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ARTandamp;FUN Bajkowe Malowanie po numerkach - 2846488769

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ARTandamp;FUN Bajkowe Malowanie po numerkach

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Opis - Duża drewniana kostka, gdzie każda ściana ma inną funkcję.Rozmiar: 20x20x36 cmWiek: od 18 miesięcy Nazwa - ARTandamp;FUN Bajkowe Malowanie po numerkach Marka - Simba Kod EAN - 4006592678449 Wydawca - SIMBA Kod producenta - 106337844 Podatek VAT - 23%


The Immortal Hour - 2839203348

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The Immortal Hour Hyperion


1. Dawson, Anne - The Immortal Hour (A Music-drama) ( 2. A Wood, Dark & Mysterious. In The Background The 3. Dalua (Slowly Coming Out Of The Shadow) 4. Voices In The Wood 5. Dalua: Ye Know Not Who I Am 6. Dalue: I Have Com Hither, Led By Dreams & Vision 7. A Voice (Unexpectedly Near) 8. Dalua: I Am Old 9. A Voice: Brother & Kin To All The Twilit Gods 10. The Sound Of Mocking Laughter Is Heard From The Wo 11. Dalua: Laugh Not, Ye Outcasts Of The Invisible Wor 12. Etain Wanders Into View, Looking Lost & Bewilder 13. Dalua (Stepping Forward With A Courtly Bow, Faintl 14. Dalua (Touching Her Lightly With The Shadow Of His 15. Etain: I Have Forgotten All 16. A King Of Men 17. Dalua: Led Here By Dreams 18. Etain: I Will Go Back 19. Eochaidh: Sir, I Am Glad 20. Dalua: I Have Come 21. Look, O King! 22. Eochaidh: There Is No Backward Way For Such As I 23. Eochaidh: I Have Heard You Calling 24. Manus: I've Seen That Man Before Who Came Tonight 25. Manus: Yes, Woman, Yes, I Know: For Silence. Hush! 26. Etain: But Sometimes... Sometimes... Tell Me: Have 27. Eochaidh: Good Folk, I Give You Greeting 28. Manus: Good Sir, You Are Most Welcome. 29. Eochaidh: At Last I Know 30. Etain: & Your Name, Fair Lord? 31. Eochaidh: Truyl, I Now Know Full Well 32. Etain: I, Too, Am Lifted With The Breath 33. Eochaidh. Who Laughed? 34. Etain: None Laughed. 35. Unseen Voices: How Beautiful They Are 101. Druids: By The Voice In The Corries (Akt 2) 102. Maidens: The Bells Of Youth Are Ringing 103. Warriors: But This Was In The Old, Old, Far-off Da 104. Bards, Maidens & Warriors: Hail, Eochaidh, High 105. Bards, Warriors & Others: Green Fire Of Joy, Gre 106. Eochaidh: Etain, Speak, My Queen 107. Eochaidh: No, No My Queen 108. Etain: I, Too, Have Heard 109. Warriors & Others: The Queen! 110. Midir: Hail, Eochaidh, King Of Eire! 111. Midir: I Am A King's First Son 112. Druids: Dagda, Lord Of Thunder & Silence 113. Eochaidh: Fair Lord, My Thanks I Give 114. Midir: Have Not Great Poets Sung 115. Midir: In The Days Of The Great Fires When The Hil 116. Eochaidh: Hear Us, Oengus, Beautiful, Terrible, Su 117. Midir: O King, It Is A Little Thing 118. Old Bard: I Have Seen All Things Pass & All Thin 119. Eochaidh: Welcome, My Queen 120. Eochaidh: This Nameless Lord 121. Midir: How Beautiful They Are 122. Etain: I Have Heard... I Have Dreamed That Song 123. Midir: I Am A Song 124. Etain: I Am A Small Green Leaf In A Great Wood 125. Eochaidh: O Do Not Leave Me, Star Of My Desire! 126. Midir: Hasten, Lost Love, Found Love! 127. Voices: In The Land Of Youth 128. Voices: They Play With Lances


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