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Hiding from Love - 2869656327

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Hiding from Love Zondervan

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

When you experience emotional injury, fear, shame, or pride your first impulse is to hide the hurting parts of yourself from God, others, even yourself. Often you've learned these hiding patterns during childhood to protect yourself in a threatening environment. The problem is that when you hide your injuries and frailties, you isolate yourself from the very things you need in order to heal and mature. What served as protection for a child becomes a prison to an adult. In Hiding from Love, Dr. John Townsend helps you to explore thoroughly the hiding patterns you've developed and guides you toward the healing grace and truth that God has built into safe, connected relationships with himself and others. You'll discover: The difference between "good" and "bad" hiding, Why you hide the broken parts of your soul from the God who can heal them, How to be free to make mistakes without fear of exposing your failures and imperfections, How to obtain the joy and wholeness God intends you to have through healthy bonding with others. Hiding from Love will take you on a journey of discovery toward healing, connected relationships, and a new freedom and joy in living.

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Hiding From Love - 2839933592

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Hiding From Love

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Hiding in the Bathroom - 2866868008

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Hiding in the Bathroom HarperCollins Publishers Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Introverts will love this practical and moving guide to building a career, network, and life you love." - Susan Cain, author of QuietFrom the marketing guru and host of the popular podcast Hiding in the Bathroom, a breakthrough introverts' guide that broadens the conversation sparked by Quiet and moves away from the "Lean In" approach, offering wisdom and practical tips to help readers build strong relationships and achieve their own definition of professional success.Most ambitious people believe that reaching the peaks of success means being on 24/7-tirelessly networking, deal-making, and keynoting conferences. This is nonsense, says Morra Aarons-Mele. As an eminent entrepreneur with a flourishing business and a self-proclaimed introvert with lots of anxieties, Morra disagrees with the notion that there's only one successful "type": the intense, super social, sleep-deprived mover and shaker, the person who musters endless amounts of "grit." Hiding in the Bathroom is her antidote for everyone who is fed up with feeling like they must always "lean in"-who prefer those moments of hiding in the bathroom to constantly climbing the ladder or working the room.Morra knows what it takes to make your mark, and now, this entrepreneur who has boosted the online strategy of clients such as the Malala Fund, President Obama, the UN Foundation, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation shares the insights, tricks, and knowledge she's learned. Filled with advice, exercises to help readers evaluate their own work/life fit and manage anxiety, valuable tools, and stories of countless successful people-entrepreneurs, academics, and novices just beginning their careers-Hiding in the Bathroom empowers professionals of all ages and levels to take control and build their own versions of success. Thoughtful and practical, it is a must-have handbook for building a fantastic, prosperous career and a balanced, happy life-on your own terms.

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Hiding from Reality - 2826739171

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Hiding from Reality Harper Collins Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"The terrible truth is that I felt lost without the control that Russell had imposed on me for the nearly six years that we were married. Disturbingly, I missed that control. I didn't know what to do once I had no one there to tell me how to dress, act, and behave; what to want; and who, even, to be. In some ways, I missed the abuse. I missed the pain. I missed being scared. Not because I liked feeling any of that. But because it was the life I had become accustomed to, and without anyone to be afraid of, to apologize to, and to cover for, I felt completely lost." Reality hit Taylor Armstrong hard one tragic evening last August when she found the body of her estranged husband, Russell, hanging in his California home. Fans across the country were shocked at the horrific news of his death and even more shocked to discover that behind the glittering "reality" of Taylor's life on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills lurked a painful story of emotional and physical abuse that she had been terrified to tell.To the outside world, the Armstrong's lived like royalty, throwing lavish parties-including a memorable tea party for their daughter's fourth birthday-and mingling with their privileged Housewives co-stars. It was impossible to hide the cracks in their marriage from the cameras forever, though, and their darkest secrets slowly began to seep through the gilded facade. With searing honesty, Taylor candidly examines her difficult journey from the abusive home in which she was born to the low self-esteem that kept her constantly on the run from herself, to the tumultuous marriage that ended in suicide, and ultimately to her realization that only by sharing her moving story could she help other women.

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Hiding from Humanity - 2854187071

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Hiding from Humanity Princeton University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Should laws about sex and pornography be based on social conventions about what is disgusting? Should felons be required to display bumper stickers or wear T-shirts that announce their crimes? This powerful and elegantly written book, by one of America's most influential philosophers, presents a critique of the role that shame and disgust play in our individual and social lives and, in particular, in the law. Martha Nussbaum argues that we should be wary of these emotions because they are associated in troubling ways with a desire to hide from our humanity, embodying an unrealistic and sometimes pathological wish to be invulnerable. Nussbaum argues that the thought-content of disgust embodies 'magical ideas of contamination, and impossible aspirations to purity that are just not in line with human life as we know it.'She argues that disgust should never be the basis for criminalizing an act, or play either the aggravating or the mitigating role in criminal law it currently does.She writes that we should be similarly suspicious of what she calls 'primitive shame,' a shame 'at the very fact of human imperfection,' and she is harshly critical of the role that such shame plays in certain punishments. Drawing on an extraordinarily rich variety of philosophical, psychological, and historical references - from Aristotle and Freud to Nazi ideas about purity - and on legal examples as diverse as the trials of Oscar Wilde and the Martha Stewart insider trading case, this is a major work of legal and moral philosophy.

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Seven Last Words From The Cross, Christus Vincit, Nemo Te Condemnavit,  - 2839254252

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Seven Last Words From The Cross, Christus Vincit, Nemo Te Condemnavit, Naxos Classical



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Hiding From The Light - 2855074988

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Hiding From The Light

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)


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Hiding From Daylight - 2851200293

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Hiding From Daylight



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Hiding From Humanity - 2849003970

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Hiding From Humanity

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Humanities>Philosophy>Social & political philosophyKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Law>Jurisprude...


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Love in Hiding - 2855938908

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Love in Hiding


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A Hiding Place from the Wind - 2851435588

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A Hiding Place from the Wind


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Pride: You Can't Heal If You're Hiding from Yourself - 2857296903

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Pride: You Can't Heal If You're Hiding from Yourself


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Hiding in the Bulrushes: A Personal Exodus from Fear to Shouts of Joy - 2851441401

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Hiding in the Bulrushes: A Personal Exodus from Fear to Shouts of Joy


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Pure and Faultless Elation Emerging from Hiding - 2857856812

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Pure and Faultless Elation Emerging from Hiding


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Christian Safe Spaces: Is the Church Hiding from the Real World? - 2855241816

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Christian Safe Spaces: Is the Church Hiding from the Real World?


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