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Kalona's Fall - 2862618458

35,08 zł

Kalona's Fall Little, Brown Book Group

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From Warrior And Lover To Enemy And Betrayer, The Terrible Secrets Of Kalona's Past Are Revealed He was laughing with her as he spread his wings and lifted her from the ground, twirling her around. Nyx gasped and clutched his neck. Kalona tightened his arms around her. 'Trust me, Goddess. I would never let you fall.' From the Sun and from the Moon, two winged brothers are born: golden Erebus, playmate and friend, and mysterious Kalona, Warrior and lover, companions of the Goddess Nyx. From the first, Nyx loves them both deeply, but differently. With Erebus, she can talk and laugh and dance, and take joy in the games he plays among the humans of the Earth. With Kalona, the fire in her body burns bright, and she can rest in the solace of his strength and protection. But for Kalona, Nyx's nights are not enough. Every second he is not with her he is filled with doubt and longing, and every time he fails to please her, he cannot forgive himself. Ruled by anger and jealousy of his brother, and consumed by his love for his Goddess, Kalona seeks the power to prove his worth, and to claim once and for all that Nyx eternally belongs to him. And at the edges of the Earth, a Darkness is stirring, waiting for its chance, for the doorway in through a heart that it knows will welcome it...


Lost Wife - 2854190159

44,48 zł

Lost Wife Hodder & Stoughton

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

There on her forearm, next to a small brown birthmark, were six tattooed numbers. 'Do you remember me now?' he asked, trembling. She looked at him again, as if giving weight and bone to a ghost. 'Lenka, it's me,' he said. 'Josef. Your husband.' During the last moments of calm in prewar Prague, Lenka, a young art student, falls in love with Josef. They marry - but soon, like so many others, they are torn apart by the currents of war. In America Josef becomes a successful obstetrician and raises a family, though he never forgets the wife he thinks died in the camps. But in the Nazi ghetto of Terezin - and later in Auschwitz - Lenka has survived, relying on her skills as an artist and the memories of a husband she believes she will never see again. Now, decades later, an unexpected encounter in New York brings Lenka and Josef back together. From the comfort of life in Prague before the occupation to the horrors of Nazi Europe, The Lost Wife explores the endurance of first love, the resilience of the human spirit and our capacity to remember.



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Muzyka > P

Green Day: Studio Albums 1990-2009 [8CD] CD 1: 1.


Sąd ostateczny - Anna Klejzerowicz - 2836982440

24,13 zł

Sąd ostateczny - Anna Klejzerowicz

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Charyzmatyczny, obdarzony nieprzeciętną intuicją dziennikarz w pojedynku z naśladowcą Hansa Memlinga. Emil Żądło, który zrezygnował z pracy w policji na rzecz dziennikarstwa, przeżywa kryzys. Kryzys wieloraki: związany z pracą, z brakiem natchnienia na nowy artykuł, z finansami, z uczuciami, z życiem w ogóle... Za ostatnie pieniądze kupuje alkohol i papierosy, nie ma siły wstać z łóżka i wziąć się w garść, a na dodatek jego była żona utrudnia mu kontakty z synem i męczy o zaległe alimenty. Wszystko się zmienia, gdy któregoś razu w nocnym pubie spotyka córkę swojej starej sąsiadki, Dorotę. Młoda kobieta i jej narzeczony tej samej nocy zostają brutalnie zamordowani w niejasnych okolicznościach. Zaintrygowany Emil postanawia pomóc policji w śledztwie. "Emil Żądło to świetnie skonstruowana postać, która od pierwszej chwili wzbudziła moją sympatię." Agnieszka Lingas-Łoniewska, autorka m. in. trylogii Zakręty losu, Szóstego, Łatwopalnych i Brudnego świata Nazwa - Sąd ostateczny Autor - Anna Klejzerowicz Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Replika Kod ISBN - 9788376742878 Kod EAN - 9788376742878 Wydanie - 1 Rok wydania - 2014 Język - polski Format - 13.0x20.0cm Ilość stron - 316 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2014-05-06


My Shit Life So Far - 2826665292

49,21 zł

My Shit Life So Far Harper Collins Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Ever since being brought up by The Beatles, Frankie Boyle has been a tremendous liar. Join him on his adventures with his chum Clangy The Brass Boy and laugh as he doesn't accidentally kill a student nurse when a party gets out of hand. I don't think anyone can have written an autobiography without at some point thinking "Why would anyone want to know this shit?" I've always read them thinking "I don't want to know where Steve Tyler grew up, just tell me how many groupies he f**ked!"' So begins Frankie's outrageous, laugh-out loud, cynical rant on life as he knows it. From growing up in Pollockshaws, Glasgow ('it was an aching cement void, a slap in the face to Childhood, and for the family it was a step up'), to his rampant teenage sex drive ('in those days if you glimpsed a nipple on T.V. it was like porn Christmas'), and first job working in a mental hospital ('where most evenings were spent persuading an old man in his pants not to eat a family sized block of cheese'), nothing is out of bounds. Outspoken, outrageous and brilliantly inappropriate, Frankie Boyle, the dark heart of Mock the Week, says the unsayable as only he can. From the TV programmes he would like to see made ('Celebrities On Acid On Ice: just like Celebrity Dancing On Ice, but with an opening sequence where Graham Norton hoses the celebrities down with liquid LSD'), to his native Scotland and the Mayor of London ('voting for Boris Johnson wasn't that different to voting for a Labrador wearing a Wonder Woman costume'), nothing and no one is safe from Frankie's fearless, sharp-tongued assault. Sharply observed and full of taboo-busting, we-really-shouldn't-be-laughing-at-this humour, My Shit Life So Far shows why Frankie Boyle really is the blackest man in show business.


Nina Simone - Live at Town Hall & Amazing Nina Simone - 2833190590

27,00 zł

Nina Simone - Live at Town Hall & Amazing Nina Simone Play


Nina Simone - Live at Town Hall & Amazing Nina SimoneCD 1 - LIVE AT TOWN HALL1. Exactly Like You2. The Other Woman3. Under The Lowest4. You Can Have Him5. Summertime6. Cotton Eyed Joe7. Return Home8. Wild Is The Wind9. Fine And Mellow10. Black Is The Colour11. Love Me Or Leave Me12. My Baby Just Cares For MeCD 2 - THE AMAZING NINA SIMONE1. Blue Prelude2. Children Go Where I Send3. Tomorrow4. Stompin' At The Savoy5. It Might As Well Be Spring6. You've Been Gone Too Long7. That's Him Over There8. Chilly Winds Don't Blow9. Theme From "Middle Of The Night"10. Can't Get Out Of This Mood11. Willow Weep For Me12. Solitaire ...


Poet Nightingale Bharathiyar, life story of Bharathiyar - 2862205978

78,74 zł

Poet Nightingale Bharathiyar, life story of Bharathiyar ASSA

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Poet Nightingale BharathiyarSubramaniya Bharathiyar was born on 11th December 1882 in Ettayapuram, which is now part of Thoothukudi District. He died on 11th September 1921.Bharathiar was educated at a local high school where his talents as a poet were recognized even at the age of 11. He had a voracious appetite for learning ancient and contemporary Tamil literature and had a gifted intellect to derive astonishing truths from ancient poems.He was also one of the prominent leaders of the Indian independence movement. His national integration songs earned him the title


What She Left - 2854189758

40,36 zł

What She Left Penguin Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Gone doesn't mean forgotten. The year's most haunting and unforgettable debut. When Alice Salmon died last year, the ripples were felt in the news, on the internet, and in the hearts of those who knew her best. But the person who knows her most intimately isn't family or a friend. Professor Jeremy Cooke is an academic whose life has become about piecing together Alice's existence in all its flawed and truthful reality. For Cooke, faithfully recreating Alice's life through her diaries, emails and anything using her voice -- is all-consuming. He does not know how deep his search will take him, or the shocking nature of what he will uncover. A psychological thriller that's perfect for reading groups and fans of "Gone Girl, Before I Go to Sleep, The Husband's Secret, Daughter," and "The Girl on the Train" "What a wonderful new voice. What a pleasure to read a thriller that's so ambitious and so full of emotion and suspense. Bravo!" --Nicci French, author of "The Memory Game" and "Blue Monday" "An absorbing, intricate and extremely original novel. It is also immensely clever and intriguing. It kept making me recall how I'd felt watching "Twin Peaks." The kind of immediate shock and grief I felt for Laura Palmer was what I felt for Alice. The process of piecing together the heroine's life is so absorbing. I mourned her more and more powerfully as the story went on. "What She Left" is beautifully written and very emotionally involving. I hope that it garners all of the commercial and critical success it deserves." --Claire Kendal, author of "The Book of You" "A tight, clever, compelling story... the reader must act as detective, rebuilding Alice Salmon from the digital footprint she leaves behind." --Paula Daly, author of "Just What Kind of Mother Are You""


Jamie's America - 2826643302

127,24 zł

Jamie's America Penguin Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Jamie Oliver takes you on the food adventure of a lifetime in Jamie's America. 'America - A country of many contrasts. For me, it presented the ultimate food trip to explore places, ingredients, food culture & traditions. I wanted to get to the heart of great American food, to get past the junk and super-sized portions. I set off on what I knew would be a completely inspiring trip. I wasn't wrong...from New York to New Orleans, the energy of Los Angeles to the big skies of Wyoming, I found what I was looking for: some of the most diverse and delicious recipes I've ever come across! And with 120 of them in this book, I'll show you the quick and easy way to put a little slice of America on your dinner table. What a trip!' Jamie's America is the ultimate road trip with the one and only Jamie Oliver. "There is only one Jamie Oliver. Great to watch. Great to cook". (Delia Smith). Jamie Oliver's career started as a chef at the River Cafe, where he was quickly spotted by the television company that made him famous as The Naked Chef. He has since published a huge range of bestselling cookery books, including The Naked Chef, The Return of the Naked Chef, Happy Days with the Naked Chef, Jamie's Dinners, Jamie Does, Jamie's Ministry of Food, Cook with Jamie, Jamie's Kitchen, Jamie at Home, Jamie's Italy, Jamie's Great Britain, Jamie's 30 Minute Meals and Jamie's 15-Minute Meals.


Motorworld - 2826626192

48,32 zł

Motorworld Penguin Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Jeremy Clarkson invites us to "Motorworld", his take on different cultures and the cars that they drive. There are ways and means of getting about that don't involve four wheels, but in this slice of vintage Clarkson, Jeremy isn't much interested in them. Back in 1996, he took himself off to twelve countries (okay, eleven - he goes to America twice) in search of the hows, whys and wherefores of different nationalities and their relationships with cars. There were a few questions he needed answers to: Why, for instance, is it that Italians are more interested in looking good than looking where they are going? Why do Indians crash a lot? How can an Arab describe himself as 'not a rich man' with four of the world's most expensive cars in his drive? And why have the otherwise neutral Swiss declared war on the car? From Cuba to Iceland, Australia to Vietnam, Japan to Texas, Jeremy Clarkson tells us of his adventures on and off four wheels as he seeks to discover just what it is that makes our motorworld tick over. Praise for Jeremy Clarkson: "Brilliant ...laugh-out-loud". ("Daily Telegraph"). "Outrageously funny ...will have you in stitches". ("Time Out"). Number-one bestseller Jeremy Clarkson writes on cars, current affairs and anything else that annoys him in his sharp and funny collections. "Born To Be Riled", "Clarkson On Cars", "Don't Stop Me Now", "Driven To Distraction", "Round the Bend" and "I Know You Got Soul" are also available as Penguin paperbacks; the Penguin App iClarkson: The Book of Cars can be downloaded on the App Store. Jeremy Clarkson because his writing career on the Rotherham Advertiser. Since then he has written for the "Sun" and the "Sunday Times". Today he is the tallest person working in British television, and is the presenter of the hugely popular "Top Gear".


Richard Kern. Action - 2826619904

70,89 zł

Richard Kern. Action Slovart

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Simply sexy: Richard Kern's gloriously natural girls. This is "TASCHEN 25" - special edition! Richard Kern likes real women: unpretentious, unadorned, and definitely undressed. Those who love Kern know each book is an invitation to join him in his privileged world where natural young women share their most intimate moments. Richard has never lost his boyish curiosity with girls and their secrets, so instead of posing them in sterile sets he follows them through the house - or rather his New York apartment - from backyard to kitchen to bathroom to bedroom, capturing every sexy and embarrassing moment. "Action" is his most revealing book yet. For 280 pages we careen through the life of Kern, accompanied by dozens of energetic, fun-loving, clothes-dropping exhibitionists. 'Young women want to show the world they're not like their man-hating women's lib mothers', a Kern model once told me, and these girls certainly get the point across. To further assist the young ladies in their rebellion, the book includes an hour-long DVD of original Kern film with an exclusive musical score by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. 'Way to stick it to the Mom, ladies! And thank you, Richard, you lucky dog' - Dian Hanson.


Bushido - The Soul Of Japan - 2857421589

199,46 zł

Bushido - The Soul Of Japan Read Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

BUSHIDO - THE SOUL OF JAPAN BY INAZO NITOBE DECEMBER, 1904 PREFACE About ten years ago, while spending a few days under the hospitable roof of the distinguished Belgian jurist, the lamented M. de Laveleye, our conversation turned, during one of our rambles, to the subject of religion. " Do you mean to say," asked the venerable professor, " that you have no religious instruction in your schools?" On my replying in the negative he suddenly halted in astonishment, and in a voice which I shall not easily forget, he repeated " No religion ! . How do you impart moral education ?" The question stunned me at the time. I could give no ready answer, for the moral precepts I learned in my childhood days, were not given in schools and not until I began to analyze the different elements that formed my notions of right and wrong, did I find that it was Bushido that breathed them into my nostrils. The direct inception of this little book is due to the frequent queries put by my wife as to the reasons why such and such ideas and customs prevail in Japan. In my attempts to give satisfactory replies to M. de Laveleye and to my wife, I found that without understanding Feudalism and Bushido, the moral ideas of present Japan are a sealed volume. Taking advantage of enforced idleness on account of long illness, I put down in the order now presented to the public some of the answers given in our household conversation. They consist mainly of what I was taught and told in my youthful days, when Feudalism was still in force. Between Lafcaclio Hearn and Mrs. Hugh Fraser on one side and Sir Ernest Satow and Professor Chamberlain on the other, it is indeed discouraging to write anything Japanese in English. The only advantage I have over them is that I can assume the attitude of a personal defendant, while these distin Pronounced Boti-shte-doh'. In putting Japanese words and names into English, Hepburn's rule is followed, that the vowels should be used as in European languages, and the consonants as in English. guished writers are at best solicitors and attorneys. I have often thought, " Had I their gift of language, I would present the cause of Japan in more eloquent terms!" But one who speaks in a borrowed tongue should be thankful if he can just make himself intelligible. All through the discourse I have tried to illustrate whatever points I have made with parallel examples from European history and literature, believing that these will aid in bringing the subject nearer to the comprehension of foreign readers. Should any of my allusions to religious subjects and to religious workers be thought slighting, I trust my attitude towards Christianity itself will not be questioned. It is with ecclesiastical methods and with the forms which obscure the teachings of Christ, and not with the teachings themselves, that I have little sympathy. I believe in the religion taught by Him and handed down to us in the New Testament, as well as in the law written in the heart. Further, I believe that God hath made a testament which may be called "old" with every people and nation, Gentile or Jew, Christian or Heathen. As to the rest of my theology, I need not impose upon the patience of the public. In concluding this preface, I wish to express my thanks to my friend Anna C. Hartshorne for many valuable suggestions and for the characteristically Japanese design made by her for the cover of this book. - INAZO NITOBE. Malvern, Pa., Twelfth Month,


Cat Named Blake - 2862178743

60,63 zł

Cat Named Blake Bellissima Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This is the story, or at least it is a part of the story about an orange and white striped cat with big green eyes. This is the story of the cat named Blake. It is also a story about love, and how we should all love one another; and even more importantly, it is about caring for even the weakest among us, and about how much we can learn from the creatures of the earth about how we should live, if we would only pay attention. Written by award winning author, attorney and former teacher, Penelope Dyan, this is a perfect chapter book for a book report, as well as a great "read me a story" book that can be read one chapter at a time as little ones are tucked into bed at night. It is written in memory of the one and only Blake, the most perfect orange and white striped kitty with big green eyes that any child or grown-up could ever have the privilege to know, because as you are well aware, no one ever really owns a cat! The reality is that your cat probably really owns you. There is a free YouTube music video on the Bellissimavideo YouTube Channel that goes with this book, and this book is also a book you can share with a child who has experienced the passing away of a beloved pet to help him or her to not only cope with the loss, but to also remember and cherish the positive things brought into their life by the pet.


When All is Said - 2861866947

44,02 zł

When All is Said Hodder & Stoughton

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Five toasts. Five people. One lifetime.'This is how you tell a story' Cecelia Ahern'An extraordinary novel, a poetic writer, and a story that moved me to tears.' John Boyne'I'm here to remember - all that I have been and all that I will never be again.'At the bar of a grand hotel in a small Irish town sits 84-year-old Maurice Hannigan. He's alone, as usual -though tonight is anything but. Pull up a stool and charge your glass, because Maurice is finally ready to tell his story.Over the course of this evening, he will raise five toasts to the five people who have meant the most to him. Through these stories - of unspoken joy and regret, a secret tragedy kept hidden, a fierce love that never found its voice - the life of one man will be powerfully and poignantly laid bare. Heart-breaking and heart-warming all at once, the voice of Maurice Hannigan will stay with you long after all is said.'A hugely enjoyable, engrossing novel, a genuine page-turner.' Donal Ryan'Beautifully written, unhurried and thoughtful, and a character you love from the off' Kit de Waal'Masterful storytelling' Graham Norton


Elizabethan Sonnet Cycles - 2862662077

114,26 zł

Elizabethan Sonnet Cycles Crescent Moon Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

ELIZABETHAN SONNET CYCLES Five Major Elizabethan Sonnet Sequences by Samuel Daniel, Michael Drayton, Sir Philip Sidney, William Shakespeare and Edmund Spenser. A collection of five major sonnet sequences from the Elizabethan era by Sir Philip Sidney, Edmund Spenser, Michael Drayton, Samuel Daniel and William Shakespeare. Each sonnet cycle is love poetry, and some of the finest verse in the English language: Sidney's 'Astrophel and Stella', Daniel's 'Delia', Drayton's 'Idea', Spenser's 'Amoretti', and Shakespeare's 'Sonnets'. This edition prints each poem cycle on its own, without notes or editorial intrusions. And each poem has a page to itself. It's a useful edition for students. MICHAEL DRAYTON, SONNET 4, FROM 'IDEA': BRIGHT STAR of beauty, on whose eyelids sit | A thousand nymph-like and enamoured graces, | The goddesses of memory and wit, | Which there in order take their several places; | In whose dear bosom, sweet delicious love | Lays down his quiver which he once did bear, | Since he that blessed paradise did prove, | And leaves his mother's lap to sport him there | Let others strive to entertain with words | My soul is of a braver mettle made; | I hold that vile which vulgar wit affords; | In me's that faith which time cannot invade. | Let what I praise be still made good by you; | Be you most worthy whilst I am most true!


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