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In And Out Of Conciousness: Greatest Hits 1990-2010 (Limited Edition) - Robbie Williams (Płyta CD) - 2837048489

91,94 zł

In And Out Of Conciousness: Greatest Hits 1990-2010 (Limited Edition) - Robbie Williams (Płyta CD)

Książki & Multimedia > Muzyka

Lista utworów - Płyta DVD 1 1. Shame (feat. Gary Barlow) 2. Heart And I 3. You Know Me 4. Bodies 5. Morning Sun 6. She's Madonna 7. Lovelight 8. Rudebox 9. Sin Sin Sin 10. Advertising Space 11. Make Me Pure 12. Tripping 13. Misunderstood 14. Radio 15. Sexed Up 16. Something Beautiful 17. Come Undone 18. Feel 19. Mr Bojangles Płyta DVD 2 1. I Will Talk And Hollywood Will Listen 2. Somethin Stupid (feat. Nicole Kidman) 3. The Road To Mandalay 4. Eternity 5. Let Love Be Your Energy 6. Supreme 7. Kids (feat. Kylie Minogue) 8. Rock Dj 9. It's Only Us 10. She's The One 11. Strong 12. No Regrets 13. Millennium 14. Let Me Entertain You 15. Angels 16. South Of The Border 17. Lazy Days 18. Old Before I Die 19. Freedom 20. Everything Changes - Take That Opis - Prezentujemy obszerną kolekcję największych przebojów Robbiego Williamsa. Składanka stanowi zapis niezwykłej 20-letniej kariery jednego z najpopularniejszych brytyjskich artystów ostatnich dekad. Jego ostatni album "Reality Killed The Video Star" sprzedał się do tej pory w ponad milionie egzemplarzy w samej Wielkiej Brytanii!Wydawnictwo promuje singiel "Shame" stworzony i wykonany wspólnie z Garym Barlowem. Nazwa - In And Out Of Conciousness: Greatest Hits 1990-2010 (Limited Edition) Autor - Robbie Williams Wydawca - Universal Music Kod EAN - 5099990575198 Rok wydania - 2010 Nośnik - Płyta CD Ilość elementów - 2 Podatek VAT - 23% Premiera - 2010-11-22


Circles around the Sun - 2882197089

46,82 zł

Circles around the Sun Penguin Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

When Molly McCloskey was a young girl, her brother Mike - fourteen years her senior - started showing signs of paranoid schizophrenia. By the time Molly was old enough to begin to know him, he was frequently delusional, heavily medicated, living in hospitals or care homes or on the road. In Circles around the Sun, she tells Mike's story - which is also the story of her own demons and of how a seemingly perfect family slowly fell apart and, in the end, regrouped. It is a work of extraordinary intensity and drama from a wonderfully gifted writer. "Every once in a while, a writer's voice hits such a clear note, the resulting book has the kind of sweetness that makes you hold it in your hands a moment before finding a place for it on your shelves. Circles Around the Sun is this kind of book: it's a keeper. A memoir of a schizophrenic brother, written with great care and simplicity, it is one of those stories that waited until its writer was ready to tell it". (Anne Enright, Guardian). "Brilliant, at times heartbreaking...A remarkably courageous memoir that is as strange and rich as any fiction". (Irish Times). "Devastating, beautifully written ...feels like one of those books the author simply had to get written". (Dazed & Confused). "Her prose is tender, sometimes dreamlike, and yet rigorously truthful". (Justine McCarthy, Sunday Times). "Brilliant...Circles around the Sun is an extraordinary accounting of singular sorrows and no uncertain triumphs that should resonate for every reader with a family of their own". (Irish Times). "There is a rate, uplifting honesty about this heartbreaking story". (Irish Independent).


George Michael - 2882445878

100,30 zł

George Michael Overamstel Verlag GmbH

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Die neue Biografie des weltweit beliebten Sängers, der unerwartet an Weihnachten 2016 verstarb. George Michael wurde mit großen Hits (u.a. "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go", "Last Christmas") als Teil des Pop Duos Wham! in den 80er Jahren weltweit zum Teenie Idol. Nach dem Ende der Band setzte er seine Karriere mit Hits wie "Faith", "Freedom" und "Don t Let The Sun Go Down On Me" erfolgreich fort. Hinter all seinen musikalischen Triumphen steckte eine komplexe Persönlichkeit, ein Mann, der mit Drogensucht und seiner homosexuellen Identität zu kämpfen hatte. Sowohl der frühe Krebstod seiner Mutter als auch der Verlust seines ersten Freundes durch eine Aidserkrankung, stürzten ihn in tiefe Depressionen, die ihn fortan begleiteten. George Michael "Sein Leben 1963 - 2016" gewährt Einblicke in sein Leben abseits des Scheinwerferlichts und beschreibt die beispiellose Karriere dieser außergewöhnlich talentierten und gleichzeitig tragischen Größe der Popmusik.


One Piece, Vol. 49 - 2826670742

36,82 zł

One Piece, Vol. 49 Viz Media, Subs. of Shogakukan Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In their effort to help their new friend the skeletal Brook regain his shadow from Gecko Moria and his army of zombies, Luffy, Sanji and Zolo lose their shadows too! A human with no shadow will die if sunlight hits them! Can the crew defeat their enemies and get their shadows back before the sun rises?


Forces of Nature - 2869575952

127,62 zł

Forces of Nature Harper Collins Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A breathtaking and beautiful exploration of our planet. This groundbreaking book, which accompanies the new BBC1 TV series, provides the deepest answers to the simplest questions. 'Why is the sky blue?' 'Why is the Earth round?' 'Why is every snowflake unique?' To answer these and many other questions, Professor Brian Cox will reveal some of the most extraordinary phenomena and events on Earth. He will reveal why Earth is the most colourful world we know, exploring the white light of the sun as it travels through the darkness of space until it hits Earth's atmosphere where it begins a new journey, splitting into a rainbow of colours. He will show how our world is built up of myriad shapes which all obey the forces of nature no matter where or what they are. These forces sculpt snowflakes into infinitely variable shapes, as well as setting limits to the height of spectacular, death-defying human towers created by hundreds of people from one town in Spain. In Florida, endangered manatees, large marine mammals also known as sea cows, use the rules of shape to survive. From the great plains of the Serengeti, the volcanoes of Indonesia and the precipitous cliffs in Nepal, to the humpback whales of the Caribbean and the northern lights of the Arctic, Brian will give inspiring answers to our most searching questions that will illuminate our understanding of the planet like never before. Think you know our planet? Think again.


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