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Brelok My Little Pony B/C 60/720 - 2848479368

3,59 zł

Brelok My Little Pony B/C 60/720

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Opis - Brelok z motywem MY LITTLE PONY. Nazwa - Brelok My Little Pony B/C 60/720 Kod EAN - 5907604624852 Wydawca - STARPAK Podatek VAT - 23%


Richard II - William Shakespeare - 2836988642

11,18 zł

Richard II - William Shakespeare

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Opis - Richard II is one of Shakespeare"s finest works: lucid, eloquent, and boldly structured. It can be seen as a tragedy, or a historical play, or a political drama, or as one part of a vast dramatic cycle which helped to generate England"s national identity. Today, to some of us, Richard II may appear conservative; but, in Shakespeare"s day, it could appear subversive: "I am Richard II", declared an indignant Queen Elizabeth. Numerous recent revivals in the theatre and on screen have demonstrated the enduring power and poignancy of this drama of the downfall of an egoistic but pitiable monarch. Richard II is the seventeenth volume in the Wordsworth Classics" Shakespeare Series, in which each volume has been freshly edited by Cedric Watts. Nazwa - Richard II Autor - William Shakespeare Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Wordsworth Kod ISBN - 9781840227208 Kod EAN - 9781840227208 Rok wydania - 2012 Język - angielski Format - 12.5x19.5cm Ilość stron - 144 Podatek VAT - 5%


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