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Sex, Drugs & Alcohol - 2840120900

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Sex, Drugs & Alcohol


1. Sixty Minute Man 2. Sweet Marijuana Brown 3. When I Get Drunk 4. Shake, Rattle And Roll 5. Work With Me Annie 6. Annie Had A Baby 7. The Wallflower (Dance With Me Henry) 8. Drinkin' Wine Spo-dee-o-dee 9. You Go To My Head 10. My Ding-a-ling 11. Lead Me Daddy Straight To The Bar 12. I Want A Man 13. That Cat Is High 14. Reefer Man 15. Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well 16. I Know Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well 17. Bar Fly Blues 18. Gas Man Blues 19. Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine? 20. I Got Loaded 101. Stinkin' Drunk 102. Here Comes The Man With The Jive 103. I'm Gonna Tell You In Front, So You Won't Feel Hurt Behind 104. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer 105. One Night Of Sin 106. She Shook Her Gin 107. Such A Night 108. Poon-tang 109. Clink, Clink, Another Drink 110. My Butcher Man 111. Sexy Ways 112. Daddy Rollin' Stone 113. My Baby Keeps Rollin' 114. Juice Head Baby 115. Let's Turn 'Em On Tonight 116. Poor Grinder Blues 117. So Good To My Baby 118. Don't Mash My Digger So Deep 119. My Baby Takes All Of Me 120. Stoned 201. I Wanna Make Love To You 202. What's That I Smell 203. When I'm In My Tea 204. Ain't Nothin' Shakin' 205. Bicycle Tilly 206. Your Daddy's Doggin' Around 207. She's Got Jordan River In Her Hips 208. I Know How To Do It 209. Wailin' Daddy 210. Mother Fuyer 211. Squeeze Me 212. Real Gone Lover 213. Mister Low Love 214. Hootie's Ignorant Oil 215. How About Rocking With Me 216. Lollipop Mama 217. Steady Grinding Blues 218. She Lost Her Re-bop 219. Kissin' Boogie 220. Reefer Head Woman 301. Dresser With The Drawers 302. Buy Me Some Juice 303. Rockin' All Day 304. Long John Blues 305. Keep On Churnin' 306. Sweet Petunia 307. I Ain't Mad At You 308. Wine-o 309. He's The Best In The Business 310. Work Daddy, Work 311. The Walkin' Blues 312. I Like It Like That 313. I Want A Bow-legged Woman 314. Struttin' My Stuff 315. I Love To Ride 316. Snuff Dippin' Mama 317. I Love My Baby 318. Rock With It Baby 319. Vaccinate Me, Baby 320. Too Much Boogie 401. I Like My Baby's Pudding 402. Can't Do Sixty No More 403. Serve Another Round 404. All Shook Out 405. Little Red Dress 406. Good Rockin' Man 407. Lemon Squeezing Daddy 408. Red, Red Wine 409. Mercy, Mr. Percy 410. One Hour Mama 411. All She Wants To Do Is Rock 412. Do You Want It 413. I Got Love For Sale 414. Big Ten Inch Record 415. New Way Of Lovin' 416. Hard Lead Pencil 417. Big Fat Mama 418. Drinking Blues 419. Hidin' In The Sticks 420. I Got Loaded 501. Let Me Play With Your Poodle 502. Rock Me, Daddy 503. Goofy Dust Blues 504. Working With My Baby 505. Chocolate Pork Chop Man 506. Laundromat Blues 507. Ride, Jockey, Ride 508. Bed Springs Blues 509. My Country Man 510. Rock And Rye 511. Slow Down, Baby 512. Don't Come Over 513. Chee Koo Baby 514. Let Me Bang Your Box 515. I Got Your Boogie 516. Whiskey Blues 517. Lovin' Machine 518. One More Greasing 519. She Sets My Soul On Fire 520. Whiskey, Gin And Wine 601. I'm A Doctor For Women 602. Auto Mechanic Blues 603. Sneaky Pete 604. So Many Ways 605. Fat Meat 606. Big Long Slidin' Thing 607. Mercenary Papa 608. I Got What My Daddy Likes 609. Ridin' In The Moonlight 610. I Should O' Been Thinkin' Instead Of Drinkin' 611. My Baby Likes To Shuffle 612. Boar Hog Blues 613. Daddy, Daddy 614. Mighty, Mighty Man 615. Don't Fuck Around With Love 616. We're Gonna Rock 617. Jelly Roll Baker 618. My Gal's A Jockey 619. Port Wine Blues 620. Rocket '69 701. My Good Pott 702. Green Gin 703. Daddy On My Mind 704. I Knew He Would 705. Hey Miss Bertha 706. No Wine, No Women 707. Move Your Hand Baby 708. Annie's Aunt Fannie 709. Mister Fine 710. Stinkin' From Drinkin' 711. The Deacon Moves In 712. I Can't Stop It 713. Joy Juice 714. Ooh Rocking Daddy 715. You're So Fine 716. Don't Come Too Soon 717. Long Lean Daddy 718. Butcher Pete 719. We're Gonna Ball This Mornin' 720. Sloppy Drunk 801. Juice Head Man Of Mine 802. Who Drank My Beer While I Was In The Rear 803. Drill, Daddy, Drill 804. Something's Wrong With My Little Machine 805. Drunk, Broke And Hungry 806. Sloppy Drunk Again 807. I Need It Bad 808. Hangover Blues 809. Coffee Daddy Blues 810. Drinkin' By Myself 811. Jive I Like 812. Drinking Tequila 813. Ride, Daddy, Ride 814. Scotchin' With The Soda 815. Work With Me Annie 816. Beer Bottle Mama 817. A Six Pack To Go 818. I'm Gonna Let Him Ride 819. Shut Up And Drink Your Beer 820. Beer Drinkin' Baby 901. Thirsty Mama Blues 902. Pool Playing Blues 903. Waiting And Drinking 904. Weddin' Day Blues 905. Bloodshot Eyes 906. Too Many Drivers 907. No More Alcohol 908. Lush Head Woman 909. The G Man Got The T Man 910. Too Much Jelly Roll 911. Whiskey Do Your Stuff 912. Let's Get Drunk Again 913. Gonna Play With Your Woman 914. Fishin' Pole 915. Bad Bad Whiskey 916. I'm A Hi-ballin' Daddy 917. Liquor Drinkin' Woman 918. Whiskey Is The Devil 919. Killin' Jive 920. I'm A Boogie Man


Sex, Drugs Alcohol - 2877204176

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Sex, Drugs Alcohol



Sex Mudras - 2874922289

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Mudras have been used for thousands of years in Hinduism and Buddhism to channel the movement of energy in the body for physical enhancement and spiritual enrichment. These sacred gestures of the hands and body create a tangible link between body and mind, conscious and unconscious and can be used to strengthen and invigorate specific organs or bodily systems. Exploring the mudras of sexual vitality, Serge Villecroix, illustrates energy movement exercises for men and women to tone the genitals, increase libido, improve endurance and enhance pleasure. He reveals mudras for men to reach orgasm without ejaculation and details shared exercises for couples to harmonise male and female energies. He explains how these exercises can treat sexual dysfunction, such as impotence, as well as overcome sexual problems caused by tobacco, psychotropic drugs, alcohol and other substances. Providing a complete guide to the sex mudras, Villecroix shows how strengthening your sexual energies, also, improves cardiac and respiratory health and overall vitality. * Includes exercises for men and women to tone the genitals, improve endurance and reach orgasm without ejaculation * Details shared exercises for couples to harmonise male and female energies * Explains how these exercises can treat sexual problems caused by tobacco, psychotropic drugs and alcohol


Módl się i zwyciężaj - Ks. Krystian Wilczyński - 2847771163

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Módl się i zwyciężaj - Ks. Krystian Wilczyński

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Nazwa - Módl się i zwyciężaj Autor - Ks. Krystian Wilczyński Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Emmanuel Kod ISBN - 9788363757625 Kod EAN - 9788363757625 Rok wydania - 2014 Format - 105x145 Ilość stron - 31 Podatek VAT - 5%


Life Skills - 2869093686

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Life Skills Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Life Skills" is a practical resource that gives teachers 225 ready-to-use worksheets that cover a wide variety of key life skills. The book addresses topics such as drug and alcohol use, sex, relationships, stress, food-related issues, and self-esteem. "Life Skills" is an easy-to-use, time-saving book that is designed for grades 6-12 and helpful for both new and seasoned teachers. For quick access and easy use, the worksheets are organized into eight sections and are printed in a large 8 1/2" x 11" format that folds flat for photocopying.Here's an overview of what you'll find in each section: Drugs, Alcohol, and Smoking - Trends in smoking, second-hand smoke, reasons why people smoke and ways to help people quit, facts about drug use, the classification of different drugs, alcoholism, fetal alcohol syndrome, as well as drinking and driving; Sex and Sex-Related Issues - Male and female sex organs, why people have sex, facts and myths, birth control, options after getting pregnant, sexually transmitted diseases, homosexuality, infertility options, sexual harassment, and date rape; and, Love, Relationships, Marriage, and Family - The role of friends in our lives, negative aspects of cliques, dating and love, love and infatuation, qualities in an ideal mate, problems in marriage, why marriages end, family life cycles, and nontraditional families. It also includes sections: Life Skills: High and low self-esteem, long and short range goals, learning assertive behavior, dealing with difficult people, conflict resolution, what makes a good leader, effective communication and time management skills, and problems with violence; Stress - What makes you stressed?, reactions to stress, coping with stress, suicide, death, and dying; Food and Food Related Issues - Improving eating habits, the food pyramid, information about calories, water, vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, additives, and eating disorders; Know Your Body and Body Image - Body image and type, the functions of differnet organs, body parts, body systems and terminology, viruses and bacteria, basic first aid, diagnosing and solving emergency problems, fitness habits, and four components of fitness; And, Self Esteem and Knowing Yourself - Favorite things, handwriting, personality type, birth order, highs and lows, and five senses.


Europa polityczno-fizyczna mapa-podkładka na biurko - Praca Zbiorowa - 2849192976

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Europa polityczno-fizyczna mapa-podkładka na biurko - Praca Zbiorowa

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Znakomicie przygotowana, dwustronna podkładka na biurko, z mapą Europy w skali 1:12 000 000, polityczną (awers) oraz fizyczną (rewers). Prezentuje najważniejsze, aktualne informacje o kontynencie, na którym leży Polska. Ciekawie zaprojektowana, oprócz map, mieści również dodatkowe elementy, pomocne w poznawaniu świata. Może być świetną pomocą w przyswajaniu wiedzy z zakresu geografii na poziomie szkoły podstawowej i gimnazjum. Na mapie politycznej można znaleźć: - podział polityczno-administracyjny Europy, z granicami państw, - stolice i najważniejsze miasta, - sieć drogową, - tabelkę z krótkimi opisami państw (powierzchnia, ludność) oraz flagami. Na mapie fizycznej zaznaczono: - ukształtowanie terenu z górami, szczytami, rzekami, rzekami itp., - wyodrębnione kolorem krainy geograficznie, - najważniejsze miasta, - dodatkowa tabelka z wylistowanymi najwyższymi szczytami, najdłuższymi rzekami, najgłębszymi jeziorami. Podkładka zabezpieczona jest trwałym laminatem, na którym można umieszczać swoje notatki, oznaczenia itp., używając suchościeralnych mazaków. Nazwa - Europa polityczno-fizyczna mapa-podkładka na biurko Autor - Praca Zbiorowa Oprawa - Brak Wydawca - Eko-graf Kod ISBN - 9788361157748 Kod EAN - 9788361157748 Rok wydania - 2017 Język - polski Format - 50.0x5.5 Ilość stron - 2 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2017-05-29


Mick i Keith Rolling Stonesów portret podwójny - Chris Salewicz - 2836940998

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Mick i Keith Rolling Stonesów portret podwójny - Chris Salewicz

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Mick Jagger i Keith Richards są razem od przeszło 40 lat to najstarsze małżeństwo rock and rolla. Charyzmatyczny duet, którego historia naznaczona rozlicznymi ekscesami jest kwintesencją ducha muzyki popularnej. 17 października 1961 roku, czekając na pociąg na stacji Dartford, Mike Jagger wpadł na swojego kolegę z czasów podstawówki, Keitha Richardsa. Tak się wszystko zaczęło... Chris Salewicz zna Jaggera i Richardsa od wczesnych lat 70. Z zapałem śledzi ich fascynującą podróż, która rozpoczęła się dekadę wcześniej przy dźwiękach londyńskiego jazzu, bluesa i R&B. Poza wyboistą drogą na sam szczyt, legendarnymi koncertami i skandalami autor przedstawia historię utworu I Wanna Be Your Man sprezentowanego Stonesom przez Johna Lennona i Paula McCartneya, burzliwe związki Jaggera z kobietami, spotkanie Keitha z ojcem po 20 latach, liczne machlojki podatkowe zespołu, ucieczkę do Francji czy aferę narkotykową w posiadłości Richardsa w Redlands. Przywołuje występ Stonesów w Warszawie w 1967 roku podczas którego Mick Jagger przegonił z pierwszych rzędów ówczesnych dygnitarzy, krzycząc: Spierdać stąd! śmierć Briana Jonesa, zmagania Keitha z nałogiem, a także niezliczone kłótnie i pojednania gigantów rocka "Mick & Keith. Rolling Stonesów portret podwójny" to nie tylko sugestywna biografia dwóch wybitnych członków The Rolling Stones, ale także porywający obraz rockandrollowego życia w latach 60. i kolejnych dekadach. "Brytyjski dziennikarz Chris Salewicz podąża za Mickiem i Keithem z uporem dociekliwego detektywa. Niczym szpiegowski satelita śledzi ruchy liderów najlepszej rockandrollowej grupy na świecie. Kroczy za nimi przez garderoby, hotele, jamajskie spelunki, prywatne jachty, hale koncertowe i brytyjskie pierdle Zagląda im w konta bankowe, we włosy, w gacie, włazi do mieszkań To wydawnictwo jest według mnie najbardziej wnikliwą pozycją dotyczącą Błyszczących Bliźniaków." Titus, Acid Drinkers "Kwintesencja hasła sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. Miłosne wielokąty, które przeraziłyby przeciwników gender, i tony używek w tle tworzenia największego rockowego katalogu w historii. Jagger i Richards, muzyczni bliźniacy dwujajowi połączeni epicką rockandrollową przyjaźnią i nienawiścią. Jak zwykle świetne pióro Chrisa Salewicza i kilka polskich wątków w tle." Piotr Metz, Program III Polskiego Radia "Ponad 50 lat przyjaźni, która miała różne oblicza od młodzieńczego zauroczenia, przez wspólne przeżywanie inicjacji alkoholowo-narkotykowej, aż do relacji mającej charakter bardziej biznesowy. Książka Chrisa Salewicza, uczestnika i bacznego obserwatora większości z tych wydarzeń, świetnie ukazuje skomplikowane relacje między Keithem i Mickiem, członkami najgorętszego duetu kompozytorskiego w historii rocka." Leszek Gnoiński, dziennikarz, autor książek muzycznych "Mick Jagger i Keith Richards doczekali się już tylu biografii, że na ich podstawie każdy mógłby sobie napisać własną. Ale Chris Salewicz to całkiem inna liga. Jeżeli do pisania tej opowieści wziął się autor znakomitych biografii Joego Strummera i Boba Marleya, możecie być pewni, że ma do powiedzenia coś, co przeoczyli wszyscy pozostali." Piotr Bratkowski, Newsweek Polska Nazwa - Mick i Keith Rolling Stonesów portret podwójny Oryginalny tytuł - Mick and Keith: Parallel Lines Autor - Chris Salewicz Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Sine Qua Non Kod ISBN - 9788379244355 Kod EAN - 9788379244355 Wydanie - 1 Rok wydania - 2015 Język - polski Tłumacz - Czarnota Piotr Format - 14.8x21.3 Ilość stron - 424 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2015-10-21


Dom Czwartego Przykazania - Dariusz Papież - 2858091269

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Dom Czwartego Przykazania - Dariusz Papież

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Powieść o przemijaniu, o kruchości uczuć i samego życia. Autor stosuje bardzo oszczędny styl, sucha narracja, krótkie zdania, wciąż wracające imiona-podmioty, które zrównują bohaterów tej książki, bo przecież wszyscy jesteśmy równi wobec starości i śmierci. Bałem się, że to będzie kolejna książka pod hasłem sex&drugs&rock'n'roll, w której alkohol płynie strumieniami a stronice lepią się od płynów ustrojowych. A tu zaskoczenie! Owszem, pełno tu naturalistycznie przedstawionej cielesności ale jest to cielesność, której bliżej do setki niż do dwudziestki, wstydliwie ukryta za murem domu starców... Czy w atmosferze oczekiwania w zasadzie już tylko na śmierć możliwa jest prawdziwa miłość? Autor sam pracował w domu pomocy społecznej. Nie mam powodów, by mu nie wierzyć, że wie o czym pisze. To nie jest jak poprzednia powieść "Zniszczenie" fantazja o przygodach młodego pisarza, który nie radzi sobie z nagłą popularnością. To jest realizm z krwi i kości. Papież, brawa za odwagę. Tak trzymać! Grzegorz Kmita-Patyczak lider zespołu Brudne Dzieci Sida Nazwa - Dom Czwartego Przykazania Autor - Dariusz Papież Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Jirafa Roja Kod ISBN - 9788363879051 Kod EAN - 9788363879051 Rok wydania - 2013 Język - polski Format - 12.5x19.5cm Ilość stron - 176 Podatek VAT - 5%


White Line Fever - 2858345398

81,02 zł

White Line Fever Citadel Pr

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

One of music's most notorious frontmen leads a headbanging, voyeuristic odyssey into sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll that rivals Motley Crue's The Dirt and Aerosmith's Walk This Way. He made Keith Richards look like a choirboy and Mick Jagger look like a nun. And as the head of the legendary band Motorhead, he ploughed his way through so many drugs, so many women, and so much alcohol, that he gave a whole new meaning to the term Debauchery. And he changed the face of music, conquering the rock world with such songs as "Ace of Spades," "Bomber," and "Overkill" and inventing a whole new form of music--speed metal. At the age of 57, Lemmy Kilmister remains a rock icon, both for his monumental talent and his hedonistic lifestyle. In White Line Fever, he recounts his incredible, pleasure-filled, and death-defying journey through music history. Born on Christmas Eve, 1945, in Wales, to a vicar and a librarian, Ian Fraser Kilmister learned early, he as he forthrightly puts it, "what an incredible pussy magnet guitars were." A teenager at the birth of rock 'n' roll, Lemmy idolized Elvis and Buddy Holly and soon joined a band of his own. He would eventually head to London, where he became a roadie for Jimi Hendrix, played in Opal Butterfly, and joined space rockers Hawkwind's lineup in 1971. Four years later, speedfreak Lemmy was fired from the band for doing the wrong drugs. Vowing to form the "dirtiest rock 'n' roll band in the world," he formed Motorhead, arguably the heaviest and loudest heavy metal band to ever take the stage. During their twenty-seven-year history, Motorhead would go on to release twenty-one albums, including the #1 record No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith and would earn a Grammynomination. Lemmy would also cheat death on more than one occasion, most notoriously in 1980, when his doctor told him, "I cannot give you a blood transfusion because normal blood will kill you...and your blood would kill another human being, because you're so toxic." But thr


Violated - 2827072102

46,63 zł

Violated Harper Element

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The shocking first true account from one of the young girls who lived through and survived the Rotherham sex abuse scandal. In the summer of 2014, the Rotherham sex abuse scandal sent shockwaves through the nation. A report revealed that, since the 1990s, up to 1,400 young girls in the town had been regularly abused by sex gangs, predominantly comprised of Pakistani men. As the media descended on the small Yorkshire town, Sarah Wilson watched with horror and relief as her voice was finally heard after years of abuse. Sarah was just eleven years old when she was befriended by a group of older men. Bullied at school, naive and vulnerable, the gifts and attention they lavished on her were what she craved, she just wanted to belong. But soon she was hooked on alcohol and drugs, and then they owned her. She was just twelve years old when she was bundled into a car by a man in his thirties and forced to have sex with him. Soon, the gang were driving her to places where she was raped by scores of men. Falling through the system, from social services to school, no-one was able to help her. She 'escaped' when she became too old for the men at nearly sixteen. Finally a victim of the Rotherham scandal tells her story in the hope that other young girls will not fall prey to the same evil that she endured.


Piece Of Cake - 2826710541

46,13 zł

Piece Of Cake Bantam Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The No.1 Sunday Times Bestseller This is the heart-wrenching true story of a girl named Cupcake and it begins when, aged eleven, she is orphaned and placed in the 'care' of sadistic foster parents. But there comes a point in her preteen years - maybe it's the night she first tries to run away and is exposed to drugs, alcohol, and sex all at once - when Cupcake's story shifts from a tear-jerking tragedy to a dark, deeply disturbing journey through hell. Cupcake learned to survive by turning tricks, downing hard liquor and ingesting every drug she could find while hitchhiking up and down the California coast. At just 16 she stumbled into the terrifying world of the gangsta, dealing drugs, hustling and only just surviving a drive-by shooting. Ironically, it was Cupcake's rapid descent into the nightmare of crack cocaine addiction that finally saved her. After one four-day crack binge she woke up behind a dumpster. Half-dressed and half-dead, she finally realized she had to change her life or die on the streets - another trash-can addict, another sad statistic. Astonishingly, Cupcake turned her life around and this is her brutally frank, startlingly funny story. Unlike any memoir you will ever read, A Piece of Cake is a redemptive, gripping tale of a resilient spirit who took on the worst of contemporary urban life and survived it. It is also the most genuinely affecting rollercoaster ride through hell and back that you will ever take.


Understanding Rap - 2826700365

41,67 zł

Understanding Rap Abrams books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Although rap music is famous for its ingenuity, double entendres and clever turns of phrase, until now no one has attempted to collect rap lyrics into an organised compendium. Enter UNDERSTAND RAP, a very funny pop-cultural reference book based on the website of the same name, which precisely explains all the confusing terms and lyrics used in rap songs in a language even the most un-hip person can understand. The result is a book with breakout potential that's both entertaining and highly informative. The juxtaposition of dry, academic manner with Hip Hop terminology in UNDERSTAND RAP frequently lends itself to ironic comedy gold. For example: Lyric: "been servin' since you was doin' the runnin' man" Explanation: My experience selling drugs began long ago, while you were still concerning yourself with immature things like doing goofy dances where you look like you're running in place. (From Song: Rubberband Man on Album: Trap Muzik by Artist: T.I.) Understand Rap features hip hop artists of all names, colours, and creeds and organise their lyrics into the following categories: Cars, Money, Drugs/Alcohol, People, Places, Fashion, Crime/Weapons, Insults, Skills/Pride and Sex/Relationships.


Orgasms - 2875158882

84,49 zł

Orgasms Harmony Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Whether you are out to set your sheets on fire or you want to discover a deeper intimacy, "Orgasms provides the inspiration and information you and your partner are looking for. "Orgasms will pique your curiosity, whet your appetite, and widen your horizons, while helping you release your sexual potential. Explicit, step-by-step instructions, with plenty of illustrations, explain all you want to know about having an orgasm and giving one. You'll learn: - Ten ways to have an orgasm- How to have an orgasm when you want one, as often as you want one- Exercises to increase your sensitivity- How to practice and explore in private- Tricks for enhancing orgasms with aphrodisiacs, sex toys, and more- What might be getting in the way of your orgasms, including medications, diet, alcohol, and recreational drugs- The Kama Lou-Tra: Lou's own look at Tantric sex and the spiritual side of orgasms Lou Paget, certified sex educator, shows how exploring the many different paths to pleasure can be much more satisfying. With proven techniques for overcoming obstacles, entertaining anecdotes from thousands of men and women, and clear, reliable instruction throughout, you are guaranteed to find ever more fun and exciting ways to achieve sublime satisfaction.


Sicilians Don't Cry - 2862427584

135,92 zł

Sicilians Don't Cry iUniverse

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

I want to state that I have lived one of the most bizarre, wildest, dangerous and tragic life any human being could have ever lived. I have been stabbed and shot before, damn near beaten to death by people with baseball bats, and being Catholic received my last rites two times. In my life I made a lot of big money, blew a lot of big money, did a lot of gambling, drank a lot of alcohol, did a lot of drugs, and from becoming a normal sex addict, I became a hardcore sadist and masochist sex addict.


Mick i Keith Rolling Stonesów portret podwójny - 2825105299

39,90 zł

Mick i Keith Rolling Stonesów portret podwójny sine qua non

Kultura. Sztuka. >Muzyka Taniec Śpiew

Mick Jagger i Keith Richards są razem od przeszło 40 lat


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