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Lady In A Suitcase: Memories Of An Army Wife And Mother - 2866973559

82,46 zł

Lady In A Suitcase: Memories Of An Army Wife And Mother Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Having recently celebrated her fiftieth wedding anniversary Ilene reminiscences about her childhood and her career in the Women's Royal Army Corps (WRAC). On marrying Johnny in 1964 she embarked on a life offering many adventures mainly based in Germany an


Dark Waters - 2853168198

65,71 zł

Dark Waters

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

When Milt Kovak wins a seven-day cruise for four to Puerto Rico, he takes his family - wife Jean and son, Johnny Mac, plus Johnny Mac's best friend, Early Rollins. It's spring break and the ship is running over with children - and they really are running - everywhere.


Desperation - 2212845122

22,50 zł

Desperation Signet Books

Powieści i opowiadania

Nevada is mostly a long stretch of desert you cross on the way to somewhere else. And with someone else, if you're lucky...because it's a scary place. Headed down Route 50 in the brutal summer heat are people who are never going to reach their destinations. Like the Jacksons, a professor and his wife going home to New York City; the Carvers, a Wentworth, Ohio, family bound for a vacation at Lake Tahoe; and aging literary lion Johnny Marinville, inventing a gonzo image for himself astride a 700-pound Harley.A dead cat nailed to a road sign heralds the little mining town of Desperation, a town that seems withered in the shade of a man-made mountain known as the China Pit. But it's worse than that, much worse. Regulating the traffic there is Collie Entragian, an outsize uniformed madman who considers himself the only law west of the Pecos. God forbid you should be missing a license plate or find yourself with a flat tire. There's something very wrong here, all right, and Entragian is only the surface of it. The secrets embedded in Desperation's landscape, and the evil that infects the town like some viral hot zone, are both awesome and terrifying. But as young David Carver seems to know - though it scares him nearly to death to realize it - so are the forces summoned to combat them.


Waylon Jennings,Lenny Kaye - Waylon - 2866537151

120,44 zł

Waylon Jennings,Lenny Kaye - Waylon Little, Brown Book Group

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Born dirt-poor (his family had the dirt floor to prove it), Waylon Jennings took all the grit of his hometown of Littlefield, Texas, into his soul and his sound. From childhood, this son of a farm laborer considered nothing else but playing music. Stubborn enough never to lose sight of his goal, dumb enough not to realize how long and hard the road, he started as a country disc jockey in Lubbock, then signed on as a protege of fellow Texan Buddy Holly, missing the plane crash that claimed Holly's life by an accident of fate. Cut in the mode of Hank Williams and Carl Smith, yet determined to infuse conservative country music traditions with the energy of rock and roll, Waylon broke the closed society of Nashville sessions in the sixties. Under the tutelage of legends like Porter Wagoner and Ernest Tubb, he shared living quarters with Johnny Cash, took songwriting tips from Roger Miller and encouragement (often unsolicited) from Willie Nelson, and hung out after hours with Kris Kristofferson and George Jones. In the wake of country's own distinctive counterculture, when southern-fried acid freaks met - and partied with - diehard good ol' boys, Waylon helped give America something genuinely new. His 1976 anthology album, Wanted: The Outlaws, was a stunning platinum success, heralding a sound and a mood that evoked the country's pioneer spirit, a restlessness always pushing at the horizon and looking toward the next ridge. But while the artist and performer devoured life and rewrote the rules of the nation's popular music, the star binged on an endless stream of cocaine and pills and staggered through three failed marriages. Ultimately - and inspiringly - Waylon triumphed over his drughabit, proving he would fight for the right to sing his song. At the same time, he ended his long search for the right woman and married Jessi Colter, a country-singing great in her own right and now Waylon's wife for more than a quarter of a century. Today, two-time Grammy win


Griffith Bowman, Texas Ranger - 2866984466

61,99 zł

Griffith Bowman, Texas Ranger Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this 2nd Edition, 'Griffith Bowman, Texas Ranger', it is now 1858. Griffith has been a Ranger with the El Paso Detachment for four years, and has proven himself a valuable member. With his wife Miranda, brother Bill Bowman, and Partner Johnny Sears, the


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