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Enterprise in Highly Competitive Environment - 2857654124

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Enterprise in Highly Competitive Environment Wydawnictwo Naukowe UMK

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The years 2008-2009 have been considered as the most difficult ones for most companies for many decades. The global financial crisis has influenced all economic players: multinational corporations such as the former biggest car producer General Motors, companies operating on the national markets, as well as small family enterprises or single entrepreneurs. As a result every manager or entrepreneur not only has had to take into consideration typical high competitive pressure of global economy but also has been forced to implement some remedies and adjustments to turbulent reality of the financial crisis. It means that whole business world has been focused on finding additional resources to survive the recession. In practice, at a time of recession companies tend to implement strategies and business solutions that are supposed to bring quick costs' reductions. Even though these immediate savings obtained during crises are usually necessary to survive, but still they are often only effective in very short term and can even sometimes become threat to a long term competitive potential of a company. It means that one of the most important skills of a good manager is the ability to keep long term perspective even when one needs to react to present problems. This is especially important in highly turbulent and competitive environment of contemporary global economy. As a result the idea and the aim of this book is to present some strategies and business solutions that can be an effective long term alternative to easily applicable, but only useful in the short term, obvious cost cuts and easy adjustments.

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Enterprise in Highly Competitive Environment - 2860836588

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Enterprise in Highly Competitive Environment Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Miko

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Fringe: Na granicy światów. Sezon 5 (4 DVD) (Płyta DVD) - 2844110098

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Fringe: Na granicy światów. Sezon 5 (4 DVD) (Płyta DVD)

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Opis - Jest rok 2036. Obserwatorzy wprowadzają bezwzględne rządy i zaczynają zatruwać ziemską atmosferę dążąc do zachowania jedynie swojego gatunku. Jednak jeszcze nie wszystko stracone. Seria kaset zachowanych w bursztynie, przedstawia szczegółowy plan ich obalenia. Zespół Fringe podejmuje najważniejszą misję: muszą odzyskać taśmy, rozszyfrować kod i przygotować się do walki o ocalenie ludzkości. Nazwa - Fringe: Na granicy światów. Sezon 5 (4 DVD) Wydawca - Warner Bros Kod EAN - 7321909325302 Rok wydania - 2016 Napisy - polskie angielskie niemieckie portugalskie hiszpańskie tureckie Dźwięk - Dolby Digital 2.0 angielski Dolby Digital 2.0 niemiecki Nośnik - Płyta DVD Ilość elementów - 4 Podatek VAT - 23% Premiera - 2016-03-07

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CEO of Technology - 2863724950

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CEO of Technology John Wiley & Sons

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The CIO playbook, with lessons from the world's best leaders The CEO of Technology shows today's CIOs how to become exceptional leaders and bring value to their organization. By taking lessons from some of the world's best CEOs, you'll develop the traits and characteristics that drive legendary leadership. Interviews with top executives at leading global technology companies including Apple, Boeing, Direct TV, Facebook, Texas Instruments, and more provide deep and valuable insight into what it means to lead in a hyper-driven tech environment. These stories provide valuable lessons that don't come from a classroom, but only from the in-the-trenches experience of the world's best leaders--coupled with a groundbreaking leadership approach designed for the demands of today's markets, to give you the ultimate CIO handbook. You'll learn how to maximize the value of your greatest asset--your team--and how to drive performance to unprecedented levels. You'll discover how great leaders communicate business strategy across the modern enterprise, and become a driving force behind your organization's success. The IT industry is experiencing a seismic shift that is revolutionizing the way companies do business. The stakes are high, everything is in flux, and there are no guaranteed paths to success. Whether this revolution means crisis or opportunity is up to you; this book gives you a game-changing approach to IT leadership in the 21st century enterprise. Improve the quality of your leadership and strengthen the C-suite bond Attract top talent, build great teams, and align IT with overall strategic vision Become the indispensable leader who consistently drives achievement Integrate technology and business strategy to become a high-value CIO Modern CIOs face a radically new array of leadership challenges in today's ultra-competitive, highly volatile markets; are you capable of leading the charge to the top? The CEO of Technology offers a visionary approach and the wisdom of experience to help you join the ranks of great leaders.

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Supply Chain Management - 2854535600

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Supply Chain Management New Century Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The competitive environment of modern times is forcing business firms to shift focus from inside the corporate walls toward collaboration with outside trading partners. Enhanced communication technology has redefined how businesses work together, has raised customers' expectations, and has placed new demands on supply chain performance. The internet has allowed companies to come up with highly innovative solutions that accelerate the widespread adoption of core principles of supply chain management. Companies that make use of e-business to redefine supply chain integration achieve significant increase in their efficiency and competitive edge over their competitors. The next few years will see an explosion of e-enabled supply chain management as visionary companies develop new paradigms of e-business for the future. This book focuses on the concepts, principles, and real life experiences which improve an understanding of the Supply Chain Management (SCM). The information provided in Sup

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International Accounting Standardization - 2856487066

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International Accounting Standardization Chartridge Books Oxford

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'International Accounting Standardization' examines the key area of international accounting standards. Nowadays, especially during the current global financial crisis, companies are striving desperately to remain competitive and achieve sustainable levels of economic development. This book shows that international accounting standardization, i.e., similar accounting transactions are treated the same by companies around the world, results in globally comparable financial statements. The highly competitive environment requires companies to create a clear business strategy, and accounting has to be part of this strategy since it helps individual enterprises to achieve their strategic objectives. International accounting standards are new global methods for business information systems and they are able to harmonize financial regimes world-wide. The increased globalization of markets, the complexity of commercial trading and the concentration of business in global competition have led to a still greater need for international standardization. Key features include: international accounting standardization process; unified financial regime; accounting harmonization; business globalization; economics of accounting standards; influencing factors of accounting standardization; accounting peculiarities of countries inside and outside of the European Union; universal accounting methods effects on business decisions and management performances; measurement classification of financial statements. The Author Jeno Beke is Associate Professor of Accounting at the faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Pecs, Hungary. He received his PhD of Accountancy from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest. Dr. Beke's researches have dealt with international accounting and he has been published in interdisciplinary books and journals. He is the secretary of the American-Hungarian Accounting Association. Jeno Beke has served on the editorial boards of academic and business journals including the International Journal of Finance and Accounting, International Business and Management and Journal of Knowledge Management, Economics and Information Technology. He has Certified Public Accountant, Economics and Tax Expert licences. Readership Scholars, accountants, business executives, business management, government policy makers. Contents Basic characters of accounting standardization Classification of accounting systems Influencing factors of accounting standardizaton Problem caused by accounting diversity Economics of accounting standards Comparative statistical analysis Contemporary scientific practical researches Effects of the universal information methods on company performance Empirical results Discussions Findings and evaluations Summary and conclusions

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Database Development For Dummies - 2826855139

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Database Development For Dummies John Wiley & Sons

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From ATMs to the personal finance, online shopping to networked information management, databases permeate every nook and cranny of our highly--connected, information--intensive world. Databases have become so integral to the business environment that, nowadays, it's next to impossible to stay competitive without the assistance of some sort of database technology no matter what type or size of business you run. But developing your own database can be very tricky. In fact, whether you want to keep records for a small business or run a large e--commerce website, developing the right database system can be a major challenge. Which is where this friendly guide comes in. From data modeling methods and development tools to Internet accessibility and security, Database Development For Dummies shows you, step--by--step, everything you need to know about building a custom system from the ground up. You'll discover how to: * Model data accurately * Design a reliable functional database * Deliver robust relational databases on time and on budget * Build a user--friendly database application * Put your database on the Web In plain English, author Allen Taylor acquaints you with the most popular data modeling methods, and he shows you how to systematically design and develop a system incorporating a database and one or more applications that operate on it. Important topics he explores include: * Understanding database architecture and how it has evolved * Recognizing how database technology affects everyday life * Using a structured approach to database development * Creating an appropriate data model * Developing a reliable relational design * Understanding the complexities you're likely to encounter in designing a database and how to simplify them * Implementing your design using Microsoft Access 2000, SQL Server and other powerful database development tools * Keeping your database secure * Putting your database on the Internet Today's powerful, low--cost database development tools make it possible for virtually anybody to create their own database. Get Database Development For Dummies and discover what it takes to design, develop and implement a sophisticated database system tailored to you and your company's current and future data storage and management needs.

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