is Himself the message, beatitude, and salvation. The first attitude, therefore, dear friends, in our whole Christian life and especially during these days of retreat is to listen to Christ and not to watch and to judge the retreat master. "Oculi mei semper ad Dominum". We should be aware that it is still the Lord who brings the Good Tidings, as the Constitution on the Liturgy says, "in ecclesiae Christus adhuc praedicat." About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.


The Law of Nines - 2857829686

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The Law of Nines HarperCollins Publishers UK

Powieść zagranicznaSensacja. Thiller. KryminałFantasy

The #1 New York Times bestselling author delivers a stunningly original , high-octane thriller. 'Your mother was twenty-seven when it came to her. Now you're twenty-seven, and it's come to you.' The skin of Alex's arms tingled with goosebumps. By her twenty-seventh birthday insanity had come to his mother ...Turning twenty-seven may be terrifying for some, but for Alex, a struggling artist living in the mid-western United States, it's cataclysmic. Inheriting a huge expanse of land should have made him a rich and happy man; but something about this birthday, his name, and the beautiful woman whose life he just saved, has suddenly made him - and everyone he loves - into a target. A target for extreme and uncompromising violence...Where do you turn when your own reflection spells doom? In Alex, Terry Goodkind, the NEW YORK TIMES #1 bestselling author, brings to life a modern hero in a whole new kind of stunningly original, high-octane, page-turning thriller.


Thou Shall Prosper Second Edition - 2826759685

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Thou Shall Prosper Second Edition FROMMER´S

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A practical approach to creating wealth-based on the established principles of ancient Jewish wisdom-made accessible to people of all backgrounds The ups and downs of the economy prove Rabbi Daniel Lapin's famous principle that the more things change, the more we need to depend upon the things that never change. There's no better source for both practical and spiritual financial wisdom than the time-tested knowledge found in the ancient Jewish faith and its culture. In the Second Edition of Thou Shall Prosper, Lapin offers a practical approach to creating wealth based on the established principles of ancient Jewish wisdom. This book details the ten permanent principles that never change, the ten commandments of making money if you will, and explores the economic and philosophic vision of business that has been part of Jewish culture for centuries. The book's focus is on making accessible to individuals of all backgrounds, the timeless truths that Jews have used for centuries to excel in business. Outlines ten fundamental "commandments" relating to business and money Includes insights that will increase your potential for creating wealth, no matter what your faith or background may be Blends contemporary business stories and Lapin's own business experiences with the wisdom of the Torah and Talmudic prescriptions This Second Edition provides new examples, especially of Internet related business opportunities. In addition, each chapter highlights specific action steps that can lead to wealth opportunities in both difficult economic times and periods of prosperity.


New Perspective on Paul - 2874945758

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New Perspective on Paul Cascade Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Synopsis: Can someone please explain this "New Perspective on Paul"? Where did it come from and will it help or hinder Christian interpreters to grasp the apostle's writings more clearly? In The New Perspective on Paul: An Introduction, Kent Yinger provides concise, readable, and authoritative answers to these and other questions currently exercising students of Paul. Endorsements: "The New Perspective on Paul has, sadly, been more controversial than illuminative of a neglected dimension of Paul's teaching on justification by faith. Professor Yinger most helpfully explains both aspects. . . . [T]his is as good an Introduction to the New Perspective and the related Pauline teaching as you will find." --James D. G. Dunn author of The New Perspective on Paul: Collected Essays "Kent Yinger has made a complex and often emotive debate about Paul and Justification accessible to a wider audience. This book isn't beating any drum, it's not an apology for the 'New Perspective' thing, nor is it a declaration of war on any party. Rather, this is a map of the key terrain, a list of who is who in the zoo of debate, and a flashlight on several dark alleys of contested interpretations. At the same time, Yinger gives us some good and sensible commentary along the way. If you're lost in the maelstrom of theological polemics and Pauline interpretation, this book is one of the ways to help you get your bearings." --Michael F. Bird Lecturer in Theology and Bible Crossway College, Brisbane, Australia "For those who want to know what all the fuss is about and whether and how it matters, this is just the book. Kent Yinger, while thoroughly conversant with the huge amount of discussion generated by the New Perspective on Paul, has the gift of making the key issues accessible to others. Here is a readable, succinct, clear, accurate, and fair-minded introduction to the ongoing debate. For both the academy and the church Yinger provides a much needed perspective on the New Perspective. --Andrew Lincoln Portland Professor of New Testament University of Gloucestershire "Kent Yinger set out to write a book that offers a fair-minded, easy-to-read explanation of the so-called New Perspective on Paul (NPP), which neither critiques nor defends it. His aim was to navigate between the faddish innovations of some biblical scholars and the deeper insights that come from a better understanding of Scripture. He sought to answer four basic questions regarding NPP: (1) What is it? (2) Where did it come from? (3) What are the potential dangers? and (4) What good is it? After reading this book, I have only one thing to say to Dr. Yinger: Bull's eye!" --Charles J. Conniry Jr. Vice President and Dean George Fox Seminary/George Fox University Author Biography: Kent L. Yinger is Professor of New Testament at George Fox Evangelical Seminary (George Fox University) in Portland Oregon. He is the author of Paul, Judaism, and Judgment According to Deeds (1999).


The Mystery of Nils. Part 1 - Norwegian Course for Beginners. Learn Norwegian - Enjoy the Story. - 2874498675

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The Mystery of Nils. Part 1 - Norwegian Course for Beginners. Learn Norwegian - Enjoy the Story. Skapago KG

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

We all hate text books that begin with "Hello, what's your name?", don't we? "The Mystery of Nils" is a coherent story, which starts very simply, but develops into a fascinating novel. Can't stop reading? Well then ż you will have to learn Norwegian! We have carefully selected the most frequently used words in the Norwegian language and made sure that the story is primarily made up of them. Separate texts and exercises focus on conversational topics that will prepare you for living in Norway. Grammar is a headache? Not with "The Mystery of Nils". Uncover the structure of the Norwegian language with pictures, casual yet comprehensive explanations, and a lot of easy to remember examples. Repetition is the key to learning a language. At you will find a great number of exercises, a vocabulary trainer, videos about pronunciation, and a whole lot more. Our Norwegian teachers have co-created this book. They know all the obstacles you might incur and can help you with individual training. Since we teach through online video conferences, you can take lessons wherever you are on this planet. Schedule a free demo lesson at This is the story: Erna Langvik gives her eight year old granddaughter a special birthday present: a doll inspired by the traditional Norwegian mythical creature "Nisse". Nils ż as the doll is called ż leads a happy life with his new family in Oslo. But due to an accident, Nils finds out that he means a lot more to Erna than just being a birthday present. Without knowing it, he has been carrying a painful secret, and during an adventurous trip to Northern Norway, he helps Erna to make one of the most important decisions of her life.


Redirect - 2826832668

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Redirect Penguin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Redirect" by Timothy D. Wilson, author of "Strangers to Ourselves", whose work has been acclaimed by writers such as Malcolm Gladwell, is a groundbreaking book of psychology that shows how changing the stories we tell about ourselves can help solve our problems. Why will most self help books leave you worse off? How do youth rehabilitation programmes backfire? And how can one volunteer help the whole of society? Redirecting the stories you tell about yourself - and changing the stories others are telling about themselves - can help everyone, whether improving education and parenting skills or reducing crime, teen pregnancies, and drug and alcohol abuse. This timely book offers practical advice that has been proven to give real results. "Redirect" will show you exactly how you can be happier and more successful, using only the power of your own stories. Timothy D. Wilson is the Sherrell J. Aston Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia. He is the author of "Strangers to Ourselves", which was named by "New York Times Magazine" as one of the Best 100 Ideas of 2002, and is co-author of the bestselling "Social Psychology" textbook, now in its seventh edition. He lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, with his wife and two children. "A masterpiece". (Malcolm Gladwell, author of "Blink"). "This may well be the single most important psychology book ever written". (Daniel Gilbert, author of "Stumbling on Happiness"). "A stimulating, valuable read". ("New Scientist"). "With a deft narrative touch ...and a ferocious commitment to scientific evidence, Timothy Wilson has made a remarkable contribution to knowledge". (Robert Cialdini, author of "Influence").


Hawaiian Folk Tales - 2862116953

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Hawaiian Folk Tales Abela Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

HEREIN you will find 34 folk and fairy tales from the Hawaiian Islands. Of special note is the section on the MENEHUNES, or fairy folk. The islands are often referred to as the HOME OF THE BROWNIES. You will also find the tales of AI KANAKA; A LEGEND OF MOLOKAI, MAUI SNARING THE SUN, THE LOCATION OF THE LUA O MILU, KALELEALUAKA, LAKA'S ADVENTURE, KEKUPUA'S CANOE, THE BATTLE OF THE OWLS and many, many more (see the Abela website for a complete Table of Contents). If you have interest in the native Hawaiian people, and indeed the Polynesian race as a whole, then you will do well to include this book in your library. However, if you are seeking märchen, different to the usual European diet of princes on white stallions dashing in to save a beautiful princess, then this volume is bound to keep you captivated for hours as well. This book was created in response to repeated requests from the public. The compiler, Thomas. G. Thrum, therefore presented in book form the series of legends that have were made a feature of "The Hawaiian Annual", originally published as early as 1875 and through to the 1970's. The series has been enriched by the addition of several tales, the famous shark legend having been furnished for this purpose from the papers of the Hawaiian Historical Society. In similar vein to Joseph Jacobs' ENGLISH FAIRY TALES and MORE ENGLISH FAIRY TALES, Thrum later followed this voulme with MORE HAWAIIAN FOLK TALES which were also published in his Hawaiian Annual. 33% of the net profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities.


The Law of Nines - 2866358047

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The #1 New York Times bestselling author delivers a stunningly original , high-octane thriller. 'Your mother was twenty-seven when it came to her. Now you're twenty-seven, and it's come to you.' The skin of Alex's arms tingled with goosebumps. By her twenty-seventh birthday insanity had come to his mother ...Turning twenty-seven may be terrifying for some, but for Alex, a struggling artist living in the mid-western United States, it's cataclysmic. Inheriting a huge expanse of land should have made him a rich and happy man; but something about this birthday, his name, and the beautiful woman whose life he just saved, has suddenly made him - and everyone he loves - into a target. A target for extreme and uncompromising violence...Where do you turn when your own reflection spells doom? In Alex, Terry Goodkind, the NEW YORK TIMES #1 bestselling author, brings to life a modern hero in a whole new kind of stunningly original, high-octane, page-turning thriller.


Secrets & Shame: Dear Oprah Diaries - 2862196159

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Secrets & Shame: Dear Oprah Diaries ARCHWAY PUB

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James remembers the day he began to plot to kill his father, Harry: It was the day before his seventh birthday, and he finally realized his mom was not going to leave him. Whenever Harry would beat his mom, James would think, "No, Dad! Stop beating Mom. Look over here at me. I'm the one you are angry with. I'm your sissy son, remember?" Eventually, Harry would banish James from their Texas home, telling him he was going to pray he'd get AIDS and die. "Our family has been shamed and embarrassed enough by you," he raved. "You'll get what you deserve one day." James, desperate for the need to be loved and accepted for how God made him, turned to drugs, alcohol, and partying-and before long, he realized he was on the path to becoming an abusive alcoholic just like his father. He shares how hitting rock bottom led to a Jewish spiritual awakening filled with love and an abiding faith in humanity in Secrets and Shame.


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