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Onyx Boox C67 HD AfterGlow 2 - 2452328962

594,00 zł

Onyx Boox C67 HD AfterGlow 2 onyx

Multimedia>Czytniki e-Book

Opis:Przekątna ekranu (urz.mobilne)6''Rozdzielczość (urz.mobilne)1024 x 758 (e-ink)Ekran dotykowyTakWyświetlacz E-inkTakObsługiwane formaty dokumentówMOBI (non-DRM), TXT, FB2, DOC, DjVu, PDF, EPUB, HTML, RTFOdtwarzane formaty audioWAV, MP3Odtwarzane formaty zdjęćBMP, PNG, JPG (JPEG)Pamięć wewnętrzna4Czytnik kart pamięci (tak/nie)TakTyp kart pamięcimicroSDStandard pamięci SD / CFSDHC (4GB - 32GB)Funkcje specjalne- Doświetlenie ekranu- Możliwość rozbudowania czytnika o nowe funkcje poprzez instalację aplikacji z Google Play- Wsparcie standardu e-booków EPUB- Syntezator mowy IVONAKomunikacja bezprzewodowaWiFiZłącza3,5mm minijack (s?uchawkowe), microUSBBateria1700 mAh Li-PolymerOprogramowanieZainstalowane aplikacje: Galeria, Przeglądarka Internetowa, Kalendarz, Kalkulator, Odtwarzacz muzyki, FBReader, OnyxReader, Onyx Neo Reader, Midiapolis Drive, Midiapolis News, Poczta, Google Play, Ustawienia Google, Słownik.Wsparcie dla: Windows, Linux, MacOS Syntezator mowy (funkcja

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Pikantne Zapiski z Tropików - 2848479363

14,30 zł

Pikantne Zapiski z Tropików

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Na łamach tej książki, jej autor oficer-mechanik, od 39 lat pracujący na statkach morskich, z których ostatnich 23 spędził na jednostkach obcych bander, wprowadza Czytelników w zanikający już marynarski świat odległych, egzotycznych portów z ich specyficznym klimatem i znajdującymi się w nich tawernami i innymi przybytkami marynarskiej infrastruktury. Największymi jednak atutami książki są autentyczny, marynarski język, a także wierne oddanie atmosfery statku jako miejsca pracy, a przede wszystkim pływającego domu oraz problemów, filozofii życia, rozterek itp. jego mieszkańców " marynarzy. Zawarte w niej opowiadania, anegdoty, dialogi kipią nie tylko humorem, ale przede wszystkim skłaniają do zadumy, a nadto pełne są autentycznej morskiej wiedzy. Dodajmy, że opisywany przez Stanisława M. Szczepańskiego marynarski świat, jest już w zaniku. Dzisiaj uchował się on jedynie na niewielkich konwencjonalnych statkach, zawijających do małych, peryferyjnych portów. Tym większa chwała autorowi książki, że resztki tego specyficznego, marynarskiego klimatu, który przed laty był inspiracją dla wielu pisarzy " marynistów, stara się również dzisiaj zaprezentować Czytelnikom i uchronić od zapomnienia. Nazwa - Pikantne Zapiski z Tropików Kod EAN - 9788362022830 Wydawca - Pomorska Oficyna Podatek VAT - 5%

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Office equipment - 2869360945

183,21 zł

Office equipment Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 178. Chapters: Telephone, Local area network, Printer, Calculator, Laser printer, Mimeograph, Paper clip, Inkjet printer, Fax, Adding machine, Daisy wheel printer, Duplicating machines, Paper shredder, Reprography, Personal computer, Volta Laboratory and Bureau, Chester Carlson, Laser pointer, Interactive whiteboard, Mechanical calculator, Image scanner, Multifunction printer, Photocopier, Locker, Action Office, Océ, Ink cartridge, Herman Miller, Formula calculator, HP Universal Print Driver, Desk, Toner, Filing cabinet, Overhead projector, Pencil sharpener, Hole punch, Ticker tape, Thermofax, Dictaphone, Dictation machine, Software calculator, Promethean World, Video projector, Inkjet refill kit, Stationery, HP FutureSmart firmware, File folder, The HON Company, Chalkboard, Scotch Tape, Tape dispenser, EBeam, HP Open Extensibility Platform, Address book, Binder clip, Konica Minolta OpenAPI, Compatible Toner Cartridge, Concord Supplies, Ring binder, Office chair, Registered fax, Luidia, Inc., Paper cutter, Remanufactured Ink Cartridge, Filofax, Memjet printer, Tickler file, Telautograph, List of duplicating processes, IP PBX, Office supplies, Franklin Planner, Pouch laminator, Danka, Drawing pin, Electric pen, Flip chart, Sellotape, Lefax, Mobile shelving, Heated roll laminator, All-Steel Equipment Company, Mini PC, STS Refill Technology, Tape Wrangler, Bulletin board, Safir Office Machines Museum, Solander box, Rolodex, Gestetner, Stationery cabinet, Presentation folder, Letter-quality printer, Manila folder, Punched pocket, Paper knife, Automatic document feeder, Digital duplicator, Nowy Styl Group, Brass fastener, Cold roll laminators, Rotary storage, Cyclostyle, Bungee chair, Neon message board, Nashuatec, Letter scale. Excerpt: A personal computer (PC) is any general-purpose computer whose size, capabilities, and original sales price make it useful for individuals, and which is intended to be operated directly by an end-user with no intervening computer operator. PCs include any type of computer that is used in a "personal" manner. This is in contrast to the batch processing or time-sharing models which allowed large expensive mainframe systems to be used by many people, usually at the same time, or large data processing systems which required a full-time staff to operate efficiently. A personal computer may be a desktop computer or other mobile types, for example a laptop, tablet PC or a handheld PC (also called a palmtop) that is smaller than a laptop. The most common microprocessors in personal computers are x86-compatible CPUs. Software applications for personal computers include word processing, spreadsheets, databases, Web browsers and e-mail clients, digital media playback, games, and myriad personal productivity and special-purpose software applications. Modern personal computers often have connections to the Internet, allowing access to the World Wide Web and a wide range of other resources. A PC may be used at home or in an office. Personal computers may be connected to a local area network (LAN), either by a cable or a wireless connection. While early PC owners usually had to write their own programs to do anything useful with the machines, today's users have access to a wide range of commercial and non-commercial software, which is provided in ready-to-run or ready-to-compile form. Since the 1980s, Microsoft and Intel have dominated much of the personal computer market, first with MS-DOS and th...

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The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence - 2862437527

46,92 zł

The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence Izzard Ink

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

How often have people claimed that a certain thing was "in the Constitution" and you've wanted to pull out a copy to show them what this incredible document really says? This is the book you want to keep with you at all times: the full text of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, the two documents that are the backbone of United States government. Reading them as they were written is a must for every American. Regular reading is required for any historian or member of the legal profession, and a good idea for all Americans. Acclaimed Constitutional scholar Paul Skousen, author of How to Read the Constitution, frames this simple text with a brief preface and a summary of important facts about these two documents, including important dates, for the ultimate quick reference. Throughout the text of the Constitution, he provides a clear guide to parts that became invalid due to later amendments, making the current meaning clear. Without intruding on the meaning, Skousen gives you a great tool for understanding our most basic principles of good government. An inspiring introduction by New York Times best-selling author Dan Clark will put you in the right frame of mind to read and appreciate these great documents. This handy guide can become your best friend, and you'll want to keep a copy nearby. Fortunately, this little book will easily fit into your pocket or briefcase, top desk drawer, or iPad case. You'll may find you want to have extra copies around to hand out, too. Here is your chance to become an expert on two of the most important documents that shaped our country!

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Talk a Good Game - 2878610372

77,00 zł

Talk a Good Game Caramel Kisses Ink

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

After years of failed relationships, two sexy single best friends decide to take their chances at on-line dating. At first the experiences are interesting and exciting, but it isn't long before the women discover things aren't always as they seem... Air Force sergeant Nyree Dawson meets Jeremy Samuels online, and as far as she's concerned, he's everything she's ever wanted in a man. He's spiritual, educated, and a beast in the bedroom. She thinks the ex-wife is a fool for divorcing such an amazing man, and before long they start planning a future together. It isn't until after the couple is married that the lies begin to surface, and the relationship goes from "I do" to what in the world has she done? Restaurant owner, Janelle Fox has always had a spare boo in her back pocket, but when she meets Kaleb Kerrington on a dating site, the rules suddenly change. He's gorgeous and wealthy and she can't believe her luck. Only Kaleb has been burned so many times he doesn't trust his woman any further than he can see her. At first Janelle finds the jealousy cute and she's determined to be the one to teach him how to trust. However, the accusations get to be too much and she realizes the confident man she craved is unpredictable. And that's only the beginning... Praises for Authors Angie Daniels & Sasha Campbell "...Riveting!" Romantic Times Bookclub on In the Company of My Sistahs "Drama, Drama and more drama!" RT Book Reviews on Confessions "Sasha Campbell brings the sizzle and scandal..." Naomi Chase, author of Deception "This novel will heat your seat!" Brenda Hampton, author of the Naughty Series "This writer is one to read over and over." RT Book Reviews on For You I Do "A wild and crazy ride." The RAWSISTAZ Review on Trouble Loves Company

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