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Luta Continua . . . (The Struggle Continues) - 2903761696

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Luta Continua . . . (The Struggle Continues) Resource Publications (CA)

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From battling apartheid to saving the environment, fighting racism to urging tax justice, and Sunday preaching to visiting the sick, this book tells the story of nearly fifty years of active church ministry. The writer has ministered to congregations in three English cities, traveled to five continents, sometimes with his congregations, and engaged in the major dimensions of Christian mission today. The story begins in the late sixties, at the Fourth Assembly of the World Council of Churches. Chapters cover the struggle against apartheid, the Program to Combat Racism, the rise of Transnational Corporations, local ministry, the challenge of climate change, movements against racism and caste discrimination, and the growing campaign for tax justice. Each chapter ends with a reflection on a theologian who has influenced and encouraged the author. They range from Dietrich Bonhoeffer through Gustavo Gutierrez and Ann Morisy to James Cone and Tissa Balasuriya. The book mixes experiences of the local and global, congregational life and international engagement. It offers a sweep of concern and action, enlivened by humorous incidents. Readers will gain insight into how broad contemporary ministry can be, and how the churches can still make a contribution to bringing God's peace-with-justice to today's world. ""David Haslam is one of the foremost campaigners of our time. He fought against apartheid, supports the Dalits (the former untouchables), and works to achieve fairer tax regimes. This is an interesting and instructive account of his life and work which will be of interest to all who care about social justice."" --Richard Harries, Lord Harries of Pentregarth, former Bishop of Oxford ""David Haslam writes with power and insight of the impact of faith-based activism on the world. He writes as an active participant in the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa and the church's response to the human consequences of institutionalized racism, migration, and the corporate abuse of power. This important account of a life lived in the struggle for the application of Kingdom values in a troubled world offers an Augustinian hope that things might and can be done differently, whatever the obstacles."" --Paul Boateng, UK Parliamentarian; Civil Rights Lawyer; Methodist Lay Preacher ""An important and useful handbook for anyone committed to social justice, it reflects a theology that liberates, and politics that reveal the radical nature of the Christian gospel. If you want an example of how to live out the values of the community of God, then this is the book."" --Garth Hewitt, Singer/songwriter; Activist; Founder, Amos Trust David Haslam is a Methodist Minister who has worked in three UK cities, and has been an Executive Committee member of the Anti-Apartheid Movement and Vice-Chair of War on Want. He was a founder of End Loans to South Africa, Transnationals Information Exchange, the Dalit Solidarity Network, and Methodist Tax Justice Network, and Secretary of the Churches' Commission for Racial Justice from 1987 to 1998. He was awarded an MBE for services to community relations.


Seeking a Revival Culture - 2862432537

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Seeking a Revival Culture Resource Publications (CA)

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Description: The great burden of Al Baker's life, that which drives him in Christian ministry more than anything else, is to see the church of the Lord Jesus Christ rise up and become mighty as she has been so often in past years. One thing has become very clear to Baker--the western church is in big trouble. Many pastors are terribly discouraged in their ministries. So are their people. Pastors have been told that they can model their ministries after whoever the latest and hottest preacher is, and all will be well with them, that they can expect exponential growth in their churches. With few exceptions, this has not been their experience. They have attended the seminars and read the latest books, but they have little to show for their efforts. As a pastor, Baker is heartbroken over the vastness of people's problems in today's church--everything from incest, child molestation, homosexuality, pornography, severe depression, suicide, divorce, wayward children, adultery, fornication, and more. The pastoral problems are epidemic. The Christian faith in American churches is woefully lacking. Church people are generally no different from those of the world. What are we to do? We need revival. We need a revival culture in the western church. We need, like Israel laboring under Egyptian bondage, to become intolerable of our circumstances. Israel cried out to the Lord when their slavery became intolerable to them. May God move us to divine discontent, to be dissatisfied with the status quo! Endorsements: ""The need for revival in the church is clear. The need in our culture for a revived church is even clearer. So what is a revival culture? Al Baker highlights from history--and more importantly Scripture--the setting, the means, and the context of where the grace of God moves in the hearts and lives of the people of God to revive His church. This in turn 'turns the world upside-down,' which in reality is right side up. This book is a must for any and all who sense the need of revival in the evangelical church and the need for a revival in a culture of despair that is in the death spiral of rebellion against God. --Harry L. Reeder, III Pastor for Preaching and Leadership Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, Alabama ""Al Baker targets a revival culture by means of revival living prompted by a burden for an anemic Church and a hunger to see it return to revival vigor. His volume is as pulsating with Scriptural content and Spiritual energy to that end as I have read for quite some time. It illumines areas of revival living in an eye-opening fashion that should go a long way to cure the anemia that he shows to be all too prevalent."" --Henry Krabbendam Professor Emeritus Covenant College ""Al Baker is one of those rare ministers who combines deep personal piety with ecclesiastical seriousness, evangelistic zeal with scholarly competence. These vital qualities are present throughout his wide-ranging studies, giving them a balance, depth, urgency, and accessibility needed in the church today. I commend them to you."" --Terry Johnson Senior Minister Independent Presbyterian Church, Savannah, Georgia About the Contributor(s): Allen Baker is the Senior Pastor of Christ Community Presbyterian Church in West Hartford, Connecticut. He writes a weekly e-mail devotional, Forget None of His Benefits, read by thousands and his radio program, Between Two Worlds, is heard on several radio stations in New York and Connecticut.


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