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Note to Self - 2846878034

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A darkly humorous reckoning of our modern condition - spam mail, internships, frenemies and hype - and the story of Anna's quest for the meaningful life she knows she deserves. Are you a real person? Anna Krestler has been fired and needs a new job. What she doesn't need is to check her Gmail account for new messages, or click-through to a blog on underwear that prevents cameltoe. But Anna is addicted to the internet, and no matter how much her life-coach bullies her, she can't resist the lure of the next link. Everything changes for Anna when she chances upon a particularly cryptic online advert. Her reply is the gateway to an existential adventure that sees her swallowed whole by New York's avant-garde art scene and the strange world of experimental cinema. Anna will do anything to impress Taj, the enigmatic filmmaker, and gradually he begins to direct every aspect of Anna's life. But is Taj for real anyway? Is Anna? And what's better? To be totally, obviously real, or really obviously fake?


Chris Womersley - Cairo - 2854339347

37,32 zł

Chris Womersley - Cairo Quercus Publishing PLC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'Who wants to be the same as everyone else? You don't want to be ordinary, do you?' Melbourne, 1986. Tom always imagined he was adopted. At seventeen, he flees ordinariness in small-town Australia for the city and a run-down block named Cairo. There he meets Max Cheever. Enigmatic, artistic, anarchic: he liberates Tom from the bourgeois aspiration of university and draws him into his circle of dropouts and dreamers. Through the haze of parties and politics, Tom glimpses a darker side to their vie boheme. Falling under Max's spell - and in love with his wife - he is offered an extraordinary chance: to join them in the greatest art heist of the twentieth century. Among art dealers, thieves and forgers, Tom trusts only in Max. This is his family now. But of all this summer's lessons, the cruellest will be telling what is real from what is fake. In a rush of first love, risk and a search for belonging, Chris Womersley's third novel paints a two-faced portrait of friendship and betrayal. His instinctive characterization and fine-wire tension take us to a point of brilliant, heady uncertainty - that first blind step towards adulthood.


Counterfeit Medicines - 2826759676

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Counterfeit Medicines ILM Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Although there is some debate about the extent of counterfeits in the world's pharmaceutical supply chain, it is undeniable that counterfeit and substandard medicines are a growing and dangerous business. They can cause major moral, reputational and financial damage to pharmaceutical manufacturers, as well as untold harm to patients who are deceived by the fake version of their medication. This book provides a concise account of the history, policy and law, and financial and economic aspects surrounding pharmaceutical product counterfeiting, as well as some of the countermeasures available to organisations. This valuable publication discusses the problems experienced in lesser developed countries, and reports the activities and findings of governments and agencies around the world. The growth in e-commerce means that the Internet has become the primary tool in the advertisement and sale of counterfeit pharmaceuticals by criminal organisations. The safety concerns regarding illicit online pharmacies are reviewed and an overview is given of the regulatory efforts attempting to stem their negative effects. The book provides important information on creating an overall anti-counterfeit strategy and a review of current countermeasures, including authentication and tracing programmes. In addition, the book compares some of the problems that have been experienced with those encountered by other product areas in relation to counterfeiting. Important lessons have been learned by other industries, including fine art, wine, diamonds, currency and aeroplane parts. With the inclusion of economic and financial models and projections as well as real-life case studies, this book is essential reading for individuals and organisations affected by this complex issue.


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