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IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2019 - 2833159308

788,06 zł

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2019 JetBrains

Oprogramowanie > Programy narzędziowe > Tworzenie www i optymalizacja SEO

IntelliJ IDEA to najbardziej inteligentny IDE dla Javy. Zawiera zestaw gotowych funkcji i narzędzi do integracji nowoczesnych technologii framework i tworzenia stron internetowych. Zaawansowana technika refaktoryzacji kodu, pomoc "w locie", głęboka nawigacja, inteligentne wypełnienie i nowy nieporównywalny poziom wydajności dla deweloperów. Każdy aspekt IntelliJ IDEA został specjalnie zaprojektowany, aby zmaksymalizować produktywność programistów. Dzięki zaawansowanej analizie kodu statycznego i ergonomicznym projektom programowanie jest nie tylko wydajne, ale również przyjemne w obsłudze. [[galeria]]   Najbardziej Inteligentny IDE dla platformy Java Wbudowane narzędzia dla programistów - Wsparcie dla różnych systemów kompilacyjnych. Testy integracji pojedynczych framework za pomocą wygodnego test runner UI oraz pokrycia kodu. Wizualna seryjna edycja, lista zmian oraz jednolity interfejs użytkownika dla najpopularniejszych systemów kontroli wersji. W pełni funkcjonalny edytor bazy danych i Projektant UML. Web Development - Uproszczone tworzenie stron internetowych z inteligentnym edytorem HTML, JavaScript, CSS i innych języków i technologii, takich jak Sass, LESS, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, Node.js. Rozległe wsparcie dla PHP, Ruby on Rails i Python/Django. Enterprise Frameworks - Wsparcie technologii enterprise w tym Java EE, Spring, GWT, Struts, Play, Grails, Hibernate, Google App Engine, OSGi i innych. Narzędzia wdrożeniowe i debugowania dla większości serwerów aplikacji. Urządzenia mobilne i Android - Rozwój platform mobilnych jest niezwykle łatwy z IntelliJ IDEA, wszystko to dzięki najwyższej klasy narzędziom przeznaczonym dla platform Google Android oraz dla urządzeń wykorzystujących technologie AIR Mobile. JAKA JEST RÓŻNICA MIĘDZY LICENCJAMI KOMERCYJNYMI A OSOBISTYMI NA OPROGRAMOWANIE JETBRAINS? [aktualnosci id=415,405,361,310]


JetBrains All Products Pack - 2856747023

1316,96 zł

JetBrains All Products Pack JetBrains

Oprogramowanie > Programy narzędziowe > Dla programistów

JetBrains Toolbox zapewnia dostęp do wszystkich narzędzi dewelopera. Zestaw aplikacji do komercyjnego użycia: PhpStorm AppCode CLion DataGrip IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate PyCharm RubyMine WebStorm Rider ReSharper ReSharper C++ dotTrace dotMemory dotCover JAKA JEST RÓŻNICA MIĘDZY LICENCJAMI KOMERCYJNYMI A OSOBISTYMI NA OPROGRAMOWANIE JETBRAINS? [aktualnosci id=415,361,310]


Universitas and Moral Excellence - 2862447134

348,97 zł

Universitas and Moral Excellence University Press of America

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This work was born out of a concern that the advancement of society's underlying moral strength is becoming increasingly weaker. Due to this deficiency, there is a call to educators, particularly at the college and university levels, to give careful and collective attention to the three groundings that are consonant with well-functioning societies-morality, rationality, and personal responsibility. The book discusses the universitas model (the historic function of an advanced academic community) as a reference for dialogue and reasoning in the pursuit of moral excellence. Dr. Hostetter articulates that higher educational institutions should seek to understand and restore this model with the ultimate aim of formulating a meaningful institutional worldview. Denoting "entirety" and signifying "all together," universitas requires that a high measure of solidarity should be demonstrated. The work outlines potential steps and essential aspects of the universitas idea that institutions might consider useful. An overarching goal of universitas is examined under the rubric, "the judicious use of knowledge." This implies the necessity that collective stands regarding key values be taken. A basic premise is that colleges and universities should devote mindful attention to discerning "the highest good" as well as the "supportive goods" that are required to achieve "the highest good" for all. Examples of possible institutionally discerned "goods" are reviewed in several chapters according to religious, ideological, and institutionally unique categories.


Road to Big Week - 2862303934

177,16 zł

Road to Big Week Pacifica Military History

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

THE ROAD TO BIG WEEK The Struggle for Daylight Air Supremacy Over Western Europe July 1942 - February 1944 By Eric Hammel The Road to Big Week begins with a thorough examination of American development of a strategic bombing doctrine from its earliest conception in the years after World War I. Balancing the demands of the ground army's desire and need for air support and the visionary outlook of such early Air Corps leaders as General Billy Mitchell with the cash-strapped circumtances of the Great Depression and the limitations imposed by the Congressional peace lobbies, the Air Corps was able to deliver a fully formed doctrine that could not at first be supported by adequate aircraft nor even a public acknowlegement that the drive to perfect strategic bombing was even on. Before the doctrine or a fully funtional heavy strategic bomber were quite perfected, the United States was drawn into World War II. Facing numerous obstacles unperceived during peacetime, not the least being simple bad weather, the early American efforts to mount a strategic bombing campaign in northern Europe nearly failed in the face of unsustainable casualties and ineffective strategic direction. Only the belated modernization of escort-fighter policy saved the strategic bombing force from failure and, indeed, formed the foundation upon which the strategic bombing campaign ultimately reached maturity and achieved success. In this exciting and complete accounting of the transition from idea to near failure to ultimate success, distinguished military historian Eric Hammel sets out all the dots, then connects them in a conversational style approachable by all readers. What the Experts Are Saying About THE ROAD TO BIG WEEK . . . Eric Hammel has done it again, with a lucid portrayal of the growth of American bomber theory from the 1918 Armistice to the crucial days over Germany when the Eighth Air Force broke the Luftwaffe's back. Some books have told what happened during Big Week-Hammel tells you why, driving home points that are as vital today as they were in 1944. --Col. Walter J. Boyne, National Aviation Hall of Fame Honoree In The Road to Big Week, Eric Hammel cleverly connects a widely disparate collection of dots that are the development of America as the world's preeminent air power. These connections describe how the U.S. Army Air Forces-just barely in time-evolved in size and capability such that America's airmen prevailed in the iconic air battle that ultimately ensured the defeat of Nazi Germany. Hammel's meticulous research and eminently readable style make this definitive work a compelling read. --Lt.Col. Jay A. Stout, author of Fortress Ploesti Eric Hammel has a special gift for combining musty war records and intimate personal accounts into a gripping history . . . If you think there's nothing new to learn about World War II, if you think there was never a possibility the Allies might lose, if you think one side was smarter than the other, The Road to Big Week will unnerve you and change forever your perception of what happened in those high, embattled skies. --Robert F. Dorr, co-author of Hell Hawks!


World in the Middle Ages - 2862121071

66,46 zł

World in the Middle Ages Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt from The World in the Middle Ages: An Historical Geography In introducing a new Work to the Public, it is expected that some account should be given of its inception, design, scope, and prosecution. Whilst delivering a course of lectures two years since in Providence, on Medićval History, I found no geographical work in English Literature, illustrating that period to which I could refer. This want suggested the present work. The Geography of the Ancient World presents no such deficiency, having been elucidated since the seventeenth century by the master-minds of Cellarius, Cluverius, Danville, and still more recently by Rennel, Mannert, Heeren, Uckert, and others. Much light has also been thrown on the remote ages of civilization by the late philological discoveries in Egypt and Persia, and the excavations of Nineveh. Yet the no less important period of the Middle Ages, though so thoroughly investigated by the modern Historian, has still remained comparatively neglected by the Geographer. Medićval Atlases have been published by C. Kruse (translated into French by Felix Ansart) and by Charles Spruner; but these being defective in letter-press, containing only scanty notes, and mere dry, historical tables, leave the student to depend on his own resources in the explanation of the maps. Thus no general comprehensive Geography, embracing the medićval times down to the close of the fifteenth century, has yet appeared to supply the want which must be felt by every student of Gibbon, Hallam, Sismondi, Guizot, and the other numerous writers treating of that era. It occurred to me, therefore, that my collectanea, made during my long residence in Italy and Greece, together with my notes of travel in the East - partly embodied in my Providence Lectures - might furnish me with ample materials for the composition of a work which would supply, at least in part, the wants of the student of Medićval History. Having met with encouragement from my publishers, the idea has been carried out, and I now offer to the public the "World in the Middle Ages." I have attempted to present an accurate geographical description of the world during the different periods of time from the ultimate division of the Roman Empire at the death of Theodosius the Great, A.D. 395, down to the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks in the East, and the discovery of America in the West. That the dry details of Geography might not become tedious, I have occasionally introduced personal sketches, and notices of medićval institutions, with side-glances at the religions, languages, and literatures of the different nations. I have endeavored likewise to give that prominence to the Scandinavians, the Sclavonians, Tartars, and other Eastern tribes which their important influence on history demands; but which hitherto has been denied them. In the Geography of Ecclesiastical History, I have followed Rev. John E. Wiltsch. I have entered into more than usual detail on the Byzantine Empire, Greece, and the Eastern States, both with the hope of illustrating the brilliant pages of Gibbon and the Chroniclers of the Crusades; and in view of the important part which these Countries are about to act in the present crisis that seems to threaten the entire political system of Europe. I am indebted for the selection of my maps, to Professor George W. Greene's translation of Dr. Spruner's great Historical Atlas. For my authorities, I refer the reader to the footnotes, and the list of authors on the closing page of the Work. I have also carefully compiled Historical and Geographical Indices, referring to the number of the paragraph in every instance where the name occurs. I would as


U.S. International Exhibitions during the Cold War - 2881919007

720,94 zł

U.S. International Exhibitions during the Cold War Rowman & Littlefield

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Although cultural diplomacy has become an increasingly fashionable term embraced by academics, foreign-service personnel, and private sector commercial and cultural interests, the very practice of this idea remains conspicuously challenging to define. This book takes on this problem, advancing a new understanding of cultural diplomacy that results from a historical investigation of a single area of government and private sector partnership, and what became in the mid-twentieth century the most prominent manifestation of this alliance-the cultural exhibitions sent abroad to "tell America's story" with the goal of "winning hearts and minds." To illustrate this point, selected exhibitions and the intentions of the policymakers who proposed them are interrogated for the first time beside archival documentation, writings from the history of design, advertising, science, as well as art historical and museum studies theories that address various aspects of the history of collecting and display, all of which explore the reality of how these exhibitions were conceived and prepared for foreign audiences. Most importantly, personal interviews with the designers and government representatives responsible for the ultimate appearance of these events upturn preconceived notions of how these events came to be. Seventy-five photographs from the exhibits make this history come alive. Through this discussion these questions are answered: What was America showing of itself through these exhibitions? And, more urgently, what do these exhibitions tell us about U.S. interest in verisimilitude? This investigation spans the crucial years of American exhibitions abroad (1955-1975), beginning with the formation of an official system of exhibiting American commercial wares and political ideas at trade fairs, through official exchanges with the U.S.S.R., to pavilions at world's fairs, and finally to museum exhibitions that signaled a return to the display of founding American values. They are thus complex ideological symbols in which concepts of national identity, globalization, technology, consumerism, design, and image management both coincided and clashed. The investigation of these exhibitions enhances the understanding of a significant chapter of U.S. cultural diplomacy at the height of the Cold War and how America constantly reimagined itself.


Encountering Nature - 2884472672

1103,69 zł

Encountering Nature Taylor & Francis Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book argues that an attentive encounter with nature is of key importance for the development of an environmentally appropriate culture. The fundamental idea is that the environmental degradation that we are increasingly experiencing is best conceived as the consequence of a cultural mismatch: our cultures seem not to be appropriate to the natural environment in which we move and on which we depend in thoroughgoing ways. In addressing this problem, Thomas Heyd weaves together a rich tapestry of perspectives on human interactions with the natural world, ranging from traditional modes of managing human communities that include the natural environment, in Latin America, to the consideration of poetic travelogues, ecological restoration and botanic gardens. The volume is divided into three parts, which respectively consider the relation of human beings to nature in terms of ethics, aesthetics and culture. It engages the current literature in each of these areas with the help of inter-disciplinary approaches, as well as on the basis of personal encounters with natural spaces and processes. The ultimate aim of this book is to make a contribution to the development of a cultural fabric that is suitable to the natural spaces and processes in which we may thrive, and on which we all depend as individuals and as a species.


Big Bang - 2826798237

69,85 zł

Big Bang Harper Collins Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The bestselling author of Fermat's Last Theorem and The Code Book tells the story of the brilliant minds that deciphered the mysteries of the Big Bang. A fascinating exploration of the ultimate question: how was our universe created? Albert Einstein once said: 'The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.' Simon Singh believes geniuses like Einstein are not the only people able to grasp the physics that govern the universe. We all can. As well as explaining what the Big Bang theory actually is and why cosmologists believe it is an accurate description of the origins of the universe, this book is also the fascinating story of the scientists who fought against the established idea of an eternal and unchanging universe. Simon Singh, renowned for making difficult ideas much less daunting than they first seem, is the perfect guide for this journey. Everybody has heard of the Big Bang Theory. But how many of us can actually claim to understand it? With characteristic clarity and a narrative peppered with anecdotes and personal histories of those who have struggled to understand creation, Simon Singh has written the story of the most important theory ever.


On Purpose - 2882199627

155,44 zł

On Purpose Oxford University Press Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

On Purpose is a sociological investigation on the meaning of life. While life's purpose is the theme of many self-help books, philosophical texts, and religious tracts, it is rarely addressed from a sociological perspective. Froese explores how people talk about, think about, and conceptualize the meaning of their lives. We instinctually imagine a moral meaning to our lives, in personal narratives as well as timeless cosmologies. A sociological analysis of this fact yields an additional fact: that how we think about the purpose of life is socially determined. Specifically, Froese investigates how the idea of life's purpose is shaped by historical trends, group attachments, norms of "self," cultural tempos, and power dynamics. The book is structured around a series of questions posed to the reader. Instead of collapsing the meaning of life into a single authoritative answer, as self-help, religious, and philosophical perspectives often do, Froese deconstructs each question to reveal the social pathways that guide people to distinctive answers. Empirical evidence from observations, interviews, and surveys guide the book's conversation. In the end, On Purpose renders a consistent picture of the fact that life's purpose can only be imagined within social contexts. These determine who will be a True believer, who will benefit from self-help, who will reach nirvana, and who will descend into nihilism. With that in mind, enlightenment is not guaranteed. Instead, On Purpose encourages the reader to consider the meaning of her own life in relationship to this plurality of possibilities. The moral of the book is not that life has some ultimate meaning or no meaning at all, but rather that a purpose-driven life has always been a collective project.


Race to Truth - 2884414482

48,74 zł

Race to Truth Transworld Publishers Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

When Emma O'Reilly joined the US Postal cycling team in 1996, she could have had no idea how she would become a central figure in the biggest doping scandal in sporting history. Yet when Lance Armstrong, starting his comeback from cancer, signed for US Postal, it was Emma, the only woman on the team, who became his personal soigneur. This is the definitive inside story of that time, and of the enormous repercussions that resonate to this day for Emma, Lance and the whole sport. Emma had the strength to break cycling's omerta by speaking out against the culture of doping. She thought she would be one of many whistleblowers, doing what she believed was right. Isolated and shunned by the sport she loved, however, her reputation was systematically destroyed. And yet she had the courage to bounce back, and remarkably, to forgive those who made her existence a living hell. This is the ultimate memoir of truth and its many consequences.


Consolations of Philosophy - 2212839584

45,80 zł

Consolations of Philosophy Penguin

Nauki humanistyczne

Alain de Botton, best-selling author of How Proust can Change Your Life, has set six of the finest minds in the history of philosophy to work on the problems of everyday life. Here then are Socrates, Epicurus, Seneca, Montaigne, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche on some of the things that bother us all; lack of money, the pain of love, inadequacy, anxiety, the fear of failure and the pressure to conform.


Tom of Finland. The Complete Kake Comics - 2889294833

63,80 zł

Tom of Finland. The Complete Kake Comics Taschen


In 1965, Tom of Finland began flirting with the idea of an ongoing character for his panel stories, the ultimate Tom


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