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This book teaches the basic principles of modular design, and then shows the principles in action as the author-one of the thought leaders in the modular-design movement-creates a single, scalable project for one need (a nameplate site) and then adapts that same project to work successfully next as a portfolio site, then s hopping/ecommerce site, and then a news/publishing content site. Along the way, we learn the scientific approach to devising a sound and scalable design strategy, followed by establishing a basic foundation using various criteria relevant to that type of site, e.g. style components like fonts/colors; basic units of particular kinds of site (Amazon's unit is products for sale; Dictionary.com's unit is word definitions, etc); followed by methodologies for leveraging HTML/CSS in the site's coding; and more. As each chapter progresses, the author adds new concepts appropriate for the project type, and then, crucially, shows how to build on what the reader has learned so far and apply to the new project at hand. Good web and app design isn't just something so-called Creatives can do, it's a science that can be taught. What's more, the principles therein can be replicated. It's modular design. When effectively executed, modular design enables the efficient creation of sites that are easy to use, look great, and can be adaptd to other uses, all within the context of their business needs. Modular design can make the design decision making process for businesses much easier (and easier to live with). And modular design is a powerful tool for designers of software (including user experiences and user interfaces) to replicate effective successful designs across a spectrum of needs." What You'll Learn: How to look at the design process in a modular way Why designing "modular" can be bring huge efficiencies to your work How to adapt your exisitng HTML code to create different types of application using the modular approach The benefits of establishing your own modular framework for your specific site's goalsHow to think about designing for scaleHow to develop a strong foundational skeleton for designWho This Book Is For:User Experience Designers, User Interface Designers, Information Architects, Developers with an interest in design, Developers who want to create their own design frameworks.

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Rok wydania2017
Wybrani autorzyJames Cabrera

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Modular Design Frameworks

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