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Taylor & Francis Inc



Digital disruption continues to cause great confusion for companies of all sizes. For every Kodak-like implosion there's an Uber-like winner-takes-all success. The pace, direction, and impact of digital change has become more sudden, severe, and harder to predict. Think of the car industry and the advent of the self-driving vehicle. Or how the digital cigarette has transformed an industry that may no longer call itself tobacco. These types of disruptions change the game for industries from healthcare to sports equipment. There's no cookie-cutter strategy to get companies through the multi-dimensional nature of the digital beast. Even the sharpest leaders can become disoriented as change builds on change, leaving almost nothing certain. To stand still is to fail. Enterprises and leaders must re-master themselves to succeed. Leaders must identify the key macro forces, then lead their organizations at three distinct levels: industry, enterprise, and self. By doing this they cannot only survive but clean up. Digital to the Core makes the case that all leaders, and particularly CEOs at the helm, must understand the impact the digital revolution will continue to play in their industries, companies, and leadership style and practices. Drawing on interviews from 40 top C-level executives in some of the world's most powerful companies and government organizations, including GE, Ford, Tory Burch, Babolat, McDonalds, and the US Department of Energy, this book delivers cutting-edge insights from those on the front lines. The authors incorporate Gartner's annual research from top CIOs and CEOs and also apply the deep knowledge and qualitative insights they have acquired as practitioners, management researchers, and advisors over decades in the business. Above all else, Raskino and Waller want companies and their top leaders to understand the full impact of digital technology and integrate it at the core of their businesses.

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ProducentTaylor & Francis Inc
Ilość stron223
Rok wydania2015
Wybrani autorzyMark Raskino,Graham Waller

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Digital to the Core

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