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The banking and credit system of the USSR Springer, Berlin

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It is a pleasure to introduce Dr. Kusehpeta's study of the USSR banking and eredit system with some measure of enthusiasm, for the subjeet is one about which there is, as yet, not mueh literature available in the Western European languages and this study approaehes the subjeet from the view-point of sourees taken from within the Soviet Union itself. No matter how revolutionary the ehange, some ties with the past still remain and it is for this reason that the author has paid initial attention to the banking system of the Tsars and proceeds to de al with the development of the banking system sine e the Revolution of 1917. While history has made the Communist Civil War, the New Eeonomie Poliey and the Khrushehev reforms to be familiar to us, the effeets of these events on the banking and monetary system have, thus far, never been fully researched. Next, the author deals extensively with the existing banking- and eredit system. This subjeet is not easy to understand, beeause we are obliged to beeome familiar with totally different eoeepts than those governing the mixed eeonomic system of the Western World. I, personally , am struek by the sharp separation between the eurreney and the 'deposit' or 'transfer' mone y cireulation.


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